Sunday, July 27, 2008

Le Pen’s Speech, Now With English Subtitles

Dymphna wrote last week about Jean-Marie Le Pen’s delightful bearding of Nicolas Sarkozy. Thanks to F. Desouche, a video of the speech with English subtitles is now available:

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Profitsbeard said...

A poor, hectoring speaker, but a useful speech.

The current EU "unity" is that of The Piltdown Man variety.

Cobbled together nonsense elements with a patina of authority to dazzle and sucker the inattentive.

Its fraud is slowly dawning on the bamboozled citzenry.

May they reverse course before they reach the edge of the abyss.

Charles Martel said...

C'est magnifique!

Anonymous said...

"poor, hectoring speaker"

Strange comment. We might agree on "hectoring"to a certain degree but Le Pen is considered by even his fiercest opponents as one of the best political orator of his time.

He is aging (he is about 80) but he remains a master of words. The quality of his speech is usually far above most other French politicians.

eatyourbeans said...

Bravo!, M. Le Pen, Bravo!

Somebody please tell me why he is not one of us.

Profitsbeard said...


If LePen is considered a good speaker in France, I pity the French.

He read his tirade like a list of angry groceries.

No connection with his audience, no matter how valid the points.

bobby said...

No connection with his audience?

I think you may have misidentified his audience. It's not the smug pols you see in chambers showing their disdain and superior amusement over how someone so . . so . . . unacceptable to Persons of Quality . . . can make such a ridiculous spectacle of himself.

His audience consists of people like us, who pressed the "play" button, and then listened.

All the way to the end.

Armor said...

"If LePen is considered a good speaker in France, I pity the French.
He read his tirade like a list of angry groceries."

He had exactly 4 minutes to read his speech. He had to read fast, loud and clear in spite of the brouhaha caused by the likes of Cohn-Bendit. He was cut short at the end, and I couldn't understand his last sentence. This is because earlier in his speech, he wasted one second by repeating a few words after he was booed for mentioning foreign migratory waves invading Europe. So, it was really a race against time. I think the content of his speech was good but not particularly inspiring. He used the occasion to attack Sarkozy and the way he managed the Ingrid Betancourt affair, even though it has little to do with Europe. What matters is that he takes position against immigration: "without borders, gradually invaded by a mass immigration which is just beginning". Even in the EU parliament, I think most members do not support mass immigration, but it is more comfortable to remain silent.