Monday, January 31, 2011

The Art of Strategic Citizenship — Part 3

Below is the third installment of Takuan Seiyo’s latest series of essays. Previously: Part 1 and Part 2.

Note: In his second installment, Mr. Seiyo originally designated this as a three-part series. However, the project grew as he progressed, and there will be a fourth installment.


The Art of Strategic Citizenship
Part 3 — Round stones rolled down a mountain

by Takuan Seiyo

In the 5th chapter of The Art of War, Sun Tzu and his interlocutor Du Mu say:

It is the nature of a stone to remain motionless on level ground, and to move when on a slope; thus the energy developed by good fighting men is as the momentum of a round stone rolled down a mountain thousands of feet in height.

First, you must wake up. The ground is no longer level. It’s a slope, and you are being swept down that slope like so much dead weight of fallen leaves in dark November twilight. The ruling elite is doing the sweeping, and various spiky strands of the broom stand out: the Muslim janissaries contracted by the nominally Judeo-Christian elite, the Mexican reconquistadores and the rest of the imported underclass, the Black racist demagogues and criminals, the red-diaper Jewish society improvers, the red-flag French intellectuals and their university franchises, the Social Christianity clerical comrades, the Hollywood useful idiots, the purposefully forgotten Chicom strategists, and so on. But none of this would have worked, had it not been for the slope.

The slope was built by your own people: white middle class evaders of “divisiveness,” nice people to boot. Hogs at credit troughs, consumers of Chicom cheap con, suit-wearing minders of this quarter’s profits, evangelicals with God bless decals, Bushites not Shiites, country club Republicans who thought the business of America is business, national demographics are a market, and the teaching vocation can be left to bitter Gramscian malcontents on a long march.

The slope is stacked against you. It’s about 9 to 1. The GOP is a useless diversion, the conservatives in clueless confusion, the Tea Party too pansy, the teachers Comintern saboteurs, the generals beribboned cowards trading truth for another star on the collar of he, she or heshe, the economists lapping milk from the saucers of the financialists, the government determined to immanentize the eschaton while China grabs the market for the cyclotron. Even if your side were hard stones, you would be rolling in the wrong direction.

Only the hard truth can turn into rolling stones. Comforting lies turn into a pile of dry autumn leaves. “Strength in Diversity” turns into peonage to homogeneous China and dhimmitude to tribal Dar-al-Islam. Jock worship and self esteem in schools end in generations of know-nothing spoiled morons. Paper fiat money becomes Ponzi confetti. “Conservatives” end as outplayed liberals. A smooth latte messiah turns into the broken cane of America the lame. Empire on credit heads for the trashcan of empires.

Other than a few bloggers and writers who toil in unpaid anonymity for 20,000 readers, the only people with significant public following who are able even to identify and express all those issues in cogent prose are clouded by mind afflictions of the sort discussed in Part 2. They are either conspiracy junkies or tenants at the junction of the Paleocon/ White Nat spectrum. They show a keen perception of the political facts and no perception of their own mind afflictions. Such people cannot lead others successfully out of the wilderness.

On the premise that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, the Paleocons are silent on Islam and jihad and agnostic about Holocaust and Hitler. “White Nats” simply deny the former and adore the latter. Patrick Buchanan, who can write masterfully about America’s suicide by immigration, by NAFTA or by surrender to its Black minority pillagers (e.g. “A Brief for Whitey”) is also an admirer of the Nazi tool Charles Lindbergh, a defender of accused Nazi criminals, and a World War II revisionist more on Hitler’s side than on Churchill’s [1]. Paul Craig Roberts, who can write superbly about America’s hollowed-out economy and the madness of Empire (e.g. “Spinning Unemployment in a Collapsing Empire”) can’t put two paragraphs together before launching into a tirade about the evils of Israel and its American lobby.

Some conspiracy hounds also present useful facts and good ideas, but wrapped in questionable theories. Not much is gained by the 9/11 truthers’ unprovable assertion that the U.S. government had pre-wired the towers with explosives. I doubt that it did, but it had prewired the Unites States for 9/11 anyway. It did so through its insane immigration and border policies, refusal to recognize the hostile nature of Islam, demented Affirmative Action that places Muslims and racially favored incompetents in the center of the intelligence and defense establishments, and other PC inanities like the “wall” between the FBI and the CIA.

We will not go here to the left side of the anomie, i.e. the quixotic intellectuals, the for-profit prole noisemakers, the failures seeking revenge on society, the mass media nitwits and agent provocateurs, the demagogues egging on minorities from the lands of soulful indolence or dusty terror. It’s not important anymore to understand why they believe and do what they do. The essential fact is that there are now two irreconcilable peoples in America: the Equality People and the Freedom People.

We identified the demographic composition of the Equality People in Part 2. Committed to denying and reviling any truth that requires discrimination between human individuals and types, they share a psychosis of obsessing over any mote in White eyes, and ignoring large beams in Colored eyes. They are pragmatic Socialists, meaning that they support Big Business capitalism that privatizes the oligarchs’ profits, socializes their losses, and exacts payoffs large enough to keep playing pols in power, and favored Equalitan client groups in cushy jobs at the ambitious top or just in spending money at the indolent bottom.

The Freedom People are liberty-loving Constitutionalists. They detest world-improving busybodies and grasp that it’s the equality and nondiscrimination silk memes in which the postmodern Western state wraps its iron fist of coercion. They are not necessarily Libertarian, for that is an ideological strain oblivious to the large swathes of Reality where laissez faire leads to ruination, and a good government is inescapable. Unlike the Libertarians, the Freedomians recognize that what was best about America came from a specific American people. That people was 90% White, construed by Anglo-Saxon-Scottish ideas and norms of conduct, and largely led by Anglo-Protestants.

The Freedomians are countryside dwellers, small business owners, non-union blue collar workers, soldiers, cops and firefighters, people who revere the U.S. Constitution, and a few eccentric intellectuals like the late Samuel Francis, hounded to an early grave. There are few nonwhites, as those are the clients and protégés of the government and paragons of the Equality People. There are few Jews or Nordics. The Jews, living like the Episcopalians but voting like the Salvadorans, share a cultural obsession with social “injustice,” even if ancient or biogenic in the underdogs and therefore of no proper concern to social improvers. The Nordics, even if secular, are heirs to a deracinated Christianity based in misconstrued and sometimes mistranslated Biblical words taken out of their historical context and fashioned into self-abnegating do-goodism. WNNPs (White non-Nordic Protestants) seem to be the paramount ethnic stock of the Freedomians.

The ruling oligarchy, which comprises the enormous powers of the government and Big Business, is firmly with the Equality People. The Freedom People are therefore vastly outmatched. Since they are shut out of the government no matter which party rules, all they can do is watch how their country self-destructs for the sake of providing the nourishing manure with which the hegemons bolster the rise of the New World Order with its global serf topsoil and Made in China sprinklers. As well, Islamic Morlocks are imported and unleashed on the NWO Whites, to provide a pretext for an oppressive police state.

The recent case of a lefto-anarchist devil-worshipping psycho pothead mass murderer who shot a Democrat Congresswoman is illustrative. The same media platforms that now falsely blamed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for the “climate of hatred” had routinely expressed death and dismemberment wishes for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party (and Bush, Cheney etc.). Having gratuitously dragged Sarah Palin into this, they now turned around to proclaim, “Sarah Palin, once again, has found a way to become part of the story”.

Politicians and pundits on both sides, and Mr. Obama shamelessly so, abused the occasion to pontificate about political “extremism” and “our” pride in the American democratic process that effects change at the ballot box, not through violence. However, one actually observing what’s going on perceives that the democracy circus has left town decades ago, and all this noise now is palaver over weed control in the windswept plaza where the tents were once pitched.

We can no longer effect change at the ballot box; that’s a gross perversion of the truth. An American electorate that elects an Obama is too far gone, anyway.

When the ruling elite is free to import tens of millions of voters for itself who are a like a millstone on the taxpayer-serfs, and to deploy taxpayer-funded thug organizations like ACORN to sway elections, and to refuse to prosecute club-wielding Black Nazi thugs, and it has an exclusive claim on the enormous powers of academic indoctrination and MSM persuasion, and it has bound the opposition in a purpose-designed net of racist “civil rights” and “hate speech” legislation, and that entire intertwined cabal harangues its critics ceaselessly with kneejerk labels like “racist” and “divisive,” democracy has died and voting is just an empty ritual. How much more so when the putative opposition fields phony figureheads from the Nixon-Ford-Dole-Bush-McCain mold, and the rulers keep digging a financial, monetary and demographic hole for their people and protect crony bankster malefactors whether it’s a Texas hold ’em capitalist or an Afro-socialist in the White House.

Nor is the democracy sham confined to the federal level. Steven Malanga revealed the array of fiscal gimmicks, evasions, and ploys that state and local politicians have used to circumvent budget restrictions enacted in 32 states. The willful undermining of the people’s vote amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars of funds slushed into off-budget enterprises, swept from promised useful uses to political payoffs, shifted from funded accounts into depleted ones, shafted as interest-free loans forced on the taxpayers, sold for some cash now instead of larger receipts later, or simply stolen from citizens’ personal bank accounts on the pretext that they are inactive and “unclaimed.” This heedless spending binge has resulted in a $6 trillion state and local government debt. That’s on top of the separate road to fiscal and monetary ruin pursued by the federal government also against the explicit wishes of the voters[2].

Clio, the muse of history, has at last submitted the bill for decades of madness and corruption. The mandarins at the money spigots then activated a pump to keep the leaky tub afloat while they are still at the tiller. Notable financial experts outside the ruling elite did diagnose that as a systematic cover-up of the worst corruption and control fraud in America’s history, if not the world’s [3]. All that just buys time and wherewithal for the illusion of “growth” to persist while bankster bosses strap on their golden parachutes and the governing pashas their silver ones. When the deluge comes, the banksters will have already settled in their penthouses in Singapore and spreads in Aruba, their assets parked in yuans, gold ducats, and forward wheat options. And the pols and bureaucrats complicit in all this will have already finished their cadence and retired. Their fat pensions, successors’ salaries and preferred social clients’ stipends can be paid in NWO Ameristan shekels even after the dollar is toast. It’s only the nebbish Freedomians, the core of the Middle Class, whose net worth and jobs will have evaporated.

The replacement of 1970 meritocracy with post-1985 anti-White discrimination, and of the White-dominant melting pot with a grab stew of every race and nationality, are a catastrophe of equally dire consequences. 9/11 was Reality’s tap on the shoulder relative to the humongous corruption and control fraud in U.S. immigration policies, and it too resulted in gobs of wasted money to construct a cover-up. The DHS and TSA farce (addressed in Part 1) is just a way to stick all Americans with the severe punishment for the gross errors or intentional sabotage of their ruling elite, just as money printing, bailout and “stimulus” are in the financial domain. As to Affirmative Action and transfer payments to “People of Color,” daily newspaper stories, if vetted consistently for racial indicators, provide regular reference points of the downward trajectory.

Right away, we can dismiss all the good advice that well-meaning patriots dispense. The enormous power of the ruling oligarchy, backed by over 50% of the population, will not allow such admissions of monumental error and malfeasance as would be needed to change course in a radical way. We cannot deport illegal aliens, legal felons or legal sleeper jihadis. We cannot amend the Constitution to end Third World immigration or birthright citizenship. We can wake up some people but not the nation to the essential incompatibility of Islam, let alone Muslims. The anti-jihad movement is noble and commendable, but it only addresses the tuberculosis of the AIDS patient. Even if the TB be cured, the AIDS and its other lethal consequences will remain.

We cannot end NAFTA, send Puerto Rico off and tell Hawaii we own it, and to shut up. If we win hugely in a plebiscite, one Body Snatcher judge is enough to overturn the will of the people. Ending Affirmative Action and Disparate Impact laws is a pipe dream, and declaring English as sole official language is too little too late. We cannot end the global economy sham or the Western voluntary dhimmitude plague. We don’t have the votes and even if we had them, we don’t have the leaders whom such votes might carry into successful tenures in the seats of power.

What we have is the OODA Loop, the firewood under the cauldron, the round stones rolling down the mountain. Following “Observe” is “Orient.” “Orient” means, first, recognizing that old categories are now obsolete. It’s not Right or Left, capitalist or socialist, White or Black, “White” or Jew, Catholic or Protestant. There is only the Freedom People and its hostile co-dweller, the Equality People. The latter’s government and global business sponsors provide the main jaw in the crushing vise.

Progressives are bona fide Equalitans, but it would be a mistake to consider Conservatives as ipso facto Freedomians. It’s necessary to observe that there are vastly different ethnic and occupational ratios in these two peoples, and to orient strategic action toward those differences. In that lies the opportunity to achieve something that would pass Sun Tzu’s muster.

The answer, as many have said, lies in separation, but it has only something to do with the common advice that “Whites” move to “Red” states and so save White Majority America. The small issue lies in liberty-loving Constitutionalists being able to achieve self-government and conserve what remains of America. But there are much larger issues at stake. In the balance hangs the future of Western Civilization.

The globalist elite treats the issue of Third World Immigration to the West as one of goodness and (faked) unavoidability, with the Good Guys — themselves, of course — versus the troglodyte racists. They treat the issue of the rise of China and the sinking of the United States as yet another change of guard among Superpowers, necessary to maintain overall prosperity (whatever that means). But neither subject is remotely like what it’s presented to be.

The streaming of tens, and soon hundreds of millions of sub-90 IQ hostile aliens to America and to the rest of the West entails a certain lowering of the overall intelligence of the populace in a technological epoch when intelligence and education are the main economic resource. It also portends the end of hope for the return of democracy in America [4], for a sub-intelligent people can sway only to the rhythm of demagogues’ bribes and manipulative verbiage. Moreover, nonwhite immigration spells a blow-up of the remainder of social capital and a crippling of any possibility to continue the life of ease, prosperity and peace that White Man’s lands have enjoyed between 1946 and 2001.

As to the ascendance of China, it ought to be obvious that he who pays the piper calls the tunes. The idiotic myopia of America’s globalist oligarchs of a generation ago was to assume that as America pumps prosperity into China, China would inevitably become “westernized” and “democratized” — and gelded, like the West. But China has its strengths that the West has forsaken: its racial homogeneity and pride in its history and culture. China is taking from the West what it needs to rise as China. Barring the unforeseeable, by 2050 China will have become the world’s dominant economic and military superpower. It is the Chinese values and interests that will be planted firmly in the West, and not vice versa [5].

