Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On the Saudi Payroll in Oz

It’s out in the open now: in Australia, at least, all those friendly talking-head Muslims that you see on your TV screen are in the pay of Saudi Arabia.

According to The Australian:

Muslim leaders in pay of Saudis

SIX Australian-based Muslim clerics who are leaders of the Islamic community in the country are on the payroll of the Saudi Government, receiving allowances of up to $2000 a month.

The Australian can reveal for the first time the identity of the clerics — some paid through the Saudi embassy in Canberra, others directly from Riyadh’s Dawah (preaching) Office — who receive between 3500 and 7000 Saudi riyal ($1975) a month.

The payments to the six — who include former Howard government adviser Amin Hady and Melbourne Somali imam Isse Musse — are part of Saudi Arabia’s multi-billion-dollar campaign to transform its hardline image in the West.

However, Sheik Hady told The Australian there were as many as 14 others in the country being paid by the Saudis.

The real scandal isn’t that all the imams and other shills for Mohammed are being paid by Riyadh — which is, after all, no more than what we all expect.

The real scandal is the way that Saudi money corrupts non-Muslims in politics, the government, and academia. In the USA, for example, so many people in high places owe their comfortable lifestyles to Riyadh that a concerted effort to confront Islamization isn’t possible.

Hell, we can’t even name the enemy.

But back to Australia:
- - - - - - - - -
Saudi Arabia has pumped more than $120 million into Australia since the 1970s to fund mosques, Islamic groups and clerics to propagate Wahhabism, the puritanical brand of Islam espoused by al-Qa’ida.

The Malaysian and Indonesian governments have also funded Islamic initiatives in Australia.

Sheik Hady defended the allowance he has received since his arrival in Australia more than 25 years ago, saying it came with no strings attached.

“So far, they never tell any of the preachers what to say and what to do,” said the Indonesian imam at Zetland Mosque, in Sydney’s inner south.

“We are fully independent of what we do… they never instruct that this is what we should teach and this is what we should not.

“I don’t think there is any notion with Wahhabism being imposed by anyone.”


Asked if he received any orders about what to preach, he said: “No, we’re Muslim, we don’t say what we want, we say what the Koran and the prophet Mohammed want us to understand and to say, and that is what we teach the people. We don’t teach people our opinion.” [emphasis added]

Actually, all of this seems perfectly credible to me.

The Saudis don’t need to tell anyone what to do. All they have to do is hunt up some of their co-religionists, hand them suitcases full of cash, and let ’em rip.

An imam in the pay of the Saudis doesn’t have to teach his opinion, nor does he have to take specific orders from Moscow Riyadh. He and all the others, from the billionaire princes in Jeddah to the fire-breathing imams drawing the dole in London, are reading from the same playbook.

A playbook that happens to be the perfect, eternal, and immutable word of Allah.

A playbook that that demands the blood of the kuffar if they fail to submit.

The Saudis are just paying their man in Sydney or Canberra or Melbourne to do what comes naturally.

Hat tip: DC.


NM Dean said...

Israel funds Jewish organisations in Europe which defend "Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state" but which work against equivalent ethnic national rights for Europe's peoples.

Will you modify your post to attack Saudis and Israelis both?

PapaBear said...

nmd7: when a bunch of Jewish Israelis fly planes into our buildings, then maybe we'll attack Israelis.

When a high-profile Israeli from a prominent Israeli family proclaims himself leader of a militant group that declares war on the US, then maybe we'll attack Israelis

When a group of wealthy and prominent Israelis (a group which includes the CEOs of major companies) show up on captured computer files as being the secret financial backers of al Queda (go google the "Golden Chain"), then maybe we'll attack Israelis

Until then, forget it

Baron Bodissey said...

nmd7 --

No, I won't. The postulated equivalency between Israel and the Saudis is spurious and pernicious.

When Jews swear to kill or enslave anyone who doesn't convert to Judaism, and when they kill people who convert out of Judaism, then maybe I'll consider it.

Baron Bodissey said...

By the way --

The above comment is NOT an invitation to convert this thread into yet another Jew-hating festival.

Further comments about Jews are off-topic. I'll close the thread to comments if y'all can't control yourselves.

Damon said...

This hasn't been huge news here in Oz, mostly because it doesn't surprise people.
Remember the "uncovered meat" Taj El-Din Hilaly?

Most thinking people here _assume_ the vocal Islamic clerics are either under the pay of Saudi Wahhabists, or are freelance jihadists, or even wanna-be Osama bin-Ladens (David Hicks).

The feeling I get "on the ground" here in Oz is that nobody really believes the "official" multi-culti propanda.

Stephen J Carter said...

nmd7 is almost certainly British. As a Canadian, I've become inured to British kneejerk anti-Semitism. It almost inevitably crops up in conversations with Britons. I read recently how in 2004 44% of Americans felt they could trust the British as allies. Their statistic apparently declined to just 17% in a comparable 2007 survey.

Proud Infidel said...

The whole Wahabbism thing is a red herring. Intolerance is generic and genetic to Islam, Wahabbism is just another brand of it.

And the Saudis don't have to tell the Imans what to preach. The Koran, Sunnas and Hadiths take care of that.

spackle said...

According to nmd7s profile he/she is involved in "government" in Somalia. Draw your own conclusions.

Nilk said...

I've yet to see anything about this in the Muslim Village forums, but I suspect they would be gnashing their teeth and tearing their hair in the private sections of their board.

Richard Kerbaj is doing some remarkable work exposing the inner workings of the islamic movement in Oz, and certainly upsets quite a few of our homegrowns.

I attended a speech by Walid Aly the other night with a few other local anti-jihadis, and the stench of dhimmitude was sickening.

However.... there are small signs - such as the woman who took two minutes to ask whether it wouldn't be better for us to have homegrown imams in the mosques rather than Saudi-bred and funded ones.

Political correctness is dreadful to watch in action when you can't even ask a straight question, and Damon is correct - the general aussie on the ground is not a fan of multiculturalism. Far from it.