Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/16/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/16/2011The Japanese are pursuing a three-pronged strategy to try to contain the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima plant and keep radiation levels from getting any higher. Helicopters are hauling enormous buckets of seawater and dumping them on the most dangerously exposed fuel rods. A new road is being bulldozed in so that water cannons may be brought up and used to shoot water into the pools containing the fuel roads. And a new power line is being rapidly constructed so the electricity can be restored to the existing coolant-pumping system.

In other news, police fired upon Shi’ite demonstrators in Bahrain, killing five of them. Police also reportedly attacked a hospital to prevent it from treating the wounded demonstrators, even going so far as to slash the tires of ambulances to prevent them from carrying the victims in for treatment. Bahrain has now outlawed all public gatherings. The crisis has spread to Oman as well, with renewed demonstrations there.

Meanwhile, supported by air cover, forces loyal to Col. Moamar Qadhafi are advancing towards the last major stronghold of the rebels in Benghazi.

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Anonymous said...

Re: the police attack on the hospital in Bahrain, at first glance, one would automatically fall back on the "what savages, how could they" reaction, but I respect their action and find it superior to what the West does.

When two factions use physical force against each other, that's already the end of the relationship. For the winners to help heal the losers, so they can fight another day, shows a lack of compassion towards one's own faction.

I don't take sides here; I don't know who I'd side with if I had an interest in the outcome of this event, but it illustrates what's wrong with how Western people do things. When our own cops and civilians are killed or hurt by career criminals, do we remove the criminals from society, or do we patch them up, give them a ceremonial light sentence, and then declare they've "paid their debt to society" and release them? And then when the scum reoffends, we act all shocked.

In Israel, gifted plastic surgeons have restored the hands of bombers, so they could build more bombs. I'd let such people bleed to death in the street.

Sometimes what people call "barbaric" is taking the high road. You know what people are going to say, but you love innocent people more than you care about the opinions of people who don't get it.


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