Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vehicles for Creeping Sharia

In modern times Islam does not invade a new territory, vanquish the populace, plant the green flag, and then declare victory for the Ummah.

It comes in slowly, quite imperceptibly, piece by piece. After several generations the new regime is in place, sharia is the law of the land, the women are veiled, and the dhimmis are paying the jizyah.

Patrick Sookhdeo and other writers have noted that it is common in the West for radical Muslims to infiltrate, subvert, and quickly dominate “moderate” or secular Islamic associations, especially those established and funded by the host governments. The “Commission for Muslim Affairs” rapidly morphs into the “Commission for Sharia and Jihad” after the Muslim Brotherhood members and sympathizers shove their way in and push out the original secular leaders.

This process is about to recapitulate itself in Britain, with Her Majesty’s government funding and encouraging it. According to the Times Online:

New board of imams to tackle extremists

The government is to sponsor a theological board of leading imams and Muslim women in an attempt to refute the ideology of violent extremists.

The committee, to be announced this week, will issue pronouncements on areas such as wearing the hijab and the treatment of wives and is part of a government strategy to counter radicalism.

It will rule on interpretation of the Koran and promote the moderate strain of Islam practised by most British Muslims. It will also comment on controversial issues affecting Muslims living in Britain, including whether or not they should serve in the armed forces.

Its members have been recommended by leading moderates in the Muslim community and will be technically independent, although the government is expected to provide civil service support, a secretariat and members’ expenses.

I’m getting tired of using the phrase “useful idiots” in these circumstances, but there really is no better way to describe these (mostly) well-meaning but clueless civil servants who build the Trojan horse and then invite the Greeks to climb into it so they can be pulled inside the city walls.
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Britain is riddled with members of the Muslim Brotherhood; its own security services have publicly admitted as much. And we know that the strategy of the Project is to insert Ikhwan operatives into pivotal positions where they can further the cause of Islam.

So five years from now, when the “leading moderates” on the theological board start recommending illiberal practices based in the Koran, what will the feckless government ministers do? They have already given the board Her Majesty’s imprimatur; how can they revoke it?

This is how sharia will enter the country.

The Muslim public affairs committee questioned whether the board would address issues relevant to Muslims’ lives. “To be successful, this initiative must have credibility with the Muslim community as a whole. What matters is what happens at the grass roots in someone’s local mosque,” said a spokeswoman.

The government is concerned that extremist leaders who preach jihad have been able to radicalise young Muslims, partly because of the failure of leading Islamic figures to challenge them.

This is hogwash. Young Muslims have been radicalized because the government of the UK has failed to execute its primary responsibility towards its constituents. No infidel-created theological board is going to help change this.

Our European correspondent Lexington, who sent in the tip for the article, had this to say about it:

This proposed organisation, which is meant to rule on issues affecting Moslem life (including whether or not to serve in the British Armed Forces), issue fatwas, give supposedly ‘moderate’ interpretations of the Koran, etc, is actually the means by which a parallel government (a caliphate) will be set up in Britain and gain the loyalty of Moslems united under it.

All of this is being presented as an attempt to curb terrorism, extremism and put forward ‘moderate’ Islam. And it will all be paid for by the taxpayers. I predict that shortly after it is up and running that a Moslem-centred party will emerge and either by demographic realities or by voter fraud (already prevalent in Moslem areas) will vote in Sharia law by fully ‘democratic’ means. Britain is being surrendered without even a fight.

A similar process is underway here in the United States. I wrote to our Washington D.C. correspondent Frontinus (yes, Gates of Vienna does have a few American correspondents) about what’s happening in the UK, and he responded with a description of what’s unfolding on Capitol Hill right now:

As long as it’s about “extremism” and “radicalization” and “al Qaeda” and “terrorism”, they will succeed in imposing Sharia as the proper Western response. They will also become key disseminators of the idea that all this radicalization is in response to “Islamophobia”, the new way to impose Sharia blasphemy laws on the West by stopping all “insults to Islam”. At the very least, they’ll create a moral equivalence between “extremism” in Islam and “Islamophobia” — suggesting that if you can just stop these “insults to Islam,” the extremism will go away. This is just gamesmanship.

They’re no different than CAIR or ISNA or the purported new “Peace” group that Ahmed Bedier and Parvez Ahmed are starting, as a fake CAIR-lite. Sort of like “New Coke” — “New CAIR”. Because CAIR is always being publicized as an unindicted co-conspirator, they need to create a new brand.

They’ll probably make it as interfaith as possible, in order to outsource the Islamization of the U.S. to ultra-liberal Christian and Jewish organizations. Why impose Sharia blasphemy law yourselves, when the Left’s religious leadership is so willing to impose it for you?

This is all in The Project plan.

The recent congressional hearings on terror and Islam — last week — just prove how dhimmified our entire government already is. They welcome Sharia as the solution to “extremism”. This is now the party line for the U.S. counterterror bureaucracy.

And I mean party line — violate it and your career will not advance, and you may receive “deterrent punishments” for the thoughtcrime of “Islamophobia”, as demanded this spring by the OIC.

Read about the hearings on CAIR (Title: “The Roots of Violent Islamist Extremism and Efforts to Counter It”) — you’ll find justification for dealing with CAIR from National Counterterrorism Center (one of the enforcers of political correctness in language). The whole hearing premise is wrong — it’s the premise as argued by the OIC.

The root cause of violent extremism by Muslims is the requirement for violent jihad in the Sharia, as demanded by Sharia authorities such as Usmani and Qaradawi.

The root cause is the 1200 year old theo-military-political doctrine of Sharia.

The way to counter it is to stop Sharia, which — in any democratic country that respects civil liberties — is sedition.

