Thursday, July 02, 2009

Target: The French Police

Cultural Enrichment News

Our French correspondent Robert Marchenoir sends his latest examples of cultural enrichment, noting that these “show the extent to which the French state has lost its control over whole sections of its territory.”

Translated from Le Figaro:

Two policemen ambushed, frisked and beaten up just outside a police station

June 30, 2009 — Agence France-Presse — Two off-duty policemen were assaulted and beaten up tonight shortly after leaving the police station of Grigny (Seine-Saint-Denis), say police sources. [The Seine-Saint-Denis district, in the northern suburbs of Paris, has practically become a foreign enclave, populated by Arabs and black Africans. There is little doubt that the perpetrators are not aboriginal French.]

According to this source, the aggressors had been “waiting” for their victims, and were “perfectly aware that they were policemen”.

The two policemen had left the police station in a private car belonging to one of them. One hundred meters along they stopped, after a trailing car flashed its headlights at them. Several men got out of the following car. They insulted the policemen and frisked them, looking for their guns, which they had left at the police station. Then the policemen were beaten up.

Another police car happened to drive by, making the aggressors flee.

Robert Marchenoir adds this:
- - - - - - - - -
This is a routine occurrence. Policemen regularly get ambushed by immigrant thugs in the estates. It’s also a relatively mild incident. Just a few days ago, a police van ferrying suspects was attacked with AK-47’s in such a neighbourhood. That time, the police fired back.

Tonight, Henri Guaino, Sarkozy’s special adviser, who writes many of his speeches, had a firsthand experience of “cultural enrichment” when a police patrol he had joined unannounced was stopped by a fence thrown across the road, then pelted with rocks by 40 people in Montfermeil (Seine-Saint-Denis). The police used their flashballs. The attackers had not been aware of Guaino’s presence.


spackle said...

"This is a routine occurrence."

That is an incredible statement. The mere thought of seeking out a cop for assault shows how far gone the situation is. I cant imagine a criminal even thinking about doing that, even in the worst precincts of NY, L.A. or Chicago. Maybe in a criminal fantasy, but never in reality. They know what would happen if they dared try it.

Rocha said...

You know Spackle we used to think the same way specialy in São Paulo now it's not routine at least in São Paulo but it do happen, Rio is another story. If you continue to import such massive number of immigrants that will be exactly what will happen to U.S.A. not only in L.A. or N.Y. but also in Topeka, Bismark and Denver.

Anonymous said...

"That is an incredible statement." (Spackle)

Indeed. Right now, we have a trial going on, of some youths charged with assaulting the police during a two-day riot in 2007 at Villiers-le-Bel (one of the immigrant estates surrounding Paris).

The riot began when two minors, riding recklessly a mini-motorcycle without a helmet (as they often do), were killed after crashing into a police car.

It was probably an accident (the inquest is still going on), but the locals, as always in such a case, put the blame on the police and cried murder.

One officer, who bravely went up alone to speak with a group of youths, in order to defuse the tension, was severely beaten up.

Several youths were heard saying that they were off to kill a policeman that night.

Around one hundred police were wounded during the riots, a sizeable number of them by gunshot.

The 200 rioters were well organised, shutting down the public lighting and listening to the police radio traffic.

The police did not shoot back. At one point, one of the officers, who was fired at by the rioters, drew his gun. A female colleague prevented him from using it, and was widely praised for her gesture afterwards.

It is generally felt that if, someday, one immigrant youth were killed in self-defense by a policeman, the ensuing explosion of violence would vastly exceed in savagery anything we've already seen.

Not to mention the prospects for the policemen on the battleground at that time, which would be as rosy as those of a disarmed GI falling in the hands of the Talibans.

That scenario is the authorities' worst nightmare.

When the police went out to arrest some of the suspects last February, one thousand of them descended upon the estate.

On the blog Fdesouche, an anonymous policeman commented a few days ago that he once escorted the mayor of one of those estates around Paris, while he toured his constituency.

At some point, a 30-kilos slab of concrete was thrown at them from the top of a high-rise building. It narrowly missed the mayor.

-- How often does this happen ? he asked. -- It happens all the time, the policeman replied.

A few minutes later, another block of concrete, the size of a fist, hit the the mayor in the face. Bleeding, he was quickly whisked away by the police.

This commentator explained that he regularly patrols rooftops in such areas. They are peppered with piles of rocks, stocks of firebombs and old washing machines laden with concrete blocks, all ready to be thrown downstairs at the police.

Anonymous said...

On a technical note, I made the mistake of keeping unchanged the French word "flashball" (that's right...) while translating my dispatch about Henri Guaino who was caught in an ambush.

The Baron changed it into "flash grenades".

Actually, the police used a non-lethal handgun which fires large rubber balls. That's a "flashball" in French. It looks like this :

It's supposed to have the same effect as a violent punch. It's now standard issue for the police in city estates. If they didn't use it, they'd have to shoot live ammunition all the time.

Baron Bodissey said...

Robert --

Sorry for the mistake. I replaced it with your original word.

laine said...

So we're past attacks on mere inanimate objects such as cars to assaulting police and yet this is still well under the radar of western media.

It was predictable under the broken windows theory that car burning uncontained would escalate to worse but the speed and nerve is breathtaking. To be targeting the very people tasked by society with controlling criminality?

This is a form of terrorism, meant to demoralize the police (and I'll bet it's working and that recruitment is down).

The thin blue line (or whatever color French cops wear) between thugs and the law abiding populace is being attacked directly.

Why is this not front page news and reason enough on its own to close the taps to the anti-police type of immigration immediately? European leaders enabling immigration of hostiles should be obliged to do ride alongs in cop cars until they do the right thing or get hit by a brick, whichever comes first.

PapaBear said...

People on the Right often comment about the demographic situation, but I think vastly underestimate how soon things will come to a head. It's not going to be in a generation.

It will be much closer to five years or so.

The current situation in California demonstrates what happens when you attract millions of economically unproductive individuals. You get more demands for social services, while the people you depend upon to pay the taxes start to flee to anyplace that will take them.

Then your welfare state collapses. And the implosion will not be pretty.

Consider the situation in the French slums on the day after it's announced that the welfare checks are not coming.

This moment of judgment will necessarily happen when the Muslim immigrants are still a minority. You CANNOT support that many of them on the backs of a dwindling number of French middle class. When that happens, the immigrants will riot. The native Europeans will have no choice but to realize that they will be doomed if they allow this to continue. And the response will NOT be pretty.

Anonymous said...

[Baron, I'm concerned you might not have received my reply to your mail about Belgium. Sorry for this personal message.]