Saturday, May 17, 2008

Welcome to the Dutch Democratic Kingdom

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends his take on the recent arrest of a Dutch cartoonist for "discrimination".

Welcome to the Dutch Democratic Kingdom
by H. Numan

Gregorius Nekschot cartoonOn the 14th of May the Dutch cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot was arrested. Gregorius Nekschot is a pseudonym. Gregorius stands for the name of a pope, Nekschot for "shot through the neck", a method used by socialists of various breeds to get rid of unwanted dissidents. Gregorius Nekschot creates highly controversial cartoons. He himself calls them ‘tasteless cartoons’, and most people agree. By comparison, the Danish cartoons are pure propaganda for Mohammed. Strangely enough, those rather innocent Danish cartoons drew worldwide attention, while Nekschot’s cartoons didn’t.

That is over. On the 14th of this month Gregorius was arrested by a team of no fewer than ten police officers. He was taken into custody, and since the District Attorney deemed his works both highly offensive and commercial, he was kept locked up for two days. After release, he was told: "You can forget about anonymity now. They know who you are."

This arrest creates a serious political row. The parliament, to their credit, from left to right, wants an explanation from the minister for Justice, Hirsh Balin. And it better be a good one, for more and more information comes to earth that this is pure political intimidation, if not outright state terrorism.


Let’s look at the District Attorney first. The man ordering the arrest is Mr. Paul Velleman. He is the chief prosecutor for the district of Amsterdam. But he doesn’t wear only this cap. His other cap is head of the ‘Landelijk Expertise Centrum Discriminatie (LECD)’ or National Expertise Center for Discrimination. This organization forms part of the ministry of Justice and controls tax money given to (non-governmental) anti-discrimination bureaus nationwide. Hardly a non-biased man, as everybody will have to admit.
- - - - - - - - -
According to a statement of the Justice Department in Amsterdam, the District Attorney Mr. Paul Velleman had to act on an investigation directed by Mr. Paul Velleman as Head of the LECD. This is supposed to be a neutral, non biased investigation? In that case, the German Democratic Republic was indeed a democratic republic, and Kim II the elected official of North Korea!

The Dutch DDR flag

It gets even messier: when taking parliamentary questions, minister Hirsh Ballin answered that it took three years to find this Gregorius Nekschot. Which is an outright lie: three years ago an investigation indeed started, but was not continued. It stopped. All that was necessary was a phone call (plus a court order) to the service provider to give the address of Gregorius Nekschot. Nekschot wasn’t hiding in any way whatsoever. He just didn’t want members of the religion of peace to find his address too easily.

Normally, since there is no reasonable expectation of violence or the suspect fleeing justice, no arrest would be made, not even by a single officer. The suspect would merely receive a letter instructing him to explain himself to the DA. The ten man strong team searched the premises, and confiscated his computer, USB stick, and mobile phone. This is actually illegal! One cannot be convicted for works as yet not published, no matter how offensive or discriminatory they might turn out to be. Gregorius’ complete works can be found by simply visiting the website of the cartoonist. He has published hundreds, and only eight of them are considered discriminatory.

This Al Capone style action follows the words of the mayor of Amsterdam to attack discrimination more strongly. Well, they choose the perfect timing for it: on the 15th of May 1940 The Netherlands had to surrender to the German Third Reich.

On the 5th of May another incident took place, and in this case no prosecution is even planned! The 5th of May is Liberation Day (from the above mentioned Reich). It’s celebrated nationwide, with lots of activities. One of those was a gay fashion show. 10 Moroccan youths attacked, and dragged one of the models from the stage and severely beat him. They also manhandled members of the public, who tried to rescue this model. The gay organization COC "contemplates" a complaint. No arrests were made. As far as I know, none is planned. The victim filed a complaint, but of course it is placed at the bottom of the stack. The police are very busy, you know. Not a word from our lord mayor here. Surely this is discrimination at its worst?