This essay is devoted to some of what’s salutary in the Orient and is worthy of study and some form of emulation. We have no space to dwell on the revolting, but the preceding paragraph ought to chase sleep from the brows of the knowing. There are other similar conundrums: for instance the certainty that the United States is becoming Mexicanized, with all it portends, and that Eurabia is a growing reality.

A world whose values trickle down from China, whose Europe rises to the call of the muezzin and whose America is run by Afro-revanchist dialectic theoreticians and Afghan-American civil rights lawyers according to Mexican political methods is not a world into which a White person still in possession of his brain wants to be born. It’s this — the highest possible stake — that hangs in the balance; not silly little things like whether Newt Gingrich is electable or Pennsylvania reclaimable for the GOP through conservative Whites’ resettlement.

The task is not to achieve a White majority. The U.S. already has a White majority. Europe has a huge White majority. It’s useless. At issue is a complete undoing of most cultural developments of the last 53 years or so, and a revision of much of Christianity’s and political theory’s evolution of the past 100 years. It’s been a long and interesting road, but it’s now obvious that it ends in a sheer drop: Kali Yuga .

Look now at the symbol at the head of his text. It represents the Great Tao, the eternal unifying principle of opposing cosmic forces that make up the Universe. It’s a Chinese concept commonly associated with the philosopher Lao Tse (6th century BC), but probably much older than that. Yin — the female element — and Yang — the male element — are each charged with a momentum ready to displace the other but still containing its germ. A dynamic balance results, a unity of opposing forces that make all atoms spin and all phenomena manifest.

In the cosmos, antigravity — the universe- expanding force first intuited by Einstein — is the Yin element, as is any other centrifugal vector. Attractive gravity, or any other centripetal force, is the Yang. In nutrition, acid is Yin, alkali is Yang; overdo the one or the other, you’ll get sick. In combat, the light initial tug (as discussed in Part 1) is Yin; the resulting slam into the ground is the Yang. Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba (among thousands of his own and other masters’ observations on Yin/Yang) wrote: “The heart of a human being is no different from the soul of heaven and earth. In your practice always keep in your thoughts the interaction of heaven and earth, water and fire, Yin and Yang.

The healthy human body’s pH balance is about 7 on a scale of 14, which is another way of describing a salutary Yin/Yang equilibrium. Overdo the soft drinks, alcohol and other sugars, starches, cigarettes, drugs, pills and stress, and you are in for Yin toxemia, i.e. a pH of 6 or lower that is a sure road to major illness. Cancer — the ultimate growth syndrome — is the quintessential Yin disease.

Similarly, a once-healthy society that has binged for 45 years on distending its population with tens of millions of imported aliens, puffing up inclusion and tolerance into a gigantic obsession, dilating the voting franchise, growing prodigiously claimed rights and entitlements, swelling the welfare rolls, pumping its money supply, inflating enormous asset bubbles, exploding the inventory of risky investment instruments, amplifying the growth of doctored profits and faked GNP statistics, overcommitting internationally, overstretching its military, overlawyering, over-regulating and overtaxing its citizens (but not its banksters) and metastasizing its media into 1000 channels of garbage is mired in a toxic Yin bog with no understanding of what it has done to itself. When you add to this the feminist revolution, the feminization of all walks of life, the 510 clucking hens among the 535 members of U.S. Congress, the metrosexual president, the coed dorms, female military, tranny police sergeants, gay (gay???) homo wives, 6-ft. reed-thin men with nipple rings and ear plugs, Oprah, Hillary, shop-till-you-drop, meek impotence at home versus millions of unnamed “youths” in Eurabia and America or bandits abroad like the NorKor commies — it’s Yin accelerating Yin, whirling to breakdown and destruction like a malformed flywheel too heavy on one side, spinning at 100,000 RPM.

This is not an entirely novel analysis for the West either. Already in 1935 Arnold Toynbee explained history in terms of circular Yin/Yang rhythms. His A Study of History published in twelve volumes over 20 years sought to explain how civilizations came to exist, flourish, and wane. Toynbee applied his model to 26 civilizations, showing the five stages through which they all passed: genesis, growth, time of troubles, universal state, and disintegration. Universal State — the stage in which the West is now — emerges when the elite, whom Toynbee called "Creative Minority," ceases to be creative and degenerates into merely a "Dominant Minority" that forces the majority to obey without deserving obedience. Disintegration is next.

Although Toynbee referred specifically to the Yin/Yang Chinese concept, his emphasis was slightly different from ours here. He saw in Yin tranquility and stability, in Yang action and upheaval, and in history phases alternating from the one to the other. My focus is on Yin as the expansive and feminine force, on Yang as the contractive and masculine force, and on their proper equilibrium. What is clear, through the one prism or the other, is that the West is at the peak of perhaps the biggest Yin wave in history. What follows is disintegration through a wrenching Yang upheaval.

A social environment fit for the happy and productive existence of sentient beings is one in which Yin and Yang are balanced. Adolf Hitler dragged Western civilization onto the second of the mutilating peaks of Yang that, before 1914 -1944, had not been scaled by Westerners since Roman times [6]. It was inevitable that subsequently the West counter-swing like a giant pendulum through the point of equilibrium and far into the Yin zone, just as it had before, into Christian martyrdom in Rome and meekness of Rome. What was not inevitable and should not have happened is that the immersion in Yin continue unabated since 1945. A Yang balancing should have started around 1969 already.

An Eastern sage or even a random Chinese general laughs his head off watching the feminized West flapping around in its menopausal Yin ways to hold back super-Yang barbarians on the streets of Antwerp, Luton or Cleveland, or in Afghanistan and Somalia. America is so far gone that it releases Talib mass murderers upon capture while capturing and jailing for 40 years heroic American soldiers whose gonads and fighting instincts still function properly. Invoking recently the swift, brutal and effective actions of Korean and Malaysian commandos against Somali pirates, Richard Fernandez wrote: “The wonder weapon of the Koreans, though less potent than that used by the Malaysians was that they were neither European nor American.”

They who would turn the tide, at least for the Freedom People, must perceive the magnitude of the historic, nay, cosmic forces at play. And to have a chance at restoring balance and glory to Western civilization, they must beware of those who, moved by atavistic forces beyond their ken, push from the current extremes of Yin into Hitlerian extremes of Yang. Without understanding that Hitler was the worst thing that ever happened to the White race, and that the Holocaust did happen as commonly beheld and worse, one is deprived of the understanding of the sources of the current Yin abyss, and consequently cannot redress the counter-calamity in an effective and lasting way.

Inventing a golden past that never was, falsifying history to right a grave current imbalance is an awful crime not as much against the dead and the hostile as against the living and allied. To revive Christianity, without which a Western Renaissance is unthinkable, it’s necessary to stop lying about the roots, branches and charred stumps of the faith’s history. It’s necessary to perceive Jesus as a Jew who came with a redeeming Yin message at a historical peak of Yang in both the Roman and Jewish cultures: the former then embodying the heights of sadistic brutality and militarism, and the latter the depths of religious fanaticism and pharisaism. The current Church is an embodiment of Yin too, as is the majority of diaspora Jews and other Progressives — but it’s Yin at the peak of Yin in the surrounding society. What was a redeeming force in the past is now the potion of impotence and eclipse.

To understand why Christianity is so harmfully Yin it’s necessary to acknowledge, not whitewash, the past crimes, wars, errors and excesses of the Church and link them causally to the inevitable backswing of Reformation, Enlightenment and pervasive defection of the faithful. What we are seeing in all the Christian denominations is their own backswing into extreme Yin in tacit or express repentance for Christianity’s extreme Yang that ended 250 years ago. It’s too much, too late, and totally useless now. But useless as well is deluded “conservative” Christians’ blaming the Protestants, the Masons, the philosophes, the Jews, the Enlightenment and Vatican II for all this.

Perhaps the most important intellectual and spiritual task for people who would save the West is to understand that the current meme of “Judeo-Christian” values and the clerics’ prattling about the affinity of Abrahamic religions is merely a symptom of the yinnization of Christianity and its Western cradle. Western civilization can be balanced and healthy again when it has recovered all five of its cornerstones. They are the pantheist-pagan, Greek, Roman, Judaic and Christian.

It’s because of the Church’s early extirpation of the pantheist-pagan foundations of European culture that the vital connection to the soil and the happiness and rootedness that come from venerating native Nature’s beauty and bounty have vanished. Had that been preserved, as it is in Shinto, the peoples of the West would not have fallen so easily for materialism, nihilism, psychoanalysis, do-goodism, multiculturalism and all the other stupid isms — all shadow plays in the skulls of solipsists cut off from ways of experiential knowing.

Little has remained of the Greek and Roman foundations, though the Church did preserve the intellectual achievements. The Greeks had a love of aesthetic, moral and intellectual perfection without which one is so much the shabbier. Had any traces of the Greeks’ educational system remained, with its emphasis on forming the human character along noble ideals, banksters and thieving CEOs could not have reached the top of the social pecking order, and a different class of people would be sitting on the benches of Congress. As for the Romans, they had patriarchy and veneration of tradition and wisdom over the flash of youth, and sanctity of the family and rootedness in the past. Rome was gone when those were gone, but they are now missing in us too.

One option remains for the Freedom People — a people that’s defeated, scattered, betrayed, leaderless, caught in the net of a government working entirely for the other side regardless of which party holds the power. That option is, to gather and start something new. Not in 34 states as enumerated in Part 1, but in fewer than ten.

This is not the project for the conventional or fainthearted. It must start from an unshakeable certainty as strong as the religious zeal that moved the Puritans and the Amish across the Atlantic Ocean to initial pain, hardship and disappointment. It’s no less than crossing the perilous prairie in a Conestoga wagon. It must start from the conviction that the entire slope must collapse on which the NWO round stones now crush Whites committed to preserve the civilization of Whites. And the realization that the Freedom People themselves prop that slope with their virtue, labor and taxes.

(to be continued)


1.I find Victor Davis Hanson’s analysis persuasive in this matter, which does not mean that I prefer all of his ideas over Buchanan’s.
2.Karl Denninger of MarketTicker has listed additional inscriptions on the tomb of America’s democracy here.
3.Latest rot disclosure here), latest control fraud here.
4.Europe’s democracy is already passé, gone, in a coup d’état of the EU ruling elite.
5.Martin Jacques even wrote a book about that, When China Rules the World; The Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World (Allen Lane, 2009), but no book can halt a steamroller that’s been tearing along for 30 years.
6.The West had suffered the Yang storms of Genghis Khan in the 13th century and, before him, Attila in the 5th. But they and their hordes were Asian.

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Freyja's cats said...

Sun Tsu's Art of War, and Miyamoto Musashi's The Book of Five Rings are two classics of Asian strategy that every Western warrior must read and absorb into their neuropsychology.

If you have not, you should, and those links will allow you to do so, without having to travel to either China or Japan, or to your local library.

Takuan Seiyo cuts some insightful strokes with his calligraphy pen. However, at the same time, he cleverly uses the techniques of Sun Tzu in his essay, to bury some uncomfortable facts and truths.

The sense of fairness in me compels me to come to the defense of Pat Buchanan and Sam Francis, by allowing the ghost of Kevin MacDonald, who is Takuan Seiyo's nemesis, the opportunity to comment up the buried material regarding the neoconservatives -- which is the wolf pack to which Takuan Seiyo belongs, he being neither Chinese nor Japanese in reality.

See here and here.

That way, those gentlemen can all speak for themselves, and from the paleoconservative view of the neoconservatives, to provide the reader with some clues to the actual forces behind the transitions between Yang and Yin, which have helped get us to the present state of Western civilization.

As for me, speaking for myself, I would point out that the "red-diaper Jewish society improvers" to which Mr. Seiyo refers are the very clan to which the neoconservatives, themselves, belonged, before they started to notice the handwriting on the Western wall relative to the threat of Islam to Israel and the Jews, and walked over to the other end of the see-saw.

Seiyo encourages Westerners desirous of survival to throw Europe's native sons Hitler and Charles Lindbergh and the Great Wars-era "White Nats" over the cliff, along with that half of the Eurosphere that fought valiantly, if brutally, against the Marxist-Leninism that was poisoning all of Western civilization, and Europe and Britain, in particular.

Seiyo writes, "Without understanding that Hitler was the worst thing that ever happened to the White race,..."

I would contend that this distinction should instead be conferred upon Karl Marx.

But, to the Jewish peanut gallery, an uncomfortable truth.


Freyja's cats said...


I would point out in response that it is the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam, which is Hebrew for "repairing the world," that brought us the "social justice" jackhammer that turned Europe and the West into a lesson in how to commit civilizational suicide.

The ancient peoples of Europe were getting along nicely in defending their territory from Asia and Africa, except for perhaps the incursions by Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan. Yes, the warrior societies of Europe tended to leave the grass of Europe rather bloody from time-to-time, but, when looked at as a whole, they were fairly successful at holding down the continental fort.

In the warrior ethos of the peoples of Europe, there was no shame to be found in wiping out the odd tribe here and there, in a rather brutal fashion. That was how you survived.

It was only when the Jews of Europe -- who were a mercantile and money-changing people rather than an assemblage of proud, strong and physically-fit warriors of the home team -- and their Anglo and American diasporas, foisted their squeamishness and guilt-trip upon the half of the West that lost the war, and demanded that the losers be dragged in front of "human rights" tribunals, that the Marxist-Leninist, World Jewish Congress, ADL, SPLC and Tikkun Olam thugs were able to accelerate their race-replacement methods, the net benefit of which went to building Israel.

Seiyo states, "Western civilization can be balanced and healthy again when it has recovered all five of its cornerstones. They are the pantheist-pagan, Greek, Roman, Judaic and Christian."

To this, I would suggest that he and the reader revise this statement to read, "Greco-Roman, Celtic, Germanic, Baltic and Slavic." For this is the root stock from which Western civilization arose.

I would also encourage Seiyo to utilize the more appropriate term "heathen," when addressing in English the Germanic people of Western civilization: Heathen is from Old English hæðen "not Christian or Jewish" (c.f. Old Norse heiðinn). Historically, the term was probably influenced by Gothic haiþi "dwelling on the heath", appearing as haiþno in Ulfilas' bible as "gentile woman" (translating the "Hellene" in Mark 7:26). This translation was probably influenced by Latin paganus, "country dweller", or it was chosen because of its similarity to the Greek ἐθνικός ethnikos, "gentile". It has even been suggested that Gothic haiþi is not related to "heath" at all, but rather a loan from Armenian hethanos, itself loaned from Greek ἔθνος ethnos.

It is time for Seiyo and his neoconservative brethren to drop the axes that they repeatedly sharpen for purposes of bludgeoning the Germans and other European nationalists. Hitler was the Charles Martel against the "invading" fifth-columnist Marxists.

