Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another “Bulldozer” Terrorist Runs Amok in Jerusalem

I don't have a link to this email news that just came in.

It is an eyewitness account, and in his words you can feel the adrenalin coursing through Mr. Sackett:

July 22, 2008

by Shmuel Sackett
Co-founder and International Director
Manhigut Yehudit

Today at 1:57 pm, I parked my car about 200 feet from the King David Hotel. I got out of the car, as did my wife, Rhonda and Manhigut Yehudit President Moshe Feiglin. We were headed to a lunch meeting with Ben Landa, Manhigut Chairman of the Board, who had arrived a few hours earlier and was staying in the King David. We started walking when - about 10 FEET IN FRONT OF US (no exaggeration) we saw a large bulldozer drop his huge bucket [perhaps he means a front loader - D] in an attempt to crush a woman crossing the street. Baruch Hashem (Thank G-d), she managed to avoid it by a few inches!

The bulldozer -- now obviously to us driven by a terrorist -- then raced into the middle of King David Street in an attempt to smash into a passing commuter bus. The driver quickly swerved out of the way yet the bulldozer managed to smash into the rear of the bus on the passenger side. The bus smashed into some guard rails but quickly turned down a side street by the Dan Panorama Hotel to avoid any further attacks by the bulldozer. That bus driver was an AMAZINGLY quick thinker and saved MANY lives!!

The Arab attacker - who lived in Jerusalem and had an Israeli identity card - continued driving the bulldozer down King David Street in the direction of the Inbal Hotel. I immediately started running after him at full speed - praying to Hashem that he would not injure any more Jews and that I would have the merit to personally kill him. He smashed into a parked car on the left -- Baruch Hashem it was empty -- then into two cars in front of him. In the first of those two cars he pinned a man inside, although he was just mildly injured. The second car he managed to completely flip over and seriously injure a man. I kept running towards the bulldozer.

- - - - - - - - -
When I was about 20 feet away, a civilian came from the left. He started shooting into the cabin of the bulldozer. Then, from the right hand side, a Border Policeman shot about 7 bullets from his M-16. The bulldozer came to a stop and the terror was over.

I immediately ran back to the man that was seriously injured and saw that the lower part of his leg was severed. I called Dovid Shirel, who was in the King David Hotel already having lunch with Ben. Dovid is Manhigut Yehudit’s Educational Director and also a highly experienced paramedic. He came flying out of the hotel and was the first paramedic on the scene. He administered IV to the man and helped him until the ambulances arrived.

When I turned around I saw Moshe helping the injured man as well. Moshe spoke to him, found out his name and also that he was an attorney. Dovid told Moshe to keep talking to him since that would help keep him calm. I saw many people crying and screaming and tried the best I could to help relax my fellow Jews. It wasn’t easy.

Within minutes, police arrived as did the Israeli SWAT team. Helicopters flew overhead, police on horses charged in, ambulances and ZAKA motor scooters sped in and the media set up shop to start their reporting. Things happened faster than I would have believed.


People asked if anyone was killed and when we answered - they immediately said “Baruch Hashem” and put on a happy face. While it is true that we must thank Hashem for the fact that there were no fatalities, we must NEVER FORGET the injured. This young attorney may lose his leg. Even if doctors manage to re-attach it - his life is changed FOREVER!!!

And what about the trauma? What about the people that went into shock? What about the fear? What about the tears?

I do not know the Hebrew name of this attorney and do not want to reveal his family name, in case his family has not yet found out about his injury. Still, please pray for him. Have a nice young Jewish man in your prayers who may never walk again, G-d forbid. Have ALL of Klal Yisrael in your prayers because we REALLY need it!

From the wiki:

Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) is a movement started by Moshe Feiglin and Shmuel Sackett to lead the State of Israel with, in their words, “authentic Jewish values.” This has been widely interpreted, both by Manhigut supporters and outside observers, as closer to Orthodox Judaism but without a Galut or Exile Mentality. The movement opposes religious coercion, and wants Jewish identity as prescribed by the Torah or Bible and authentic Jewish teachings to become Israel’s official culture.

In 2005, Manhigut Yehudit became the largest faction within the Likud Central Committee, the body that decides Likud Party policy.

There is more information on Manhigut Yehudit at the link.

Meanwhile, will Israel begin to curb Arab jobs within their borders? Is it not suicidal to continue with the present program? Are there enough Israeli workers to fill these jobs that potential terrorist now have?

Anyone with answers, please step up to the plate.


Zenster said...

Dymphna: Anyone with answers, please step up to the plate.

This is just more SJS (Sudden Jihad Syndrome). One of the few suggestions I can make, besides simply banning all Muslims from employment, is to have every Muslim that operates heavy equipment in Israel be obliged to pay for a massive security bond. Preferrably one that is secured with their own house as collateral.

None of this will stop until fellow Palestinians suffer from each terrorist attack as much or more than the Israelis. That said, it is still difficult to foresee how such disincentive measures will succeed without the use of massively disproportionate retaliation.

The death-cult martyrdom Muslim mentality functions well enough on a small scale. When bulk human suffering is ramped up to a more widespread basis, only then are there a sufficient number of individuals who balk at being martyred (financially or physically) as a result of terrorism committed by their fellow citizens.

Soon enough all major Western nations will have to find that tipping point of just how many unrelated Muslims must be made to suffer in order to discourage individual acts of violence. My own rough guess is somewhere well beyond a 1,000:1 ratio. Qur'anic doctrine intentionally immunizes Muslims to suffering. This requires imposing far greater amounts of countermeasures than might otherwise seem necessary to non-Muslim people. Remember:


Darrin Hodges said...

