Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No Veils for Policewomen — In Algeria

Presumably Muslim policewomen in Sweden and Britain may wear the veil if so inclined. However, the same is not true in Algeria.

According to ANSAmed:

Algeria: No to Policewomen With Veil

ALGIERS, MAY 19 - The women who wear the hijab (the Islamic veil) will not be admitted in the Algerian police, director of the national security Ali Tounsi announced, cited by the Algerian press.

“The women who want to join the police will have to renounce the veil because this Islamic attribute is incompatible with the difficult job in the police,” Tounsi said during a ceremony of the week on the national security information in Skikda (600 km east of Algiers).

Algeria boasts the “biggest number of female agents in the countries of the Arab world”, Minister Delegate to Interior Ministry and local authorities Daho Ould Kablia said. The women in the police number some 9,000, equal to 7.8% of the total.

By 2010 the police will have some 200,000 agents, against the current 140,000, Tounsi also said. Some 40,000 in Algiers alone, against the current 23,000.

Hat tip: insubria.

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Imperialistu' said...

Well this is rather amusing. No veil in Algeria, but please do hide your face behind that wall in Sweden and Great Britain.

laine said...

So an Arab Muslim nation demonstrates in no uncertain terms that the hijab is NOT a religious necessity while Western nations are still gullible enough to believe that it is.

Imperialistu' said...

Gullible is a far too soft word. "stupid" seems just right.