It would be best for Western civilization for Jews to accept that Hitler was just one in a multi-millenia long succession of lion-hearted chiefs and kings of Europe. We freedom-loving children of indigenous Europe will no longer continue to throw our own blood over the cliff, in order to bow to the PC demands of the Middle Eastern tribe of usury and Tikkun Olam.

Anonymous said...

FC, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Takuan Seiyo said...

@latte Island
Well said. I often refer to ardent liberals as “Body Snatchers.” It means to convey the idea that coils in their brains are arranged differently, without necessarily a pejorative connotation. A discussion with a liberal is therefore pointless; you speak Basque, he speaks Urdu. It’s the same thing with Nazis and their various crypto, neo, and nonsocialist strains [hereinafter “Nazis’]. There is no point in responding or arguing. My main concern is that we deal in this forum and others, e.g. AmRen, VFR, with issues that hardly any strain on the putative Right even mentions, let alone discusses – but the Nazis do. It’s useful therefore to develop some criteria for where the demarcation line is. BTW, if anyone considers FC’s disquisition too much, in those circles Jared Taylor of AmRen is referred to as Shmuel Jerry Taylor.
There has to be a separate corner somewhere for these folks too, all-White, Judenfrei as they wish. But mixing with them, even through discourse, is a bad case of such miscommunication that it’s akin to miscegenation.

Freyja's cats said...

@ latte island:

Can't take the heat, can you, Golda? Eh? ;)

@ Mr. Seiyo:

I am not talking about anything "Judenfrei." I *am* requesting that Jews melt down their axe against Germans and Germany and their supporters, and accept the need for all "white people" who want to work for the salvation of the West and our peoples, to participate in the project. Nobody out.

For Hitler to take out a bunch of Marxist-Leninist third columnists is branded by your choir as "pure evil,"...

...but somehow firebombing the hell out of Dresden, and nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki isn't?

Clearly, a review of the history of modern-day Israel, shows that the Sons of Israel are not opposed to contemplating and engaging in "evil," themselves, when that seems to be a good option for their survival, or otherwise in their national interest.

Neither the Jews, collectively, nor any currently extant tribe or nation of Europe wears a halo. So give it a rest and knock off the anti-Germanism.

The reality is that there are a lot of folks across the world who are waking up to the fact that the Chosen People don't have the halo around their heads that they once claimed they had, any more than the Germans did.

That old Communist Party-infiltrated organization known as the Federation of American Scientists has a lot of Jews on its Board of Sponsors, who used to decry the American development of strategic weapons in the 1970's.

It's interesting, though, that after bid Laden and al-Qaeda hit New York City on 9/11, Israel and some American Jews started feeling really threatened by Islam and the surrounding Arabs, and a lot of the Jewish neoconservatives began to find it an imperative for the U.S. to attack Iraq and Iran.

That seemed like a grand idea to many Christian Americans, and George Bush went along with taking out Saddam Hussein.

Saddam Hussein, though, brutal as he was, was a secular kinda guy, and didn't let the Islamists annihilate the Iraqi Christians, as is being done now that Hussein is gone.

Today, a goodly part of the planet is p*ssed off at Israel, and the current Arab uprising is threatening Israel's former southern ally, and Coptic Christians are being put to the axe. People are starting to examine what has really gone on to get us to this point.

We Germans and German-Americans and other European patriots who lost World War II -- including those of us in America whose German-American family members were sent abroad to kill our own German family in order to save the Jews, are today supposed to grovel in the dirt perpetually because our German brethren tried to take down the Marxist-Leninist Fifth Column in Europe, of which a goodly proportion of Jews were a part, which was working toward enslaving all of Europe under communism, and eventually the entire West.

Friends, the West is waking up. We are not only waking up to the threat of Islam amongst us, but we are also waking up to how this Fifth Column came to be embedded among us. Now that valuable research tools are available to use from the comfort of our own homes, such as KeyWiki, we in the Anglosphere are now able to look underneath the AJC and WJC and ADL and SPLC and neoconservative propaganda, and look at the great expanse of European history in a different way.


Freyja's cats said...


One doesn't have to be a Hitler-worshipper, or shave his head, or tattoo swastikas all over his body and wear replicas of Nazi party clothing, to start realizing that something is very, very wrong in the Western civilization created by the Eurosphere.

It's clear that the same infection that plagued Europe after Karl Marx wrote his Communist Manifesto, didn't die with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Marxism-Leninism has clearly infected the rest of the West, too.

With the Internet, the humble housewife can now study history, and determine the source of the infection.

As for me, I live right down the road from Maoist Third-Worldist Weather Underground Organization terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. I can walk right up to them, at any of their radical gatherings, and say, hey, Bill & Bernie, how's it goin'?

I can see them, and their other aging 1960's/70's/80's communist radical buddies, with my own eyes, indoctrinating the high school and college kids into Third-Worldist Marxism-Leninism, and agitating the local Muslim and Latino communities to "rise up" against the "racist white capitalists."

I'm in Chicago. I can see what the Reds do to radicalize the kids and the immigrants, day-to-day, in this town.

I can watch Bill & Bernie's buddy, CAIR-Chicago's executive director Ahmed Rehab, out protesting in the Marxist-Muslim picket lines, demanding that the FBI stop its surveillance of Muslims and Communist agitators, indoctrinators and recruiters for HAMAS and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

I can listen to Chicagoan Ahmed Rehab participates in protests sweeping Egypt.

And I can see the activists of Chicago's Jewish Council on Urban Affairs standing right next to CAIR's Ahmed Rehab, demanding approval of the construction of more mosque complexes in Illinois.

Europeans in the West who are waking up to all of this, are now asking ourselves why we should continue to blame our cousins, the Germans in Europe, for trying to eradicate the Fifth Column amongst them that was trying to enslave them under communism, when now the neoconservatives like David Horowitz, who used to be allies with the Black Panthers who were trying to overthrow Chicago in a violent Marxist-Leninist, are now trying to motivate the right wing of Europe and the European diaspora to eradicate the Fifth Column of Muslims that the Jews demanded that we let into our lands in the first place!


Freyja's cats said...


I am of ancestral Teutonic stock. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who are Jewish. Many are good-hearted people who contribute good things to the community and don't try to subvert the West and replace the children of Europe with Asians, Africans and Latin Americans. I harbor no desire to wipe those people off the face of the planet.

But I'm wiser now than I used to be, and I have ascertained and ferreted out the history and source of Political Correctness and Multi-Culturalism/Multi-Ethnicism/Multi-Racialism.

I'm not going to fall for the Jewish demands that I wear a blindfold to the facts and that I succumb to their constant cries of "anti-semitism" and "racism" and "Hitler and the Germans were evil and must perish!"

I am not going to throw my Europid cousins off the cliff, who are determined that Germans, Germany and "White people" should live and retain control over their European homelands, just because they don't hold the "politically-correct" thoughts about World Wars I and II.

I very respectfully request that Jews put down their axe against the German people, and work together with ALL of my Germanic and European cousins, to reverse the damage that has been caused to the West by the "political correctness" and "multi-culti" society that they have foisted upon it.

The motto for the salvation of the West must be:

"All of our European brethren in; nobody out. Not even the White Nationalists."

john in cheshire said...

I've read all three parts (looking forward to part four). Everything you say chimes with what I believe and have thought for a long time. What you have done is to condense it into something that has an overall form.
Amongst other books, I read and have read the Edward Gibbon The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and I am puzzled why our contemporaneous 'rulers' cannot see what happened, what will happen, and thus learn from history.
I think that socialism has been a curse on Western civilisation for over 100 years. I'm afraid that I also believe that socialists suffer from either a psychological condition or a genetic defect. Or is it just that if one tells an inferior often enough he is your equal, he will quickly begin to think he is your superior?

Spinoneone said...

Socialism in practice has been a curse on the world for far longer than 100 years. It has existed in various forms throughout the history of mankind. In fact, capitalism, democracy, and freedom for the masses are relatively new concepts, and only practiced over wide areas for the last 200 or so years. Whenever in history the government/ruler has been the owner of or in charge of determining the output of the land/national economy that economy has always failed. Whether you call it feudalism/communism/Marxism/fascism, whatever, it always fails. No man or group of elites can actually operate a large economic enterprise and make a profit. Politics, cronies, nepotism, etc, always get in the way. The only economy that succeeds is one in which the individual has the right to control his property under fair law.

Freyja's cats said...

There is some text in an essay on a blog named Mondoweiss that I would like to bring in to this discussion. The blog is self-described as "progressive Jewish."

The title of the post is, "Through the Looking Glass -- Five Years in Students for Justice in Palestine."

The essay is by an Israeli Jew named Tom Pessah who attended college at Berkeley. (Yes, that would be the university located in the People's Republic of Berkeley in California.)

The writer became a member of the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at Berkeley.

The essay is a very interesting insight into the experience of an Israeli child who went through Israeli schools and other institutions; went to Berkeley; and then became part of this student group -- a group which many conservative/Zionist/nationalist Jews consider to be "anti-semitic" and "Jew-hating."

Mr. Pessah gives a valuable look into his upbringing in Israel. He describes how, in his home community in North Tel Aviv, he rarely came across Palestinians, and that most Jews in that community did not personally know any Palestinians. He writes,

"Going through the looking glass is a particularly good metaphor for the journey I've been through in Students for Justice in Palestine, because when the Israelis I grew up with talked about Palestinians, they were really talking about how they themselves were better than other Israelis: cultivated Tel Avivians constantly criticized the fanatic settlers; bourgeois Ashkenazim were more enlightened than those racist, vulgar working class Mizrahim (especially certain soccer fans); the radical left was so much more sincere than the hypocritical Meretz, but they themselves were ridiculed by the fringe socialist groups – everyone talked about other people's attitude to Arabs, but no one really knew any."

He then writes,

"Growing up as a Jew in Israel, there is no message you imbibe more deeply than kol ha-olam negdeinu, the entire world is against us. On the holidays you hear how in every generation "they" stood over us in order to destroy us; in school you study almost no Israeli history, but an entire year about the Holocaust; you learn hardly anything about Arabs outside the context of war, but you are definitely expected to attend the yearly remembrance ceremonies for dead soldiers; and in the media, of course, every pronouncement that could be construed as anti-Israeli is seized upon and analyzed endlessly: everything, everything is a codeword for "throw the Jews into the sea." The Right of Return can only mean a new Holocaust; international protests against the occupation are a natural continuation of medieval anti-semitism; soldiers armed to the teeth are the innocent targets of menacing thirteen-year-olds who hurl rocks at them. We have the strongest army in the region, nuclear weapons, the unconditional support of the world's biggest superpower - and we still let politicians and generals terrify us to death."

I would encourage discussion on this concept of ha-olam negdeinu, which the essayist says means, "The whole world is against us."

As one Jerusalem Post columnist penned:

“The whole world is against us
It’s a very old refrain,
That our fathers taught us,
Both to sing and to dance...

The whole world is against us,
Never mind, we’ll cope
They don’t care for us...
And we don’t care for them...”


Freyja's cats said...


Backing up, again, the essayist Pessah wrote,

...On the holidays you hear how in every generation "they" stood over us in order to destroy us; in school you study almost no Israeli history, but an entire year about the Holocaust...

Mr. Takuan Seiyo relies upon Sun Tzu to develop his essay that is the subject of this thread.

He leaves unmentioned in the essay any contribution that the *Jewish teachings* with which Jewish children are indoctrinated by the elders of their own Hebraic ethny, religion and culture.

Takuan Seiyo blames the present condition of Western civilization on an awful lot of stuff,...

...except for teachings like the above-mentioned "kol ha-olam negdeinu" that could very well be motivating Jews of all stripes, including those of the deep Left, to keep engaging in destructive behaviors to destroy European civilization and the Germanic peoples (and perhaps other nations, too) -- behaviors that, in cyclical fashion, tend to only cause Jews, eventually, more grief and generate more "anti-semitism" down the line.

The root problem of the West might not be indigenous Germans being indigenous Germans on German homeland soil.

The root problem may include the songs and sayings that Jews in the West sing to their children when they are babies.

jeppo said...

"One option remains for the Freedom gather and start something new. Not in 34 states as enumerated in Part 1, but in fewer than ten."

Which ones?

Zenster said...

Freyja's cats: Seiyo encourages Westerners desirous of survival to throw Europe's native sons Hitler and Charles Lindbergh and the Great Wars-era "White Nats" over the cliff, along with that half of the Eurosphere that fought valiantly, if brutally, against the Marxist-Leninism that was poisoning all of Western civilization, and Europe and Britain, in particular. [emphasis added]

Despite your rather sordid attempts to rehabilitate his image, Hitler will continue to be thrown "over the cliff" because he continues to stand as the author of industrial scale mechanized genocide of a type not equaled in all history.

Furthermore, many others, besides just myself here at GoV, lost relatives or friends directly into the gaping maw of Hitler's Wehrmacht and consider your repeated efforts to include Adolph Hitler in that "half of the Eurosphere that fought valiantly, if brutally, against the Marxist-Leninism" to be supremely offensive.

Hitler was no sort of valiant fighter but a coward who committed suicide rather than face the free world and own up to the crimes he had committed. Adolph Hitler elevated man's inhumanity to man to a level never before seen and, one can only hope, never to be seen again.

Neither Stalin nor Mao achieved the brutal level of dehumanizing slaughter that Hitler's Final Solution was able to effect and the phenomenal cruelty that it exercised on a routine basis.

Rest assured that Stalin or Mao murdered many more, but not with the calculating and mechanical precision that Hitler's killing machine managed to inflict on a most productive segment of the human race.

How many other Nobel Prize winners were forever lost to the ages among the charnel houses of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, and Treblinka? We shall never know but will continue to hold Adolph Hitler in ultimate contempt for it.

Adolph Hitler was an inferior specimen of a most vicious, underhanded guttersnipe type of gangster mentality whose memory arouses deep and abiding revulsion in a majority of learned minds.

Far finer men than Hitler died fighting in the very lowest ranks of his lost cause. Many other very fine men in the Allied forces lost their lives stopping his war machine. None of it changes how despicable and unworthy Adolph Hitler was. His current popularity with Islam’s followers stands as ample testimony to Hitler's supreme depravity.

You, Freyja's cats, seem obsessed with altering that longstanding and equally justified perception despite, as you can see from latté island's response, how it arouses nothing but derision from more capable minds.

Adolph Hitler re-defined human indecency. You taint your every written word by seeking to overturn that perception.

Hesperado said...

