Friday, May 30, 2008

Irregular Migrants Coming Soon to a State Near You

For the moment (and it will only be a moment) Gitmo is not sitting on the top burner at Amnesty International.

Italy is.

Italia is the latest villain for daring to create a “climate of discrimination”. In fact, their newly enacted immigration procedures have AI worried. In a normal world, such measures would be seen as customary regulations for a sovereign state to enact in order to secure its borders. However, Amnesty International does not breathe the air of a normal world and they are worried, very worried.

Things are so bad in Italy that AI says:

politicians from both sides of the spectrum were legitimizing the use of racist language.

Unbelievable. Next thing you know Italy will be pressuring Italians to practice xenophobia. Get this:

Last week, Italy’s new centre-right government introduced a series of measures aimed at improving security.

Illegal immigration will become punishable by up to four years in prison, it will be easier to expel illegal immigrants and there will be a three-year prison sentence for using minors to beg for money.

Attacks on Roma

But the head of Amnesty International in Italy, Daniela Carboni, said the moves represented “heavy restrictions and new crimes that will target, above all, immigrants”.

This is her DUH moment, surely. The laws are designed to target illegal immigrants. How hard is that to understand?
- - - - - - - - -
She said the organisation was particularly worried by the measure that would mean attempted illegal immigrants could be held for up to 18 months in a detention centre.

“Amnesty International is extremely alarmed both by the contents and haste of these measures… and by the climate of discrimination which preceded them,” Ms Carboni said in the report.

While the rest of us, needless to say, are breathing a sigh of relief at Italy’s courageous stand on protecting Italians

AI is the enemy of nation-states and the champion of “irregular migrants.”

Here are parts of the cover letter - full text here - from Amnesty International (with editorial comments supplied by GoV) to the President of the EU; the letter accompanied Amnesty International’s 2008 Report (pdf), published to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Dear Mr Barroso,

It is with pleasure that I present to you herewith the Amnesty International Report 2008…

…it documents human rights abuses occurring in 150 countries and territories around the world. Regrettably, the European Union (EU) is by no means free of such problems and with 26 of its member states included in this year’s report, it has no reason for complacency.

According to Amnesty International’s report, in 2007 there was a pattern of discrimination in at least 16 EU countries, mostly on grounds of gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. In as many member states individuals continued to suffer police brutality and ill-treatment while in custody.

A breach of rights of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees was also identified in at least 18 member states and, as in the previous year, counter terrorism policies continued to be a source of human rights violations in at least 15 EU countries.

Oh, dear. It would seem that unless a nation is willing to concoct an ineffective, wimpy wet noodle counter terrorism “policy” that is designed to fail in protecting its own citizens, then any measures against terrorism are like, you know, really not nice and they’re violating human rights of people just like you and me…except for the fact that they like to engage in such civic activities as blowing up you and me and the mindless bureaucrat who wrote this letter -- while their confederates proceed to video the encounter.

On this last point it is important to stress that EU member States have still not condemned or fully investigated evidence of collusion with the US-led renditions and secret detention programme.


While Europe remains a magnet for those seeking to escape persecution, violence or poverty,it still fails to sufficiently protect people in dire need because of its repressive approaches to irregular migration.

Imagine that! The EU represses “irregular migration.” That’s the brave new world p.c. speak for illegal immigrants; they’ve all been magically transformed into “irregular migrants.” It makes those who violate a nation’s borders sound like a group of constipated squatters.

The letter earnestly puffs on:

Such approaches undermine the fundamental rights of migrants and impact severely on those of refugees and asylum seekers. The lack of collective political will to address key human rights abuses at home, seriously limits the EU’s credibility to promote human rights in its external relations, where it is also not doing enough.

Thus, according to Amnesty International, unless a nation is willing to let the “irregular migrants” overrun its borders -- causing crime waves, the breakdown of civil infrastructures and general chaos -- then it can’t protest, say, China’s grip on Tibet. What a bunch of malarkey.

As for the “lack of political will” to tear down national borders and welcome the irregulars with open arms…let’s congratulate those who lack the suicidal tendencies to want such an outcome.

The EU has not used its leverage sufficiently in the run up to the Beijing Olympics to make a real impact on the human rights situation in China. By significantly downgrading the input of civil society in the human rights dialogue it diluted its principled approach to one of pure tactical politics, blah, blah, etc., ad nauseam.

