Monday, May 19, 2008

Oriana Fallaci Square

With the ascendance of Lega Nord in the recent elections, good news emerges from Italy fairly frequently.

The latest is this story from La Repubblica, kindly translated into English by Gaia:

Oriana Fallaci Square in place of the mosque
Oriana Fallaci
VERONA — Goodbye mosque. In its place, Oriana Fallaci Square.

This decision was taken by the committee of Oppeano (Verona), where yesterday morning a building used by Muslims for prayer was bulldozed. In its place, the Municipality will create a public square named after the writer of The Rage and the Pride, which promoted a bitter campaign against Islam.
- - - - - - - - -
The decision to raze the structure which had been opened by ONLUS [translator’s note: Organizzazione Non Lucrativa di Utilita’ Sociale, a non-profit registered Italian charity] “For the success of Muslims”, was taken by the municipal administration, which acquired the area for €70,000 in order to transform it into an open area for parking and green space.

“My citizens did not want this takeover,” explained the mayor, Alessandro Montagnoli, deputy of the Lega Nord, “above all because it could create problems of practicability and cohabitation with the residents.”

Hat tip: RW.


spackle said...

Great news. I know someone who knew her in her last days and believe me, she was as tough as any Navy SEAL. One day she will be seen by many as one of the earliest voices of sanity in a world bent on suicide.

Fjordman said...

More good news from Italy. I know, it's not enough, but it's still good news. And I thought the LM were a bunch of Fascists. Fascists for Oriana?

Zonka said...

That is very good news, and a much needed black eye to Islam. Let's hope this is a beginning of a new trend, I can already imagine a Piazza dell Theo van Gogh being formed on the ruins of another mosque... Start tearing down the mosques and pay homage to the victims of Islam on the ruins of the mosques.

Fjordman said...

Verona: Isn't that where Juliet went berserk with her Romeo? But then Shakespeare was a Muslim, so maybe Verona is Islamic territory after all.

Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life;
Whole misadventured piteous overthrows
Do with their death bury their parents' strife.
The fearful passage of their death-mark'd love,
And the continuance of their parents' rage,
Which, but their children's end, nought could remove,
Is now the two hours' traffic of our stage;
The which if you with patient ears attend,
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.

Homophobic Horse said...

"Earliest voice of sanity"

I still can't get over her comments about Spaniards having "the koran in the blood."

But I want to talk about something different. Why did Fallaci call her book "The Force of Reason"? Because the modern philosophy is against reason. As the Cultural Marxists said: "Reason and reality in our time are authoritarian weapons". Or as Michael Foucault believed, reason doesn't exist, there are only discourses of power. Michael Foucault supported the Iranian revolution because to criticise its illiberal aspects was an act of western cultural imperialism. Foucault was the earliest academic to adopt a pro-Islam position for leftist reasons and denounce a leftist critic as an "Islamophobe".

For more examples of the irrational modern psychology watch this video of Tom Cruise giving a talk about Scientology.

"Scientology gives you the technology to redefine reality in a positive way".

Afonso Henriques said...

Great news!

Finally some truly inspiring news to the freedom fighters:

Imortality, take it, it's yours!!!

Viva Italia! Viva "il fascio!"

Let this "fascism" spread all over fricking Europe like back in the twenties, when Mussolini was in power.

With the hell! Let it reach Australia, North America, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina...

Will Europe rise again? I hope so, with Italy (again, as always) in the forefront. Viva Italia!
Meravigliosa Creatura...

Homofic Horse, what comments about Spaniards blood and Koran? I'd really like to read it, being a "Hispanic" myself, I am very curious...

heroyalwhyness said...

a building used by Muslims for prayer was bulldozed.

Italian version of Kelo?

snicker . . . scratch Kelo, Italian version of Kelo (eminent domain) should be named Fallaci.

Viva Fallaci! An excellent and much needed breath of fresh air & community improvement!

Jules said...

Great news!!!

Zenster said...

a building used by Muslims for prayer was bulldozed. In its place, the Municipality will create a public square named after the writer of The Rage and the Pride, which promoted a bitter campaign against Islam.

Schaweet! Given Islam's propensity for erecting mosques on the rubble of Infidel shrines, this is a most welcome turnabout.

Permit me to suggest that with each new Muslim atrocity, a mosque in every major (or minor, for that matter) city around the world gets bulldozed and renamed for an Infidel. Opening a ribs and links BBQ house on the spot is an acceptable second choice.

Lombard1985 said...

Great news this is indeed!

The square, once its completed, will hopefully become a historical marker in its own right.

May Oriana long be remember.


