Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sweden Gets a Hug Certificate

Looking at this news story, you’d think it was a satire. But as far as I can tell, it isn’t. It’s just Sweden:

Children’s books become ideological battleground in Sweden

STOCKHOLM (AFP) — Two new publishing houses for children’s books have sparked debate in gender-equal Sweden over their professed aim of instilling the country’s open-minded social values in the next generation.

“Our goal is for all people, regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity or other such things, to have the freedom to create their own identity and be respected for their personal qualities,” said Karin Salmson, the co-founder of the new Vilda publishing house.

But several critics are outraged, saying they are simply pushing propaganda disguised as literature.

Vilda and another small publisher, Olika, both opened their doors last year with the express aim of making children’s books that promote liberal values and challenge traditional views on gender, race and sexual orientation.
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“Many parents feel forced to change he to she or she to he and other details as they read stories for their children, because so many details in children’s books are so very traditional,” Salmson said.

Vilda has therefore introduced a so-called “hug label”, guaranteeing that its books have been “scrutinised from a democracy, equality and diversity perspective” and contain no details “based on prejudice or traditional gender roles that rein in individual freedom”.

Hat tip: Zonka.


Sebastian Zauber said...

Jesus Christ. There just has to come a backlash soon or there will be no hope for this country. /Swede

Conservative Swede said...

Yes, this one was up at the excellent Swedish blog Falkblick back in May:

Check it out if you read Swedish. There is a funny comment from me too.

You will hear about the book The Doggie Moa:
"Just as the publishing house's other books this one is Hug-labelled, guaranteeing that it has been scrutinized from a democracy, equality and diversity perspective. So it's no surprise that in the book we get to meet dogs such as Kjell in the apron, Elisa who farts, Sonny the circus princess, Per who's in love, and the dogs Pela and Memmeth."

So get that people! A book with farting dogs, homosexual dogs, and even Muslim dogs. Great from a diversity perspective right? Well, for anyone knowing anything about anything it looks more like a studied and highly refined attack on Muslims. But the PC people are as always utterly clueless. These people who are so eager to lecture the whole world around them, know absolutely nothing about nothing.

I hope someone files a complaint to the Discrimination Ombudsman.

ZZMike said...

Here in the USA, we're on that road paved with good intentions. In California, textbooks from kindergarten on up will have to promote the ideas of diversity in all its harlequin getup.

NEA Policies

"The NEA's diversity resolution makes clear that this means teaching about "sexual orientation" and "gender identification," words that are repeated in dozens of resolutions. The NEA demands that "diversity-based curricula" even be imposed on preschoolers."

By sheer coincidence, on that same page is a video clip titled "Obama Accepts NEA Endorsement".