Friday, January 14, 2011

Praying for the Destruction of America

I reported several years ago in this space on Suhail Khan and the penetration of certain parts of the American conservative movement — including CPAC — by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The video below shows the relationship between Suhail Khan and his mentor, the convicted Al Qaeda terrorist conspirator Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi. The nexus connecting them also includes Ayman al-Zawahiri, Mr. Khan’s late father Mahboob, and the Republican Party.

Many thanks to Paul Sperry for alerting me to this video:


goethechosemercy said...

So I'd suggest conservatives in America should get behind a pro-Western, preservationist definition of conservatism.
Multiculturalism can infect anyone, any idea, anywhere.
Cultures can be in conflict.
There is a huge gulf between Islam and the West.
And for that reason, any Muslim speaking English and demanding political, legal, social or economic space in any place should be viewed with deep suspicion.
Islam is conquest and the darkening of every tenet of Western thinking.
Our only defense is our resolve, and second to it, the assertion that any relationship, contract, agreement or demand that is granted under duress has no standing in law and society.
This is the Western idea that destroys the power of submission. I would suggest we use it.

alexander said...

Is any one familiar with the "starve the beast" strategy advocated by grover norquist and crew, a fiscal-political strategy of some American conservatives[1][2][3] to use budget deficits via tax cuts to force future reductions in the size of government. Islamists have stated that their primary strategy is to bankrupt the United States, conservatives at one time stalwarts of fiscal responsibility with the adoption of this strategy played into the muslim brotherhood(islamists)goals of bankrupting the States.

Sol Ta Triane said...

My broadband is so slow today I can only see part of the video.

Is this small or a huge unseen problem, penetration into the conservatives? gothechosemercy is right, conservatives are highly vulnerable.

Why is it that people that should know better, the Bill O'Rileys and the GW Bushes, flunk this test:


Do you believe in conservative/classical liberal values and rights such as freedom of speech?

To you believe that these freedoms need to be protected, sometimes even by taking up arms?

Do you believe that believers of any particular faith should have special rights that others don't?

Do you believe your rights should diminish when you give an opinion that isn't popular?

Do you believe there is an official opinion that everyone must agree to?

Do you believe the laws of the land should be enforced?

Do you believe that some groups need to follow the laws of the land more than others?

Do you believe that a religion or special-interest group has a right to enforce compliance with their rules either physically or by threat?

Would you agree that any groups or individuals using violence, or threats of violence for enforcement of their rules, would be a direct assault on individual freedoms and illegal?

Do you have a right to disrespect or disagree with others way of life?

Do groups have more rights than individuals?

Should members of groups that are sensitive, and easily upset by criticism, be given more leeway when they break laws?

Are our Western values unique?

Richard said...

How is reducing the size of government playing into the hands of the Moslems? It allows us to keep more of our own money and to enjoy a lot more freedom, this doesn't seem to be playing into the hands of the Moslems. They are wanting big government that will force everyone to let them do what they want.

Profitsbeard said...

Islam is incompatable with decency and sanity and Civilization itself.

It must be resisted more strongly than communism, fascism, nazi-ism and anarchism combined.

Since it embodies the worst elements of them all combined in a mock "eternal" guise.

With a murder-sanctifying absolutely Irrationalistic "God".

The most dangerous mixture of totalitarian madnessed ever devised.