Saturday, January 22, 2011

First We Take Paris, Then We Take Pleven

Pleven: Libyans praying #1

Over the last few years, we’ve all become familiar with the sight of masses of Muslim men clogging up public spaces in major Western European cities with their posteriors pointed skyward as they pray towards Mecca.

Paris is the most notorious in this regard, although similar occasions have been observed in Switzerland, Germany, Britain, and other countries — even across the Atlantic in front of the U.S. Capitol. To devout Muslims, such actions are well understood as a symbolic occupation of infidel territory, and a preliminary claim of that territory for Islam.

Now the same thing has happened in the Bulgarian city of Pleven. Our Bulgarian correspondent RR sends his translation of this brief note from Posoki about the event:

Libyan tourists hold prayer in the center of Pleven [fifth-largest Bulgarian city — translator].

Libyan tourists held their prayer in the middle of the very central square of Pleven yesterday. Despite the cold and freezing temperatures, the group of youths visiting our country as tourists spread their prayer rugs and performed their regular act of worship…

RR offers this commentary:

The journalist goes on to say in a playful tone that the passersby were curious and impressed by the unusual sight.

No comment in the article that:

1.There is a functioning mosque, a relic of the 500-year Turkish Muslim yoke over this country, about 500 meters from the place of unlicensed public worship. It could easily accommodate this group of “tourists”.
2.The “regular act of worship” was rather irregular, as there are no facilities on the central square of Pleven for the ablutions that must necessarily precede Muslim prayer. Thus the Libyan “youth tourists” deliberately broke some rules in favor of the bigger aim — to hold this demonstration of reconquista.
3.It is a demonstration of reconquista indeed, as the prayer was held immediately opposite the building visible in the background of this photo:

Pleven: Libyans praying #2

This is a huge memorial building hosting a chapel, dedicated to the Russian and Romanian soldiers who fell for the Liberation of Bulgaria during the Siege of Plevna of 1877. The remains of many of these soldiers are preserved in the mausoleum.

The “Libyan tourist youths” according to the photo in the first link are singing their Allahu akhbar facing this chapel just 50-60 meters away. I know the place very well, as I lived for fifteen years in Pleven.

In short, this “curious event” was in effect a highly symbolic act.

Suffice it to add that organized worship in public places in Bulgaria is regulated, so if a Protestant group, a Catholic parish, or even an Orthodox priest (the traditional denomination) plan some public ceremony or prayers, they are required to have permission from the local mayor.

But — when the powerful nations of Great Britain, France, and Germany tolerate the Muslim conquest symbolically sealed by the “faithful” occupying public places, what remains to a nation of seven million in the backyard of Europe? Submit and relax…

This report from Posrednik News is fuller and suggests there was some response from some local councilors. Again, translated by RR:

A group of about 30 Libyan youths has produced some upheaval among the citizens of Pleven on Thursday. In the early afternoon hours the tourists decided to organize a football play… on the central square of the city! The sports activity, however unusual for that place, was not the main shocking event. The group prayer in front of the Ossuary Chapel was the act that provoked uneasiness about the tourists. Their worship was noticed by the city councilors Liubomir Petkov and Ivailo Atanassov, who felt obliged to inquire whether the Libyans have a permission from the City Council for such public religious proceedings? The “youths” explained that they were tourists, on their way through the city, and not knowing where to find a mosque, they went on to fulfill their religious obligations to pray at the exact time just on the spot…. the central city Square. Councilor Petkov explained to them where the mosque is, and that such public activities require permits.

Despite this, the disturbing religious doings on the square went on for more than an hour without any reaction by the state institutions, and in particular, the police…. Councilor Petkov has announced he will organize a press conference to discuss the event, and why the law enforcement institutions remained silent… He stressed he has a tolerant understanding of those youths’ religion, but only if it is practiced according the law of the state.

We ask the City Council and the Mayor — is the central square the proper place for non-sanctioned religious activities? And if it isn’t — why is it that nobody reacted except the two city councilors on their personal behalf? Mr. Petkov announced that when he approached the group, there was a municipal serviceman, who admitted he is unprepared and unaware how to proceed with the “tourists”, who were giving interviews to the media along with observing their prayers…

A final note from RR:

So — in addition to my previous brief notes, this was certainly an organized action of propaganda. The temperature at that time was about zero in Pleven, and to imagine “Libyan youth tourists” enjoying an improvised football game and prayer in the freezing cold is highly unusual. Just as unusual is the very presence of the 30 (judging by the photo, maybe 40) “youths”. Pleven in winter has never been a tourist destination for young Arabs.

There is a more detailed article (in Bulgarian) about these events in Darik News.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Please can you provide a link to where you refer to Britain, I would like to blog it!
"Paris is the most notorious in this regard, although similar occasions have been observed in Switzerland, Germany, Britain".


Baron Bodissey said...

Juniper --

Sorry, I just remember seeing photos of British Muslims in public with their butts up. If I'm wrong, and it never happened, I'll retract.

I'm old, and my memory grows shoddier every year.

Anonymous said...

Just great! More hateful Islamic scum showing their Gluteus Maximus for their false prophet Mo at a public street.

nuum said...

Baron, Juniper

Here is a link.
British muslim praying on the streets:

And around the world:


Profitsbeard said...


Here's a little OT update from an
Australian article
on the court appearance of Kurt "Mobomb" Westergaard, with a chilling detail about the depths of his personal cowardice in the face of an ax-weilding jihadist who was chopping his way into Kurt's cottage with the ax:

"Mr. Westergaard said he had followed police instructions by heading for the panic room without grabbing his 5-year-old granddaughter who was cowering on the sofa.

He has been criticised [for this act] in Denmark..."

