Monday, July 14, 2008

Dutch Dhimmi Behavior: FAIL

The Dutch government pulled out all the stops to try to suppress Geert Wilders and appease Muslim critics during the Fitna brouhaha. They did their best to cringe and kowtow to their Islamic brethren. But it didn’t work; the Religion of Peace is not appeasable.

According to NIS, Dutch embassy workers in Pakistan are no safer than, say, their Danish counterparts:

Dutch Embassy Staff in Pakistan Recalled due to Threats

The Netherlands has recalled part of the staff at its embassy in Pakistan. Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen cannot guarantee their safety, he says in a letter to parliament.

Verhagen has “decided to temporarily reduce the number of staff posted abroad in the Dutch embassy in Islamabad to a core staff of staff considered essential. All non-essential staff and family members there will temporarily return to the Netherlands (…) because the embassy in Islamabad does not dispose of adequate provisions to accommodate all the staff posted there safely.”

The twenty local staff will continue their work. The measure was taken “on the basis of evaluations of recent threats (…) in the direction of the symbols of the Dutch State, such as the embassy and the flag.” There are however “no concrete indications of a threat against Dutch nationals or Dutch institutions in general.”
- - - - - - - - -
The consular services of the embassy for Dutch nationals in emergencies will be maintained, but “the issue of visas for tourists or family visits will temporarily not be possible.” Also, no new development programmes will be set up, and the Dutch language exams for potential immigrants can no longer be held in the embassy for now.

Ho! The next step will be to waive the Dutch language requirements for Pakistani immigrants. We wouldn’t want to discriminate against them, would we?

Besides, they have no need for the Dutch language in the Netherlands. Not anymore.

Hat tip: TB.