Saturday, July 19, 2008

Euro Fried

Euro Fried Chicken

Parisian halal fried chicken, Euro-style!

From Hodja’s blog, via Steen.

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Robohobo said...

That chickens got gas!

spackle said...

Ah yes. Now all we need is Darth Vader to turn up for a bucket.

christian soldier said...

KFC now open in Fallujah!!

To our troops-Thank you!

Conservative Swede said...

Amazing, fricking amazing!

However, it's that same sort of attitude that comes up with "freedom fries", but here with halal on the top.

More examples:
>>about World War I, during which anti-German sentiment prompted Americans to rename German foods. Sauerkraut was renamed "liberty cabbage", dachshunds (wiener dogs) renamed "liberty pups", frankfurters renamed "hot dogs" (a name that has stuck), and hamburgers renamed "liberty steaks" or "Salisbury steaks">>

Bezzle said...

I see the Bad Gas chicken-gallery* has competition now.


no2liberals said...

Uhhh...thanks, but no thanks.
I don't eat fried roosters, like the one in the sign.

Armance said...

This is involuntarily symbolic for France. The Gallic Rooster turned into Euro-halal chicken.