He sues allies and abandons his own 5 year old grandchild while escaping on his own into an armored "safe room".

Low meet life.

Nick said...

Happened in Malta too. There was a minor fuss in the Times a while ago (See link.) about a bunch of Muslims bowing and scraping along the Sliema waterfront. A few comments made to the paper, which I know for a fact practiced censorship rather than offend the cultural enrichers, and then silence reigned in the media.

Zenster said...

Permit me to suggest that the Bulgarian officials perform an extensive background check on each individual involved in this stunt in order to determine how it was that some fifty of these "tourists", just by chance, coordinated their travel to Pleven for a casual soccer game in the freezing cold and spontaneously decided to conduct an unpermitted mass prayer session out-of-doors.

How did all of these Muslim yoots afford such an otherwise costly jaunt, especially if it was solely for the sake of a pickup soccer game? Where else did they go and whom else did they visit, if anyone?

My money is on the Libyan government or some other Islamic organization having funded this little mission to probe Bulgarian defenses.

What other possible expalnation is there for such a conspicuous waste of money?


Freyja's cats said...

I witnessed this happen in Chicago.


Both during the Israeli-Gaza conflict of Dec 2008 - Jan 2009.

One was in the central civic space known as "Daley Plaza." The Arab/Muslims and the Communists were holding an anti-Israel protest rally, prior to marching through downtown Chicago to the Israeli consulate, where they held another protest. About 5,000 people participated in the rallies and march.

The other was in front of the Israeli consulate, in the street, where the same activists held a similar protest rally.

Perhaps 100 used the plaza for prayer. 100-200 used the street in front of the Israeli consulate for prayer.

PatriotUSA said...

As always I will seem a bit
harsh but a few rashers of bacon
and dogs on patrol might keep
the musssies out of such a

Too close of quarters for a few
well placed missiles or small
tactical nukes, sigh.....
Perhaps another day.

Green Infidel said...

From the Google translate of the article, it says that "Director of the school presented its apologies"...

however - 36 students and 11 teachers?! When my English school used to take trips to France or Germany - a class of 30 would be accompanied by 2 or 3 teachers. Seems like Libyan schools have a lot of spare teachers... or are they on the lookout for more Bulgarian nurses for Ghadaffi?

Unknown said...

I'm shocked. I read about this things happening in the West, but I thought Muslims would have the sense to not do that in the countries that were under the Turkish yoke. Plevna is a symbol - and not just for Bulgarians. My king's crown was deliberately made not of gold, but of steel from a Turkish cannon captured by Romanian soldiers at Plevna.
I'm disgusted by the authorities' inertia. Bulgarians are probably as mistakenly "tolerant" as my own people. We've been at peace with the Turks for a very long time and have forgotten Muslims are not just harmless businessmen. If this had happened at another historical place of a great battle, say Kosovo Polje or Gravia, those Lybians would have been thrown out immediately.

goethechosemercy said...

As far as the ummah is concerned, your king's crown, your country, your body, and your soul belong to Islam.
Submit or die is the motto of Islam, the only relationship Muslims understand.
Yes, I'm shocked too.
It indicates a true obliviousness to history on the part of most Westerners.

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

My ancestors came to the United States from Poland, and I must tell you that even though I am second generation born in America I am thoroughly familiar with the Muslim depradations in Eastern Europe.
Indeed, the seige of Vienna in 1683 and the victory of the Western forces led by the Polish king Jan III Sobieski is part of the Polish urmythos. My mother (God rest her soul) was a real history crank and would tell me these stories when I was a kid.

There is no question in my mind that EVERYONE in Bulgaria perceives
this for what it is: the outriders of the Ummah restaking their claim to former territory of theirs.

Why did not the authorities intervene? Because they are AFRAID.
Green Infidel mentioned "...more Bulgarian nurses for Ghadaffi"
Yes, at a minimum, if the authorities in Bulgaria were to cause a problem for the "tourists"
then any Bulgarian nationals in Libya might find themselves rotting in the slam on some trumpted up charges like the Bulgarian nurses several years ago. Or, a Bulgarian airliner might mysteriously explode in midair.

Thus Western leaders repeat the lie over and over again that "Islam is a religion of peace" while they are clearly afraid to antagonize the Ummah because they are afraid of Muslim THUGGERY.

Green Infidel said...

Thinking about it, Pleven was the second place on the menu for these Libyans, after Sofia. The students must have been aware of the significance of the city. Likewise, they must have been aware that there was a mosque nearby. So - why the choice for the public prayer? Could it be that the students were given their first taste of being "soldiers" stamping the presence of Islam on foreign lands? That could explain the smugness on their faces in the photo. And they could afford to apologise later - the symbolic act was already made...

Ghadaffi employs Bulgarian & Ukrainian nurses, and has bought-up land in the Ukraine. Seems that he's taken a liking to Eastern Europe. Fortunately, Poland seems to have largely escaped his attention.

I'm Polish too, btw. And yes, the Battle of Vienna is widely-regarded as one of the most important events in our history... A film about it was even planned for 2008 starring Mel Gibson (325th anniversary of the battle), but it was cancelled, apparently after pressure from - you've guessed it - an Islamic organisation. Good to see Polish-Americans alert to the "green menace" of Islam :)

Mr. N said...

From what I know - antiterrorist unuts in Bulgaria are acting very cool and saved our butts not on one occasion and this is one of the reasons we haven't had big cabooms and we had radical immams put in jail.
Our country police is a different story.
And also just a few like Gert Wilders and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff are oposing openly Islam as cancer to our society which could never be integrated into Europe. The bunch of other politiotions are either cowards or share common view with some other perverts that 72 virgins auto-recap wait for them in some realm.