Of course there is a reason why Gregorius Nekschot meets the rough hand of (in)justice. The reason is Wilders. What else? Wilders faces, technically, several hundred if not a thousand lawsuits. Not one of those complaints and lawsuits have been presented in court. That hurts. Especially if you are Mohammedan, of if you are left wing activist. The government itself would love to see Wilders either in jail or at least marched out of parliament. Preferably on a rail dressed up with tar and feathers. But that is not going to happen.

To counter Wilders - and I have no proof of this - a new political party ToN has been set up. (Trots op Nederland - Proud about The Netherlands) This party is polled at 20-25 seats. However, the party has no real political agenda as yet. Anything goes. The leader, Mrs. Verdonk, actually invites the public to tell her what issues matter to them. This is the world on its head. A political party should stand for something, and based on their program gain support. This is populism at its best, or more correctly, at its very worst. As long as ToN has no program, and can claim "yes, we’d like that too" they will do very well in any election. Only it doesn’t work that way. As soon as elections will be held they must have a program, and that invariably leads to taking a stand. You can’t be republican and monarchist at the same time. Either one or the other.

Clear proof of my claim might be the position of ToN on the proposed Turkish EU membership: they are in favor! Nationwide, a majority is utterly opposed. About 65% of the country would vote against it, given the chance, and have shown it in many polls already. A political party that claims to represent the people of the nation, as ToN does, cannot possibly be in favor of something like this. As soon as this item hits the news, as inevitably it will, it might very well kill the party.

Of course many people will realize that. Certainly our professional politicians, who are anything but stupid. (But you certainly get that impression given the arrest of Nekschot.) Therefore I can only come to the conclusion ToN is set up to hurt the PVV, Wilders’ party.

Since Wilders cannot be touched, somebody else more vulnerable is targeted, and this is Gregorius Nekschot. He is an ordinary fellow, can’t afford massive protection, draws quite a bit of attention and nicely sends a message to Wilders, and more important: to people like us. The message: we are out to get each and every one of you, while we still can.


Homophobic Horse said...

"To counter Wilders - and I have no proof of this - a new political party ToN has been set up. (Trots op Nederland - Proud about The Netherlands) This party is polled at 20-25 seats. However, the party has no real political agenda as yet."

I was wrong. Modern "liberal" ethics are not an abortive attempt to reach cosmic harmony, they are in fact an attempting to escape existence altogether. Mark Steyn called multiculturalism a "cult of ignorance". I say it is a cult of nothingness. How could ToN possibly have a platform? The moment they have a platform is the moment they committed discrimination and demarcated in a most authoritarian manner what they think is good and bad.

Pass the Kool-Aid.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

For anyone who might be interested, here are seven of the eight cartoons of 'legal' interest.

One of the comments translates the texts, but not very well (as the commenter admits).

Ayone care to do a better translation?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

More here. Scroll down, watch the video interview with the cartoonist (in English after the first minute or so).

Comments are very interesting too.

Homophobic Horse said...

"After release, he was told: "You can forget about anonymity now. They know who you are."

Taken out of context one can suspect it is an implied threat. But let's recap what has been said recently:

HH: Given these things I must remind you that in the recent past as well as our real present certain governments have used proxy groups funded under the table to commit genocide. There is a precedent for this. The ICJ said that Serbia was not guilty of genocide because General Mladic was not operating under orders from Belgrade. So it is with the Janjaweed militia as well. And so it could be with Egypt or Algeria, or even AFA and EXPO.

Fjordman: Racism means Islamophobia. Which means that "Islamophobia" will now be treated as a crime as serious as rape and armed robbery across the European continent. At the same time, European leaders are busy enlarging the EU to include North Africa and the Middle East, thus flooding Europe with tens of millions of Muslims. Not far into the future, EU authorities can arrest a person in, say, Denmark or Italy, who has published a cartoon that could be considered offensive to Islam. He or she will then be quietly handed over to the authorities in Algeria, Egypt or Jordan. Remember that blasphemy against Islam potentially carries the death penalty according to sharia.

The EU is no longer just an authoritarian organization, it is rapidly moving in a totalitarian direction, and Multiculturalism in Western Europe is reaching its openly totalitarian phase.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Homophobic horse, interesting news about ToN. It sounds surprisingly similar to Ny Alliance ("New Alliance"), which was formed one year ago by Naser Khader to counter the Danish Peoples' Party.

