Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is He Really a “Moderate Muslim”?

The video news report below was originally from The Guardian. Our English correspondent Derius sent us the tip, and included this analysis:

This is set in Luton (home of the EDL), and is an attempt by the Guardian to convince everybody that moderate Islam is on the march. However, it backfires in a number of ways, and leaves you even less convinced then you were before the start.

The things to look out for are:

1. The fact that one of the main Muslims interviewed is a prison convert, and admits he found Islam when we was depressed. Recruiting in prisons and recruiting the mentally marginal are themes GoV has discussed before.
2. Non-Muslims are referred to as kuffar [an insulting term] a number of times.
3. It is clear that the “extremists” depicted in the video actually have a decent amount of support, as they are freely conducting Da’wa on the high street, and some of the people interviewed don’t consider them to be extremists at all.
4. The best bit is at the end, when the Muslim being interviewed breaks down the myth of the “moderate Muslim”. I am assuming The Guardian must have not quite realised what he was saying for them to keep that bit in the video!

In short, it is very educational, but not quite in the way The Guardian intended it to be.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this clip. The video is below the jump:


jlevyellow said...


It is not The Guardian that has made the error by leaving in the "radical" segment, but the collective "we." The Guardian is preparing us for the more difficult times ahead, by exposing us to what we should expect. It is like sex and violence in the movies and TV, where we become inured to a level of discord and must be poked again into awareness by increased doses of the same. Small doses will not inaugurate action by the populace in the streets, but will rather adjust our cognitive world to the ideas of weakness and ineffectiveness in the face of such strength of conviction and determination.

Unknown said...

The Islamic Centre at the beginning of the clip was the Luton Synagogue for decades.
As more and more mostly Pakistani Muslims moved into the area it is located in, Bury Park, the threats and intimidation grew against the Jews to the point where they had security guards outside the doors whenever it was being used.
Today it's an Islamic Centre because the Jews were intimidated into selling up. Jews who had peacefully lived in the area for many years, contributing to their local community in many ways and being examples of upstanding citizens.
Today the entire area looks like downtown Karachi...non-Muslims of all colours keep away from Bury Park - aside from the Luton Town Football stadium it's practically a no go area and you rarely see anyone dressed in western clothes.
An achievement of multiculturalism - turning a upper working class neighbourhood into an Islamic ghetto.

sheik yer'mami said...

I say let Allah sort 'em out!

Neither of these Islamic groups helps to make our world a better place, none of it is pleasant, but all of it is part of Islam, which is in its entirety unacceptable and repugnant.

If you have a choice of two competing mafia groups, which one do you chose?

I chose neither.

Elan-tima said...

This situation is like watching a raccoon and a feral cat fight over who gets to occupy your celler. Perhaps a means of pressurizing the gettos will instigate civil wars within the civil war makeing it easier to rectify the problem.
Having seen the video and how their was virtually no euro's on the street in Luton, I understand why seem to bump into more and more Euro Brit immigrants over on the west coast of Canuckistan.

jon said...

The fact that one of the main Muslims interviewed is a prison convert, and admits he found Islam when we was depressed. Recruiting in prisons and recruiting the mentally marginal are themes GoV has discussed before.

I thought he was open [at least far more than usual] and articulate, though. And more honest than most [with usual provisos]. Too honest for some pro Islam people, I bet.

It's a good video. I always tell people "There's no such thing as a moderate muslim" but few in England wants to listen.

There's just been an opinion piece on Channel 4 TV where they let a "moderate" Muslim female say why it was wrong for non Muslims to impose their opinion on her!

Henrik Ræder said...

Did he sign the Charter?

If not, it can be safely assumed that he's not moderate.