Well put, Zenster.

Yet it should not be necessary to defend the condemnation of Hitler and his regime. If anything in the world and throughout all history deserves to be condemned emblematically in stone as durable as the Decalogue's, it's Hitler. The necessity itself, and the effort to address it (however articulate it is) only participates in the scandal (of the defense) in the first place.

Profitsbeard said...

Kudos to Zenster for simple sanity.

Strange that some in this millennium, like the Adolphile FC, still fail to grasp that there is no such thing, in any profound sense, as "white" or "black" or "yellow" or "red" or "brown". They are merely incidental accidents of inheritence.

Wise and talented people have come from every human tonal subset, including albinos, as Johnny Winter's guitar and Edgar Winter's keyboard amply prove.

Since no one ever chose their color, the entire fixation with its "meaning" is insipid and silly.

All who champion enlightment, liberty and decency are brothers and sisters.

All who oppose these things are enemies of humanity.

Their hearts are black holes, and this is the only hue of significance.

Takuan Seiyo said...

@Zenster @Hesperado
I don’t think that arguing with a “Nazi” (term of convenience here) or a Progressive is useful. It’s time to accept that either kind is from a different planet, and ought to live among and talk to its own kind only. For the rest of us, it’s time to move forward and argue over what’s arguable. Hitler is not arguable. Holocausts (including that of the Slavs) are not arguable. Jews are arguable, but again, not with a Nazi.

Jewish Odysseus said...

[Many thanks to my non-Jewish comrades for addressing the more bizarre aspects of FC's arguments, it saved me a lot of heartburn, and they have responded far more adroitly than I cd]

Mr Seiyo has certainly done a public service with this piece, and many of us have felt the sensation of having boulders pitched down upon us for many years...Along with the avalanche of Mr Seiyo, I'd add Mr Staneski's drumbeat--another phenomenon of societal suicide we've seen for decades:

One amazing feature of the avalanche/drumbeat is the incredible alliance between the Left and Islam. I NEVER saw this coming, it dwarfs the incongruity of the Hitler/Stalin pact...All the gilded priorities of the Left--gay rights, abortion, separation of church & state, feminism, lenient criminal codes, pacifism, gun control, etc--ALL OF THEM are condemned by the Muslims in terms that make Franklin Graham or Pat Robertson look neutral. Can this really go on forever?

I sense there is an untapped energy on the left--it may be just a quarter, or a third of them--that is about 1 crisis away from abandoning the 19th-20th century absurdities of the Left forever. Then the slope will start to level out in our favor.

Takuan Seiyo said...

I started broad but am narrowing down as we progress. The next chapter will have particulars that will point to the places, methods, etc. There are various tools to help in the selection, i.e. ratio of minorities, distance from Mexican border, electoral history, current political climate, economic prospects etc. I believe that one suitable territory would be the contiguity of OR, WA, ID, MT, WY, NE and the adjacent zones of CA, NV and AZ. Perhaps the Dakotas too, if they come to their senses and curb that Scandinavian-Lutheran gene. Awfully cold and wet, or hot and dry, but better that than slavery.

Freyja's cats said...

Seiyo wrote:

"Perhaps the Dakotas too, if they come to their senses and curb that Scandinavian-Lutheran gene."

Another fine example of Jewish contempt for Germanic, European and Christian peoples.

They just keep coming.

Friends, I would advise those persons with Jewish proclivities toward re-engineering European peoples, to ditch the habit.

Freyja's cats said...

The heavy cost of Marxism:

The hundred-plus million of peoples of the world that communism has killed, had their potentials, too.

Let us take the conservative numbers recorded in the Black Book of Communism as a base for discussion:

In the introduction, editor Stéphane Courtois states that "...Communist regimes...turned mass crime into a full-blown system of government". He cites a death toll which totals 94 million, not counting the "excess deaths" (decrease of the population due to lower than-expected birth rates). The breakdown of the number of deaths given by Courtois is as follows:

* 65 million in the People's Republic of China
* 20 million in the Soviet Union
* 2 million in Cambodia
* 2 million in North Korea
* 1.7 million in Africa
* 1.5 million in Afghanistan
* 1 million in the Communist states of Eastern Europe
* 1 million in Vietnam
* 150,000 in Latin America
* 10,000 deaths "resulting from actions of the international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power." (p. 4)

Courtois claims that Communist regimes are responsible for a greater number of deaths than any other political ideal or movement, including Nazism. The statistics of victims includes executions, intentional destruction of population by starvation, and deaths resulting from deportations, physical confinement, or through forced labor.

The author Stephane Cortois is described and states as follows:

As a student, from 1968 to 1971, Courtois was a maoist, although he would later become an outspoken anti-communist and a strong supporter of democracy, pluralism, human rights and Rechtsstaat.

Courtois argues that Communism and National Socialism are slightly different totalitarian systems, and that communism is responsible for the murder of around 100 million people in the 20th century. He also argues that the National Socialists adopted their repressive methods from Soviet methods. According to Courtois, "a single-minded focus on the Jewish genocide in an attempt to characterize the Holocaust as a unique atrocity has [...] prevented the assessment of other episodes of comparable magnitude in the Communist world".


Freyja's cats said...


Zenster wrote:

Many other very fine men in the Allied forces lost their lives stopping his war machine.

I lost family members in the Great Wars, too. On both sides. They were all fine men.

How many other Nobel Prize winners were forever lost to the ages among the charnel houses of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, and Treblinka? We shall never know but will continue to hold Adolph Hitler in ultimate contempt for it.

Had the Jewish peoples of Europe snuffed out the Jewish Marxist fanatics among them that were needling and undermining the indigenous peoples of in an effort to create a blaze of Revolution! that would destroy and enslave the indigenous peoples of the entire continent, Auschwitz, et al would not have happened.

Your people triggered their own demise.

Instead of blaming every other cotton-picking person on the planet for holding back the innate potential of the Jews to rule the planet, when are you guys going to suck it up and accept the fact that it is your people's capacity and demonstrated penchant for radicalizing your offspring, subverting your host society and enslaving and killing them off (by proxy, if strategically preferrable), that, in cyclical fashion, comes back to kick you in the butt a few years down the line???

For a people who decries, "white supremacism" and shouts, "[insert choice of ethnic, religious, cultural or racial descriptor here] supremacist!" at other peoples trying to survive, the frequent references made by those infected with anti-Germanism and anti-European hatred to all of the "Nobel Prize winners lost to the ages" rings hollow.

On one hand, it is evil for a host people to try to control their own homeland from a subversive and destructive Fifth Column from within. Those people, according to some of the commenters, are "supremacists" and to be spat upon ad nauseum and ad infinitum.

Their actions to prevent the enslavement of their peoples are not to be considered understandable in the context of history?

And anyone who tries to analyze history in a way that doesn't mesh with the POLITICALLY CORRECT Jewish version, is to be swept off the stage of discussion by the conversation-stopping stamp of Nazi!.

The loss by communist killing and communist enslavement of *their* indigenous European families and their genetic and societal contribution, is somehow okay. So what that Jews like Lenin and Trotsky murdered Russians by the hundred-thousand. It's okay for these people to be killed, so that Jews could take over the Russian people and the land and build communist empire over all of Europe. These were just stupid peasants, right?

"Nothing to see here, folks -- just move along..."

But we are to decry the could-have-been loss of all the potential *Nobel Prize winners" of the *truly superior people*, eh?

I know that you folks are proud of your Nobel Prize winners, as any ethny would be of outstanding achievements by their people; although I, personally, find the achievements and contribution to society of a master woodcarver or mason or seamstress to be as equally valuable a contribution, if not more so.

However, I would remind you that achievements of all of the Nobel Prize Winners from the peoples of the world that are *not* Jewish, are significant.

The hundred-plus million of peoples of the world that communism has killed, had their potentials, too.


Freyja's cats said...


You guys have a choice:


You can continue to spit on the peoples of Europe. In that case, it would be wise of us of indigenous European stock to give you a one-way ticket to Israel, and slam the door behind you. You can cope with the Arab uprisings all around you on your own.



you can drop the club of blame and guilt that you repeatedly use to continue to pulverize Western society, and accept that it is normal for the indigenous people of Europe to have a desire to defend their homelands and protect their people against subversion, violent revolution, slavery and death.

We children of Europe are not going to pitch our own blood overboard, so that the Jews that purposely generated all of this immigration and race-replacement can take their places in the lifeboat.

Everybody in. Nobody out.

That's the deal. Or you guys can go shack up in Israel, and fend for yourselves amidst the sea of Muslim Arabs.


Anonymous said...

FC is a Nazi

Freyja's cats said...



I very respectfully request that the posts and commentary by persons of the Jewish choir, be policed [and scrubbed -- ahem!] with the same vigor, and under the same standard, as they, themselves demand.

Ad hominem attacks on Germans, Germany, Germanic peoples, German-Americans, or any indigenous European persons or their diaspora breathren, such as calling a contributor to this blog a "Nazi" in order to tar that person or shut down valid civil discussion of relevant historical facts or that person's expressed feelings, are unacceptable in civil discourse, if your own standards are to be applied equally across the board.

I very respectfully request that the persons who are attempting to smear me and shut out my contributions because I am not towing the Jewish-approved politically-correct line about European history, by calling me a "Nazi" and labeling blog contributors who express their own understanding and perception of history not in line with Jewish demands, as Mr. Seiyo calls for, "Nazis and their various crypto, neo, and nonsocialist strains [hereinafter “Nazis’]".

If the West is to be saved, and the peoples of Europe are to be preserved, then we children of Europe must be free to speak without the duck-tape of political correctness over our mouths.

For those reading this who are not Jewish, and for those who are Jewish who prefer to be independently-minded and not compelled to tow the collectively-sanctioned Jewish line on European and Western history...

...I encourage you to rip off the duck tape and break the leather ties that bind you from describing history and your assessment of it, openly, honestly and freely.

For the children of indigenous Europe, I say, be proud of your heritage and express love for your ancestors and your tribe and nation and ethny and all of Europe.

Children of Europe, be not afraid to speak up and fight for your own survival, and for the survival of the memory of your ancestors, and the survival of your descendants and your people.

For ours is a beautiful and glorious European history -- bloody, at times, but we did what we had to do to survive and thrive.

Our languages are beautiful. Our music is beautiful. Our gods, warriors and heroes are to honored and cherished. And our babies and their babies are worthy of the fight.

Be proud of Mother Europe and all her children.

Baron Bodissey said...

FC --

I don't find the labeling of you as "Nazi" any more insulting than what you have repeatedly said about Jews. Anyone who rails against Jews, admires Hitler, and promotes his writings should expect to be called a Nazi. It's hard to find an epithet that encodes these characteristics more succinctly.

However, I think your detractors are being unfair to you: you are not really a Nazi, not as I understand the term, since you are most emphatically not a Socialist. You have the German Nationalist component, but without the Socialism.

But how do you reconcile that with your admiration of Hitler, who most emphatically was a Socialist? He may not have officially recognized Marx as his inspiration, but he was definitely a Marxist. That's why he called it National Socialism.

Henrik is our resident expert on Hitler the Socialist. Maybe when he wakes up, he'll show up here and provide all the citations of historical sources that demonstrate just exactly how Socialist Hitler was.

Anonymous said...

Yes Baron, please let us know if every single comment thread GoV is to be so dominated by FC (who is, I believe, objectively a Nazi), that a four-word statement to that effect gets deleted while his Jew-obsessed rantings stay in place.

You can leave it all in, as far as I am concerned, but FC decided to make this an explicit decision on your part.

OVERTAKEN BY CURRENT EVENTS: Baron you beat me to it. Well stated, in this reader's opinion.

Freyja's cats said...


The following comment is similar to one that I posted under "Whose Tent?" I posted there in response to other posts there that, perhaps, were intended to fall under this thread. I am posting again here, so that I may be clear on both threads, to the readers thereof.

This post will have to be broken up, due to length.


I am not a "national socialist."

I am not a member of any "national socialist" organization or political party.

I am not a "Nazi." The NSDAP does not exist in Germany anymore.

I am a proud descendant of the Germanic peoples.

I love my peoples, for all their beauty and talents, and despite their wars and warts.

I am an avid student of history, who keeps an open mind and does not bow to socially-sanctioned, pre-approved versions of it.

I will not suppress or revise history, either to make Germans, Germanic peoples, or any of the indigenous peoples of Europe look to be something that I think they aren't, or to hide uncomfortable facts or politically-incorrect interpretations.

I like accuracy in history.

I am not afraid to take a different perspective on the Great Wars and Marxism and Hitlerian national socialism.

A good student of history and military science will admire certain aspects of both sides of a conflict or war, and seek to understand it from both sides, and from a distance.

To me, Mein Kampf is an important artifact of history. I have studied it, just as I have studied the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao, in order to make sense of it all.

I do not spit upon important artifacts of history. None. I do not refuse to open a book and read it because others spit upon it.

If there is a passage from any historical book that I believe might be relevant to a discussion, I will offer it up for consideration.

Hitler, Himmler and his team did a lot of things that I would not have done, myself, were I them.

There is much that I would have done differently, myself. For example, I would have taken a much more voluntary approach to fostering ethnic and national pride, courage and will to survive.

And I would have stopped after the Anschluß Österreichs" and recovery of other Germanic territories. I would not have sent troops to Russia in the winter; I would have let Stalin make the first move against me. I would have concentrated on removing the most dangerous Marxist, subversive and violent elements from among my people, in a targeted fashion, much as the FBI did and does in the U.S.A., instead of the blanket approach that was taken.

That does not mean that I shouldn't seek to understand them, or find aspects to study, admire or even emulate, were I a military or political leader.

They also did things that I believe were good. Hitler stabilized the money, the economy and alleviated the hunger of a lot of people during time of the Great Depression. He lifted millions of Germans out of the psychological depression that fell on them following the loss of World War I.

There are even some things for which I am grateful. For instance, they saved some of my family in the Ruhr who would otherwise have died of starvation. A lot of my family died there, and elsewhere across Europe.

Had Hitler and his team done nothing after World War I, then Germany would have likely succumbed to communism, with the likely result that massive numbers of my family would have been killed, tortured or otherwise abused. I am grateful that Stalin only came away with half of Germany in his pocket.


Freyja's cats said...


I would be happy to share photographs with you folks, but the constraints of this blog do not allow me to post pictures.

However, I would be concerned that my efforts at putting a human face on the German and German-American side of the war, would only render the dead subject to vilification by those on this blog who are determined that Germany and Germans shall be forever viewed as evil.

I would be quite pleased to engage in discussion with Henrik Clausen about that era. I would relish discussion and debate, especially with one whose ancestry was also affected.

