Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Commemorating the Greek Genocide

We’ve heard a lot lately about the “genocide” at Srebrenica in Bosnia, thanks to the recent decision by the Canadian Government to ban Srdja Trifkovic from Canada.

There’s another genocide — a real one — that the Islamic world and most Western governments don’t want to talk about: the genocide against Christians conducted by the Turks during and after the First World War. There were actually three overlapping genocides involved — against the Armenian minority in Turkey, against the Assyrians in what is now mostly Iraq, and against the Greeks in Thrace and Asia Minor.

We just received this press release from the Hellenic League of America about an upcoming commemoration of these genocides, which will be held next month in New York:

Media Alert: 3rd Annual Greek Genocide Commemoration
For Immediate Release: March 16, 2011

Contact: Ioannis Fidanakis (973)-464-0211

The burning of SmyrnaPlease join us, on April 6, 2011 at 12 noon, as we pay tribute to the victims of the Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Genocides outside the United Nations in Ralph Bunche Park in New York. This year’s commemoration is organized and hosted by Panthracian Union of America ‘Orpheus’ and supported by the Hellenic League of America, HLA, and will feature such guest speakers as two time New York Times bestselling Author and Director of Jihad, Robert Spencer; Editor and Publisher of Atlas Shrugs and Executive Director of Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America, Pamela Geller; First Vice-President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars, Professor Alex Hinton; President of the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York, Elias Tsekerides and President of the PanPontian Federation of USA and Canada, Dimitris Molohides.

Ralph Bunche Park is located on the northwest corner of 1st Ave and 42nd Street. For more information please contact former Panthracian President and HLA Spokesman Ioannis Fidanakis.

RSVP on Facebook

Panthracian Union of America ‘Orpheus’
P.O. Box 3280 Steinway Station
Long Island City, NY 11103

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Hellenic League of America, HLA

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Anonymous said...

There's a good book about these massacres called the Blight Of Asia, written by an American diplomat who was there at the time. It is absolutely shocking to read. It's available for free on the web nowadays as it's out of copyright.

Here is a link to it for anyone who is interested.

Unknown said...

I posted a comment at the HLA site:
"I'm an American. One of my grandparents was Irish. Are HLA members American or Hellenic? You seem to be saying that you are Hellenic temporarily stuck in America. I could, every time that I speak about myself, declare that I am an American with Irish ancestry, or I could declare that I am Irish-American, but I don't want to separate myself from America, or to be seen and treated as separate from America - as you seem to be doing. Is that what you mean by Hellenic-American? That you and your members are simply and temporarily staging here until you can get back to your own country? Thanks."
There is not one hint of American nationalism at their site. They refer only to "Greek America". Are they actually here only for refuge?

Hesperado said...

hosted by Panthracian Union of America ‘Orpheus’...

...the PanPontian Federation of USA and Canada...

"Panthracian"; "Panpontian"!

The former probably is some coinage reflecting some (re)discovery of ethnic pride in one more in a long list of Peoples. While it's all well and good (and necessary) to bring these into relief (pun intended) in order to deflect by contrast the harsh light of Islam that oppressed and massacred them over the centuries; on the other hand, such ethnographic fine-tuning reflects the kind of tribalism which the white West -- alone of all cultures in the history of the world, with America at its vanguard -- has gone furthest in transcending. (Relevant to Robert's observation above.)

"Transpontian" is as much a geographical coin as it is ethnographic -- reflecting the peoples "across the Pontus" (the bridge between Asia Minor and Asia; or, in a sense, between West and East).

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Cheradenine for mentioning this book, of which I was not aware.

The American consul in Smyrna George Horton is an important figure of another remarkable book on the subject, Paradise Lost, by Giles Milton.

Among many gripping episodes, it mentions this lone American pastor who, almost single-handedly, saved thousands of Greeks by breaking the Western powers' naval blocade around Smyrna.

There were many Western vessels at that time around Smyrna (including some from America), but, for political reasons, they were not allowed, at first, to evacuate the thousands of Greeks huddled on the seafront who escaped the slaughter while the city was set alight by the Turks.

This unknown and powerless man just talked ship captains and assorted officials into overturning the policy of their governments.

At one point, he even met with the Greek government, and he was given authority over all Greek ships in the Aegean Sea in order to go and fetch the refugees in Smyrna.

So, this civilian foreigner, who could barely tell the difference between the front and the back of a boat, was, in effect, named admiral of the Greek fleet overnight by the sheer power of his talk.

A real American hero if there ever was one.

trencherbone said...

Your children next.

bewick said...

