Monday, March 21, 2011

An Intellectual Misconception

The brief article below (originally published at Politically Incorrect) is the introduction to a forty-minute interview with Ulrich Schlüer. Mr. Schlüer is a member of the Swiss People’s Party and a staunch critic of the European Union.

JLH has translated the piece, and includes this note:

Readers of Gates of Vienna will remember that the Swiss just passed a punitive act against forced marriage, which has been followed up quickly by the German Bundestag. This is the lead-up discussion to an interview on criminal law and money matters with Ulrich Schlüer, who is a member of the Swiss executive council, and with a representative of the Bavarian branch of the new party Die Freiheit.

I suspect some EU bureaucrats may soon be seriously worried about Switzerland.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Schlüer: the Euro is an Intellectual Misconception

Ulrich Schlüer is a member of the National Council for the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) and a money market expert. He is a rock-hard opponent of the EU and describes with a clarity rare among politicians the serious mistakes being made due to the socialistic character of the EU. He considers it to have been a fundamental error to force differently structured economies into the artificial construct of the EU.

In the interview with PI, he does not disguise his clear opinions: “No one in the EU is by far as competent as Germany.” In his opinion, however, productive citizens are being severely disadvantaged in order to finance a bloated socialist state. Many of these producers are leaving Germany for this reason, including going to Switzerland. “We have immigration of Germans like we have not had for decades.”

Ulrich Schlüer is also in favor of Switzerland leaving the IMF, since untold billions have already been paid out for mismanaged European countries like Greece and Ireland. He see the Euro massively threatened by future devaluation. That is why he is just now bringing the SVP an initiative for the creation of a “gold frank.” which could be “an interesting refuge currency” for investors. This gold frank — according to his thoughts, it would come into the market in different versions with different amounts of gold — would be a medium for an orderly departure from the Euro.

In other political areas as well, Schlüer does not have much regard for diplomatic declarations. In the area of internal security, for instance, he addresses facts others prefer not to mention on the grounds of “political correctness”: “80% of the most serious criminals in Switzerland are foreigners.” Or concerning immigration: “Immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa or the Balkans are interested above all in social welfare and not very much in work.”

Just imagine the shocked cries of today’s “officially outraged” Roth, Edathy and company if a German politician were to describe circumstances so clearly.

The Swiss, however — especially a politician of the SVP — need not be ashamed of the facts.


Anonymous said...

I have to say Baron, that I am not shocked by Ulrich, and think he's a breath of fresh air and sanity

EJGB said...

I am as yet unclear how the measures against forced marriage relate directly or indirectly to Schluer's opinions on EU currency.

I would appreciate further clarification, as this appears at first blush to be a bit of a non-sequitur.