Students of military science have studied both World Wars extensively. There are a lot of folks who have done this, like myself, who can respect the warriors and leaders on both sides, and want to extract the methods, strategy and tactics that worked, for future reference, and taking note of what failed, and why.

I study all the players in World War I & II. As I have mentioned previously, I have had family members live and fight on both sides.

I also am in personal possession of a large number of artifacts from this era, from both sides. I have inherited much, and added to my collection to aid my research.

That gives me a unique perspective that perhaps many readers and commenters on this blog do not have.

I happen to be of the belief that the warriors and über-patriots and other champions of the various indigenous peoples of Europe, are all to be respected for their tenacity of life and their determination that their people should survive.

I love 'em all.

King Leonidas I of Sparta was one of many hero-kings that I admire. He fought the Battle of Thermopylae with dignity, honor and pride, for the sake of the survival of his people.

Leonidas was a very good warrior. He, like other warriors of Europe have had to be, was brutal. Leonidas killed a lot of people in his time, either via his own hand-held weapons, by strategy, or by the hand-held weapons of his most excellent soldiers.

I love the military history of the peoples of Europe. I study them all -- winners and losers, both.

Wearing the eye of a descendant of Germanic warriors and mothers, who made it possible for me to be alive today, I admire all European men of valor, strength and determination.

I believe that those among our indigenous European peoples who are fighting the hardest, politically, for our European survival, are to be included in the tent.

I believe that all of our blood is precious, as it carries the encoded history of Europe in its DNA.

If it is blood that is strong and determined to survive, I see no reason why we should not work together to preserve it.

Therefore, I am opposed to either the explicit or implicit exclusion of any anti-communist, counterjihadist, nationalist or any other determined and committed warrior-for-our-people from the political process of forming a coalition for the survival of European peoples.

I refuse to take the elitist view, or the viewpoint of non-indigenous Europeans, that some of our warriors must be shunned or excluded on grounds of "political correctness," or that their presence and participation might be deemed as offensive to a certain ethny or religion.


Freyja's cats said...


I have no objection to working with, communicating with, or meeting with any Euro-descended persons to discuss either history or to make plans & carry out actions for whatever needs to be done to help our European peoples survive against encroachment and takeover by Islam, or by any other threat to our survival.

I am the kind of person who will seek the knowledge of a well-respected academic, intelligence analyst, military specialist, political strategist, or seek other expertise up the social, political, ethnic, religious and military ladder, no matter how high up they are. I will also sit in a bar next to a guy with old war stories to tell, or wearing a black leather jacket, shaved head, tattoos and combat boots, and listen to his story and his views over a beer. I can be at the Naval War College one day, and out in a factory the next.

If they are my people, then I want to know what they think and how they feel. I don't discriminate amongst warriors of my own kind.

All of our warrior blood and brains are valuable.

Everybody in. Nobody out. Shields locked. Spears, swords and arrows ready.

That's how I feel, and that's where I stand.

Anonymous said...

FC, speaking only for myself, I agree with quite a lot of what you say, even about the Jews! What annoys me is that you seem to think bashing Hitler is equivalent to bashing Germans. It isn't. In my opinion, the Germans chose the wrong leader and he led them over a cliff. Certain leftist elements, Jews and non-Jews, have exploited this and to this day, Germans don't have free speech. Certainly, one can blame Jews, but it's not the whole truth, and when you represent that it's all the fault of the Jews, you lose credibility.

I'm sorry to see you go off on these tangents, because you're otherwise an engaging commenter and have a lot to contribute.

The reason I shun Hitler isn't due to political correctness. When you use such expressions, it seems as if you're addressing people who aren't even here. You could probably think some issues through more thoroughly, and come up with a way to make your case in a more modest and specific way, instead of accusing people here of squeamishness, as if that were the only reason I and some others aren't Hitler fans.

Freyja's cats said...

@ Baron:

Let me make it clear that I am an anti-communist, and a nationalist, and of conservative bent, with libertarian attitudes toward Freedom of Speech. And I have a very strong Germanic identity.

You wrote,

But how do you reconcile that with your admiration of Hitler, who most emphatically was a Socialist? He may not have officially recognized Marx as his inspiration, but he was definitely a Marxist. That's why he called it National Socialism.

I would like to specifically address your statement that "Hitler...was a Socialist...That's why he called it National Socialism.

I do not agree with this statement as written.

For me to provide a proper treatment of this very important topic, would take space that I do not here have. Certainly, it moves the conversation away from the discussion of the original essay of this thread. Therefore, I will only touch lightly upon a few points, in order that you should know that I would be happy to address the topic further, in the future.

I do understand why many people believe that because Hitler called his movement, "National Socialism," that this means that (1) Hitler was a "socialist;" and (2) That he named this movement National Socialism because he was a "socialist."

First, I would like to state that the terms, "socialism," "socialist" and "national socialism" have multiple possible meanings, as the reader can confirm by searching a very good dictionary or encyclopedia. Then, there are the differences of distinguishing between the various flavors of "militant socialism" and Marxism-Leninism communism.

I would recommend to the readers a book, "The Techniques of Communism," written by Louis Francis Budenz, who was a high-up Soviet operative who defected to the United States and then worked with the FBI and HUAC in anti-communist efforts.

The main point that I would like readers to take away from this post, is that Hitler named his political and social movement "National Socialism" as a tactic to lure socialists of all stripes, including the Marxist and Marxist-Leninist ones, away from the plethora of socialist parties that existed during that period of time.

"Socialism" was a very popular concept among the working-class peoples of Europe, going back to Marx's publication of The Communist Manifesto in 1848, and decades before that.

By calling the movement, "National Socialism," those workers who had been suckered into parties by the Communists -- unaware of the true aims of class-war communism, but desirous of socialized relief from the pressing social problems of the day -- would be more likely gravitate to a party that had the word "socialism" or "socialist" in its name. This would distinguish it from monarchist parties, and other such parties that were targeted at the conservatives, the bourgoise, the elite and the aristocracy.

A German worker, then, who wanted to be a part of a vibrant, fighting "socialist" party and movement, could be peeled off from membership in a Marxist party, which were often led by Jews, and steered toward a party that was destined to be fully German.

As my source, I refer readers to the text of Mein Kampf itself, where Hitler describes his reasons for his choice of party and movement name.


Freyja's cats said...


Read, in Volume II, the following: Chapter I, "Philosophy and Party"; Chapter II, "The State"; Chapter VII "The Struggle with the Red Front."

In chapter XI, "National and Race," Hitler writes:

"Unconquerable by comparison seem the millions who oppose the national resurrection out of a political conviction -- unconquerable as long as the inner cause of their opposition, the international Marxist philosophy of life, is not combated and torn out of their hearts and brains."

Hitler makes it very clear throughout the whole book, that he views his efforts as liberating the indigenous German peoples from Marxism and financial control by wealthy Jewish financiers. He does not, ultimately, intend to enslave his own indigenous German people under communism.

Therefore, it cannot be said that "Nazism" is identical to Marxist-Leninist "communism"; however, Hitler and his circle are not adverse to using copycat techniques and tactics in order to break the grip of Marxism on the German people.

The term, "national," distinguished the type of socialism from, say, Christian socialism and other flavors.

We must remember that, at the time, the German lands had not had one united democratic parliamentary tradition, as England had had for a millenia. Germany was still in the process of German-Prussian unification that had been taking place under Bismarck and the Kaisers, when World War I erupted.

The Nazi party flag:

Similarly, Hitler used the color red in the official Nazi party flag and other pomp, to appeal to the masses and political activists of the Marxist "Red" parties.

The techniques of Hitlerian national socialism, and the Nazi strategies and tactics do, indeed, emulate those of the Marxian parties.

This can be seen as an attempt to "fight fire with fire," in an attempt to steer the Germans away from the atomization of society desired by the communists, into something that would more closely resemble, and appeal to, the Germanic tribal instincts of the people.

That is enough for me for this thread. It's 2 a.m., and I am going to bed.

bourque801 said...

Hello Baron & Dymphna:

I am a first time commentator....& a long, long, very long, reader of your wonderful and courageous blog. I just wanted to say my thanks to you guys for giving great commentators like Fjordman & Takuan Seiyo a place to express their devastatingly politically incorrect opinions.

In a just world, Takuan Seiyo would be a world famous author....but that's the problem, the world is unjust, and going down the tubes.


I just want(In closing) to salute the great Takuan Seiyo for his courage writing not only the "Art of Strategic citizenship" series, but the absolutely essential "From Meccania to Atlantis" series for the Brussels journal. Absolute genius.

I salute you, Mr Seiyo, from the insane state of Massachusetts, or, as I like to say, "California East"

From a long time fan from Massachusetts.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I have reserved comment on this thread until now because it's awfully difficult to address every individual point - especially in a coherent and caring framework.

Let me start by saying that I am a 100% anti-Hitler anti-Nazi anti-Communist Jew lover who would erase ALL Jewish - and non-Jewish - suffering if I possibly could.

That said, let me say that FC has some interesting insights about WWII to offer which she expresses in a forthright manner that is difficult for people raised in a PC/MC society to hear.

However, hear it we must, because the West is facing a purposely New World Order imported internal Civil War version of World War III where - whether winners or losers - Westerners will be historically, criminally, and civilly blamed for murdering Muslim and progressive Communist/Socialist/Fascist/Marxist "innocents" in any serious attempt to effectively address the insidious two-pronged evil partnership of Islam and Communism/Socialism/Fascism/Marxism/Atheism.

Which is it: Are indigenous Westerners to passively "tolerate" infinite and increasingly violent passive and active terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslim immigrants "imported/rescued" from violent non-functioning but highly DEVOUT Muslim states - and "homegrown" Muslim natural born citizens and criminals recruited by Muslim immigrants?

OR, At a future tipping point, will Westerners be required to actively address the Muslim "problem" - and what will a practical solution look like? Would you deport all Muslim immigrants and natural born citizens to their countries of origin? Would you decamp all Muslims to Muslim internment camps (BTW Homeland Security apparently already has a plethora of camps ready for internees - one wonders whether the camps are for us or the Muslims)? What would be a reasonable basis for Muslim release from internment camps? Would you kill some or all Muslims? What would be a reasonable basis for killing some or all Muslims? How does control of the world oil supply factor into the Muslim equation?

Anonymous said...

When I talk to my very intelligent brother about the Bosnian War, he is utterly convinced that the poor innocent Muslims were brutally slaughtered by opposing forces in cold blood WITHOUT valid reason. Never mind that 1) the Muslims appear to have perpetrated their own vicious war crimes against their fellow Muslims (to garner international sympathy and support) and non-Muslims alike, and 2) the Muslims stated intent was to eliminate ALL of their non-Muslim neighbors by very painful means. I would love to get my brother in a room with expert Julia Gorin so that she could explain the reality about going to war with Muslims - and Muslim appeasers - in the modern era.

In any case, aggressor Muslims will either win in which case everyone gets to be Muslim (!) - or aggressor Muslims will lose in which case Muslims will forever wail and cry that the Christian Crusaders have yet again brutally victimized poor innocent Muslims.

My theory is that the progressive Communists/Socialists/Fascists/Marxists/Atheists actively plan to use Islam 1) to destroy all world religions and their religious symbols, and 2) to curtail the human and civil rights of all freedom loving peoples. Why should atheists get blamed for destroying the priceless art in the Sistine Chapel when atheists can import Muslim terrorists who act as effective - and presumably unwitting - proxies? Just wind the Muslims up and watch them go - very predictable....

Right from the get-go, Islam curtails ALL women's rights - including the right to feel sunshine on their skin and possess their own clitorises. Once you have convinced people that they fail to own the privacy and well-being of their own - and their children's - bodies, you have enslaved that people. Sounds a lot like the invasive physical airport searches - and roadside checkpoints - here in the USA. The government refuses to stop non-citizens at the porous Mexican border, but the government gratuitously stops citizens at three checkpoints in a row far inside the country?!

Once freedom loving people are fully acclimated to trading human rights and civil rights for security, the New World Order plans to RFID chip everyone including Muslims - thus ending the Muslim religion along with the others. The new religion will be science administered by scientists paid by the state to arrive at whatever scientific conclusion that makes it easy for the state to tax people into abject slavery (for their own good, of course). Climate change anyone?!

Anonymous said...

In any case, as we are all about to witness in our lifetimes, all leaders who lead revolutions - or who fight against revolutions - must use inhuman tactics to win. War is HELL.

Granted that Hitler was utterly evil and is rotting in hell with the rest of the big bad guys of history, BUT to label Hitler as the worst bad guy in history appears to be hyperbole. History is replete with big bad guys.

My bet for the true anti-Christ is Mohammed himself. Mohammed set up a 1,400+ year infinite loop system that was - and is - entirely 100% effective at the business of anti-Muslim Holocaust, but no one is even left to remember, let alone honor, the millions of nameless victims....

Here's another great example of a big bad guy in service of the West:

"Many people think of Dracula as the vampire who is to be feared from the movies. However, Count Vlad III Dracula was a real person. He actually drank the blood of his enemies. He was entirely evil. He had been the victim of the Islamic way of life from his father's dhimmini position under the Islamic regime of Turkey. Turkey was on its way to conquering Europe for Allah. They were indeed savage and determined to destroy or subjugate all of the occupants of Europe under the Islamic banner."

"Count Dracula reportedly converted to Islam to obtain admittance into the Ottoman's capital. He did this in order to determine the weakness of this empire. He had already become a Catholic and had made a commitment to the Holy See to prevent the influx of Islam into Romania, Transylvania and Count Dracula's abode of Wallachia. Once he had many thousands of Muslims impaled and as the armies from Turkey appeared, they saw the bodies lined up with blood dripping and they retreated. This was even too much for the blood thirty Muslims who championed the beheadings of people Muslim or non-Muslim."

Anonymous said...

Oh pity the poor innocent Muslims who were violently impaled in the quest to discourage violent Muslim aggressors. Somebody please tell me, who was the good guy here?!

The problem with running from Muslims is that, like any other predator, Muslims will give chase - particularly because the Koran orders Muslims to violently conquer ALL non-human Muslims and reclaim the whole world for Islam. In my opinion, anyone who thinks that Westerners will resist Islamization without significant bloodshed on both sides is naive.

The prospect of imminent civil war is WHY most Westerners that I know are too scared to contemplate or discuss the Western Muslim situation. Westerners MUST pretend that peace is possible because it is crystal clear that the West is well on our way to a very bloody World War III....

