Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oops...My Superwoman Cape Is at the Cleaners

A friend was visiting this morning and mentioned a story I hadn’t heard. He said two men in Yorkshire who’d been convicted of race crimes recently had fled the country. They went first to Ireland and then to the US, where they are now being held by the immigration authorities.

Hmm…sounded interesting. Was this an attempt to stop the Holocaust deniers or the Islamophobists? After all, the Crown Prosecutors are definitely equal opportunity silencers.

So my friend googled the story and here’s the lead paragraph [the emphasis is in the original post] he happened upon at the Infidel Blogger’s Alliance:
- - - - - - - - -
I think it is important to note that these two men, apparently, went through a trial for hate speech, were convicted, fled, and sought asylum in the U.S., and yet, we never heard word one from the BNP, the CVF, Baron Bodissey, or any of the Lionheart supporters.

What do you think of that?

Well, darn it all! What I think is that I never should have sent my Superwoman cape to the cleaners. Then I would be sitting here wrapped in it and able to find stories I didn’t know existed.

My reaction on reading this huffy paragraph was to laugh. We’re supposed to know everything that goes on in Europe? Cool. Didn’t know we were that powerful.

So how come it’s just the Baron that gets a mention for his sins of omission? What am I, chopped liver?? These guys at ibloga are obviously misogynists.

This isn’t the first time they’ve done something similar. For example, here is part of the mission statement as it appears on their sidebar:

All of us, every single man, woman, and child on the face of the Earth were born with the same inalienable rights; to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

When this manifesto first appeared, it only mentioned the men having any inalienable rights. When I brought this to their attention, they were kind enough to include women and children in their statement.

And at another time, they had cheesecake on the sidebar. Pamela Geller (who was one of their choices for “Infidel Babe”) and I suggested that an “Infidel Hunk of the Week” was in order to match the scantily clad women. Equal opportunity and all that. Again, they obliged.

Since our heated parting of the ways, I haven’t been over there, but today I saw that they have a gurrl guitarist up at the moment. However, the photo of the ever-yummy John Bolton is gone. So sad.

I can’t recall what the brouhaha was about that caused us to depart the Infidel Bloggers. I only remember that it was heated and ugly and I was ready to go before the Baron was. He’s a more hopeful kind of person, even given his experience with Chas.

When the Baron returns, he’ll remember chapter and verse of this old song. He has a retentive memory, though he shrugs off old enmities. But when I shrug off unpleasantness, the experience seems to leave, too. It’s one of the small (oh-so-very-small) advantages of chronic, complex PTSD. No matter what, you just can’t retain the ugly stuff.

On the other hand, I do remember the mess with Chazzer because he tried so hard and so repeatedly to cause harm to the anti-jihad movement in Europe. Fortunately, despite his size in America, in Europe he’s like us - viewed as merely one more American blogger who doesn’t “get” Europe or Europeans. The difference is that we like them furriners, in fact we consider them crucial allies in the war on the crazies.

Ah well…water under the bridge.

Meanwhile, those two seeking asylum in the US appear to be ex-BNP members. They were kicked out for their sins. Here’s a wiki on one. I’m sure our English readers will see the name “Simon Sheppard” and know the story.

The other asylum seeker is Stephen Whittle. According to this up-to-date Wikipedia source, the two of them are in Santa Ana Prison for the nonce, waiting to see what the feds decide to do with them.

My guess? They’ll be seeing Heathrow before too long.

My opinion? People have the right to say what they want (with the usual proviso about crying “fire” in a crowded building). When government arrogates unto itself what is a God-given right, government has done something evil.

As Frederic Bastiat warned us:

“The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else.”

In other words, if you gore my bull, I get to kill yours. We have regressed to an old disorder.


Ginro said...

I think I know why not many have blogged about it, as one of the websites, H/T UpPompeii, is quite unpleasant.

I know this is an issue about free speech etc., but it doesn't mean we have to like what someone else is saying.

Dymphna said...

Whether we like what another says is never the point. What is crucial is that they be allowed to speak.

There are responsibilities re free speech, of course. When you advocate killing others, for example, you've stepped over the line.

I have no idea what these fellows said. Our blog was taken to task in a huffy little paragraph because we hadn't blogged on them while we had covered Lionheart.

LH was driven out of his home, had his business trashed, and was living in his car when the "Asians" in his neighborhood were done with him. This was the place he'd lived all his life.

His crime? He reported drug dealing among the Asians and they didn't like it. So after they finished with him and he had the nerve to post about his experiences in high dudgeon, the Asians reported his blog to the police and a warrant was issued for Hate Crimes speech.

What a corrupt set-up. The police used him and then let him swing in the wind...he wanted the world to know what was going on.

I had an email from him today. Looks like they will eventually drop everything, but not before seriously complicating his life.

I knew about him because his blogger friends in the UK were very worried about his fate -- and about theirs. One person shut down the blog, fearful of arrest.

I just looked at his blog and he has the news up.

It'll make a good post.

Conservative Swede said...


These guys at ibloga are obviously misogynists.

I'd say they're rather racist sexists.
Remember this? Infidel Babe of the Week Archives

And the post we did about it: What Is Missing in Those Pictures?
(My penetrating and partly Freudian analysis is at the end of that post.)

Conservative Swede said...

IBA: All of us, every single man, woman, and child on the face of the Earth were born with the same inalienable rights; to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

What about the inalienable right to blow oneself up in a suicide attack?

Darn Western cultural imperialists, imposing their agenda upon other people without any consideration. Typical white supremachos.

Dymphna said...

Conservative Swede--

Now that you mention it, I do remember that...I'm glad those comment threads are a thing of the past.

Divorce is just ugly...

...of course, *you* enjoy a good downshout. I'd swear sometimes that you're Irish but you seem too sober, so maybe not.

X said...

A sober swede? That's only slightly more likely than a finn without a knife...

Proud Infidel said...

True freedom of speech means you have to allow people you disagree with their right to speak. Period. This is obviously not the case in many parts of Europe, especially the UK. It's funny to me how they accuse people of being fascists as they use fascist methods to suppress their right to speak.

Suppression of speech is one of the Islamists most powerful weapons, one they are learning to use quite well. Of course it helps that they have liberal multiculturalist idiots to do the work for them. That's why I believe fighting this suppression of speech is the front line in the Counterjihad. And if YObama and his fellow commies come to power in the US, expect hate speech laws and the like to be enforced in the US.

ZZMike said...

"All of us, ... were born with the same inalienable rights; to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…"

I wonder where he got that crazy idea.

Ah, yes, now I remember.

From the one country on the face of this Earth where we really believe it.

We also try to remember that it's "pursuit" that we get, not a guarantee of "happiness" (whatever that ambiguous word means).

"I know this is an issue about free speech etc..."

The freedom of speech that our Constitution gurantees is ONLY that "Congress shall make no law abridging" it. If Dymphna or the Baron, or Whoever over at IHT, or even the NYT [!] doesn't want to print/publish/carry someones comment/article, that's not an abridgement of free speech. It's not even censorship (though I wonder, in the NYT case). If the government tells any of these people not to run our comments/essays, that is, and we have to fight it.

Fortunately for Canada, they don't have such foolish notions. England is not far behind.