Thursday, July 09, 2009

Cultural Enrichment in Hull

Cultural Enrichment News

Here’s yet another instance of violent enrichment in the UK. According to The Hull Daily Mail:

Violent Rapist is Jailed

A “BEAST” who repeatedly raped a woman is starting a six-and-a-half year prison sentence.

Ibrahim Mutlu, 43, of Pocklington, raped the 49-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, on December 11 last year.

He grabbed her, bit her and placed his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming, before raping her.

Mutlu was due to go on trial at Hull Crown Court, but pleaded guilty to rape five days before the case was due to start.

Judge Roger Thorn QC, sentencing, said: “There must be a substantial prison sentence.

“This rape involved a prolonged and persistent violent struggle.

“You bit her on various parts of her body. All the while she was shouting for you to stop and you blindly ignored her. In essence you behaved like a beast and you raped her.

“You know from her victim personal statement how badly shocked and disturbed she was. She says it was the most horrific event of her life. You are responsible for that.”

Prosecutor Helen Hendry said Mutlu behaved like an “animal”.
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She said: “She tried to push him off and told him she didn’t want sex. She dug her nails into him, he bit her, there was a violent struggle between them.

“He bit her arm and breast, she said he was like an animal. She was screaming and screaming and was very frightened.

“In the opinion of the doctor there had been a violent struggle in her attempt to avoid been raped.”

The court heard Mutlu had covered her mouth with his hand to stop her screaming.

She managed to escape wearing just a cardigan and went to a phone box to call the police.

She was covered in bruises and bite marks.

Mutlu was arrested the next day and denied raping her.

In a statement read to the court the victim said: “I feel my life has been taken over by this event. I feel I have had a tortured existence and even though I knew he was in prison I still feel anxious and frightened.

“I would describe it as an unspeakable event, which has changed my life in so many ways. It has been the most horrific time of my life.”

Mutlu had previously grabbed her neck and squeezed her face and threatened her with a knife.

His barrister Patrick Palmer said: “He is utterly remorseful for what took place that night.”

Mutlu was jailed for six-and-a-half years and must sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

He had no previous convictions.

Hat tip: Earl Cromer.


Dionysios Potamitis said...

The beast's fold name is mutlu, which in English means "happy"!

Zenster said...

Dionysios: The beast's fold name is mutlu, which in English means "happy"!.

Let's hope that an interested fellow inmate finds a way to get "happy".

Anonymous said...

There must be a substantial prison sentence.

Six and half years for forcible rape is "substantial"?

laine said...

Not up to speed on British jurisprudence but going by what's happening elsewhere in the Commonwealth, the six and a half years may well be discounted by time already served awaiting trial, sometimes credited at two to one if holding cell conditions are considered sub-standard, and then early parole for good behavior in jail. The actual sentence could be as little as two years or so.

American jails are said to be crowded as criminals are expected to serve 85% of their sentence whereas other jurisdictions try to get criminals back out on the street as soon as possible with the pretense that they are "rehabilitated". Punishment per se is no longer part of the process.

Anonymous said...

Prosecutor Helen Hendry said Mutlu behaved like an “animal”.

Its a start.

An animal is kept in a zoo, or released in the wild where it came from.

Zenster said...

DP111: An animal is kept in a zoo, or released in the wild where it came from.

Any competent farmer knows how to deal with a rabid animal.

Anonymous said...