Thus, we must look to World War I and World War II at this juncture. As truly appalled as I am by Hitler's "Jewish" solution - which was evidently suggested and championed (over Jewish ransom) by his chief MUSLIM ally and adviser the evil Grand Mufti - I am also intrigued by the thought that the near total historical emphasis on the horrible suffering of the Jews has obscured legitimate suffering by many other groups victimized by Hitler - as well as his Communist and Muslim contemporaries before and after World War II.

Let me end by repeating that I am a 100% anti-Hitler anti-Nazi anti-Communist Jew lover who would erase ALL Jewish - and non-Jewish - suffering if I possibly could.

Anonymous said...

Egghead, since when do atheists want to destroy the Sistine Chapel? I think the culture war meme has confused a lot of people. I expect Muslims will want to destroy religious art, because it's Christian, and there's a lot of nudity. But atheists? not unless they're fanatics.

I went to art school, and as secular and left as we all were at that time, we loved religious art, and I and almost everyone I knew made at least one pilgrimage to Italy to see religious art. I was slightly involved in the restoration of Little St. Patrick's in New York City, and met Cardinal Cooke. Religious art-loving secular people like me are very typical.

In fact, this may be one more issue, like the rights of women and gay people, that will cause some leftists to switch sides.

Anonymous said...

Also, it may not be a good analogy to compare Hitler's genocide against the Jews and other groups, with any possible genocide against Muslims. In the case of the West against the Muslims, it would be rational self-defense, however horrible to think about. In the case of the exterminations of WWII, a lot of it had to do with the pathology of Hitler and his cronies. What actually was accomplished by killing so many Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, gays, mentally ill people, etc.? Wasn't it because they were inferior, "useless eaters"? No one here is saying such disgusting things about Muslims, to rationalize wiping them out and stealing their money. (That's one reason for killing the Jews...the money the Nazis stole from dead Jews helped finance the war.)

Even though leftists will make that analogy, I hope people on our side can see the difference.

Anonymous said...

latté island, It's great that you and your friends and acquaintances personally love art, BUT my answer to you is that you CANNOT attribute your and your friends' personal motives to other people.

I get a lot of angry denial and push-back from my atheist friends and acquaintances, but I really do believe that this whole debacle of Western Muslim immigration is orchestrated by progressive atheists who seek to establish a New World Order.

Perhaps you and those you know are peaceful atheists, but others are most assuredly NOT. There are many pernicious flavors of atheism.

Throughout history, atheists who love power have shown themselves to be fully willing to destroy GOD, symbols that remind people of GOD, and religious-minded people. Whether you agree with the tenets of Buddhism or not, the atheist Chinese occupation of Tibet comes to mind.

"Historically, "Tibet" refers to a mountainous region in central Asia covering 2.5 million sq km. Today, "Tibet" officially refers to the Tibetan Autonomous Region within China, which is about half the size of historical Tibet."

"Tibet remained independent until the early 1900s, when it was occupied first by Britain and then China. The Tibetans reasserted their independence from China in 1912 and retained it until 1951, when it was "liberated" by China."

"Today, Tibet is still occupied by China. The Dalai Lama, the spiritual and political leader of the Tibetan people, lives in exile in India, and Chinese officials outnumber Tibetans in their own homeland."

Anonymous said...

But aren't many of those "Free Tibet" types hipsters who wouldn't be caught dead in a church? BTW, I'm not an atheist, I'm an agnostic.

Anonymous said...

latté island, I understand the point that you are trying to make. To wit, German Jews were innocent victims of Hitler whereas passive and active Western Muslims are NOT innocent victims of the West. How can you be confident that your interpretation is how future generations would view Western events and actions that seriously address any Muslim aggression?

What if future generations worry about the fate of the majority of "moderate" Muslims described in every Western newspaper article? In a Muslim genocide, would the "moderate" Muslims not be innocent victims, as we are regularly reminded and chided?

Muslims themselves have already claimed the label that the "poor" Palestinians are "The New Jews" of the Middle East who are persecuted by the big bad Israeli Jews. You never hear about the very fertile Arab Israelis persecuting their Muslim neighbors. Nope, it's just the big bad Israeli Jews who are blockading and attacking the "poor" Palestinians under a modern system of apartheid - Palestinians who just want to come home to Palestine (called Israel for now) which they own by Allah's decree along with the rest of the world - including all of Europe and America.

Indeed, according to Islam, all Muslim immigrants are simply returning home - reclaiming the Earth for Allah. What I am saying is that Western countries are going to be making some extremely difficult choices in the near future - choices that involve the application of passive or active violence - upon either their indigenous citizens or Muslims - to quelch outright street revolt.

Unfortunately for us indigenous citizens, foreign Muslims control oil. Unfortunately for foreign Muslims, Westerners control food supply. So, we will find out which matters more - with the full realization that a lot of oil money is being used to both bribe and threaten our quisling Western leaders.

Either way, any Muslim genocide will be bloody, will negatively affect ostensibly "innocent" or "moderate" Muslims, and will be difficult for us to explain to future generations lacking practical experience and understanding of Islam.

In other words, what is your bottom line as to committing Muslim genocide?

Is it merely elimination of Western human and civil rights? Aren't innocent "moderate" Muslim lives worth more than Western human and civil rights?

Is it Muslims nuking a major Western city? Nuking one city - or nuking more than one city? Won't innocent "moderate" Muslims have been nuked, too?

What is your morally acceptable rationalization for Muslim genocide? This is becoming a very pertinent question - given the abject failure of current Western leadership to address passive and active Muslim aggression directed against indigenous Western citizens.

Anonymous said...

Egghead, my point wasn't really about the WWII Jews being more innocent than today's Muslims, not at all. I think there are a lot of innocent Muslims...not moderate, but surely people don't "deserve" to be killed because they believe in a crazy ideology. They don't even deserve to be killed for wanting to kill Jews or infidels. That's merely a thought crime.

No, my point was only about the difference in the Nazis' motivations. They lost it and became sadists. I personally am ready to nuke a few Muslim cities right now, not because I hate anyone or think the inhabitants are guilty of anything but the bad luck of being born into a crazy culture, but because things have gone pretty far, and we in the West haven't communicated clearly, and now we can only say it with nukes (or withholding food and occupying the oil fields).

I don't regard anyone in the world as a useless eater, and even though I believe in HBD and don't want to be around low IQ people, they have a right to live, and I'm only willing to kill, deport and all the rest, in self-defense, not because my enemies don't deserve to live or any other bogus, self-serving ideological porn that Nazis use against anyone they don't find aesthetically pleasing.

Baron Bodissey said...

Egghead --

...the Koran orders Muslims to violently conquer ALL non-human Muslims and reclaim the whole world for Islam.

This is the single error in an otherwise excellent analysis.

Islam orders that the whole world be compelled to submit to Allah, but it does not compel violence to achieve that end. Violence may (and must) be used if necessary, but the preferred methods are persuasion and deception, which erode and weaken an enemy at the lowest possible cost until the final — possibly violent — step is taken to implement full sharia and establish an Islamic state.

All of the above is laid out clearly and explicitly in Islamic law — consult Reliance of the Traveller for details.

The leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood are shrewd fellows. They know that if Muslims force a violent confrontation, they can never possibly defeat the infidel West. Hence their strategy of persuasion and deception. Their plan is long-term, and is available for our scrutiny in the Project documents captured in Switzerland, and also in its explanatory memeorandum, which is on the public record from the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008.

The Ikhwan means to infiltrate all of our major institutions and subvert our society “by their hands” — that is, they plan to trick us into destroying ourselves. This process is obviously well underway, and has been very successful. Think about Fort Hood and the various other terror attacks, and the absolute refusal of our law enforcement authorities and political leaders to name the ideology responsible for what happened. The Obama Administration’s decision to embrace the Ikhwan in Egypt is another bitter fruit of the MB strategy.

The Muslim Brotherhood really does want to avoid terrorist attacks, because it sees such outbreaks of jihad violence as counterproductive — for now. The time for jihad will come, but Islam must gain the upper hand first.

If the Ikhwan is successful, the terror attacks on Westerners will abate. People will return to their TVs and forget about Islam. When they happen to think about it, they will regard it as just another religion, like Judaism or Mormonism.

Meanwhile, more and more Muslims enter the country. More and more mosques are built. More and more Islamic “community outreach” is initiated. More and more people who are dissatisfied with the dominant hedonistic culture, and who have been inoculated against Christianity by its ascendant “lite” versions, will convert to Islam. Women — young women who crave “respect”, feel the need for a strong unabashedly masculine hand in their lives, and are not comfortable with the sexual free-for-all — are especially attracted to Islam. Large numbers of them in Europe are converting and marrying Muslims to escape the mean streets of the formerly white working-class neighborhoods in which they were born.

To focus on terrorist attacks is to miss the point. Dawah and stealth form the two-bladed broadaxe which is used as the primary weapon against the infidel. Jihad is simply the stiletto that delivers the coup de grace.

Armance said...

Perhaps the Dakotas too, if they come to their senses and curb that Scandinavian-Lutheran gene.


Takuan Seiyo said...

The Dakotas’ dominant White ethnic element is Scandinavian. I keep digging at wannabe Nazis and their Jew obsession partly because it distorts the picture. In reality, Scandinavians are more to the left than even New York Jews, and far more inclined to dhimmitude and meekness v. jihad and other black/ brown aggression. That’s why Minnesota, which is the most Nordic U.S. state of all is already gone and cannot be considered as a future home for sane Whites. Among others, MN sends some of the most liberal politicians to Washington, imports the largest number of Somali refugees in the US via church sponsorship, and so on. The Dakotas share some of those trends, but to a lesser degree, hence there is still hope for them.

Zenster said...

Egghead: Granted that Hitler was utterly evil and is rotting in hell with the rest of the big bad guys of history, BUT to label Hitler as the worst bad guy in history appears to be hyperbole. History is replete with big bad guys.

This is why my own analysis only compared Hitler to his modern counterparts. Hitler's immense evil was based in and relied upon relatively modern mechanized industrial technology, from the trains that transported his victims by the droves, to the chemicals (e.g., Zyklon), that murdered them en masse and the specifically adapted furnaces that cremated them in bulk.

With that clarified, I would much rather exchange thoughts pertaining to the superb in-depth examination you have provided regarding what we will face in the next few decades.

Egghead: … At a future tipping point, will Westerners be required to actively address the Muslim "problem" - and what will a practical solution look like?

The best definition for that "tipping point" is this:

The tipping point will come when it is more trouble to live with Muslims than to live without them.

The most practical measure that can be taken in the near term is targeted assassinations of Islam's clerical, financial, political and scholastic elite. There is no other strategy that will deliver anywhere near the desired results for so little expenditure of life or finances.

Information hoarding is a central feature of Arab cultures and, especially, within terrorist circles. Their cell structure further promotes this practice and makes Islamic jihad exceptionally vulnerable to the elimination of key players. Break enough strands in the spider web and it no longer functions at all. There is no other remotely humane strategy that can compete with this one.

A brief examination, with all human factors aside, of economic issues surrounding any defeat of Islam reveals a very discouraging core element.

To date, the conventional "pacification" of − more like, installation of shari’a compliant governments in − Afghanistan and Iraq have cost well over one trillion dollars. There are some 50 Muslim majority countries in this world. Subjugating another 48 of them will require a combined expenditure of well over FIFTY TRILLION DOLLARS.

Where is that money to come from? No single nation on earth can afford such an outlay. Even the combined economies of America and Europe could not weather such a monetary drain. Again, this does not even begin to account for the death toll in battle-related casualties.

There is only one form of weapon that can economically deliver the level of destruction per dollar spent required to defeat Islam and that is the NUCLEAR DEVICE.

The West had better begin to carefully examine what sort of outcome awaits any further delay in bringing the fight to Islam. Allowing Muslim countries to expand their nuclear arsenals is complete and total madness as those weapons will most certainly be directed against the West once any opportunity presents itself.

Far less than a dozen well-placed terrorist nuclear attacks could bring the entire West to its economic knees and leave it wounded for SEVERAL DECADES.

Zenster said...

What this makes clear is that we must set about making jihad a very short lived career for those who engage in it; Starting at the very top and working our way down until all of its lower ranks are sufficiently discouraged from participating.

The only alternative is to impose mass suffering on this planet’s Muslim population to such a degree that they police their own ranks of all jihadists and purge Islam of its terrorist component. Please note the word “suffering”. Killing individual low-level Muslims has relatively little effect upon jihad or terrorism. The rewards of paradise are far too alluring to alter the relative ineffectiveness of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction).

Furthermore, if killing is the sole option, then the world’s Muslim population must be reduced to the point where the existential aspect of Islam’s continued survival is called into question. This involves a level of outright genocide that is neither acceptable nor necessary. That said, imposing an adequate degree of deprivation and just plain suffering may be necessary in order to create a functional disincentive against further pursuit of jihad.

This is especially the case if our current political climate cannot see its way clear to begin a campaign of targeted assassinations that will denude Islamic jihad of its prime movers. The sole alternative is human suffering or death on such tremendous scale that our future generations will find it incredible that the route of targeted assassinations was not taken.

Many cogent arguments can be made for reverse immigration that re-congregates Muslim populations in their countries of origin. Such a program would necessitate the building of a Berlin-style wall around those regions that simply is not feasible. It would also require monitoring all potential development of WMDs in those regions with fast reaction teams to debilitate any such efforts.

This sort of plan alone would require trillions of dollars to implement and is potentially infeasible as it stands. El Inglés covered this more than adequately in his own superb series of projections about the future of Europe and the poor prospects for any such strategy’s success need not be detailed here.

Given that reverse immigration in any form will only serve to trigger the exact sort of mass mayhem it is designed to avert, this brings us back to whatever short-term measures there are to begin deterring Islamic terrorism. For those who are unfamiliar with why Islamic terrorism is so difficult to deter, I direct you to my Gates of Vienna post dealing with that specific topic.

The choices are as stark as they are logical. Either we kill a very few hundreds or thousands of Muslims right away or we kill countless MILLIONS in a very short while to follow. There are no other alternatives.

Takuan Seiyo said...

Zenster & y’all
Re: The Muslim issue
There is no “we.” The real “we” are few, dispersed, have no power, can do nothing about the Muslim question except talk and be hauled to court when the talk gets too heated. It is likely that a civil war will erupt in some European country because of the Muslim issue. Rest assured that “we” will then send the US Marines and deploy NATO to fight on the side of the Muslims. The real We’s only realistic option is to withdraw our support from Snatcher State with all of its pathologies including the Muslim one. It will cave in because of them; it's inevitable.

jeppo said...

