Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cultural Enrichment in Germany

Cultural Enrichment News

A Gates of Vienna reader named JLH has translated an article from Politically Incorrect about a recent incident of cultural enrichment in Germany. He included this explanatory note:

This appeared in yesterday’s edition of the German blog Politically Incorrect. Note that “southerner” is used as you have described it. And “cultural enrichers” is a sarcastic reference to the blessings of cultural diversity. An excerpt from the newspaper itself follows the P-I article.

And now his translation:

Yesterday, a 23-year-old man was stabbed in broad daylight, during a “fight.” Today, the young man died of serious internal injuries and massive blood loss. It turns out that the Hamburger Abendblatt today is no longer talking about a “southerner.” Sebastian writes:

At first, the report said simply: “Man stabbed in railroad station after fight. No clue as to perpetrator.”

Today, the always politically correct Abendblatt (a Springer publication) makes a correction and adds that the perpetrator was accompanied by a woman who had a “southern” appearance. Two lines further on, the reader finally learns (half) the truth. What a surprise: The perpetrator was “presumably a southerner, 18 to 25 years old, 170 to 175 cm tall, rotund figure, chubby cheeks.” The fairy tale of a “fight,” however, is maintained.

Now, with the exception of bleeding hearts, politicians, and the press, everyone knows what such a “fight” really looks like: an inadvertent bump in the railroad station, after which the German says, “Oh, I beg your pardon!” and the reply is: “I cut you down, you son of whore!” Blood spurts, man down.
- - - - - - - - -
A regrettable, isolated incident, naturally. No demonstrations, no outcries, no public campaigns to “get rid of knife-wielders.”

High point of political correctness: To be sure, there are two comprehensive videos available, but these will not be shown. Since the Hamburg police only recently had to show a video of four “cultural enrichers” who struck a man down with their knives during a “fight” on the Reeperbahn, the likely tolerance of our “culture-minded” friends has already been strained. Another of these one-sided, discriminatory public revelations would no doubt have led to a large demonstration in Hamburg City Center under the motto: “Struggle Against the Right-Wing Hamburg Police.” Humanitarian logic demands that this must be avoided.

We may assume that the perpetrator in this “isolated incident” will experience very tolerant treatment by the Hamburg police. In the case described above, the four “southern” (Muslim?) Reeperbahn knifers were released by the police after the taking of their personal information.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator has turned himself in to the police. We suspect there are mitigating circumstances.

Abendblatt: Actual headline and caption under photo of police car on the scene



Mordversuch in Wandelhalle: Polizei jagt Pärchen

28. Juni 2009, 12:30 Uhr

Bluttat im Hauptbahnhof: Ein 23-Jähriger wurde durch einen Messerstich in den Bauch lebensgefährlich verletzt. Er war mit einem Mann in Streit geraten.


Czechmade said...

What makes it so difficult to outlaw the knife and keep checking muslims in the streets? And let them sign they would not use any knife outside kitchen. Let them visit local police-station. Humiliate them, they need it badly to feel "subdued, subjugated and humilated". This is the only language they understand.

Are they not purely racists shouting "Scheissdeutsche" in public? Why are not people demonstrating in the streets against islamic religio-racism?