Monday, July 21, 2008

On Being a Victim…or, Life Without a Skin

Thanks to TB for this Monday morning gem.

I like Condell’s acerbic wit and his frankness, though as our readers know, I don’t always agree with his views…
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Here is one occasion in which we see the same problem in the same light. I mean the current form of Islam - creeping, creepy Wahhabism flowing out of the coffers of Saudi Arabia’s petroleum reserves.

Money not only talks, but in this case it whinges and whines and weeps all the way to court. It’s past due time to grow up, but then how would all the bombers and beheaders and lawyers who defend them manage to make a living?

Mr. Condell asserts that Islam is not a victim. He dares to offend the skinless ones, who look for insults and slurs under every rock. An example of this whiny phenomenon is Cat Stevens, who makes a good living suing those who dare to offend his delicate sensibilities.

Mr. Stevens could take a leaf from Cassius Clay’s book. Cassius-turned-Muhammad never sued anyone, and Lord knows he got lots of hits for his conversion. But then again, Mr. Stevens is not a mere pugilist. No indeed. Jusuf is a sensitive artist and one must tread carefully lest he be offended.

Life is difficult indeed without a skin.


FluffResponse said...

actually. life is quite good without a skin. Stevens collects settlement money that probably go at least in part to jihadist causes.

now, what do you think about that? he wears a jihadi uniform, he wears a jihadi hat.

VSO said...

I'll buy his excellent one-breath, one-take rant in spades. I also admire his frankness. However it could also apply to the Radical Homofascist Agenda. Just substitute the words "Gay" for "Muslim" and so-called "Homophobia" for "Islamophobia". After all, Rosie O'Donnell and her ilk don't speak for all gays do they? Most "gays" I know are just hurting folks who just want to be left alone. And for the record I'm annoyed by so-called "Born-Agains" too.

Joanne said...

There is a big difference in believing homosexuality is a sin and believing you have the right to take the life of a homosexual where you find them.

"All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." It isn't like Christians believe they are anyone's jury and judge; they have enough to deal with keeping themselves on the straight and narrow.

As far as this fellow's rants go, they make complete sense, which of course is probably why he gets death threats. Nothing like common sense to tick off the non-Muslim-sensitive.

Dymphna said...


Unfortunately, there are many Christians who feel especially entitled to be your judge and jury. Surely you've met these folks?

Though I don't think they're as bad as the fellow-travlers in, say, the National Council of Churches, who think Castro is a swell fellow and the US is mean, mean, mean for wanting him to release all those political prisoners he's tortured. Not to mention letting Cuba go.

And then there's that minister Obama used to like, before he didn't like there's a first class hater for you.

Dymphna said...

However, Joanne, I will give you this: Christians haven't handed out death threats in centuries. Though they did when they first landed in New England.

That's the trouble with being founded on reaction rather than response. The former is so grim and rule-laden.

PS. Lest you get the wrong impression, I consider myself a practicing Christian. I pray regularly and it's a dialogue. Not that I always like what I hear in response (but I have that problem with the Baron, too).

Dymphna said...

fluff response --

Life is quite good without a skin if you measure "good" in terms of money. With that as a yardstick, ol Yusuf does quite well.

But I preferred Cassius Clay. He had much more humor than this guy.

laine said...

The skinless wonders have an entire industry making everyone else's lives miserable and poorer on their behalf - blacks and natives who have not themselves suffered a minute's discrimination and whose ancestors may or may not have suffered collecting unjustified guilt money from whites who have not themselves hurt a fly but whose ancestors may have committed injustices (or on the other hand died correcting them as in the Civil War). Women, gays, and now Muslims all milk the grievance machinery (euphemistically called human rights commissions etc.) for all it's worth.

The thin-skinned are happy flaying the skin off their imaginary oppressors and extorting money, but in the long run, they harm their own kind who are mired in self-pity and who degenerate by taking handouts instead of achieving self respect by supporting themselves. They decline on every marker of well being: poverty, suicide, crime, illness.

They cannot shake the addiction of blaming others for their plight and shut down all criticism by shouting bigot at anyone who suggests weaning them off their entitlements.

Funny how those thin skinned about themselves are the first to shout abuse at others.

turn said...

Never ceases to amaze me that with all the 'Black Studies' programs in schools and universities that African-Americans simply don't understand that the slave trade never would have existed on the scale it did were it not for Arab middlemen.

Slaving was a common practice among warring tribes for centuries (maybe millenia). Then Arabs found that they could trade for slaves and later trade the slaves to Europeans for workers in the New World.

Zenster said...

Life Without a Skin

I'm really very gratified to see this meme propagating across the blogosphere. A year or two ago, to describe the typical Muslim whiner, I made up the catchphrase:


The only difficulty lies in deciding, after years of time, whether it's apt or tragic that Islam has done absolutely NOTHING to dispell my unflattering portrayal of it.

As for those who continue to flay me because I defend Pat Condell's admittedly withering view of most organized religion, I'll just quote the foregoing video:

Anyone who's seen my videos knows very well that I've no problem with anyone, no matter what they believe, who doesn't want to interfere with my freedom.

To this very day, not just Muslims, but also Christians and Jews continue to display a penchant for theocratic rule. So long as that remains the case, Condell's vitriol will always contain a modicum truth.

Theocracy, as Islam so amply proves, is one of the most hideous perversions of human governance ever to foul mankind's nest. Once our entire world has come to understand that no form of theocracy must be allowed to exist, this planet will be a far more peaceful place.

Charlemagne said...

@ Zenster - one of our Austrian friends was successful using

I've sent two notes to B&D regarding legitimate e-mail addresses. I'm assuming that my e-mails are near the bottom of a large e-pile of mail.

Zenster said...

Charlemagne: I'm assuming that my e-mails are near the bottom of a large e-pile of mail.

Absolutely not! The Baron promptly sent me your registered email addy, which I dispatched a copy of the numerous emails sent to, a most complimentary address, by the way.

I've resent to your temporary and regular Yahoo addresses. Methinks that the Baron is on the money with his speculation that you may have a "hyperthyroid spam filter".

If all else fails, hit me at Anyone at GoV who gets the dinosaur rock reference wins a prize.

Joanne said...

dymphna - many people refer to themselves as Christians but anything could be further from the truth. Down through the ages Christians have been slaughtered by other so-called Christians who believed themselves to be the true Christians. You can tell a Christian by their works and their heart. I don't have much use for some Christians who are sanctimonious ignoramuses. Personally, I am Protestant, but I have no affiliation with any church in particular. I only seek biblical truth, so I do not find my learning of the truth to be constrained by social and cultural acceptable norms.

I do not judge people; I certainly have fallen short of the glory of God and if it wasn't by God's grace and the blood of Jesus Christ, I would surely be a lost soul, and I know it. I would like to think a person has their lifetime to turn their life over to Jesus or not, and many a man and woman have become great in the eyes of God, although they may have fallen far from the grace of God in their past. I'm hopeful for all souls.