@Takuan Seiyo,
Regarding Lutherans, there is a six state block in the Upper Midwest (ND SD NE MN IA WI) that is about 20% racially whiter (85%), 20% ethnically more German (40%), and 20% religiously more Lutheran (25%) than the US averages in these categories.

Right now it's politically split between Republicans in the west and Democrats in the east, but it seems to be leaning towards the GOP, especially after the 2010 elections, when the Dems were practically wiped out both at the federal and state levels there.

This block of states (let's call it White German Lutheran America, or WGLA) has some of the highest average SAT scores and lowest crime rates in the country. Economically, WGLA generally has high wages and very low unemployment rates compared to the rest of the US. And--this is purely a subjective observation--WGLA definitely has a higher percentage of good-looking, athletic blue-eyed blondes than anywhere else in America.

So judging by intelligence, law-abidingness, earning power, employment status, looks and athleticism, WGLA might have the highest overall quality of population stock of any area in the country, if I may be so crass as to classify people like, say, racehorses. And the lousy weather and lame scenery of WGLA are added bonuses: they help keep the riffraff out.

It's true that they've been historically liberal (though nowhere near as suicidally liberal as the New York Jews). But the results of the 2010 midterms are very promising indeed. If the rightward shift of WGLA continues, then I would think that it should be the core of any new white volkstaat that might emerge out of the wreckage of los Estados Unidos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zenster: In reference to your heartfelt and sincere rebuttal to FC:

1. "Adolph Hitler elevated man's inhumanity to man to a level never before seen and, one can only hope, never to be seen again."

2. "Neither Stalin nor Mao achieved the brutal level of dehumanizing slaughter that Hitler's Final Solution was able to effect and the phenomenal cruelty that it exercised on a routine basis."

3. "Rest assured that Stalin or Mao murdered many more, but not with the calculating and mechanical precision that Hitler's killing machine managed to inflict on a most productive segment of the human race."

As I have stated before, I truly admire you and your many comments, but FC's comments also have value to me because her often outrageous-sounding comments provide impetus for me to thoughtfully re-examine my more-total-than-I-realize PC MC inculcation.

Regarding your first comment above: To me, it is impossible for anyone to say with certainty whether the likes of Hitler has never been seen before or will be again. Human history is quick to erase man's inhumanity to man - and especially man's inhumanity to women. Thus, our education about previous inhumanity is generally incomplete. And, what basis can we use to accurately predict the future of man's inhumanity to man well enough to say that we have reached our zenith of inhumanity? After all, both technology and weapons of mass destruction are only getting more advanced - which translates into killing ever more people without destroying their physical goods and/or property.

Zenster said...

Takuan Seiyo: There is no “we.”

That will change and, left to its own devices, Islam will do the changing for us.

One way or another, Muslim terrorists will find it within themselves to perpetrate an atrocity of such hideous dimensions that the civilized world will no longer be able to or even have the luxury of pretending to ignore the issue.

Governments will be toppled that refuse to retaliate and begin assuring a degree of security for their indigenous populations.

Rest assured that “we” will then send the US Marines and deploy NATO to fight on the side of the Muslims.

A few more Lebanon Barracks, Khobar Towers and Fort Hood-style massacres and I doubt that American soldiers will accept orders to defend Muslims even here on American soil. Military back channels have already informed Liberal politicians that American soldiers will not assist in any disarming of this nation.

My single greatest concern remains that serious pushback against Islam occurs without first having to see one or more major American or European cities disappear in nuclear plasma.

Zenster said...

Egghead: … it is impossible for anyone to say with certainty whether the likes of Hitler has never been seen before or will be again. Human history is quick to erase man's inhumanity to man - and especially man's inhumanity to women. Thus, our education about previous inhumanity is generally incomplete.

You are absolutely right and, what's more, allowed to attain ascendancy, Islam will most assuredly perpetrate slaughters which will shrink Hitler, Stalin and Mao into insignificance.

Here are some quick cocktail napkin calculations about what death toll to expects from a global Islamic caliphate.

Extermination of the Jews—however horrible—is but a small facet of the genocide planned by Islam. Imagine the death tolls arising from the establishment of a global caliphate:

1.) Extermination of all Jews:
Some 13.5 MILLION people, world-wide would most likely die at the hands of their Muslim oppressors.

2.) Extermination of all homosexuals
I'm going to use what is called a "wildly exaggerated figure" for the sake of including the bisexual and transgender community plus other deviants who would all be put to death. Thusly, some 10% or 600 MILLION people would fall into this category. The ensuing numbers are much more difficult to quantify.

3.) Armed resistance to Muslim encroachment:
I think it's safe to say that nearly everyone here at this forum would perish fighting a Muslim attempt to overrun America. World wide, the numbers would most likely exceed that of the Jews. We'll place it at a meager 100 MILLION.

4.) Women denied access to medical care:
This is a huge number because under Islamic law women would only be able to be seen by female doctors—an exceedingly small fraction of this world's medical practitioners. I’ll use the figure for global female cancer deaths as an example of how reduced early intervention will escalate avoidable deaths, especially among women. That figure will be more than 3 MILLION per year.

5.) Execution of political prisoners:
Toss in another 10 MILLION.

6.) Execution of those who refuse to convert:
I’m going to use the world’s population of Catholics as a figure representing those who would adamantly refuse to convert or cooperate and be put to death. While the number would likely be much higher, this figure would approach over 1 BILLION.

We now have a total of 1.726 BILLION people who would die within the first year of Islam establishing its global caliphate. Millions more would die each year due to Islam’s heavy-handed shari’a law and its demands for capital punishment. Women would keep dying in droves due to the unavailability of female doctors. Emerging homosexuals would be killed as with many other deviants, be they political, religious or otherwise.

Do the math. The global caliphate would rise upon dead bodies numbering greater than this world’s entire Muslim population. My Iranian friend Ray agrees with me that the number who would perish would be closer to HALF this world’s population but that is far more speculative than the conservative numbers I’ve posted above.

So, the question remains:


We've already seen an ideology do this exact same thing. It was called Nazism.

I’ve stated before that if Muslims cannot abandon their quest for a global caliphate, then I would just as soon see all of them perish rather than the larger numbers who would ultimately die by Islam’s brutal hand. The numbers—approximate as they might be—do not lie.

Zenster said...

Egghead: After all, both technology and weapons of mass destruction are only getting more advanced - which translates into killing ever more people without destroying their physical goods and/or property.

A most astute observation and one of great importance should it ever become imperative to retaliate against the MME (Muslim Middle East), using nuclear weapons.

Fortunately and despite whatever ostensible ban upon them, any nuclear bomb easily can be refitted to become an ERW or Enhanced Radiation Weapon (i.e., "neutron bomb").

It may well become quite necessary to simply remove the Middle East's entire Muslim population and finish extracting its remaining petroleum without all of the terrorist fuss.

If what I am writing all sounds a little harsh, please consider this. Were the tables turned and Islam possessed all of the nuclear weapons while the West had none, we would not even be having this discussion right now.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your second comment above: It is my opinion that the violently tortured and murdered victims of Stalin and Mao may have strongly disagreed with your assessment that Hitler was more dehumanizing, cruel, and routine in slaughter than Stalin and/or Mao. Because Stalin and Mao were ultimately MORE effective leaders and dictators than Hitler, these victors (and Western countries living in the world with the victors) have edited history to their advantage.

An example of modern historical revision is Turkey's Armenian genocide. Because Turkey was utterly effective, both East and West have remained largely silent about Turkey's dehumanizing, cruel, and routine slaughter of Armenians - lost to all but dusty history books that will be permanently removed from all library shelves upon the establishment of the planned Muslim ummah.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your third comment above: Were Stalin and Mao less calculating and mechanically precise about killing than Hitler - or did these dictators possess different goals than Hitler? By this, I mean that Stalin and Mao may have used longer-lasting and more visible means of torture and death to scare their vast native populations into submission - whereas Hitler might have been seeking to quickly "eliminate" all non-natives in his way in order to open up more territory for native German conquerors.

Did the victims of Stalin and Mao die by accident or bad central planning - or did the victims die by evil actions spurred by evil intent? I would posit that Stalin and Mao absolutely calculated their victim's deaths towards achieving the purpose to consolidate dictatorial power and national resources.

In order for murders to qualify as mechanically precise, is it necessary that victims die after an inhuman cattle car train ride to a pre-planned chemical bath? What about all of the victims that Hitler worked (and starved) to death? Are their more mundane work camp type deaths also to be labeled as mechanically precise when those deaths more closely resemble the methods employed by dictators from time immemorial until today?

I believe that Stalin and Mao used the means at hand to kill people - even where those means were simple starvation - with starvation being a very mechanically precise manner to kill the biological machinery of a human. No bio-fuel into the human body equals a painfully dead human body.

Anonymous said...

Now for the really interesting question: Would it be possible to effectively measure whether millions upon millions of Stalin's - and particularly Mao's victims - were (or would have been) any less productive than the (implied-but-unnamed-by-you) Jews? Even taking IQ in account, we have to consider whether the loss of many millions of high IQ Chinese people may have actually been a greater overall loss to human productivity than six million Jews.

It is fascinating that the modern American cultural meme has been that six million recently murdered Jews were somehow worth more - or deserve more recognition and pity - than the hundreds of millions of other world citizens who have been gratuitously murdered by dictators throughout all of human history.

An interesting conflict is that the Bible calls out the Jews as God's "chosen" people while our PC MC culture preaches that all people and cultures have equal worth. And yet, dead WWII Jews have been largely accepted as being "worth" more recognition than other past and present people who have been violently murdered and tortured by other despots who came before, during, and after Hitler.

I think that it is interesting to examine the basis on which the claims are made that Hitler was the worst despot and that WWII Jews were the worst-off victims.

That said, I am fully cognizant and horrified that Hitler was utterly evil - and that Hitler and his evil henchmen persecuted WWII Jews with total inhumanity.

Takuan Seiyo said...

The scenario you depict is possible both before and after the triggering “big event” – but it’s just one of the possibilities. On the other hand, what does exist solidly, and with no indication of changing, are the absolute taboos on racial or religious group discrimination for any reason, and on total warfare or even on effective warfare. I don’t think that it’s wise to count on these things’ disappearing. For instance, the ruling elite may be able to provide security on a continuous basis simply by clamping ever-harder on everyone and instituting a real Big Brother police state. So far, the people have shown quite willing to trade freedom for security, just as they have traded freedom for fake prosperity.
Likewise, consider that the elite is pumping Muslims into the military, police, FBI etc. at a frantic pace, and destabilizing those institutions in other ways too, e.g. feminization, homoization etc. Moreover, the command structures are fully complicit in all this. I think we have to look for solutions within the spectrum of what we can do, rather than wait for Muslims to do certain things that would wake up the Eloi.

Takuan Seiyo said...

I believe that Scandinavians have much higher ratios in MN and in the Dakotas, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. Look at WI, which has always been the paragon of German-America. It’s perhaps the second most important birthplace of American socialism after New York, going back to the 19th century. Likewise, its Congressional delegation even now is way off to the Left, and should it swing Right in 2012 it will be to the GOP, which is to say, still Left on Cultural Marxist issues, and Right only in fiscal matters.
There is a hyperactive poster here prattling about the evil Jew Karl Marx, but socialism was a German gentile invention much predating Marx – in fact Johann Fichte (b. 1762) was one of the intellectual fathers of German Nationalist Socialism AND antisemitism. Besides, Marx would be nowhere if it weren’t for Engels. In the commie countries, where they knew this stuff (trust me, I was born there), it was never Marx but always Marx-Engels.
So while I agree with you about the virtues of the German-American stock, I still fear that it’s as prone to liberalism as the Nordics are, and particularly so in the non-economic areas dealing with race, Third World, white man’s guilt etc. The ratios of real exotics like Somali Bantus, Hmong etc. in MN are possibly higher than in any other state, and they are welcome there. Still, would that you were right. A genuine WGLA shift to the right would be wonderful.

Zenster said...

Egghead: Now for the really interesting question: Would it be possible to effectively measure whether millions upon millions of Stalin's - and particularly Mao's victims - were (or would have been) any less productive than the (implied-but-unnamed-by-you) Jews?

Implied or not, this was never a central question. The fact remains that Mao and Stalin murdered their millions the old-fashioned way; with starvation and slave labor. There will always remain something deservedly more chilling about the intricately devised and (literally), meticulously executed plans of the Final Solution. The obsessive paper trail detailing victim identities left behind by the German wartime authorities is but one clear example of how entirely different the Holocaust was from other mass murders.

Perhaps it lies in perverting so much potentially productive ingenuity or maybe it resides in the orchestration of so many obviously intelligent minds in what can only be termed limitless slaughter. Regardless, Hitler and his minions distinguished themselves as worthy of eternal damnation by refining − if such a term can be used − wholly intended genocide to near-clockwork precision.

Unbelievably, the death camps were created out of compassion for German soldiers who were deeply traumatized by being forced to execute large masses of Jewish civilians. Eichmann was so disturbed after participating in a group execution that he became determined to devise some way of sparing his soldiers the trauma he himself had experienced. Bizarre as it sounds, this sequence of events lies at the heart of how the death camps were created. It is mentioned here only to demonstrate the complex and outré circumstances that most clearly differentiate Hitler’s methods from those of his contemporaries.

I think that it is interesting to examine the basis on which the claims are made that Hitler was the worst despot and that WWII Jews were the worst-off victims.

As I have noted in a previous comment, there is much to support such a claim but only with respect to modern times. Far beyond Hitler’s most secret dreams is the track record of Islam and the blood soaked trail is has dripped across the pages of history. It is no small coincidence that Hitler is so admired by Muslims.

Zenster said...

Takuan Seiyo: I think we have to look for solutions within the spectrum of what we can do, rather than wait for Muslims to do certain things that would wake up the Eloi.

I understand and agree with you completely. That is why the bulk of my efforts are directed towards averting both terrorist nuclear attacks and the Muslim holocaust that is almost guaranteed to follow thereafter.

One of the most important things we can do is educate each other and evolve the memes that will play a vital role in shifting perceptions away from the PC MC frame of reference they are currently mired in. The scenarios I forecast and predict are precisely that sort of effort. The general public must begin to understand the very bleak alternatives that await us, along with how those options are both narrowing and becoming ever more drastic with each day we delay their implementation.

All such work must be based upon the premise that Western civilization shall survive. Any other outcomes are not just unacceptable but preclude the very necessity of performing these tasks.

Taksan, you do an unbeatable job of labeling and tagging the cast of characters that have brought about this calamity. My own self-assigned task is to demonstrate how a modern holocaust is the direct outcome of these spineless, mealy-mouthed Western leaders and their inability to defend the very electorates that placed them in power.

