Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/29/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/29/2011The riots in Egypt are continuing apace. More than a hundred people have now been killed. President Hosni Mubarak has appointed two military officers as his prime minister and vice president. The Cairo Museum was looted, and the mob beheaded two of the infidel mummies. Police have disappeared from the streets, and ordinary citizens have formed vigilante groups to protect their property and their women.

In other news, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany warned the countries of the European Union that debt is their biggest enemy. She said that if the euro falls, Europe will fall.

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Armance said...

Beheading mummies! Probably if Muslim Brotherhood or a similar organization takes the power (which is predictable if Mubarak falls) the pyramids will have the fate of Buddha's statues in Afghanistan.

All the important antiquities from Egyptian museums should be sent immediately, in maximum security conditions, to foreign museums. But who cares about this in such a chaos? Besides, considering the number of Muslims in Europe, I assume in a few decades the European museums will be looted too, the Egyptian style.

The despise these savages have for the cultural and artistic heritage of humanity is a proof of their contempt for everything that reminds them of civilization.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

Not too happy to see the Egyption capability to deploy the Abrams main battle tanks on the streets of Cairo, hope these have not been sold/licensed to the detriment of Israel and the IDF.

Anonymous said...

"Anwar al-Awlaki declares that Sharia law requires American Muslims to commit robbery, embezzlement, and theft"

Thank you for helping inform the American public on the behaviors of Muhammad that Muslims today emulate.

"But for Marine Le Pen it is proof that Muslims are taking over France and becoming an occupying force."

Good for her.

"The problem is that their warehouse-turned-prayer site, an unofficial mosque called al Fath, is too small to accommodate them all."

Are you sure? I've heard the mosques are empty so everyone can come out and occupy the street.

Robert said...

A tribute to muslim soldiers of the Thrid Reich

Zenster said...

Armance: Probably if [the] Muslim Brotherhood or a similar organization takes the power (which is predictable if Mubarak falls) the pyramids will have the fate of Buddha's statues in Afghanistan.

Look carefully at this image of the Giza pyramid. Notice the odd capstone and the way it has a different, higher, surface level than the remaining slope below it?

According to legends gathered by author Paul Brunton in his book "A Search in Secret Egypt", the original pyramids in their newly finished state were covered with the same polished white limestone that you see perched atop today's structure.

These facing stones were supposedly covered with over 100,000 pages of text that has been lost to eternity because labor-averse Muslims stripped off the white limestone casing in order to build the great mosques of Cairo.

In their heyday, the Giza pyramids would have been visible for MANY MILES in the daytime with the sun's reflection flashing forth from them like a beacon in the desert.

As with almost everywhere they go, the Egyptian Muslims have already begun a determined assault upon any pre-existing culture (e.g., the Coptic Church), so as to perpetuate their legend of jahiliyya that, supposedly, no intelligent cultures ever pre-existed before the arrival of Islam in pagan regions.

Over and over again, Muslims have wiped out entire archaeological sites of priceless importance in this perverted quest to falsely elevate Islam. They are doing it now in Iran as the Temple of Cyrus is being demolished by shi'ites Hell bent on destroying all traces of a pre-existing Persian civilization that was far more refined and acculturated than Islam will EVER be.

Feli said...

Hard-line asylum activists sow fear

Publishing addresses on the internet, intimidation, paint bombing and occupying buildings: the resistance against the Netherlands’ tough line on immigration is taking on a new edge. The Dutch Intelligence Service has issued a warning about radical asylum activists and the police are worried…