Sorry, the bureaucratese began to melt one word into the next, like an overheated box of crayons. What nation on earth - or collective suprastates of same - has sufficient “leverage” to get China to do anything? So here’s the bottom line, here is what Amnesty International wants the EU to do:

to adopt, by the Declaration’s anniversary in December, a Council resolution launching an overall review of its human rights policies and mechanisms, with the aim of finally designing and implementing a coherent human rights policy for the EU.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Nicolas

Oh, of course, I should I have known…the UN’s mini-me, the EU, is going to pass a Resolution, making the world safe for oligarchy. You’ll notice there is no corresponding resolution outlining the concomitant responsibilities to accompany the rights endowed to all these irregular squatters.

Be still, my heart.


randian said...

Sounds like one more obstacle in the way of stopping Eurabia: doing so is a human rights violation.

Armance said...

So, "illegal" = "irregular".

Which means that when you break the law, it can be said that you "break the regularity"? Consequently, murder, rape and robbery are "irregularities"?

I've been wondering many times why Amnesty International is taken so seriously. Every year there is such a noise about their annual report which frequently places Saudi Arabia and the US, Iran and Italy on the same level of disrespecting human rights. If you cannot make the difference between measures against illegal immigration and stoning people to death in a Sharia-ruled state, then you lack any natural sense of morality. AI is a group of leftist fanatics whose creed in the religion of "human rights" is more important than being simply humane.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Quite so Armance, AI was founded by committed marxist Peter Benenson, but is now chaired by Irene Khan- a Bangladeshi Muslim immigrant to Britain. Spot the inbuilt slants.

AI previous chief was Pierre Sané, a chap from Senegal who is now UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences.

The AI chieg two before him was Thomas Hammarberg who is now the Commissioner for Human Rights at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

Hamarberg published on refugee policy, minority issues and xenophobia, while Sane has launched various anti-rascism initiatives. Little is said of their education and early activities, but anyone wants to bet some student marxism was involved?

Amazing what a network (aka cabal) of folks can do in international institutions that are not subjected to election by the people.

So say no to AI, the UN and the EU.

Viva Italia.

Francis W. Porretto said...

According to the late Orianna Fallaci, the "irregular migrants" and their behavioral "irregularities" were making Rome, in particular, almost untraversable. Inasmuch as Miss Fallaci was as honest as the day is long, it would seem that the time for action arrived long ago.

Italy, of all the nations of Europe, should be on guard against a barbarian invasion. That there was one in progress, subtly encouraged by major institutions within Italy itself, says that that noble land was teetering on the brink of self-extinction. God bless Silvio Berlusconi and his lieutenants for moving against it at last.

Lugundum said...

Not so off topic: there will be a referendum against mass naturalizations.

Steven Luotto said...

These past few days have been fun in Rome. After the election of Berlusconi and his post-Fascist and regionalist allies, the left, but especially the remanants of the vanquished far-left have been in full alert mode for anything resembling a "regurgitation of Fascism."

Imagine their delight when it was reported that in a working class and "lumpenmensch" periphery, a gang of youths had beaten the living crap out of a Bangladeshi storekeeper.

"There! You see! The Duce's "bundled-stick" party /( Believe! Obey! And Fight!) is back! Sound the alarms! Man the barricades!

But it turned out that the perpetrator, Signor Dario Chianelli was known in the neighborhood as "Ernesto" in honor of the immortal "Che" and that he even had the Argentine's physician's mug, (star cap and all), tattooed on his arm. And by his own declaration had always voted for the left.

Yep! It was a terrifically political crime... A North African confrere of the Bangladeshi storekeeper had ripped off Signor Dario Chianelli's girlfriend's wallet and seeing as the state of legality in Italy is what it is (so bad that the Chief of Police himself just declared, that so many crimes are going unpunished that it's as if a broad amnesty were being passed each and every day), well... il grande fascista, Camerata Dario Che Guevara Chianelli, figured he'd solve the problem cowboy style. (We'll know that America is lost once the term "cowboy" is considered an insult instead of a compliment).

If you're from a working class neighborhood, getting your wallet ripped off really hurts. It's not a matter of high political ideals, but of making it to the end of the month.

