Friday, January 28, 2011

Polishing Our Halos

This will be the first in a series of loosely-linked posts leading up to a general discussion about the nature of our movement, and an examination of possible ways to improve our effectiveness.

In the video below, the well-known conservative British commentator Douglas Murray speaks from the podium during a panel discussion about Sharia. One of his fellow panelists is Maryam Namazie, the Iranian communist and spokeswoman for “One Law For All”, which considers the English Defence League a dangerously “racist” organization.

Mr. Murray, in a refreshing change of pace, actually defends the EDL as a force for good in the resistance to Islamization. You’ll notice, however, that he still holds EDL members to a far more rigorous standard than any other organization on his side of the fence. Even the communists do not have to demonstrate their lack of racism or anti-Semitism to the extent required of the EDL. No socialist or anarchist would ever have to expect the rigorous background check that has become de rigueur for any member of the English Defence League who becomes prominent in the media.

Even so, this is a step forward on Mr. Murray’s part. Pay attention to his main point: the necessity for overlooking extraneous doctrinal differences in the interests of pursuing — dare I say it? — a common purpose:

Hat tip: Kitman.


EscapeVelocity said...

Give that man a cigar!

That made my day.

Freyja's cats said...

A British debate that includes Maryam Namazie (an Iranian communist refugee) but excludes real Englishmen like Tommy Robinson and folks like Nick Griffin -- who have English blood and deep English roots, on English soil, is a farce.

It is even beyond Marxist-Leninist Third Worldism.

This is beyond "liberating" "Third-World" persons in the "Third World" from British colonialism.

This is their seizure of political dominance in Britain over the indigenous English people. That is reverse-colonization.

This is a form of extreme Maoism: instead of Maoism, where the rural Chinese peasants took over the cities, this is Asia taking over England.

I'd rather put Maryam on the first flight back to Iran, than push Tommy or Nick over the cliff.

But if I have to debate Maryam, I am verryyyy well-prepared -- I've studied her kind's tricks! ;)

Red-blooded Englishmen like Nick Griffin and Ian Stuart Donaldson, with whom I have had neither personal friendship nor contact, but with whom I do share language, culture, history and common Germanic ancestry, are, from the perspective of the elite, very "rough around the edges" and therefore to be shunned by the PC/MC crowd.

However, they were the canaries in the mine and have been warning us for decades that the present societal disaster was just around the corner.

I, myself, might not choose their choice of words, but they're describing essentially the same discomfort with overwhelming immigration and Islam that I'm feeling, myself, deep inside.

Had Britain and the West listened to what the common folk like these guys have been trying to warn us about for decades, albeit using "outrageous" in-your-face tactics, we wouldn't be facing this perilous conundrum today.

I might not be a neo-Nazi skinhead or a member of Aryan Nations or Blood and Honour. I don't walk around wearing combat boots, and I don't get into fisticuffs with "anti-racist activists." I am more likely to be found in an academic library, than a soccer hooligan lounge.

But that doesn't mean that those folks aren't human beings, too. For God's sake, they're my cousins.

I should at least listen to what they have to say. Who knows? Perhaps these guys have more insight into something than I do. They, after all, are the people who have to intimately deal with the ugly side of overwhelming immigration in their day-to-day lives -- more so than those who enjoy more rarified air.

I'm a lover of history. I am a voracious reader of history from many different perspectives. I don't ban any history books from my reading list -- whether it be the Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf, the Koran, the Tao Te Ching, the Bhagavad Gita, the Torah, the Magna Carta or the Egyptian Book of the Dead. None of it is taboo to my eyes.

We can't be so snobbish or stand-offish that we can't sit down over a beer with our fellow European brethren -- even if they're a bit on the "rough gem" side -- and listen to what they have to say.

Britain and all Europe is suffocating from the plastic bag of leftism over its head. If the voices from the nationalist and conservative sectors of the choir are missing, then the West will cave to the Left and then fall to Islam.

imnokuffar said...

Yes Mr Murray, anyone can join the party as long as they don't support or are a member of the BNP.

How very democratic of you. You just alienated about a million people who voted for us plus every member of the BNP.

You can sit next to a Communist whose party killed 100 million people and oppressed hundreds of millions more (and still do) but not sit next to a Nationalist as you falsely equate it with National Socialism.

This particular debate stinks of an underlying multicultural agenda that has effectively silenced real debate on the issues surrounding Islam and Islamofascism. There can be no common ground with Nationalists whilst such people as Mr Murray hold those opinions.

john in cheshire said...

Freyja's cat, imnokuffar, well put. I agree wholeheartedly with both of you. I think Mr Murray is playing the part of an Uncle Tom.

Anonymous said...

Douglas Murray is a problematic ally at best, since he is a representative of the sort of ever more liberal society that has largely been the driving force behind the erosion of the Western national states and indigenous societies. I find it laudable that he takes a part in the fight against Islam, but all in all he is fighting the symptoms, not providing a remedy.

Freyja's cats said...

The YouTube that Baron posted in this thread is not Mr. Doug Murray's entire presentation at this particular "One Law for All" "Enemies and Allies Seminar."

There was a Q&A portion. Mr. Murray's Q&A is in this segment.

As a matter of fairness to Mr. Murray, IMHO, the second segment should also be considered before rendering judgment.

The videos of all of the participants in that event, are posted here.

I am not familiar, myself, with Mr. Murray, but considering several statements he made, I find it interesting that he is labeled as a "conservative."

Watching Mr. Murray in these videos, it disturbs me to see yet more evidence of a once-formidable people who have been so weakened and reached and passed a point where speaking out or taking action for the protection, defense and concern for one's own kindred is branded as "racist" -- which is really just a code word for, "must be eliminated" and "Germanic" and "Anglo" and "white."

Anonymous said...

@ Freyja's cats

Doug Murray is a neocon, head of the Center for Social Cohesion. He's not a bad guy by any stretch. There should, for example, be a series of videos online where he's in a discussion panel with Ayan Hirsi Ali debating a flock of Muslim apologists. He's quite brilliant in them and certainly shows that he has much of the basic knowledge about Islam one needs to fight the fight. Still, whether he will actually side with the indigenous peoples when that fight actually happens is another matter...