Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Islamic Saudi Academy: Decision Postponed

Fairfax County minarets

On Sunday night I mentioned that there was to be a final hearing last night of the on the expansion of the Islamic Saudi Academy into its new Fairfax campus. As it turned out, the final hearing wasn’t quite final.

At last night’s meeting the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors postponed a decision until August 3rd. They may have been influenced by the mobilization of hundreds of shariah opponents that was organized by the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force.

Jim Lafferty sent out this email today to Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force supporters:

First of all, thanks to everyone who called their Supervisors and attended last night’s hearing. There were over 600 of you.

The Supervisors delayed their vote on the ISA expansion proposal, and some credit for that goes to each of you who took the time to make your feelings known. I saw lots of people from the churches, ACT for America, Republican Women’s Clubs, and other groups which helped us make this happen.

The media coverage was excellent. Every Washington TV station covered the hearing, along with the Christian Broadcasting Network and Fox News. This afternoon I will appear on the Glenn Beck show to discuss the hearing and the checkered past of the ISA.

We’ll keep you posted, of course, on our plans for the coming weeks.

Here’s Jim Lafferty on Glenn Beck:

Another participant added this:
- - - - - - - - -
I think we need to be prepared for to experience retaliation on August 3. The pro-Sharia crowd seemed pretty ticked last night at the audacity of the infidels (too bad!).

I know a lot of people will probably be on vacation but we need to mobilize an even bigger crowd for the board’s final hearing that night when they are supposed to vote on the expansion. I have no doubt the opposition will bus people in and based on their nastiness and covert hostility last night, along with their downright lying, try and intimidate the board into getting their way. I believe CAIR will get involved so we need to be ready.

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laine said...

First organized push back on American soil. The Saudi paymasters won't like that, can't let it succeed so they will bus in paid support.

JamesD'Troy said...

About two years ago, the Brits were dealing with some related issues in the King Faud Saudi school in London. Some textbooks came to light that taught all sorts of hateful things like Jews and Christians are no better than monkeys and pigs. (What else would they teach?)

There were all sorts of denials by the headmistress and others. Although I can't find it the headmistress was thoroughly ripped by Jeremy Paxman in a BBC interview.

Here's some background. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-516703/Muslim-school-taught-pupils-race-hate-textbooks-photocopies-order-shred-them.html

Try this: http://islam-watch.org/Sami/Saudi-Textbooks-Hatred-Violence.htm

I'm not sure what's been said during the hearings but I hope the opponents of the school know of this information. If someone can forward this information or let me know who to forward it to, I'd like to help out.

Baron Bodissey said...

James --

The contact information is in the earlier post. I'll recap it here:

James Lafferty — (703) 931-2324
Website: saudiwatch.wordpress.com

Zarxos said...

I was also able to go to the hearing. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at the outpouring of sentiment against the school's expansion. About 50 community members spoke at the hearing, and I would say 40 of them were against the school's expansion. And not only were they against the school's expansion, but they were generally well-informed about Shariah and Islam in general. Mr. Lafferty in particular was eloquent and powerful in his remarks.

One Egyptian man gave particularly heart-wrenching testimony, telling his story of how after growing up in madrasas and attending al-Azhar University in Cairo, he converted to Christianity and was forced to go into hiding.

Those in favor of the school made the same tired arguments usually heard from that side. For example, the school/religion should not be judged based on one bad fruit (the valedictorian who joined al-Qaeda); after all, one college-age alumna actually said, "Should Christianity be judged by Hitler?" And of course they made the excuse that "You have bad information," claiming that "no hatred or intolerance is taught at this school" and that the school is an "exemplary" institution.

To make a long story short, even if the board of supervisors rules in favor of the school, it is good to know that the American people won't be going down without a fight. This hearing gave me hope.