Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Iranium: A Hazmat?

Last night we reported on the cancellation of the showing of the documentary Iranium at the National Archives Theater in Ottawa. On Monday the Iranian embassy had placed a call to the Canadian government asking that the film not be shown, but the Free Thinking Film Society managed to persuade the authorities to let the showing proceed.

However, just before the scheduled event Tuesday evening, the National Archives announced that the Theater was to be shut down and evacuated. It seems that some kind of threat had been received, and one report said that the authorities were alarmed by suspicious envelopes that were delivered to the Archives.

Vlad Tepes has posted a video of the emergency vehicles that arrived after the closing of the building. He says:

Below, the emergency vehicles that appeared after the closure of the Archives. After we left, the Hazmat (Hazardous materials unit) appeared as well.

We’ll have more on Iranium later on.


Richard said...

I understand that the envelopes were declared harmless, but can we believe this statement? If the envelopes were filled with a hazardous material but no one was exposed would the authorities tell the truth, or would they try to fake out the terrorists?

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why there's all this worry about Iraniums. I've been growing them in the garden for years and they've never done me any harm ;-}

gsw said...

Is the Iranian embassy being given a chance to 'apologize' for the threat?
Are they accepting responsibility?
Are they willing to make a statement that the laws of Canada must be respected by any Iranian sympathisers living in Canada?