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Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/12/2008

The GoV newsboyTonight’s selection is a bit sparse, due to the fact that our email was out for a large part of the day.

  • Norwegian Minister of Justice Assaulted by Iranian
  • The Fifth Generation Warfare
  • Obama’s Liberal Shock Troops
  • Doors Open to Europe’s Biggest Islamic Cultural Extravaganza in London
  • “Criaremos a Nuestros Hijos Para La Yihad”

Thanks to Steen, TB, and the other tipsters who sent these in. Details are below the fold.
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Norwegian minister of justice assaulted by Iranian

(article in Norwegian)

Knut Storberget slått og sparket midt i Oslo sentrum

Angrepet skjedde utenfor Torggata bad, noen meter fra inngangen til Politidirektoratet og Sentrum politistasjon. Storberget og hans politiske rådgiver, Eirik Øwre Thorshaug, var på vei tilbake til regjeringsbygningen etter å ha benyttet pausen i en regjeringslunsj til å gjøre et ærend.

The Fifth Generation Warfare

by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld

The United States and the West cannot win the war against radical Islam merely with the most sophisticated military strategies. Winning requires understanding the role of shari’a and the Muslim Brotherhood in developing a global ideological and political movement supported by a parallel “Islamic” financial system to exploit and undermine Western economies and markets. This movement is the foundation and the major funding source for the political, economic, and military initiatives of the global Islamic movement.1

Shari’a finance is a new weapon in the arsenal of what might be termed fifth-generation warfare (5GW).2 The perpetrators include both states and organizations, advancing a global totalitarian ideology disguised as a religion. The end goal is to impose that ideology worldwide, making the Islamic “nation,” or ummah, supreme.3

Obama’s Liberal Shock Troops

By John Fund

While he is a skilled candidate, Barack Obama’s ability to surprise, stun and sweep over the vaunted Clinton Machine to capture the Democratic nomination was rooted in his background as a community organizer. He’s now turning those skills to the general election.

But liberals aren’t just on the march on the presidential level. This year, liberal activists are spending parts of the fortunes of their wealthy donors to transform politics at the state and local level.

In 2005, billionaire investor George Soros convened a group of 70 super-rich liberal donors in Phoenix to evaluate why their efforts to defeat President Bush had failed. One conclusion was that they needed to step up their long-term efforts to dominate key battleground states. The donors formed a group called Democracy Alliance to make grants in four areas: media, ideas, leadership and civic engagement. Since then, Democracy Alliance partners have donated over $100 million to key progressive organizations.

Doors open to Europe’s biggest Islamic cultural extravaganza in London

London’s Olympia exhibition halls opened its doors Friday to tens of thousands of visitors attending IslamExpo 2008, Europe’s largest celebration of Islamic culture, tradition, innovation and art.

The five-day all-encompassing event follows the successful launch of the unique opportunities for Muslims and non-Muslims to appreciate the best of Islamic heritage at the first IslamExpo in 2006.

“This year promises to be bigger and better. Visitors can expect to enjoy concerts, fashion, comedy and cuisine from all over the Muslim world,” said Ismail Patel, Director of IslamExpo.

Guests and speakers include:

  • Jon Snow, Channel 4 News
  • Wadah Khanfar, Director General of Aljazeera
  • Tariq Ramadan, Lokahi Foundation
  • Frank Gardner, BBC Journalist and correspondent
  • Salma Yaqoob, Birmingham City Councillor
  • Anas Altikriti, CEO of The Cordoba Foundation
  • Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion
  • Yusuf Islam, Singer (formerly known as Cat Stevens)
  • Douglas Murray, Director of Social Cohesion
  • Azzam Tamimi, Director of Islamic Institute for Political Thought
  • Sarah Joseph, Editor of Emel magazine
  • Ziauddin Sardar, Writer and broadcaster
  • Yasmin Alibai-Brown, Columnist & Journalist
  • Seumas Milne, Guardian columnist and former editor of its comment page
  • Martin Bright, Political editor of the New Statesman
  • John Esposito, Professor of Religion and International Affairs (Georgetown University)
  • Soumaya Ghannoushi, Academic and freelance writer
  • Andrew Gilligan, Evening Standard columnist

“Criaremos a nuestros hijos para la yihad”

(In Spanish)

Centenares de mujeres corean en un mitin en la Mezquita Roja de Islamabad, Pakistán: “Criaremos a nuestros hijos para la yihad” (09/07/08)

Video — hundreds of women shouting “We will raise our children for jihad…”


Zenster said...

The Fifth Generation Warfare

This is a "must read" article. If anyone wonders why I continue to rail against Afghanistan and Iraq being allowed to install shari'a law, this article makes it clear.