I second your sentiments! Viva "il fascio!"...As long as its not the Mussolini variety, that is. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oyvind Strommen will NOT be pleased. Let's come up with some other suggestions for names of other public places in Italy: Ayaan Hirsi Ali Plaza, Via Robert Spencer, Charles Martel Motorway, Don Juan de Austria Arch.

Findalis said...

Zonka has a great idea. Let's tear down the mosques and turn the areas into public parks dedicated to their victims. The trees in the parks will refresh the air and give wildlife a refuge. I'd rather see wildlife having a refuge than a jihadist.

babs said...

Oriana Fallaci was a great woman, there is no doubt. She traveled the world and had a very good idea of exactly what was going on. She met with almost all the great leaders of her time.
I read her last three books and they were pretty much amazing. To listen to someone as worldly as her voice such a strong opinion was really something. That is why I think she had to be put on trial toward the end of her life. Those that opposed her just couldn't allow such a strong voice to go unrepentant. The only way her opposition knew to quell her voice was to bring her to trial. Alas, she fooled them all by becoming terribly ill and unable to play their game. She died a lady...

Captain USpace said...

This is totally fabulous news, I really hope we see some more of this. Oriana was amazing and her words will always be so, she is most deserving of such an honor. Let's see if we get any rioting monkeys over this.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't destroy old buildings

especially old mosques
where old radicals preached

Help Halt Terrorism Now!



Profitsbeard said...

Once Mecca is a parking lot, the world will be a safer, saner place.

Gloriana Oriana.

Anonymous said...

I think mosques are pretty. Why bulldoze them, when they can be turned into very attractive restaurants, serving pork and alcohol, of course. Another idea would be doggie day care.

Steven Luotto said...

Well this is good news even though I've seen no mention of it in the other Italian newspapers. Perhaps they haven't carried the story yet, also because Oppeano is a one horse town (though it's got more artwork than all of Hoboken)... In ancient times it was crossed by the Via dell'Ambra (Amber Road, coming all the way down from the North Sea) and it's got big agricultural courts, old churches and monasteries, and a fortress. They cultivate rice (the famous and precious Riso Vialone nano) and so it's also along one of Northern Italy's "Rice Roads". As rice (meaning risotto) is born in water but meant to die in wine, there are also plenty of fairly good wines to be had in the area... Try a Lessini Durello (very nice).

Many parts of the Veneto Region were dirt poor after WWII to the point that there was a malnutrition problem (pellagra), but now it's one of Italy's wealthier areas and if you like wine the place is crisscrossed with "strade del vino".

Strada del Vino Lessini Durello
Strada del Torcolato e dei vini di Breganze
Strada del Friularo
Strada del Prosecco e dei Colli Conegliano
Strada del Soave
Strada del Riso
Strada del vino Colli Euganei
Strada del vino Arcole
Strada dei vini del Piave
Strada dei vini DOC Lison-Pramaggiore
Strada del Recioto e dei Vini Gambellara
Strada del Bardolino
Strada Terradeiforti
Strada del Valpolicella
Strada del vino bianco di Custoza
Strada dei Colli Berici

Coming late to wealth, the people despise all the absurd taxation coming from Rome and so it became a Lega Nord stronghold (Padania lavora e Roma divora! - Padania works and Rome devours!). So never mind "Viva il Fascio" but Viva il Regionalismo!

With success came immigration. First came the Southern Italians, the "Terrun"... Now they're pretty much integrated / assimilated (singing, dancing, inter-marrying, eating pork and DRINKING WINE and worshiping the same loving Jesus Christ will do that).

When I went to the VinItaly wine fair in Verona, I was quite surprised to see how many immigrants there were in this city of Romeo and Juliet. As we all know, Islam punishes Romeo and Juliet stories with decapitation, disembowelment, whipping, honor crimes and other horrors - (murder at worst and social death at best): one of the reasons why the ROP and its flooking Sharia must be defeated (as well as to protect all those above-mentioned "strade del vino" - regardless of any and all political systems, something I wish Charles Johnson would begin to appreciate.

Anonymous said...

ioshkafutz, yes, but Frank Sinatra was from Hoboken.

Steven Luotto said...

Ciao Letté,

I was born in Englewood, NJ... But to honor The Voice change Hoboken to Elisabeth... and read this by Mark Steyn

Steven Luotto said...

Apologies for my HTML linking laziness. It's about time I learn (damn it!)

STEYN - Frank Sinatra

Steven Luotto said...

Talk about serendipitous errors... The first link, for reasons which escape me went to a Steyn article about Oriana... which is well worth reading

and this

STEYN - Frank Sinatra

is the one about Frank Sinatra

X said...

