Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kidnapped, Converted, Married, and Pimped

A news story as bizarre as this one is hard to make sense of.

This article is the only version that I could find, and the translation leaves something to be desired. Even so, the bare outline of the story is clear: two little Pakistani girls, aged ten and thirteen, were removed from their family, “converted” to Islam, and married, all over the objections of their father. A district judge — notice that he is a Muslim himself — ruled that their conversion was legitimate, and that their father has no recourse.

To make matters even more horrifying, it is alleged that the marriage imposed upon these children is in fact a sham, and that the real aim of their abduction was to sell them into sex slavery.

But even if the ostensible story — conversion and marriage — is the true one, the facts are appalling enough. A non-Muslim father in Pakistan does not have the right to overrule the religious conversion and marriage of his ten-year-old daughter. How much sicker than that can a legal system get?

According to Asia News:

Kidnapped Christian girls, judge ratifies marriage and conversion

Islamabad (AsiaNews) — District judge Mian Muhammad Naeem, of the section of Muzaffargarh, has ruled that the two Christian sisters “have converted in a legitimate manner to Islam”, and for this reason they cannot be “restored to their family of origin”. Setting aside the request from their father to regain custody of his daughters, the judge also admitted the “validity” of the marriage of the girls to two Muslims.

Saba Younas, aged 13, and her sister Anila were kidnapped last June 26 in the village of Chowk Munda, in the province of Punjab, where they had gone to visit their uncle, Khalid Raheel. This is the same uncle who in recent days reported their kidnapping, asking for help from news organisations and human rights groups. According to Raheel’s account, a Muslim fruit vendor named Muhammad Arif Bajwa kidnapped the girls, and then handed them over to a friend, Falak Sher Gill, who then organised the marriage between his own son and the older of the Christian sisters, Saba. In court, moreover, father and son both stressed the “complete willingness of the girl to contract marriage”.
- - - - - - - - -
The girls’ uncle does not conceal his preoccupation, and denounces to AsiaNews that the Muslims involved in the kidnapping are acting as a “gang”, recruiting the girls in order to “make them work in a bordello”. This alarm has also been heard by the Catholic commission for justice and peace (NCJP) in the country, which confirms the words of Khalid Raheel: the kidnappers are believed to be human traffickers linked to prostitution, known to the police and under the protection of some local politicians. “For these unscrupulous people”, charges Naeem Asghar, local coordinator of the NCJP, marriage is a pretence in order to control the girls, run their lives and exploit them for their own business purposes”.

The Catholic community continues to uphold the cause of Saba and Anila, and promises that the family will not be left to itself. Expressing the hope that the girls will be brought back home, the coordinator of the NCJP emphasises that “an appeal will soon be presented to the high court of Multan, to contest the decision of the district judge” and have the girls “restored to their parents”.

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Anonymous said...

Even if the girls are returned, I have no doubt they will have been repeatedly beaten and raped in retaliation for daring to sue a Muslim.

Diamed said...

In Pakistan they take your kids away if you don't agree with the State ideology of Islam.

In Canada they take your kids away if you don't agree with the State ideology of Diversity.

Totalitarianism, don't miss it! Coming to a theatre near you!

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

And don't forget that the archbishop of canterbury and some poof british judge would like to see sharia courts for "family issues".

Anonymous said...

This is consistent with sharia law. A girl of 9 is an "adult" and so a "conversion" of a girl over age 9 is legal.

Joanne said...

Christians do not consider a person of nine years of age to be an adult, and since they are clearly Christians, they should not be allowed to be classified adults under another religion.

I hope the father gets his girls back, even if they have been raped and beated. The girls are certainly not at fault, and victims of crimes are not considered sinners in Christianity. Muslims feel they can take Christian girls, use them as rags, and then throw them away. Muslims are doing this in Britain to white girls, and the authorities give it little consideration - sickening.

laine said...

Islam is a one way steel trap. There is no safe exit, whether you entered willingly or were kidnapped, kicking and screaming and forcibly converted (there is no compulsion in Islam is yet another lie).

Pakistan is but one of a bad lot as far as how Muslim countries treat their minorities, especially Christians. It has some trappings of western civilization overlying the pure barbarity of its state religion and culture e.g. courts exist but the so-called judges do not enforce equality before the law and are mere shills for Islam. These trappings are just lipstick on a pig, a pig with nuclear weapons.

Pakistan is more of a nexus for terror than an ally against it. To her great misfortune, Britain's Muslims are mainly Pakistani in origin, the most illiterate, aggressive and hate-filled variety. They play the race card, pretending to be oppressed, ignoring the inarguable success of Hindu immigrants in the same society.