Thursday, March 24, 2011

Organized Crime, Islamic Terrorists, and Canadian Aboriginals

The term “Canadian aboriginals” in the title of this post is somewhat misleading. As the video below makes clear, the Indian tribe in question actually originated in what is now the United States, and not in Canada. However, the criminal Mohawks described in the presentation now live on the Six Nations Reserve just outside of Caledonia, Ontario.

In recent years tribal members have purchased land adjacent to the reservation, and treat it as part of their reservation. They smuggle in and sell contraband cigarettes and engage in other criminal activity within the jurisdiction of the Ontario Provincial Police, but Canadian law enforcement has so far declined to deal with the problem. Local residents protested; the aboriginals attacked the protesters and blockaded a nearby highway. A tense stalemate has been in place since 2007, with no resolution in sight.

What makes this case interesting is that a three-way Demonic Convergence has emerged in the Caledonia area: Organized crime (the Mohawks), lefties (Communists and Anarchists), and Islamic terrorists (Hezbollah and other groups). Watch for the mujahideen in the slide show — you’ll see them in the protests, marching in fraternal solidarity with the Reds and the Redskins.

The Canadian government appears to have implicitly conceded the Indians’ claim by referring to the standoff as a “peacekeeping matter” rather than a law-enforcement issue. There is even talk of sending in the “blue helmets” — that is, the U.N.

On Tuesday night Vlad Tepes attended and recorded a series of presentations on the situation in Caledonia. He says:

Out of over 3000 bands of aboriginal people, all of whom live in peace with the general population of Canada and with varying degrees of success ,only the ‘Six Nations people’ or Mohawk have allied themselves with international terrorists and use their special status to run organized crime with impunity from the police and state, even, on occasion, with their assistance.

Many thanks to Vlad for recording and YouTubing this video, which is placed below the jump:

A video of one of the other Caledonia presentations is available here.


goethechosemercy said...

In the past, Native Americans have viewed Western culture and religion as being things they could add to their own culture on their terms.
This was true even in the Colonial Period.
But Islam will allow no such thing-- no syncretism in Islam!
If Native Americans believe that they will add Islam to their culture, they'd better think again.
Islam is a replacement, and any hint that the Native culture survives will be destroyed, its practioner killed or humiliated.
The medicine pouch will be burnt.
The colored sands will be sprinkled no more.
And the songs?
Forgotten and crushed under in Islam.