It is sedition, but it’s slow-motion sedition. No spy delivers a packet of secrets to a foreign government or blackmails a cabinet minister over his sexual escapades. No military secrets are compromised, and the process does not require any key officials to be agents of the enemy.

The body politic, as well as the entire structure of civil society, is simply eaten away from within. Slowly, imperceptibly, piece by piece, with great patience.

Over a period of decades, all that we know and value about Western culture is being eroded. Those who are charged with preserving it are either unaware of what is happening under their noses, or are in collusion with the enemy for their own venal reasons.

By the time their chickens come home to roost, those who committed the sedition will have gone to their graves.

This is the way our world ends — with a whimper.


Santago Matamoro said...

This is how Islam conquored the Sucan kingdom of Nabia.

Santago Matamoro said...

This is how Islam conquored the Sudan kingdom of Nabia.

evilislam said...

This is what The SHAH of IRAN was trying to tell the Stupid Greedy west in 1979 but they never listened and betrayed him only to replace him with Mother of today's World Terrorism Evil KHOMEINI.

Now Britain and The US can start tasting their own medicine and me as an Iranian losing my country and Identity for almost 30 years can just sit back and enjoy evil Islam taking over bit by bit.

Zenster said...

They welcome Sharia as the solution to “extremism”.

That is like welcoming a deluge of gasoline to put out a fire. Shari'a causes extremism. It is the least "moderate" form of Islam, not that there actually is any "moderate" Islam.

The way to counter it is to stop Sharia, which — in any democratic country that respects civil liberties — is sedition.

Le Bingo! Until this changes, we will continue to see acts of high treason pass as counter-terrorism.

By the time their chickens come home to roost, those who committed the sedition will have gone to their graves.

Those with any intention of surviving Islam's onslaught may well need to consider accelerating that process.

Joanne said...

I doubt very much this world will end with a whimper though.

Why do we have to keep Muslims in our lands anyhow? If they want Sharia, there are plenty of countries that are governed by Sharia Laws - we should just tell them all to go where they can live under these laws. Our laws should be firm. Why do we have to bend over backwards for the people who are costing us billions of dollars to try and secure our nations from them. Why must we be concerned about how Muslims feel anyhow? I am so sick of the whole lot of them. I personally, as a female, do not want to live under Sharia Law - I'll die fighting for my freedom with the miniscule amount of testosterone I can muster. Sharia Law is not an option.

Joanne said...

yah, evilislam, at least a normal person can understand that it is those who run Iran, the mullahs, the president, and all their lap-licking cronies with them need to be terminated and not the Iranian people who desire their freedoms. You sit back and watch evil islam taking over bit by bit, but just remember, you Iranians have been incapable up to this point to take back your own country, and if it isn't for the Americans or even Israel, you'll also be watching evil islam destroying your own country, which of course, it already has done. I wouldn't take pleasure in seeing the destruction of a people who may be your only hope.....God knows you've been no help in the matter to date.

laine said...

EvilIslam,your bitterness seems uncalled for.
My understanding is that Islam was betrayed to the Ayatollah's not so tender mercies by your own Left, who chafed that the Shah's liberalizations were inadequate. As is usual with leftist revolts they were incubated at universities, using marxist indoctrinated university students to protest vs the Shah.

Sure, the western leaders of the day were easily misled, Jimmy Carter especially was a disgrace, but the Ayatollah had a fifth column of leftists working for him within Iran and outside demonizing the Shah to the West.

Of course, your leftists were demonstrably stupid, as what was it that they imagined they were going to get with an Islamic religious leader, a more enlightened liberal regime, the likes of which does not exist in a single Muslim country?

And like Joanne above, I wonder whether the disinformation campaign in the West is still continuing? We keep hearing that "most Iranians" especially "young Iranians" are opposed to the present regime and pro-western. There's been precious little evidence of that with the exception of a few brave souls who have protested and been jailed multiple times. Where are the large scale demonstrations and demands especially after each of Am-mad-in-da-head's threats to the West? Where is the big mouth of the Left now, when it had no trouble making its wishes known during the Shah's tenure?

This unwillingness to take any action, any risk, any injury or fatality to themselves hardly speaks of a population chafing for freedom.

Americans were misled once on the degree to which Iraqis were going to welcome and help them overthrow those tyrannizing them. They're unlikely to get sucked in again making the largely unappreciated sacrifices that people who lack and want freedom should make themselves.

If someone else has to pay dearly for your freedom and gift wrap it for you with a big bow, maybe you really don't want it so much or deserve it?

Defiant Lion said...

"Those who are charged with preserving it are either unaware of what is happening under their noses, or are in collusion with the enemy for their own venal reasons."

I strongly believe it is the latter. What is happening is a calculated, deliberate destructive attack upon the west from within. We are being betrayed by our own people, the very people we elected and trusted to govern and protect the people. What is happening is treason and those responsible should be made to answer for it.

"By the time their chickens come home to roost, those who committed the sedition will have gone to their graves."

Or they will have created and be part of the nationless single world government new order. This is the one issue I remain undecided over. Are the marxist traitors using mass immigration (esp. muslim immigration) to create chaos or are the muslims going to defeat the marxists and establish their own new world order, the ummeh?

One way or the other, war is the inevitable outcome, and I fear for the future generations who in 20-30 years time may be fighting in the worst of all conflicts.


So they have created a muslim government to run in parrellel with ours,in effect muslims decide on muslim matters ,and the indigenous natives ,well they do as they are told,this is the inauguration of muslim rule,but the sheep people will not notice,and if they do ,they will have another drink and look at the tits in the Sun.

Anonymous said...

There is the other possibility, which I think much more likely. The infiltration of Islam into the West will result in the destruction - of Islam.