Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fjordman: The Organization of the Islamic Conference and Eurabia

Fjordman’s latest is up at Jihad Watch. Below are some excerpts:

The Council of Europe (CoE) was founded in 1949, earlier than the European Community/European Union. It is still a separate organization but very much within the orbit of the EU’s Eurabian networks and cooperates increasingly closer on “dialogue” with Islamic countries. For instance, the North-South Centre (for cooperation between Europe and the Arab world), officially named the European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity, is an EU/CoE partnership. A Memorandum of Understanding between the Council of Europe and the European Union from May 2007 outlines many areas of cooperation between the two organizations, including intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity, education and youth as well as the fight against discrimination, racism, xenophobia and intolerance (which includes “Islamophobia”).
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Finally, the White Paper lists many institutions it should cooperate with, most of them Islamic organizations or organizations geared towards appeasing Muslims, for instance the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures, which is one of the EU’s most important instruments for Eurabian cooperation.

Concerted efforts are underway to rewrite European school textbooks in order to promote Islam in a positive light. In the European Parliament, the German Christian Democrat Hans-Gert Pöttering stated that textbooks should be reviewed for intolerant depictions of Islam to ensure they don’t propagate prejudice. He suggested that the EU could co-operate with the Organization of the Islamic Conference to create a textbook review committee. This is in line with the general policy of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), which desires to rewrite textbooks around the world to remove anything critical of Islam, silence mentioning of the victims of 1400 years of Islamic Jihad and glorify the achievements of “Islamic civilization.”


thll said...

Do they really think that if school books paint a positive picture of Islam it will begin to behave in the way they would prefer?

Sebastian Zauber said...

I don't know what it's like in Germany, a country that has still kept its Christian heritage to some extent, but here (Sweden) textbooks already glorify Islam through history and sort of made it "routine". I've been brought up with teachers, parents etc. stressing "Arab" in "Arab numerals" - and that whole effort has just fallen out as one of the great jokes of my generation, a cliché line of the "wine-pimpling, leftist, older woman" character that everybody just laughs at. Meek, forgettable factoids like the Arabic numerals myth aren't going to work when the Muslim reality that every single Swedish youth will face is anything but civilized.

laine said...

"Do they really think that if school books paint a positive picture of Islam it will begin to behave in the way they would prefer?"

That is likely not the point at all, to have Islam change. The aim is instead to have an entire generation of Europeans indoctrinated from infancy by the state under the guise of public education into welcoming the Eurabian axis the elites are busy fashioning.

By the time the "Eur" head is lopped off "Arabia", the European quislings will have collected their generous pensions for betrayal of an entire race to their enemy and died in their peaceful sleep, thinking "Apres moi, le deluge". They are narcissists, with no thought for the future generations they sacrificed to barbarism and a new Dark Ages. They consider themselves "the best of a bad lot" and are proud of their role in lowering Christians and fellow whites while raising non-whites and Muslims who so far have achieved little success in running any country on their own.