Sunday, January 16, 2011

“Today it’s Luton. Tomorrow it’s your town.”

The following video clip about Tommy Robinson and the EDL is from a Norwegian television news program. Many thanks to Steen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Note: The voiceover is in Norwegian, but much of the audio content is in English. In some cases Steen went by the Norwegian subtitles rather than the audio, so the wording of the English subtitles differs slightly from the original English in the audio track.

I’ve placed the video below the jump to avoid the infamous Blogger Bug. A complete transcript follows it.


00:00 The rise of radical Muslims groups also means more right-wing extremists.
00:07 TV2 has met the leader of anti-Muslim EDL
00:11 They claim to have more than 60,000 supporters now in Britain.
00:18 Inside this building we find the headquarters of the EDL.
00:25 With help from friends, the leader of the controversial EDL is preparing himself. He is to debate Islamism on the BBC
00:34 Some of these things are insane: “Fight those who don’t believe in Allah or the last days”
00:39 I don’t believe in Allah or the last days
00:41 That means they are gonna fight me.
00:44 We have been told that the place we are meeting is to be secret.
00:49 Come again, don’t film the license plate (of the car)
00:52 Stephen Lennon was secret for a long time.
00:55 What do you prefer, Tommy or Stephen ? Tommy!
00:59 And now he prefers the name he took when he became the leader of the EDL in 2009.
01:05 I did not want to become the leader of this organization.
01:08 The 27-year-old father of two risks a lot by being the front figure.
01:14 You have reason to fear for your life?
01:16 Come on, anyone who opposes Islam has reasons to fear for his life.
01:28 He refuses to be driven by racist motives.
01:31 I’m a realist, not at all a racist.
01:33 We will speak our mind, and we will not be beaten into silence or submission by anybody..
01:39 Stephen Lennon shows us a video.
01:44 The recording is from a welcome-home parade for British soldiers just returned from Iraq.
01:51 Radical Muslims have turned up to demonstrate.
01:54 They shout “May your soldiers burn in Hell.” Just to watch this was disgusting.
02:05 How dare you say that ? The day after, the EDL was formed.
02:10 Now the organization fights against what they claim is “the Islamization of Great Britain”.
02:15 Today this is Luton, tomorrow it is your town. It’s England today, it’s Norway tomorrow.
02:20 It’s coming, wherever Islam is, it’s coming.
02:24 To illustrate what he is talking about, he takes us for a tour of his city.
02:29 Within a stone’s throw in every direction from here, there’s a mosque.
02:34 Luton is situated just north of London,
02:37 and is the size of the third largest city in Norway, Trondheim.
02:41 There are 19 mosques in Luton. Lately more and more have been coming.
02:25 Had they been prayer houses, it would not have been such a problem, but they are not.
02:29 They are commando control centers.
02:56 The EDL have demonstrated in cities all over Great Britain.
03:03 Many of its supporters have connections to the football hooligans, and demonstrations are often violent.
03:08 Their main policy is confrontation.
03:11 For the Islamist Anjem Choudhary, the EDL is an enemy. He wants to impose sharia in England.
03:18 The more trouble the EDL stirs, the better, says Choudhary to TV2.
03:23 For us it’s very healthy, you know, for when people come out and they show their ugly face
03:27 and their real feelings, then we can confront them and we can expose
03:31 and show the nonsense they stand for, and maybe even more people will adhere to Islam.
03:36 E-E-EDL — we are the real people of Britain, we are fighting for our children’s future.
03:29 We are fighting for the generations to come.
03:42 That’s what we are fighting for. A safe and prosperous Britain.


Freyja's cats said...

Tommy, you're a brave man.

You make the Britons, the Welsh, the Cornish, Gaels, Irish, Scots, Picts, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings, Normans, and all your Continental and worldwide Celtic and Germanic brothers and cousins proud.

I raise a good German beer to you in your honour, here in the U.S. Heartland.

May all the Celtic and Germanic gods and goddesses watch over you. May the Valkyries carry you off the battlefield to Valhalla, if that is what you wish. May King Alfred himself write your name in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. May the true Sons of England award you the George Cross, and St. George's flag fly over the stone raised in your memory.

Fortress said...

He's not dead yet.

But I suspect that's coming, and I think he does too. There is no way this is going to end well. But then, that was never the point.

I ask all the gods in the Heavens, "How can I save my world?"

I think the thunderous silence is most telling.

john in cheshire said...

Thank God there are still people here in England, who are willing to form themselves into such movements as the EDL. Without such people we will be obliterated as a nation, by the socialists and the muslims.

Maturecheese said...

Whilst I support the EDL's objectives, they would do well to ban some of the more unsavoury demonstrators who clearly look like they have been on the booze beforehand and no doubt treat the demo like a football match. At demos you want clear headed people making a valid point. At a football game people shout and hurl abuse to let off steam and on the whole it's just banter and I have no problem with that, hell I've even done it myself. Letting this sort of behaviour go on at an EDL demo just plays into the Lefty/Muslim/Government hands. Also most of the violence at these demos is committed by the people I have just mentioned in the guise of the odious UAF.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

@john in cheshire,

"we will be obliterated as a nation, by the socialists and the muslims."

Not forgetting the Thatcherites and the neo-cons; the counter-jihad movement should now be mature enough to recognise the ultraliberal conservative contribution to the islamisation of the UK. Let us not fool ourselves with our own political prejudice.