Friday, July 18, 2008

Terror (Fighter) Tjibbe Joustra Leaves

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has written previously about Tjibbe Joustra, the National Coordinator for Terrorism Prevention in the Netherlands.

Here’s his translation of an article in on the latest from Mr. Joustra:

Terror-fighter Tjibbe Joustra leaves

Tjibbe JoustraThe Hague — The National Coordinator for Terrorism Prevention (NCTb), Tjibbe Joustra, will resign by the end of this year. He finds it time to leave, so he informed the press on Friday.

Joustra set up the NCTb on the request of the cabinet to coordinate the fight against terrorism between the involved ministries and security services. He started the job in April 2004.

“The organization is finished, functions well and is fully operational. I did it with lots of enjoyment, but there is a time to say goodbye” said the 57-year-old Joustra.

- - - - - - - - -
His replacement, Ms. Lidewijde Ongering (49), announced her resignation last week. She will start working for the Ministry for Traffic and Waterstate, where she will become the loco secretary general of the ministry.

After his resignation, Joustra will continue working in the field of security and agriculture. Before leading the NCTb, Joustra was the chairman of the unemployment agency UWV. He had to leave there because he lied to the minister at that time, Aart Jan de Geus (Social Affairs) about furnishing his office.

H. Numan’s commentary:

What do you get when you combine security with agriculture? A goatherd…

No matter where he worked, Joustra managed to screw up. Granted, like a turd he floats right to the top, wherever he is. But, exactly like that piece of feces, not without creating a big stench. He was #1 on Agriculture, but had to resign. Then he became #1 on unemployment, but had to resign. Now, he’s the Dzerzhinsky of The Hague, and what do you know? He has to resign again!

In this case, I think we can be pretty certain why. Complete mismanagement of the job. His job is to coordinate. Not to write policy. All he has to do is make a few phone calls to find out if the police in Amsterdam aren’t shadowing the same suspect as the AIVD. That is the job of a coordinator.

It will remain secret, of course, but rest assured that most of the PM’s plainly cowardly behavior can be directly blamed on Mr. Joustra’s advice in the Fitna debacle. That advice was cowardly, self-centered and highly biased. As usual, Joustra is given the honorable way out again.

So he is going to work, guarding the farm. The question is: who on earth would hire him?


Annoy Mouse said...

"So he is going to work, guarding the farm. The question is: who on earth would hire him?

These pols protect their own. If the past is any indication, he'll find a cushy job screwing up some other high level position. The political climate from whence this miscreant arose will certainly promulgate more of the same. I'm not holding my breath.