Thursday, July 02, 2009

Cultural Enrichment in Brisbane

Cultural Enrichment News

Thanks to Nilk for this news story from the The Brisbane Times. I notice that the perp got twelve years, a stiff sentence by European standards. In the UK I would have expected him to get two years at the most, and then be out in three months:

Racy Photos Prompt Stabbing

A man used a butcher’s knife to stab his stepdaughter up to 20 times because he believed she was a "slut" who was interfering in his marriage, a court has heard.

Khaled Ibrahim Mohamed Ellaimouny, 38, was today jailed for 12 years for the attempted murder of his stepdaughter Amanda Lee Smith, who was 24 when her stepfather stabbed her in the chest, arms, legs and face as she sat on the lounge of the family’s Shailer Park home in January 2007.

In the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Crown prosecutor Philip McCarthy said Ellaimouny, an Egyptian national who married Ms Smith’s mother after meeting her online, moved in to the Smith family home in January 2006.

Mr McCarthy said Ellaimouny, who worked as a chef at a restaurant in the Logan area, got along well with his stepdaughter until late 2006 when he discovered semi-nude photos of her and her boyfriend on a family computer and began referring to her during arguments with Ms Smith’s mother as “the slut daughter.”

Following marital troubles in late 2006, Ellaimouny moved out of the home. He met with his wife at a local tavern on January 14 and told her to choose between him and her daughter, whom he claimed was interfering in their marriage.

He later turned up at the family home where during an argument he spat in Ms Smith’s face and slapped her before she and her mother locked him out of the house.

However Ellaimouny got in through a side door, grabbed a butcher’s knife with a 21cm-long blade from the kitchen and screamed “Now I’m going to kill the bitch” before stabbing and slashing Ms Smith’s chest and arms, Mr McCarthy said.
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“You’ve ruined my f—-ing life; I want you to die,” Ellaimouny reportedly said.

Friends of Ms Smith arrived at the house as Ellaimouny was leaving, covered in a blood and carrying the bloodied knife.

He allegedly told them: “I stabbed the slut. I wanted to kill her, but unfortunately she’s still breathing.”

Ms Smith was taken to hospital where she was treated for 20 wounds, including a severed radial artery of her right arm, severed nerves and a 4cm gash into her lung cavity.

Mr McCarthy said Ellaimouny told his wife after the incident: “I stabbed her because she’s a f—-ing slut, she deserved that. All I wanted to do … just get rid of her.”

On the first day of his trial today, Ellaimouny pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted murder and a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice, which related to him sending a letter from jail encouraging his wife to convince Ms Smith not to proceed with charges against him.

Justice John Byrne said the attack upon Ms Smith was “frenzied and sustained” and would have been “a terrifying experience for her.”

“She is fortunate to have survived,” he said.

He sentenced Ellaimouny to 12 years behind bars and declared him a serious violent offender, which means he must serve 80 per cent of his sentence before he is eligible for parole.

Justice Byrne declared two and a half years Ellaimouny had already spent in jail awaiting sentence as time already served.

He will be deported to Egypt upon his release.


Zenster said...

Anyone willing to bet that, while in jail, Ellaimouny won't be converted to an even more radical version of Islam?.


Scrooge McDuck said...

He should have been deported right away instead of free accommodation, courtesy of Aussie taxpayers. I'd gladly have jails turned into highly productive industries by introducing compulsory 45-hour work a week so as to enable taxpayers to be relieved of the parasitic burden to care for the subsistence of such disreputable people. Seems like the Aussies are way tougher on penalties.

Zenster said...

Blueglasnost: He should have been deported right away instead of free accommodation, courtesy of Aussie taxpayers.

Whoa, wait right there! Shouldn't someone at least be given a chance to sharpen their toothbrush?

mace said...


Generally, the so called "Anglo Saxon" countries impose longer sentences than other Western nations,with the USA usually with the most severe penalties. I'd say in this case 25 years is a more appropriate penalty in order to send a message to the Moslem community. I don't know if you heard about the self-pitying whining from the Islamic community in Australia when one particular Moslem serial rapist got 30 years.

Baron Bodissey said...

mace --

The UK is an exception. Its sentences for violent crime are not as bad as those in France or the Netherlands, but they are ridiculous by American standards.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

The penalties are too low compared to the crimes commited. Had it happened in Sweden the pero would probably get away with only 2-4 years in prison, maybe 5-6 at most. During the time at the "hotel" he would be able to enjoy Playstation, prayer room and halal meat at the expense of the tax payers. I'm not sure if he would be deported after having served the sentence. Sometimes they get deported for 5-10 years, sometimes for life and sometimes not at all. This is ridicolous. I've read some good suggestions about renting prisons from the russians in Siberia. I kinda like that idea. They could say bye-bye to qurans, prayer mats and halal food then. They could probably be radicalized there too but the thing is, if they manage to escape it's a long walk back to civilisation and freezing cold most of the year.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Had it happened in Sweden the perp*