At their peak, the polled around 20 of our 179 seats.

At election, they got 5.

Since then, defections and scandals have reduced them to a poll of 0.2 %, which is, well, significantly short of the 2 % required to enter the parliament.

The collapse is complete, and much analysis has gone down to explain why. I think the most important reason was that they had no real policy of their own, except to be against DPP at every opportunity. They wallowed left and right during the months leading up to the election, and were simply an embarrassment to themselves for their lack of principles.

Which was further exemplified by them asking their members: "What is our policy? Please write in and suggest."

After the elections, it turned out they had no problem working with DPP after all, Then, in a masterpiece of parliamentary gaming, our prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen crushed the last bits of rebelliousness out of them, and they landed at their appropriate lackluster figures.

Sagunto said...

@Sir Henry Morgan,

Here the translations from Dutch, in order of appearance:

"..Just come over here and show y'r weaner.."

"..We met at an anti-gay gathering. - It was love at first sight.."

This is: a catholic priest; a Dutch marine-officer; a prophet; an Austrian
("'ll find the answer in the upcoming novel by Kader Abdolah")

Balkenende knows what goes on inside your underbelly.
("..thanks to my mighty organ." - platyhelminth Joustra [anti-terrorism coordinator] awaits orders)

Suhayb Salami doesn't shake hands with women
("..out of respect. - this is the hand I use to take away welfare from the infidel dogs")

Within the CDA party [Christian democrats] they pray 5 times a day
("..dear Lord, grant us weakness in the knees..")

Believers have more privileges than ordinary people
("I'm allowed to camp on public roads")

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

Joanne said...

After release, he was told: "You can forget about anonymity now. They know who you are."

If this was not a threat, it was a warning. Perhaps those who issued his arrest and broadcasted his identity should be held accountable if anything should happen to the man. I would imagine the man must now live in fear.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Thank you - I've sent it over to the GA thread (where the cartoons were)

Fjordman said...

Joanne: People in Holland, and indeed all over Western Europe and much of the Western world, need to start treating their governments as irrelevant at best, hostile at worst. We can have a long discussion about why, but the political system is no longer working as it was supposed to.

What is happening now is a textbook case of when the social contract is no longer upheld. Western Europeans pay extremely high tax rates to nation states that no longer protect their borders and are both unwilling and incapable of upholding even a minimum of laws and order. The laws are no longer passed with our interest in mind, but written by Eurocrats and Multiculturalists specifically hostile to our interests.

We need to get back to John Locke's concept of the social contract and how it can be revoked when it is no longer upheld. Hell, even Thomas Hobbes would have agreed that it has now been broken in Western Europe. I think the native citizens have to realize that the social contract has not just been broken, it has been run through the shredder. The EU is the very definition of tyranny.

Locke in Second Treatise on Government stated that the reason why men enter into society, is the preservation of their property. Governments today are not only no longer helping to preserve or life and liberty, they are blocking us from doing it ourselves.

As John Locke said:

"Whenever the legislators endeavour to take away, and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any farther obedience, and are left to the common refuge, which God hath provided for all men, against force and violence. Whensoever therefore the legislative shall transgress this fundamental rule of society; and either by ambition, fear, folly or corruption, endeavour to grasp themselves, or put into the hands of any other, an absolute power over the lives, liberties, and estates of the people; by this breach of trust they forfeit the power the people had put into their hands for quite contrary ends, and it devolves to the people, who have a right to resume their original liberty, and, by the establishment of a new legislative, (such as they shall think fit) provide for their own safety and security, which is the end for which they are in society."

randian said...

The attack by Moroccan youths happened at a fashion show. These events are usually filmed, wouldn't there have been lots of video of the attackers? It's criminal this isn't being prosecuted.

The Hilltop View of Morris County said...

I don't think I could live in europe and keep my sanity.

Henrik R Clausen said...

EMB, we need to keep our sanity for the benefit of those who did not yet figure out that EU is broken and our governments in disdain of the people.

