Monday, January 17, 2011

A Firebomb for the Mural Man in Sydney?

Sergio Redegalli, the Australian artist who caused all the uproar with his “Say No To Burqas” mural, is facing a possible escalation of the attacks on his mural. It seems the leftist terrorists who have been agitating against him have decided to put a stop to his “racism” once and for all by firebombing his studio in Sydney.

This note came in from several sources in Australia this morning:

Sergio is in big trouble. The police have told him that the word is out on the street that these radical loonies, who are financed by the Social Alliance group, are going to firebomb his studio, and they cannot protect him. We are seriously concerned for his safety.

Vlad Tepes interviewed the artist on skype. Here’s what Vlad had to say about it:

This is part 1 of a 2 part interview that I conducted with Australian artist Sergio Redegalli this morning via Skype as he waited for various leftist groups to make good on their threat to firebomb his studio. The police told him that it was likely going to be tonight and as I spoke with him, it was about midnight in Australia.

The video itself is below the jump:

As of post time (which is about dawn in Sydney, I think) there has been no word on whether the Socialists made good on their threat.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that cops "cannot protect you"? I hear it all the time. Isn't that their job?

doxRaven said...

The Islamo-Socialists are taking after their National-Socialist forbearers and practising for a Kristallnacht.

@Sergio Redegalli, my hat off to you. You are person that gets it and has the courage of their convictions.

Looking forward to Part II.

Cyrus said...

If the police "can't protect you" it seems logical that they can't protect anyone, 'wink, wink'!

Anonymous said...

seems to me this wouldnt be an issue if uassies could still own firearms.

doxRaven said...

Here is the Socialist Alliance web site talking about running for the Marrickville Council (from what i can tell Sergio is in the north ward of that council)

Socialist Alliance to run for Marrickville Council: People before developers' profits!

Notice on the left a picture of the mass-murdering pin-up boy Che Guevara

Let's look at their aims:
we don't see parliament as the main vehicle for social change.
Why would you when fascists street thugs can do the job.

And at that point brutally primitive capitalism will have been placed where it already now belongs – in the dustbin of history.
Yes, because Communism had that subtle touch.
Sergio, you are a small business person as well - you are scoring high on their hate list.

Anonymous said...

If Redegalli sticks by his convictions and he really does get a firebomb on his studio, it would surely grab the attention and show the entire country just what kind of despicable persons they are. However it would be more than likely quite a financial drain. If because of that he removes it, they'll have won. I'd understand though, it would be quite a sacrifice.

Richard said...

randian the idea is that the there aren't enough police to protect everyone all the time so there job is to arrest the criminals after the attack or murder occurs.

Rumcrook I agree with you, if the Aussies still had firearms he would have a much better chance of living through the night.

Profitsbeard said...

Islam means "peace".

Of the graveyard, primarily.

It is the "light" of the world.

In the Molotov cocktail sense.

Richard said...

Profitsbeard you are right about that, lets hope the people doing the bombing don't know how to make homemade napalm.

månesteiner said...


"randian the idea is that the there aren't enough police to protect everyone all the time so there job is to arrest the criminals after the attack or murder occurs."

Speaking only from the US, the idea isn't that the police, reluctantly due to lack of resources, aren't able to protect you all the time. The US courts have repeatedly upheld the principle that the police, regardless of their available resources, aren't legally obligated to protect you. It truly is not their job.

Some high profile US court cases:

Lynch v. North Carolina Dept. of Justice
Riss v. City of New Yorkfs
Warren v. District of Columbia, as mentioned.

As a freeborn citizen I'm quite happy with this arrangement. The price for surrending my personal protection to the State is way too high.

Engineer-Poet said...

I'm wondering how long it will be before someone's fed up (in Wretchard's "Three Conjectures" sense) and decides that Islam should receive some enlightenment.

One MIRV would deliver some rather intense light to most of S. Arabia, and I suspect that some strategically-aimed ground bursts would take care of the slavers of Yemen by radiation poisoning.

Shirl in Oz said...

Sergio is a friend and he will stick to his conviction, have no fear

The police cannot possibly post an officer permanently, in response to a rumour on the streets. If it was a specific threat, that's a different issue.