Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Alliance of the Threatened

I reported several weeks ago about the plight of Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, the German journalist who has written many articles critical of Islam, and whose wife received death threats after someone impersonated her in a video that mocked Mohammed.

Dr. Ulfkotte wrote to me earlier today with an outline of a project he has undertaken: he wants to form an alliance of Europeans who have been threatened with death for their criticism of Islam. Here’s what he said in his email:

Dear Baron Bodissey,

I have asked several Europeans who are threatened by Moslems to form an alliance, and have requested our German Government to take the patronage over the project.

Perhaps you are interested in helping me find more people who would like to join our alliance of the prisoners of Islam. I have enclosed the mail that I just have sent to Ewout Jansen in the Netherlands. Yesterday I spoke with Mina Ahadi and she is going to contact Lars Vilks (in Sweden). I have written also to Robert Redeker (France) — please help with further contacts.

And of course you are free to publish this idea — we already have started and funding is on the way… We already have an office and staff. We want to have a platform for all those who fight now separately in their home countries — we want our governments no longer to look aside!

Best regards,

Udo Ulfkotte

This is the text of the email he sent to Ewout Jansen:
- - - - - - - - -

Call to the establishment of a European organisation for all those who are threatened by Muslims with death because of Islam criticism

Dear Ewout Jansen,

We do not know each other, but like you my wife and I are threatened here as Islam critics in Germany publicly by Muslims because of criticism of Islam with death. I write you because there are many humans all over Europe, who as we are threatened by Muslims with death everywhere in Europe. In addition for instance Mina Ahadi in Germany, Lars Vilks in Sweden, Robert Redeker in France, and you — as well as many, many further as for instance Ayaan Hirsi Ali etc.

Some of us are Christians, others are Jews, Atheists, Buddhists or come from other religions. Some of us stand politically left, some are conservative. Some of us are very wealthy, others do not do so well financially. Some of us have a white skin color, other one a dark skin color. But we all are humans with the same rights and we all have in a free world the same problem: We do not know whether those who demanded publicly our death will attack sometime — as they have killed Theo van Gogh — although the authorities did not see a danger.

My question: Do we want to help ourselves, support mutually and stand firmly together? I am going to create at present a combination for all those, who are threatened by Islam with death. I do not know yet at all, what the project is to be called, and what we will decide together. I however already asked the Berlin Ministry of Justice whether it will take patronage over the project.

Also I will carry it to the European Union. Because there is an European Union Minister resolution from February 2008 to protect all those who are threatened by Islamists in Europe, and help them. We want to see nevertheless how seriously they mean it. We will clarify all further then with a confidential meeting, where all should learn for themselves who are threatened in Europe by Islamists. And then we can form a syndicate/a common megaphone, which us all certainly much to help — community makes for strength…

To the recipient: Udo Ulfkotte, the author of this letter, was born 1960 and was 17 years long responsible for the Middle East News at the German daily paper Frankfurter Allgemeine and as correspondent. I have written many books on Islam — at the same time Muslims exposed a bounty on the head to my wife and want to kill my family because of our Islam criticism.

This letter is also going to Mina Ahadi, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Lars Vilks, Ralph Giordano, Robert Redeker and dozens more…

This is a worthwhile idea. I can think of several other possible candidates for membership, including Flemming Rose, Kurt Westergaard, or any of the ten other surviving Danish Mohammed cartoonists.

Also, I personally know some European anti-jihad bloggers who have received death threats. Perhaps some of them would like to step forward…

If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments where Dr. Ulfkotte can see them. Or you may send an email to me, and I’ll forward it to him.


Charlemagne said...

Are there any wealthy individuals that might be willing to fund counter-jihad activities? Anonymously of course :~)

Holger said...

This is a group you should join... The more the better.

Holger said...

Zenster said...

Charlemagne: Are there any wealthy individuals that might be willing to fund counter-jihad activities?

Spot on, Charlemagne! I was think more along the lines of how this Alliance of the Threatened should invest together in order to set up a "dead pool" based on my list.

ladyhawk said...

I believe that David Horowitz ("Discover the Networks") has a project to assist persons who are being sued by Islamists because of their work investigating and writing about terrorism and other Islamic issues. In my opinion, these destructive suits (for millions of dollars) are a highly related issue, also designed to shut us all up. It might be well to join forces over both issues, death threats and legal threats which are both backed by middle eastern resources.

laine said...

What a brilliant idea. In unity there is strength and less likelihood that one will be ignored (or killed with relative impunity).

"Prisoners of Islam" - that's what these brave souls are - in as yet non-Islamic countries. This is the most dangerous manifestation of sharia creep. It began with Salman Rushdie, the first instance of a head of state pronouncing a fatwa death sentence on a Western civilian, claiming international jurisdiction. Rushdie's celebrity and government funded defence diluted the full impact of what had just transpired.

Those less glamorous have been left to fend for themselves up to now.

Anonymous said...

I can only warn against any kind of cooperation with this sinister leftard, antisemite and anti-American opportunist.

He for instance alleges that the French "youth" riots are the result of Mossad undercover activity.

Not a day goes by where he doesn't demean free enterprise or the US military and administration.

IMO, the guy deserves no credit whatsoever!

Send him on to Charles Johnson. That IS the right guy for him.


Charlemagne said...

Zenster: ..."dead pool"...

LOL! I like it. I agree, they should invest in their futures.

I've been researching "the list" and am removing anyone out of bounds, i.e not in Western territory. I'll post in a few days for your opinion.

Zenster said...

Charlemagne: "dead pool"

LOL! I like it. I agree, they should invest in their futures.

Then you'll just lurve my next submission here at Gov (if The Baron sees fit to post it). Thanks to you, in part, for the idea!

I've been researching "the list" and am removing anyone out of bounds, i.e not in Western territory. I'll post in a few days for your opinion.

OUTSTANDING! I would be honored and most grateful if you would. While trying to email you, I stumbled upon your blog. Notify The Baron and he'll forward you my email address. I'll be glad to send you a copy of my "pool cleaning" idea for publication at your blog. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

TC, to whom do you refer? I'm sort of confused...

Anonymous said...


I'm referring to Ulfkotte

Conservative Swede said...


I think the funniest thing Ulfkotte wrote was how the Fjordman articles are written by a group of CIA-agents.

I also remember how he turned against and sabotaged for the Brussels demonstration.

So yeah, "Send him on to Charles Johnson", that's pretty spot on.

Nevertheless, I'm very sorry to hear about what happened to his wife.

Anonymous said...

TC, okay... that's what I thought, but I wasn't sure. I didn't know all that you said about Ulfkotte... I thought he was all right (being that I didn't know much about him). That's interesting he's critical of Islam considering he's a leftist.