Some vision of the Jihadist scum being dealt with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBx9k33rzNM

What is "Occupation" said...

the terrorist's must be killed at the scene and then stitched into a pig's skin then dumped into the sea for the sharks to consume..

the terrorists home should be seized and all property of his should be given to all victims.

the terrorists family IF THEY CELEBRATE his death should be stripped of all rights and citizenship and exiled to gaza..

FluffResponse said...

the non-muslim israelis will do as the europeans will do. who will act first to protect their national integrity?

we might yet be surprised at the resolve of endangered peoples.

islam is so desperately inferior; and yet, the danger of young men who are steeped in the religion of perpetual adolescence cannot be discounted.

laine said...

The jihadist's mentality is that through killing Jews (or any non-Muslim will do) while committing suicide, he will be fast-tracked into the bizarre heaven-as-bordello of Islam.

There is no earthly way to tell apart those who will act on this mass hysterical delusion and those who will not.

Therefore, if the theology is sound that says they can be barred from their heavenly reward by contact with pig parts, let's do that. Announce in all western countries that henceforth whatever bits are left of Islamic terrorists will not receive a Muslim burial but will be disposed of in such a way that they will never see their virgins. If it takes a dog urinating on their grave, do that.

The point is to prevent such incidents and to punish the perpetrator alone (plus family members deprived of "celebrating" his martyrdom).

It seems a cheap way, likely quite effective, and humane even toward Muslims in the long run by targeting the evildoers precisely.

If Muslims dare to object on the grounds of indignity to a dead body, they should be told to stuff it as they could give lessons in indignities to dead bodies, dragging them through the streets, hanging them from bridges, displaying severed heads etc.

Findalis said...

Israelis are loosing their patience as evident with this:
Haredim attack, wound two Arabs in Jerusalem neighborhood.

I expect to see more of these attacks as the weeks go by.

Anonymous said...

No Arab should be allowed to operate heavy equipment in Israel. All Jewish Israeli adult military veterans should be required to carry a handgun at all times. In the long run, complete separation is necessary. Deport all Arabs from Israel. The honor system isn't working.

Zenster said...

latté island: The honor system isn't working.

In other late breaking news, freshly unearthed evidence indicates that Muslims have always refused to acknowledge any sense of honor between themselves and unbelievers. Tape at eleven. And now an important commercial message from Ronco!

Zenster said...

Some money quotes from the link so thoughtfully provided by Findalis:

According to eyewitnesses, two battered and bleeding Arabs barged into the yard of a family sitting shiva (the seven-day Jewish mourning period), followed by a mob of furious [Jewish} yeshiva students.

The family of the house protected the two men and repelled the mob.

The family that protected them remained mostly unscathed, but one of them was also attacked.

Waiting for the commotion to subside, the man and his son led the Arab men to an alleyway so they could escape.

But then, the man recounted, hundreds of yeshiva students stormed after the two, beating them "to a pulp." Protecting them with his own body, he was confronted by two haredi men, one of whom was brandishing a 20-centimeter-long knife.

"All hell broke loose. After the terror attack, the public's blood boiled, and people became hot-headed, insane. These people that call themselves religious almost killed me and the two Palestinians. I was raised to defend any person. Luckily for me, I'm strong, but [had I been stabbed] one centimeter above or below, this would have become a murder," the man said.

Got that? Ordinary Jewish people risked their lives against an understandably enraged Israeli crowd in order to protect two anonymous Arabs who happened to draw unwanted attention from the enraged post-attack mob.

While I have little sympathy for the Arabs involved, I can only admire the incredible fair-mindedness of the Jews who protected these two individuals while risking their very lives.

What will it take for the scumbag Palestinians to ever find even a shred of the same dignity shown by those they have sworn to obliterate?

It is lopsided demonstrations of humanity such as this that continue to persuade me that only some excruciatingly harmful episodes will ever bring the Palestinian people to their senses, if they even have any.

Finally, on an oft repeated note, please go and review the footage linked by Darrin Hodges. Notice how the construction vehicle involved IS NOT A BULLDOZER?

Please consider all mentions of "bulldozers" as attempts to fabricate moral equivalence between these terrorist attacks using construction equipment (typically: scoop or "skip" loaders), with the D6 and D9 Caterpillar bulldozers used by the Israeli armed forces to demolish homes of known terrorist activists and those who provide housing to snipers, explosive experts and the like.

Any attempt to equate these skip loader terrorist attacks with Israel's use of bulldozers to deprive Palestinian terrorists of their preferred civilian residential bases is nothing but an effort to create moral equivalence between Islamic terrorists and their, too frequent, Jewish victims.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


I live in Israel. In the 90's a friend of mine told me her grandmother had been murdered by an arab (forgive me for not capitalising the term).

Her grandother was in an old-age home. The arab pushed her around in her wheel chair and then one day, calmly and deliberately, slit her throat..

The arab pleaded insanity.

Years later I immigrated to Israel. Today, not a single arab looks after a Jew. Today, there are many Asian people living and working in Israel - they are loved by all.

And the arabs...

Conservative Swede said...

Well, in Sweden it is Muslims that will take care of us and push us around in wheel-chairs when we get old. Just look at demography and current policies. Such is the plan and such is the current reality.

And don't forget, the Sveedish leaders have invested a lot of political capital in to this whole procedure.