I've just picked up The Great Deception by Booker & North, which finally provides a complete history of where the EU ideology came from.

It's good.

And provides an answer to a blog comment a couple weeks ago where someone asked for a brief story of the European Union and its principles. While 600+ pages isn't exactly 'brief', at least it does provide the story.

Rejecting the Constitution Treaty was a major blow to the plans of the Europhiles. But instead of doing the obvious, a complete retooling of the entire EU system, they chose to push the Treaty down our throats.

I won't go as far as Fjordman and suggest a general disobedience to our governments, but he does have a point. There's a lot of work ahead of us in identifying and contacting those persons who understand how democracy is meant to work, and build a working alternative to the undemocratic mess we've ended up in.

no2liberals said...

What has happened in the Netherlands isn't happening in a vacuum.

United Nations Will Investigate America for Racism.

"The special rapporteur on “contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance,” Doudou Diène of Senegal, will arrive in America Monday for a two-week tour that will take him to Washington, New York, Chicago, Omaha, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, according to the statement."


Zonka said...

We know about this speciap rapporteur Doudou Diène in Denmark, he is notorious for seeing arcism and xenophobia all over the place... see Racism and racial discrimination on rise around the world, UN expert warns and UN: Denmark should have played the dhimmi and thrown free speech overboard. So enjoy his reports they are sure to play right into the hands of multi-culturalists and islamophiles, and condemn any sign that the US isn't complying as a good dhimmi...

R. Hartman said...

Last weekend we also had the Dutch beaches flooded with Moroccan hooligans who shouted "whore" at sunbathing women and chased lightly clothed people across the boulevards.

A girl had to peddle (pushbike) for her safety until the youth following her was apprehended by a plain-clothes policemen. The Moroccans shouted they'd be back, armed next time. Nobody was arrested.

Frankfort School in optima forma. The criminals get to reign. Like the headline of my blog states: "The average lifetime of a democracy is roughly 200 years. The Dutch democracy has reached that age..."

the doctor said...

The Dutch are showing their E.U. masters what good little dhimmis that they are .It is commented on that the E.U. is heading towards dictatorship , Sir we are already there . The leadership of the E.U. and its government are so evil and corrupt that they make Hitler and his Nazis look like angels ( and I really hated to say that !!).

no2liberals said...

Thanks for the link.
I should have stated I already know what the conclusion of the report will be. With organizations like the UN, the conclusion is written first, and the rest of the report is fluff.

Zenster said...

After release, he was told: "You can forget about anonymity now. They know who you are."

… this is pure political intimidation, if not outright state terrorism.

[Emphasis Added]

Or as they say, “A threat and a promise.” This is on a par with stripping away security for people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Geert Wilders.

Welcome to the delusional world wherein liberals still manage to believe that the barbarians they have loosed amongst us will serve as tame executioners for their socialist causes. Not one of these crypto-fascists can offer up any decent explanation of how their Muslim mercenaries will be brought to heel after the proper amount of slaughter has been done. Even less well-explained is how this liberal vampire elite will escape Islam’s sword once the Muslims seize demographic control.

It is this mind-numbing Political Correctness, this overweening sense of self-entitlement, this stunning short-sightedness that will lead Europe straight back to the death camps. All that remains to be seen is whether it will be Muslims or Europeans that get turned into soap.

Surely this is discrimination at its worst?

Not when the Multiculturalists’ favorite poster child commits the crime. Then they are merely “acting out” or, somehow, “misunderstood.”

This is populism at its best, or more correctly, at its very worst.

Welcome to the world of concensus politics. No actual platform or proper agenda needed. Total lack of direction is applauded as being “multi-directional”. Janus is now exalted. One might as well play a football game according to rules selected by the crowd in attendance. Just don’t happen to be the “away” team.

the doctor: The leadership of the E.U. and its government are so evil and corrupt that they make Hitler and his Nazis look like angels

That is because—at day’s end—the EU’s vulture elite will have brought about the deaths of more victims than Hitler and his Nazis ever dreamed of. As I said: All that remains to be seen is whether it will be Muslims or Europeans that get turned into soap.