Friday, January 28, 2011

Geert Wilders Supports Elisabeth’s Voice

Elisabeth's Voice banner

As we reported a few days ago, the new charge against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff added by the judge has made it necessary to re-activate Elisabeth’s Voice, the fund-raising initiative that will help Elisabeth meet her legal fees.

Now Geert Wilders has come out in support of Elisabeth’s Voice.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Geert Wilders

Elisabeth received this email from Mr. Wilders earlier today:

The Austrian anti-jihad activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is currently on trial in Vienna for speaking the truth about Islam. Her case is much like mine and that of all the other people in Europe who are being charged, tried, convicted, and silenced for daring to speak out against Islam.

Elisabeth is a courageous woman whose staunch defence of liberty, freedom of expression and the search for truth are an inspiration for us all. She is a beacon of light, not only for Austria but the entire West.

I fully support Elisabeth in her resistance to the oppression that has been forced upon her. And I especially support her in her defence against a charge brought by the Vienna court in an attempt to silence her.

It is important to defend those who are being prosecuted by the state for their convictions. We need to exercise our own right of speech on their behalf. If we do not speak out today for people like Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, we will all be silenced.

Anyone who wants to contribute may visit Elisabeth’s Voice and make a donation using PayPal. Or, if you prefer, you may send a bank transfer using the following information for international payments:
Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich
IBAN: AT513150042908021602

Made out to: Public Notary Mag. Martin Scheichenbauer, Hemmaweg 5, A-9342 Gurk

The defense fund is not under her control, and disbursements from it will be made solely to pay her legal fees.

If you are unable to contribute, please pass the word along to anyone who might be able to help. We all need to fight to keep Elisabeth and others like her from being silenced.

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john in cheshire said...

Isn't it ironic that the City of Vienna should be a location where people are punished for informing others of the dangers of islam?

Unknown said...

It sure is!

But then I'm sure the muslims thought they were going to win on 9/11 1683. By the end of 9/12 1683 it was a very different story.

Just like the European army of 1683 we need to put any differences aside and work together to face the common enemy of Islam.

Remember on 9/11 1683 the Ottomans had 150,000 versus the European armies 80,000. This is a war that is still very winnable.

River Fred said...

Perhaps if the judges read the Quran, Sharia Law and the numerous books published about the life of Mohammed there would never be a law suit for telling the truth. I suggest they start with The Life and Religion of Mohammed by J.L. Menzes.

S said...

How can a judge FAIRLY decide a case when they themselves bring the charge?


wolf said...

The president of the US, B. H. Obama in a speech today stated, "free speech, assembly and expression is a Fundamental human right and must be respected". Does this now mean that all the hate speech laws in Europe aimed at protecting only islam will now be null and void? Or does this mean that free speech, assembly and expression as a Fundamental human right only applies to moslems?

Zenster said...

This is grand news and I am pleased as punch to see Geert Wilders throwing his not inconsiderable political weight directly behind Elisabeth's cause.

From square one I thought that it was a brilliant strategy for Elisabeth to ground herself to Holland's own human lightning rod. While a somewhat obvious tactic, it is still immensely gratifying to see this approach culminate in total concord between these major European players.