Latté Island - in this case I think the "mosque" was just an old office building or something similar. There's simlar goings on all over the place, buildings being used as "mosques" without permission. I recall an incident in Oxford last year when the council wanted to demolish an old building being used as a mosque, which started a small riot and then a counter-riot as the locals decided to fight back. Didn't last very long. It strikes me that we'll see a lot more of these small events for the next year or so as people start to assert their rights again.

Anonymous said...

Archonix, your comment just reminded me of the Saudis' policy of destroying old mosques in Mecca and replacing them with plain, modern buildings because the old mosques were too beautiful and distracted the faithful from religion. It's convenient that the mosques that are being destroyed in the west are just storefronts and such, no great architectural loss.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Brilliant stuff.

The Italian elections with Lega Nord's victory and the annihilation of all the lefts was far more important than the MSMs minimal coverage dared let on.

Anti-immigration crackdowns last week, Mosque demolitions and Fallaci square this week.

We eagerly await to see whether the horrible and deliberately alienating post-modern Ara Pacis Museum will be demolished as Roman mayor Alemanno promised .....

X said...

Archonix, your comment just reminded me of the Saudis' policy of destroying old mosques in Mecca and replacing them with plain, modern buildings because the old mosques were too beautiful

Now there is a mindset I absolutely despise. Islam seems to hate anything good and beautiful in the world. Women, architecture, art... why is it that totalitarian ideologies always go after beautiful things?

thll said...

More good news from Italy. Ignorant old me hadn't heard of Oriana Fallaci until someone bought me a copy of 'The rage and the pride' - powerful stuff.

RW said...
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Dymphna said...


why is it that totalitarian ideologies always go after beautiful things?

Because the true, the good and the beautiful co-exist. Where you find one of those qualities you find the rest.

(Pretty qirls, while they often make the world go 'round, are not in the philosopher's sense, part of what is "beauty"...all beauty contains aspects of the eternal)

A culture of death cannot abide the trinity of the true, the good, and the beauftiful. That's why this one has a legacy of 1,400 years of death and destruction.

RW said...

One can ask himself a question why Denmark, and why Italy? And hopefully why some other countries in the future?

Each country depending on its specific culture developed different way to tackle this islamization problem. Many things were already said about Denmark, but what about Italy, why it can do things that are hard to imagine lets say in England or in Germany. My own theory goes that it has to do with Italian culture of words. People here talk a lot and a lot of this is crap. If they tell you they wll meet you at some our, it's seldom this our, often much later. This feature is very hard for northeuropean expads here in Italy. But what are the other consequences of this culture.
In politics people don't mind their words that much as in places more to north from here. That means that in a minute of a discussion you can here ten times of being fascist or communist. As a result people don't take those nick names so seriously as somewhere else. Therefore Italians arrive with something like natural immunity to argumentum ad hitlerum, which is often to big obstacle to tackle in other places.
And then as soon, as your discourse can go frilly, without being hampered by this form of PC-censorship, then you can arrive at reasonable conclusions, when you discuss Islam.

AMDG said...

Best news of the last n years: Italians will fight back.

Evviva l'Italia!

Sacro fremito di gloria
tutta l'anima m'investe.
Su! corriamo alla vittoria!
Guerra e morte allo stranier!

A holy thrill of glory
fills my whole soul.
Arise! Let us speed to victory!
War and death to the foreigner!

"War, war! Exterminate them!" is repeated a number of times.

And is from Verdi's Aida. Another fascist. I wonder how could the the Khedive of Egypt, Ismail Pasha, who commissioned it could fail to notice that.

Oops, I see now that those were colonial times. Shame on all of us Christian whites!

Steven Luotto said...

Ciao RW,

There's some truth to what you say, but there are many Italies and the one you describe is more southern, though the veneti are called the "southerners of the north" and are quite talkative, while having a very good work ethic. They'll show up on time. If you move further to the northwest, to Piemonte, the work ethic is so strong that Calvin himself would want to join a Union. The town where I often stay, Alba, has one Srl (Ltd) every seven people.

One thing which with rare exception unites Italy is her contempt for the state. Having been ruled by the French, Austrians, Spanish, the Church, the moors (in some areas) and invaded again and again, the state is considered the enemy, not there for the common good, but to be exploited for personal gain. The big sin here is cynicism where up north, generally speaking, it is pride.

Calculate as well the rebellious nature of the Leghisti who in their earlier days wanted to actually break away from the Repubblica and who started off campaigning against the Southern Italian immigrant "invasion" and you can understand why it's easier. They gave their own compatriots a hard time, go figure the "real" barbarians.