Exposing this fundamental treason is every bit as important in galvanizing public opinion. Yes, it is more elliptical due to the hypothetical thinking required to extract the full meaning from such revelations but the end result is the same. Namely, a dawning awareness of just how dire these modern circumstances have become.

Who else is bothering to demonstrate through simple numerical deduction just how much of this world’s population is at peril from a global caliphate? Who else is attempting to demonstrate the few and sharply limited functional deterrents there are to Islamic terrorism? These are among the tasks I have assigned myself and I will continue to apply myself to them whenever they show even a glimmer of hope in reaching their intended audience.

Zenster said...

Egghead: To wit, German Jews were innocent victims of Hitler whereas passive and active Western Muslims are NOT innocent victims of the West. How can you be confident that your interpretation is how future generations would view Western events and actions that seriously address any Muslim aggression?

What if future generations worry about the fate of the majority of "moderate" Muslims described in every Western newspaper article? In a Muslim genocide, would the "moderate" Muslims not be innocent victims, as we are regularly reminded and chided?

This is a truly important question. One can take a modicum of solace in how more people are getting their news via the Drudge Report than now listen to CBS anchor Katie Couric (per Victor Davis Hanson - "The Waning of an Old Established Order" - January 30, 2011).

It is precisely by using this extraordinary venue, the Internet, that there can been even a slight hope to revise the incredibly flawed modern historical record. In this way the otherwise overwhelming sympathy for these nonexistent "Moderate Muslims" can be dismantled.

It is no small irony that the Internet will reach directly into the generation most likely to be deluded about ostensibly benign "Moderate Muslims". If anything, their online preferences will enable an otherwise impossible amount of "reach" into these new generations who's world view have been damaged by so many decades of erroneous textbooks.

Hanson's article goes on to note how:

The old notion that America's most successful citizens are turned out by prestigious four-year universities -- the more private and Ivy League, the better -- overseen by disinterested professors is also nearing an end. Private for-profit trade schools and online colleges are certifying millions in particular skills.

Meanwhile, the high jobless rate among recent college graduates, who are burdened by thousands of dollars in student loans, is starting to resemble the Freddie Mac- and Fannie Mae-spawned financial bubble of 2008, in which millions of indebted and unemployed borrowers could not pay back exorbitant federally insured home loans. The notion that parents are going to keep borrowing $200,000 to certify their children with high-prestige BA degrees that don't necessarily lead to good jobs seems about as wise as buying a sprawling house that one can't afford. James Cameron, Bill Gates, Sean Hannity, Tom Hanks, Steve Jobs, Rush Limbaugh, Tiger Woods and Mark Zuckerberg all made a good living without earning BAs.

A therapeutic college curricula and hyphenated "studies" courses have not made graduates better-read or more skilled in math and science. For many employers, the rigor of the new BA is scarcely equivalent to that of the old high school diploma. The global warming/climate change/climate chaos "crisis" has reminded Americans that careerist university Ph.Ds can be just as likely to fudge evidence and distort research as political lobbyists. The old blanket respect for academia and academics is eroding.

Much of what Hanson writes resonates with these goals.

If there is one imperative, it is a fundamental quality upheld by Gates of Vienna. Namely, that of rigorous fact checking and a dedication to factual information.

Only by providing an alternative historical record free of agenda-driven revisionism and arbitrary, lopsided partisan representations can there be any hope of reaching subsequent generations of minds with the Truth.

Takuan Seiyo said...

The problem of the sub-educated not caring to know history and the worse problem of the educated twisting history to their own ends should be always kept in mind. Like you say, nothing can rectify it but repeating the truth, converting people one by one to the truth, and doing it humbly, without the for-profit lying arrogance of the “professional” historian or historiograph, e.g. Howard Zinn with respect to America, Edward Said with respect to West–East relations, and Kevin MacDonald with respect to the Jews.

The idea that Western Jews can be compared to Western Muslims is laughable. German and Austrian Jews were among the most patriotic and contributive segments of their respective societies in every possible way. 70,000 Jews fought in WW1 on the German side. I don’t know how many did for Austria, but my own grandfather on my Jewish side did (and perished too). Jews were also major cultural contributors, from “Austrian” economics to literature, music, theater, film etc. If one actually cares to find out who Walther Rathenau was, and how he’d given up wealth, privilege and personal life for the sake of Germany, and how the Nazis ended up blaming him falsely for the dolchstoss, things come to light somewhat differently. The situation with Polish and Russian Jews was different and more ambivalent, but that was no concern of Hitler’s.

The other difference is this: the Jews are a distinctive genetic pool of non-European origin, prevailing obfuscations notwithstanding. On the other hand, after 2000 years, and considerable mixing of those genes, and the fact that they are largely descendant from Judean slaves brought to Europe involuntarily by the Romans, Jews belong in the European family at least to the same degree that the Hungarians do, Nazi-wannabes’ obfuscations notwithstanding on this end of the issue.

Muslims, on the other hand, until 40 years ago had arrived in Europe in only one way: in a military or plain pirate invasion of slaughter, pillage, rape and enslavement. They contributed nothing and destroyed much. Those who have arrived in the last 40 years were imported by a toxic, treasonous ruling elite despite the wish of the people. They contribute little of lasting value and wreak a humongous destruction of the social capital and a large one of tangible capital too.

The spurious Jew –Muslim comparison was expressed adroitly in the poem "Europa murió en Auschwitz" that may or may not have been authored by Sebastián Vivar Rodríguez, here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Zenster, Thanks for being such a good sport about our extended conversation.

I did read your posts subsequent to mine but did NOT have time to respond until now.

I agree with some of your predicted Holocaust numbers for an Islamic state, but I have a couple of related comments:

First, I disagree that all homosexuals will be targeted by Islam. Interestingly, there is a significant amount of Koranic support for Mohammed-thus Allah-sanctioned homosexual activity - which is borne out by real life homosexual actions observable in Muslim countries. Evidently, it is OK to be homosexual as long as no one "says" that you are. It is Mohammed's ultimate "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy.

It is said that Afghanistan is more openly gay than San Francisco. And, I have read that people who visit Saudi Arabia are shocked to see men essentially French kiss each other hello and goodbye. Then, there is the charming custom of men holding hands with each other which our own President George Bush did in America with a visiting Saudi prince.

Anyway, the excuse is that grown Islamic men do NOT have normal physical sexual access to women - and thus the men find physical and sexual outlet with each other. BUT, all of this leads to accepted Islamic pederasty whereby older men target young boys for sexual relationships - going as far as to marry those boys to their own daughters to maintain their access to their boy lovers. Some of our troops have come home from Afghanistan broken because they have been ordered to guard Muslim boy "rape rooms" with all that entails. The Frontline documentary "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan" documented the problem which is also described at wikipedia:

"In central Asia the practice is reputed to have long been widespread, and remains a part of the culture, as exemplified by the proverb, Women for breeding, boys for pleasure, but melons for sheer delight. In the Ottoman Empire culture, young male dancers, usually cross-dressed in feminine attire, were called Köçek."

"In Afghanistan in 2009, the British Army commissioned a report into the sexuality of the local men after British soldiers reported the discomfort at witnessing adult males involved in sexual relations with boys. The report stated that though illegal, there was a tradition of such relationships in the country, known as "bache bazi" or boy play, and that it was especially strong around Kandahar."

Anonymous said...

Here is a related link to the best article that I have read about Islamic pederasty:

"A culturally-contrived homosexuality [significantly not termed as such by its practitioners] appears to affect a far greater population base then some researchers would argue is attributable to natural inclination. Some of its root causes lie in the severe segregation of women, the prohibitive cost of marriage within Pashtun tribal codes, and the depressed economic situation into which young Pashtun men are placed."

"Many of the Pashtuns interviewed allow "that homosexuality is indeed prohibited within Islam, warranting great shame and condemnation. However, homosexuality is then narrowly and specifically defined as the love of another man. Loving a man would therefore be unacceptable and a major sin within this cultural interpretation of Islam, but using another man for sexual gratification would be regarded as a foible -undesirable but far preferable to sex with a ineligible woman, which in the context of Pashtun honor, would likely result in issues of revenge and honor killings.""

Anonymous said...

Second, as far as women being denied access to medical care, I believe that the situation would devolve to be even worse than that which you have predicted.

I believe that, under an Islamic ummah, even already-trained women would be forbidden to practice as doctors and medical care providers - because then it would be obvious that some women are smarter than some men - and that concept would be intolerable to Muslim men where Islam decrees that all men are smarter than all women.

On the other hand, Muslims would force ALL of the women in the world to undergo dangerous and unsanitary clitorectomies which would kill a certain percentage of girls and women - and their babies.

Plus, as you stated, Muslims would place ALL women under Sharia Law - which seems to disproportionately target women for life-threatening violence meted out to an ever more strict standard by abusive Muslim Morals Police. Recent examples of such abuse are Muslim women beaten in the street for wearing pants, showing their toes beneath the burqa, and wearing a bra beneath a burqa that caused their breasts to appear too perky. Argh!

Anonymous said...

Zenster: "Unbelievably, the death camps were created out of compassion for German soldiers who were deeply traumatized by being forced to execute large masses of Jewish civilians."

1. Were the soldiers traumatized by executing large masses of Jews (horrible) or of all innocents (equally horrible)?

"The Holocaust (from the Greek ὁλόκαυστος holókaustos: hólos, "whole" and kaustós, "burnt"),[2] also known as The Shoah (Hebrew: השואה, HaShoah, "calamity"; Yiddish: חורבן, Churben or Hurban,[3] from the Hebrew for "destruction"), was the genocide of approximately six million European Jews during World War II, a programme of systematic state-sponsored extermination by Nazi Germany.[4] Two-thirds of the population of nine million Jews who had resided in Europe before the Holocaust were killed.[5]"

"Some scholars maintain that the definition of the Holocaust should also include the Nazis' systematic murder of millions of people in other groups, including Romani, Soviet prisoners of war, Polish and Soviet civilians, homosexuals, people with disabilities, Jehovah's Witnesses and other political and religious opponents, which occurred whether they were of German or non-German ethnic origin.[6] By this definition, the total number of Holocaust victims would be between 11 million and 17 million people.[7]"

I feel that my personal take away point from FC is that I personally need to more aware of ALL of the victims of past and present violent regimes - including nominally more acceptable modern regimes like brutal Communist regimes.

Anonymous said...

Zenster: "Eichmann was so disturbed after participating in a group execution that he became determined to devise some way of sparing his soldiers the trauma he himself had experienced. Bizarre as it sounds, this sequence of events lies at the heart of how the death camps were created."

2. At Atlas Shrugs, Pamela Geller investigated the 2008 Bild gift of original signed Auschwitz plans to Israel. No one would say where the Auschwitz plans were found, BUT some clues indicate that the plans may have been hidden and later found within the walls of the WWII German apartment of the Islamic Grand Mufti who convinced Hitler to murder Jewish children instead of ransoming them. As a reason for murdering the Jewish children, the Grand Mufti is credited with saying, "Little Jews grow into big Jews."

What if the terrible efficiency of The Final Solution was actually both inspired - and orchestrated - by the Muslim Grand Mufti?

With The Final Solution, were the Germans implementing fundamentally German goals - or intrinsically Muslim goals per the Koran?

Ultimately, who used whom? After all, the WWII Grand Mufti escaped all blame and punishment - and was installed by the British as the ruler of Muslim Palestinians (who were later ruled by his nephew Yasser Arafat) - when others would have been a more logical choice.

Just the thought should certainly give every non-Muslim grave pause to consider what lies in store for non-Muslims in the coming WWIII!

Perhaps It Was

Zenster said...

Takuan Seiyo: The idea that [Nazi mass murder of] Western Jews can be compared to [counter-jihad suspicions against] Western Muslims is laughable.

Indeed, it would be totally laughable if so many people were not buying into this pernicious tidbit of Islamic propaganda. It is but one more example of how Muslims manipulate popular perception with astonishing skill as they continue to play the perpetually aggrieved victim.

This wail of “Muslims are the New Jews” − along with the “Tiny Minority” meme − are two of the most insidious moral inversions that Islam exploits with gleeful abandon. Another of an equally offensive nature is their claim that shari’a law and the burqa “liberate” women. These three manifest absurdities are, nonetheless, the camels being swallowed whole even as Western Liberals choke on gnat-sized charges of nonexistent “racism” against wholly justified Islamophobes.

Those who have arrived in the last 40 years were imported by a toxic, treasonous ruling elite despite the wish of the people. They contribute little of lasting value and wreak a humongous destruction of the social capital and a large one of tangible capital too.

It is this consistent erosion of Western and other foreign cultures − be it through passive or aggressive jihad − that is so pervasive throughout Muslim populations wherever they may settle in the world which has obliged me to conclude that there are a sufficient number of monolithic characteristics exhibited by the ummah whereby it is both merited and necessary to regard Muslims as acting in a unanimous fashion.

No other conclusion is borne out in advance of this singular perception and this unilaterally destructive characteristic is in full accord with Qur’anic dictates. When taken in combination with the conspicuous absence of truly “moderate” Muslims from the world scene − not to mention their deafening silence − every indication is that they act in concert to commit xenocide against all other cultures.

Chechar said...


Your impassioned words against national socialism way above reminded me the person I was fifteen years ago.

When I lived in Houston I once had lunch with a young American. In the conversation I said that Germany should have been nuked in the 1940s. You had to see the zeal and the emotion of my face and voice in the restaurant!: it looked like I was a fanatic Jew (due to my facial features I could easily pass as a Jew).

As you know, I revaluated all of my values since then. In fact, the single entry in my blog that has gotten most hits (54,900 page views) is titled “Hitler”.

Let’s now imagine, with some concern over a cup of coffee, another lunch conversation: “Hey, Cesar. What made you go racist? You have studies in child abuse where the Jews have contributed so much, you come from a respectable family, your father is a respectable musician—and you... you turned out all Nazi! What happened?”

This is what happened:

The “Nazis” are always discussed in a vacuum. There’s never any substantial mention (e.g., TV, Hollywood) of the mass murder by Lenin and Stalin and their Jews.

Stalin’s Jews: We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish.

An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name “Genrikh Yagoda,” the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century—no: it wasn’t Himmler— , the GPU’s deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system.

Does this exculpate Hitler’s willing executioners for what they did? Of course not. But it gives the lie to the accepted, post 1945 wisdom that paints history in strictly black-and-white terms.

The rest is silence… At least until one fully digest these historical facts.