Wow the link provided by Cheradenine is seriously powerful stuff.
Written in the 1920s by a Mr Horton? an American diplomat who was there. A witness who saw what the much sadly praised Khemal Attaturk actually did in one small corner of Turkey – Smyrna –in 1922
A hard read. Takes a lot of time but hell does it put things in serious focus.
Nearly a hundred years later nothing has changed for the "Mussulman" but nothing has changed for him in 1400 years and likely never will. He still lies and cheats and reneges on promises etc. etc. There are still so so many apologists who refuse to see what is really happening in 2011.
The “mussulman” is a barbarian and the originator of genocide. Powerful nations stand by and watch and fear to interfere – as they did here in Smyrna and
as they later did in the former Yugoslavia - except that the West actually assisted the wrong side in that conflict and the UN "peacekeeping force" (what?) as usual stood by and allowed massacres by all protagonists.
Today? Well today the West is like a rabbit frozen in the headlights just before it is obliterated.
The rabbit in this case cannot though expect the driver (Islam) to swerve or apply the brakes!

If you haven't followed the link I strongly urge that you do. Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time. I’ve bookmarked because it needs a couple of passes.
The text ought to be required reading for ALL Western Politicians but they don't even read Churchill (and others who warned ) but instead bumble along in total ignorance and only see possible financial benefit – as they did in 1922 apparently in Mr Horton’s opinion.
I was aware of the Armenian genocide by Turks. Didn't realise that Greeks and others were also affected. Then again History wasn't one of my subjects and I'm very much a latecomer to that discipline and now only have the time. Still though rather more aware of historical events than current school leavers.

I am now seriously fearful of the EU's suicidal intention to bring Turkey into the fold. Hope the UK pulls out before that event.
45 years ago I well remember that Turkish Cypriots (Muslims) in London were mainly criminal. A couple of them got a rude awakening on a Rugby night out when they tried to double charge 30 rugby players for entry to a strip club in Soho. Hee hee – the tables were turned (as it were) or might have been had they not seen sense. Mussulmen prefer odds of at least 7 to one in their favour.

Must say that whilst initially finding El Ingles' recent essays a little hard to take I am now 100% in agreement. The contemporary history provided by Mr Horton in 1926 compared to now makes El Ingles solutions totally reasonable.

Thanks for the link Cheradenine

Anonymous said...

Notice how it was the "Westernised", "anti-Muslim" Kemal Atatürk who personally supervised the Greek genocide in and around Smyrna.

Sure, he stepped into Smyrna cafés to drink alcohol. But it did not prevent him from letting his troops gang-rape Greek girls before cutting off their breasts.

Hesperado said...

bewick wrote:

"I was aware of the Armenian genocide by Turks. Didn't realise that Greeks and others were also affected."

You have no idea. The rule of thumb is to simply assume that Muslims, wherever they went in large numbers, did business as usual -- massacres, lynchings, oppression, the works. And yet, we still find those in the anti-Islam movement who blandly assume -- or rather, blandly parrot -- that the Islamization of Indonesia (for example) was a largely "peaceful" process of osmosis. No. That is simply impermissible and impossible. Given everything we know about Muslims, it is not possible for them to take over a region anywhere on Earth without large-scale violence of one form (military assaults) or another (razzias and other small-scale violence) -- and, often, both in tandem.

Hesperado said...

Robert wrote:

Notice how it was the "Westernised", "anti-Muslim" Kemal Atatürk who personally supervised the Greek genocide in and around Smyrna.

The rule of thumb here is that no Muslim leader is ever really secularized and modern -- even Ataturk, and even the Shah, we cannot assume really shed all their Islamic predilections. The rule of thumb should not be -- "Is this particular Muslim ruler really a secularist modernist who will help us?". It should be rather: "Is this particular Muslim ruler the best of a bad lot who will help us strategically in this time and place, temporarily -- in terms of a Realislamik -- to keep the lid on certain aspects of the eternally boiling-over problem of Islam?"

Ataturk and his succeeding Kemalists (and the Shahs of Iran) were just such "devils" to make deals with in the face of worse devils in a world full of devils of varying wickedness and deadliness. And masses of Muslim people let loose with "freedom" are easily deadlier than any tin-pot Muslim dictator can be.

Zenster said...

bewick: Wow the link provided by Cheradenine is seriously powerful stuff.

I must agree. From “The Blight of Asia”:

That it should have been possible twenty centuries after the birth of Christ for a small and backward nation, like the Turks, to have committed such crimes against civilization and the progress of the world, is a matter which should cause all conscientious people to pause and think; yet the writer shows conclusively that these crimes have been committed without opposition on the part of any Christian nation and that the last frightful scene at Smyrna was enacted within a few yards of powerful Allied and American battle fleet.

Nearly a brief century later the world, again, turns its back upon Christians throughout the MME (Muslim Middle East) as Islamic hordes once more begin their assault upon civilization. It defies all understanding that even history’s most abject lessons have not been learned from.

We turned a deaf ear to the dying Christians, when they called to us for aid, fully aware that America was their only hope, and now it would appear that there is a growing tendency in this country to whitewash the Turks and condone their crimes in order to obtain material advantages from them. [emphasis added]

While Europe bears more guilt in this matter, America has nothing to be proud of either. Fortunately, soon we will have a chance to remove the de facto Muslim, Obama, and make possible larger changes in this matter. The European people have no such prospect before them.

Another object is to give the church people of the United States the opportunity of deciding whether they wish to continue pouring millions of dollars, collected by contributions small and great, into Turkey for the purpose of supporting schools, which no longer permit the Bible to be read or Christ to be taught; whether, in fact, they are not doing more harm than good to the Christian cause and name, by sustaining institutions which have accepted such a compromise!

Time and again this book echoes modern crises and these quotes are only from it’s introduction.

Anonymous said...

Robert: regarding the hyphenated American thing. Let's compare and contrast Greeks with Mexicans. Greek pride relates to Greece. There is no Greek American plan to take over America on behalf of Greece. Mexican pride is all about winning America for Mexico.

If only the real Americans, descended from the English, could love being English as Greeks love being Greek, the rest of us non-English Americans would be better off. The requirement to forget one's roots and be only American is actually contary to human nature and weakens people.

It seems the whiter people are, the less they love themselves, and the more abuse they'll take from anyone who isn't white. Look at how most white people have reacted to the white girl who complained about rude Asians, on Youtube. Can you imagine Greeks tearing down other Greeks that way? No, only Anglos do that. And that makes everyone ungrounded and vulnerable to real enemies.

Gary said...

To Zenster. I read in one of the blogs that Christian organisations are involved in resettling Somali refugees(?) in America. It sounds crazy to me.

Unknown said...

Latte' island: Well said. I heartily agree with your characterization of whites - as weak, quilted, and submissive. My brief remarks wanted to make the point that the American nation no longer exists, and that the country and territory called the United States is now simply a collection of mini-nations or uni-cultures occupying actual or figurative territories and they are vying for their own separate rights and foreign national interest - not America's. The text - all of it - at the HLA site openly declares that they are Greek, not American. They have no interest in being American - except to use America as a means to Greek ends. That is what in ending America.

Anonymous said...

@ Robert Marchenoir

Thanks for the info about Paradise Lost. I didn't know about this book but I intend to read it now. I have one of Giles Milton's other books, White Gold, which tells the story of Europeans who were enslaved by Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Before the Silence by Sofia Kontogeorge Kostos and The Great Betrayal by Edward Hale Bierstadt are also great books on the topic.

Zenster said...

Gary: I read in one of the blogs that Christian organisations are involved in resettling Somali refugees(?) in America. It sounds crazy to me.

Your ears and eyes do not deceive you. In their haste to atone for thoroughly exaggerated, perceived "White guilt" over the colonial era, American Christian groups are heaping White Man's Burden upon themselves — and, by extension, all of ourselves as well — by the ton, just so they can prove to the world how unracist they are.

It is this exact same zeal to display a conspicuous lack of racial prejudice that got Obama elected. Not that he didn't play this exact same Liberal race card like a virtuoso artiste himself.

These self-flagellating Christians make their needless amends for imaginary sins — mind you, "sins" that are ballooned by every Third World opportunist or swindler with a pulse — by ushering into our midst every conceivable primitive and savage race whose ability to make productive contributions towards advancing America's technological culture is less than zero.

As a result of this, we are beset by millions of newly-fledged immigrants who will, at best, require several generations before adjusting, much less contributing anything of worth, to our modern society. This economic drag is only magnified by "family reunification" policies that see elder generations of relatives shipped in whose sole function is to crowd our hospitals and absorb social services at a wholly disproportionate rate.

All the while, America's Christian groups manage to ignore the pleas of fellow coreligionists scattered throughout the world and, especially, within Muslim lands who are being slaughtered like so many cattle.

The disservice this does to all Americans is tantamount to treason and blunts the moral authority of all religious figures within the church who do not condemn or decry this complete perversion of Christian charity and our nation's immigration policy.

1389 said...

Kudos to you for posting this!

One minor point of correction. A link that was given in the press release is obsolete. Instead, please see:

PanThracian Union of America 'Orpheus' on Facebook

Charlie Patseas said...

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Zenster said...

Whoa there, Charlie Patseas! Are you reading that off the label of an old Dr. Bronner's soap bottle or just channeling a Mediterranean travelogue by William Burroughs?