Sunday, January 23, 2011

The East Midlands Infidels of the English Defence League

Earlier today we posted a video of an Englishman being threatened with death on a public street for filming Muslims engaging in dawah.

That incident took place in Leicester, and the local division of the EDL responded by summoning a flash demonstration at the dawah location. Notice the police taking photos and videotaping — one assumes they are much more interested in gathering intelligence on “racist hooligans” than they are on finding and prosecuting the thug who issued the death threat.

This is an inspiring video. WARNING: some foul language can be heard on the audio:

Hat tip: Kitman.


ib said...

That was the best response they could have used against a muslim demanding that a non-muslim not use a camera on public streets. They must continue to address every issue as it comes up in this way. It will get the point across that intimidation is NOT going to work. Bravo to the brave lads of the EDL!

john in cheshire said...

Thank God there are still people out there who are prepared to defend us against the evil that is islam.

Sparky said...

I always have a hard time with understanding what crowds are chanting. That said, I finally figured out that the EDL crowd was chanting "Whose Streets? Our streets!" I can't help but wonder and think about the effectiveness of it all.

On one level, I see and recognize both the necessity and impact of the EDL's response--forceful, yet lawful. It is a show of strength.

Yet, I wonder if the chant "Whose streets? Our streets!" could have been better. Specifically, I am wondering if the chant "Whose streets? England's streets!" would have had the same level of impact as the former.

I can see that "our" has a greater immediacy to it (and thus perhaps more punch). "England" on the other hand, may not have the same immediacy, but may resonate with more people and showing (yet again) that the EDL does not just march for themselves, but for their country.

Then again, I could be reading/putting too much into this. I would be very curious to read what other's think.

Anonymous said...

"Our streets" is exactly right. It implies the people, not the government (as "England's streets" would). Also, it is an open invitation: Join US. Don't set yourselves apart. Forget all the muslim nation nonsense. Be part of US on OUR streets."

Last, it lets all know that, since they are "our streets," that "we" will defend them, that we are not relying on the military or other government force.

Perfect. Love the EDL!