When you think about it, despite the violence, Dario couldn't have treated the Bengali in a more brotherly fashion. Real brothers are known to get pissed off and to fight! He should be praised for his multi-culturalism! Hasta la rivolucion - siempre!

Conservative Swede said...


Yes I already read about it. The new excellent blog gives all the important news from Italy (only in Swedish, sorry).

The leftist establishment were in full alert. The media wrote articles about the "Neo-Nazi raid in Pigneto". A "No to racism" demonstration was organized, with celebrities speaking and singing. Etc.

"Ernesto" got fed up with this and decided to come out and tell the truth: "I'm not a racist!" And the leftist establishment were embarrassingly caught in their lies--how satisfactory!
(Here is a picture of the fascist)

On the side of "Ernesto" was a black guy who had grown up in the area, and also gotten tired of the decadence and criminality.
(Here is a picture of the racist)

The leftist establishment has been caught as the fakes they truly are. Wonderful Italy!

An Berlusconi is taking the command over Napoli, dealing with the Camorra, getting rid of the waste piles. A true leader! I cannot even remember when we saw a politician of this caliber last time--and he's not even a politician.

Conservative Swede said...


The leftist media elite is losing their grip.

In America we hear the cries of "I have stopped watching MSM!" and "Thank God for Fox News!"

Follow the blogs of the Hillary Democrats and they all say the same. Yes the Hillary Democrats! They are fed up with the MSM and say: "Thank God for Fox News as they seem to be the only ones with any consideration at all of [Hillary]."

Furthermore. "You are fooling yourselves if you believe that ANY of us will cast a single vote for Obama. His campaign has been totally racist... [and] we will have absolutely no problem voting John McCain in the fall."

Lawrence Auster has commented upon it here and here. He writes:

The divide within the Democratic party is much wider than I had realized, as I've learned from browsing the blogs at the Hillary Clinton campaign website late last night.
Can you imagine, a Hillary Clinton liberal saying he's stopped watching the "MSM," just as though he were a conservative? WHAT is going on here?
All the bloggers I've read without exception say they want Hillary to do everything she can, to pursue every angle at the convention. And all the bloggers I've read without exception say they will not vote for Obama if he is the nominee, and they say it with burning passion. I've never seen anything like it.

And then there is the analysis of VFR reader Mark P, that what we might witness is the Democratic Party breaking apart:

This is a common fantasy among the Left. The browning of America will somehow give the Democrats all of this enormous power. The reality is that the browning of America will drive white liberals out of power in the Democratic Party. Their future is exactly what Hillary is experiencing now: a fight for her political life as the various Democrat "identity groups" vote in favor of their own ethnic leaders.
[O]nce the white liberals are pushed aside, the Democratic Party will fall apart. White liberals are good facilitators, handily brokering power between various ethnic groups. Without them, the essential level of trust that keeps blacks, Hispanics, Asians and others together will disappear. This is the irony of mass Hispanic immigration. Allow one ethnic group to seize power from whites, resulting in the other ethnic groups becoming increasingly distrustful of the dominant group.

This guarantees that the downfall of white America will play out within the Democratic Party first.

Conservative Swede said...

The conclusion is that regardless of whether you want liberalism or conservatism, you need white people around. Otherwise we will fall into something that would make the Dark Ages look like an illumination festival. And white people are rapidly decreasing into a small minority on this planet.

Conservative Swede said...

Well, and then there's Switzerland of course.

Can Switzerland become too democratic?

The citizens, not the authorities, should decide by a popular vote, who will become new citizens. That is the suggestion from SVP. There is a referendum about it on Sunday.

Links here and here

Profitsbeard said...

Rome was once invaded and plundered by Mohammedan hordes.

Maybe somebody remembered.

Viva Italia!

Molto bene!

Beach Girl said...

I cannot believe that any discrimination against constipated migrants could possibly be taking place in that ever so perfect utopia that is the European Union. Be still my heart, indeed.

It is said that Americans get the government they deserve; could be the vastly superior native citizens of the daffy EU are getting the multicultural plague they've been begging for.

And the black veiled hoards are swarming like the pestulance of old. Well, hanging garlic and onions on strings around their native European necks won't keep the plague-carrying fleas from biting this time.

Let's see if the Italians, God bless 'em, and the Irish fight back...

Consul-At-Arms said...

I've quoted you and linked to you here: