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The Death Penalty For Racism?

The Fjordman Report

The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.
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We know that “racism” is the worst of all possible crimes. In Britain, you apparently deserve to die if you are a “racist.” At the same time, many Western university students are taught that “all whites are racists.” But if all whites are racists, and racists deserve to die, does that mean that all whites deserve to die?

Keith Brown, 52, collapsed and died after being knifed in the back by his next-door neighbour Habib Khan. Khan, 50, was unanimously cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter after a jury heard that he had endured racism, threats and violence from Mr Brown and his son, Ashley Barker, also a BNP activist.

An indoctrination program that was shut down at the University of Delaware last year after it was revealed the teachings included “All whites are racist” is now being revived.

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Profitsbeard said...

Since there is only one "race" (human), descended from an originally-white African group (as the light-skinned soles of black Africans' feet... inconveniantly rfor the p.c.-deluded... reveal), all talk of "racism" is merely a handy form of intimidation by a clique seeking power to control human liberty and to over-ride our species' gift of rationality with their specious unscientific "racist" nonsense.

We are all one.

Only ideological differences matter.

Intolerant Islamic imperialists are the main problem in the modern world.

They come in every human color and shape.

And need to be opposed by all thinking and compassionate people.

Conservative Swede said...

I wish Orwell had been alive. He would have written another Animal Farm based on this. But the totalitarians in Animal Farm were at least mammals. This is more like Insect Farm.

Papa Whiskey said...

Not only are all white folks racists by definition, they also owe all their assets to black folks. Father Michael Pfegler, for whom Sen. