Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/26/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/26/2011The rebel commander in Libya has admitted in an interview that some of his fighters have links to Al Qaeda. According to unconfirmed reports, members of Al Qaeda managed to steal surface-to-air missiles from a government arsenal in Libya. The British media say that approximately 250 special forces from the UK are on the ground in Libya.

Meanwhile, the violent protests in Syria have intensified, with a call for rebellion going out on Facebook. More than 40 demonstrators are reported to have been killed by government forces in the last few days. The protests in Jordan are also continuing, with hundreds of demonstrators camped out in a public square in downtown Amman.

In other news, Islamic militants blew up two girls’ schools in Pakistan.

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Van Grungy said...

Propaganda alert!!

I found this link at National Post's holy post...

Van Grungy said...

I think I found the doctrine of our collective suicide..

Stendahl is credited with creating Stendahl's three rules of religious understanding, which he presented in a 1985 press conference in Stockholm, Sweden, in response to vocal opposition to the building of a temple there by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His rules are as follows:

1 When you are trying to understand another religion, you should ask the adherents of that religion and not its enemies.
2 Don't compare your best to their worst.
3 Leave room for "holy envy." (By this Stendahl meant that you should be willing to recognize elements in the other religious tradition or faith that you admire and wish could, in some way, be reflected in your own religious tradition or faith.)

Has anyone here looked into this Harvard 'religious expert'?

Holy Envy? Really?

Oh right.. a Harvard christian 'scholar'. Silly me, this must be a great set of rules to follow... gee, I hope all the other faiths play by the 'rules'...

goethechosemercy said...

Trust the adherents?
That's just an excuse for not doing your own thinking Mr. Stendhal.
In the West, we believe in building the individual perspective, not in the blind trust of believers.
This co-called "scholar" holds reason itself in deep contempt.

Zenster said...

According to unconfirmed reports, members of Al Qaeda managed to steal surface-to-air missiles from a government arsenal in Libya.

Exactly how many passenger airliners will be shot down as a result of this development in Libya's noble "democratic revolution"?

Events like this point towards a need to disarm tottering dictatorships before the Muslim Brotherhood can avail themselves of weapons stockpiles held by these falling governments.

I really don't care if such "disarming" actions come in the form of cruise missile swarms just so long as the armaments are rendered inoperative.