Shari'a law, shari'a compliant financing and shari'a banks are all directly complicit in violent jihad. If there is justice in this world, all people involved with the evolution of shari'a compliant finance or banking in America will be tried, convicted and executed for treason.

Baron, I sincerely hope that you might consider giving this article a post all its own. Few other pieces have so clearly illuminated how pervasive and inextricably intertwined jihad is with shari'a in Islam and the Muslim mind.

Anonymous said...

"Tonight’s selection is a bit sparse, due to the fact that our email was out for a large part of the day."

What's the matter?

Is your e-mail provided by the Irish Aviation Authority?

S said...

GoV archives are disappearing. Trying to read posts from last month finds half are gone. This months first half are not showing either.


blogagog said...

I wanted to read the article 'the fifth gen..' but I can't find your link to it. What am I missing?

Baron Bodissey said...

S --

I just opened the archives for June and July, and all the posts were there. So I don't know what the problem was. Maybe Blogger had an attack of the vapors...?

Baron Bodissey said...

Blogagog --

The title is also link to the article, but here is another link to the same place.

no2liberals said...

Anti-Mullah thinks this is what B-HO has planned for his "National Security" brigades, supported by his "shock troops."

blogagog said...

Haha duh! I didn't scroll down past the list of stories right at the top! Sorry :).

Johnny said...

This is all very well... but Muslims and/or Osama bin Laden didn't take away my civil liberties, my own government did. Mostly in the name of multiculturalism so far as I can tell. It's all very well railing against the totalitarianism inherent in Sharia but who is it that took away the rules against double jeopardy, killed habeas corpus, eliminated freedom of speech (under the guise of `race relations' when we're told `race doesn't really exist'), freedom of assembly, right to keep and bear arms, destroyed the family , eliminated rights to privacy... the list could go on and on. It wasn't the Muslims, it wasn't Sharia, it was the British Government - either because of or as a part of the European Union.

All I can see here is some kind of entirely spurious argument as to which manacles chafe the most. The fundamental problem isn't Muslims - they've always been with us. The fundamental problem is the ruling political class of Europe and what they have become. (If you think BHO will be significantly different in character from any other American President of recent decades you're fooling only yourself.)

When you come up with some concrete ideas about what to do about the enemy in our midst you then might be justified in claiming you have something useful to say about Islam - which wouldn't even be a problem if European countries functioned effectively as social and political units.

S said...

Must be me then. I can't see anything in July before the 10th anymore. And archives start at the end of each month with about a week of articles but then nothing from the beginning of the month is showing. I checked each month back, June and May, and it was the same.

I was trying to catch up on a few articles I had skimmed just the headlines on from the first on July and the end of June when I noticed this problem. Can't access the first through the nineth of July now. Strange. Not sure what to do.

Thanks for checking.

Emerson Twain said...

I've looked and I've looked and I've tried to pull off the manacles GWB clamped on me but try as might, I just can't find them; but then, I'm a citizen of the USA. You Brits have been boiling yourselves in frog water for long time: and whose fault is that? The solution is to end Islamic immigration followed by deportation, eviction from your shores. Can you do it, or are you just too damn guilty already?

Conservative Swede said...

My latest post about Auster's ongoing brawl with Spencer... well, Auster's ongoing brawl with everyone:

It's really hard to take this seriously

Johnny said...

Emerson Twain: as I understand it the Gates of Vienna blog is about Europe.

I'm pointing out that I don't see how you can characterize Europe's problems as caused by Muslims when the people destroying European countries are non-Muslims working from within the political structures of the EU and the governments of the European countries. Unless you can prove the politicians are in the pay of Saudi Princes or something, the problem for Europe isn't the Muslims - it's Europe's own political classes.

I wish I knew what to do about it. If I thought voting from the rooftops would help, I'd be doing that. However, the problem appears to be systemic and which talking head is sitting at the G8 or wherever would not seem to make any difference.

Conservative Swede said...

For those of you who read Swedish, Parmigiana is up blogging again after a month's break.

And the first post is a summary of the last month's events in Italy.

En månad av italiensk sammanfattning!

And there are many good news!

no2liberals said...

CAIR in disarray?

Zenster said...

From No2Lib's link: Parvez Ahmed, a long time member of the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR, named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the ongoing Holy Land Foundation Hamas terror funding prosecution] and currently its Board Chairman, today announced his resignation from the organization, citing a variety of concocted reasons including his desire to assist in the "home schooling" of his children. [emphasis added]

Hey, somebody's gotta teach them how to strap on those vests.

no2liberals said...

And how to do the wudhu, that he do, so well.