When a crime is committed here, all newspapers, even the leftwing papers will generally report the perpetrator's nationality. There are no "youths" here, but marocchini, arabi, rumeni, etc.

In conclusion, I say the better-educated (and therefore more indoctrinated Denmark is the real miracle. Italy is not so goverened by the liberal enlightenment, she is still regional, provincial, municipal and campanilistico and though not everywhere, family attachments are stronger - all to mean that she is still indigenous.

At present she is being heavily scourged by Zapatero's socialist Spain on charges of xenophobia (forgetting that 67% of the prison population is foreign!): three diplomatic incidents in just a few days with actual Govt. Ministers suggesting that Berlusconi needs psychiatric treatment!

Baron Bodissey said...


Please don't paste long URLs into the comments; they make the post page too wide and mess up the appearance of the permalink page.

Use link tags; the instructions are at the top of the full post's comment section.


RW said...

Thank you Baron for posting this.

I finally open the google account to be able to add comments here. So I tried to truck the news source more deeply (maybe because of this western mental pattern that Fjordman noticed in his islamic/socratesian dialogue essay). It seems that La Reppublica article is a simple follow up from an article published in Agenzia Multimediale Italiana the day before (17.05.2008 - the day of bulldozing). The link is here:
It is basically the same information.
Additionally I noticed that Corriere della Sera, the other Italian daily circulation paper covered shortly the story three days earlier (15.05.2008), but at that time the "mosque" was not yet demolished. Link here:
[haven't learn yet how to post links in other way]

Consul-At-Arms said...

I've linked back to you here:

Antonio Caracciolo said...

Ma quale grande notizia!
Qui in Italia la vicenda Oppeano non ha avuto nessuna risonanza nazionale. Resta un fenomeno leghista. Il che dice tutto o quasi. Come italiano di anni 58 sento ora per la prima volta il nome di Oppeano... Se vi interessa, cercherò di seguire il vostro blog e di dare qualche contributo, ma al momento sono occupato su altri temi. Posso dirvi che come italiano (abito a Roma) trovo avvilente e sconfortante questa forma di intolleranza. Nel mio quartiere si incontrano musulmani, ma non hanno mai costituito un problema. Invece la comunità ebraica di problemi ne crea parecchi. E credo che sia proprio la Israel Lobby a voler creare un ingiustificato movimento antislamico. Naturalemnte come cittadino italiano mi oppongo a questa tendenza.

Antonio Caracciolo

Baron Bodissey said...

In the interests of inclusive diversity, here is a machine-based translation of the above comment:

But what great news!

Here in Italy the Oppeano affair has not had any resonance. It is a League phenomenon. That says it all or almost. As Italian feel 58 years now for the first time the name of Oppeano ... If you are interested, I will try to follow your blog and give some contribution, but am currently busy on other issues. I can tell you that as an Italian (living in Rome) I find this form of intolerance disheartening and depressing. In my district I meet Muslims, but have never had a problem. Instead the Jewish community creates several problems. And I believe that it is precisely the Israel Lobby that wants to create an unjustified anti-islamic movement. Naturally as an Italian citizen I oppose this trend.

Baron Bodissey said...

NOTICE: the above is NOT a license to turn this into another Jew-hating thread. If you do, I will close the post to further comments.

Steven Luotto said...

Sì, sì caro Antonio, yes, dear Antonio, the Italian Jewish crime rate is intolerable. There are so many Jews in Italian jails that now most food needs to be blessed by rabbis. Each day hundreds of Jews try to land on Lampedusa... and as we all know, Oriana, who got the ball rolling here, was actually an agent of Zion (whose secret headquarters are located inside an underground mezzuzah-shaped bunker floating on the blood of Cossacks).

The Jews control the drug trade, have caused a surge in rape statistics and synagogues need to be monitored to make sure that there is no terror recruiting (as was the case with the Imam Moussa of Rome's main mosque, once the biggest in Europe).

The biggest voice of the Jewish Lobby is Gad Lerner, the ultra-leftwing nut who allowed Fiamma Nirenstein to be called a Nazi on prime time.

There's no problem, Antonio... and even France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, and the UK have nothing to complain about.


Fosca said...

It 'a victory for the majority of Italian people, because we believe that it’s possible to put an end to Islamization of Europe.

It 's a great defeat for those who would ally with Islam to dominate the West. We know them very well: eurasiatists groups, neo-nazists, extreme left groups.
May be, “Antonio” has "good friends” within these gangs…