Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mumbai Revisited

Below is a Channel 4 report on last November’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai. It creates a complete chronology of events by combining surveillance camera footage, survivor interviews, and recordings made by Indian intelligence of the terrorists’ cell phone calls.

WARNING: This video contains graphic visual images and horrific narratives. It is not suitable for small children or people who are sensitive to vivid depictions of violence.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

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Zenster said...

Yet another vivid demonstration of why Pakistan should be dismembered and redistributed among Afghanistan, India and, possibly, a third independent Baloch state to arise out of a similar dismantling of Iran.

It is disturbing in the extreme that a nation such as Pakistan even exists in the first place. That these Islasmic maggots have nuclear weapons only makes the foregoing actions all the more urgent.

Gregory said...

Those indian police were sure some useless panty-wastes. And why the hell did they have OLD rifles? Sounds like the mumbai government is as useless as barack husseins government.

Ursus Maritimus said...

Any pointers on how to do to download it? Preferrably as an avi? I'd like to burn it to a dvd to show it to a couple of relatives. said...

Ursus yes please do. Make multiple copies and leave them at bars restaurants and public transportation and mark them all CIA TOP SECRET. Hopefully they all get picked up and watched. Firefox has download-helper that works well usually. You van click through and see if has a button that sends it to you. If not, plug the unique URL into the field at and it should download as high quality mp4 or crappy vlz. If none of these things work please post here again and I will arrange to get it to you directly.
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