Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Covering up Pedophilia in the Netherlands

Our Flemish correspondent VH informed us about this article at the Dutch site Het Vrije Volk. Most posts there are in Dutch, but this one is in English.

The topic concerns an extensive pedophilia ring in the Netherlands which has escaped most public scrutiny. It involves a number high public officials, including prosecutors, so the lid has mostly been kept on the affair.

This story doesn’t really fall under our mission statement, but it does help explain the recent deterioration of public order in the Netherlands. The Dutch body politic seems to be rotting from the head down, which accounts for the ease with which Islamization has taken hold there.

Here’s what VH sent:

Paedophilic networks and the breakdown of law and order in the Netherlands

The Netherlands faces the most criminal of paedophilic gangs and a total breakdown of law and order. Elite of Dutch politicians and Dutch law-enforcement involved. Government blackmailed for years and years. Biggest media-cover up in the history of Dutch press.

Outline of the Dutch Demmink case for the international media [summary by VH]:
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Micha Kat, a (very reliable) writer of the Dutch blog Het Vrije Volk, just posted this article with the request to send it to as many international media as possible.

Kat wrote more articles about this case that involves government officials (amongst whom the highest official in the Ministry of Justice, the legal expert Joris Demmink).

At the end of the article Micha Kat writes:

At this moment, the media keep quiet or are protecting Mr. Demmink by writing that he is a ‘victim of a slandering-operation by criminal gangs’ without elaborating any further. I have written many stories about this case on the internet and want it to come out in the international media as I have not the slightest doubt on the extreme seriousness of the situation in my country.

Go over to Het Vrije Volk for the rest of the article.


Afonso Henriques said...

Hey Baron!
What about the New Yorker?


Concerning the perverts, no muslims uh? Ethnic Dutch?
We had the same here in Portugal, in one of our great institutions of charity, founded on the Middle Ages by a Queen who was able to make roses into bread to feed the poor, the perverts infiltrated.

It was a foster home, a net of foster homes actually, to poor children. In our case, it was the MSM who digged it all up. The elite was involved, they were getting the boys at the foster homes to go to their parties and forced them to do (well, you know) even in video. The peole involved?

The Socialist embassador to Paris, a Socialist Minister, Lawyers, Judges, Doctors and T.V. show hosters.
Even an ex-minister... of the Socialist Party. Very few were jailed, the ex-minister is currently processing the young boys, who have dedicated their lifes to street prostitution.
A real sad story.

Homophobic Horse said...

"The Dutch body politic seems to be rotting from the head down, which accounts for the ease with which Islamization has taken hold there."

Yes Afonso, the Ethnic Dutch.

For this pederasty, in direct contravention Gods word, God has damned the Netherlands with a curse. May God damn all the sinful impenitent nations (i.e. the whole world), may they all be damned to hell.


The above paragraph in secular and inoffensive psycho-babble:

The Netherlands has grown selfish and indulgent and given over to decadent and worthless and degrading pleasures. The Netherlands, in the words of Gurdjieff, will have to be melted down in grievous suffering so that its character can be reforged.

Anonymous said...

The mere presence of Muslims in a society, induces the deceit-virus. Muslims are under strict koranic dictate to lie. See the section (R8.2) from Reliance of the Traveller (better translated: Resources for the Muslim Occupier), wherein deceit obligations of the slaves of allah, are noted. Where a Muslim testifies, legal and factual nullification are exercised. In court, the enemy knows his obligation to serve goals of the fictitious deity, allah, as concocted by the fraud, Mohammed.


R8.2 "...lying is sometimes permissible for a given interest, scholars having established criteria defining what types of it are lawful. The best analysis of it I have seen is by Imam Ghazali. If something is attainable through both telling the truth and lying, it is unlawful to accomplish it through lying because there is no need for it. When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not be telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible (N: ie, when the purpose of lying is to circumvent someone who is preventing one from doing something permissible, and obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory...)

laine said...

I don't think we can or should blame the moral corruption of ethnic Dutch on Muslims who in this case are merely an opportunistic infection or parasite feeding on the rotting carcass of the Netherlands' body politic which is dying the death of a thousand poisonous PC cuts.

Rather, let all the proud socialist-atheists step up to claim what they have wrought. Their systematic denigration and side-lining of Christianity and the moral order it encouraged left a vacuum in which a Sodom and Gomorrah type of libertinism has blossomed, with breaking of all taboos and general coarsening. This reprimitivization with decent folk already reeling and ducking for cover leaves the unattended gates open for Muslim hordes with their own brand of barbarism.

What a Hobbesian world the Dutch have constructed for themselves by foolishly thinking that abandoning all moral constraints on sex and drugs made them civilized rather than its opposite. Now the perverted, the corrupt and the vicious slink out of the dark and show themselves in the highest echelons of society and who will gainsay them?

It's like looking on horrified at the death throes from a highly contagious fatal disease, knowing that you have already been infected and parasitized as well. Only heroic surgery can save us but who is brave enough and charismatic enough to wield the scalpel? There is no Churchill apparent in the wings of any Western country, just Chamberlains galore like Obama.

Homophobic Horse said...

Obama is a satanist.


It's all there.

Did you know that Obama's wife once paid Obama the odd compliment that "he has a funny goat smell."

Well, the devil is a goat, and Michelle seems to enjoy the rancid smell of the goat. We can conclude

A. Obama is a devil

B. Michelle Obama is held in thrall to this devil

Atheists themselves would do well to study and oppose the new-age movement the way they oppose all other forms of religion.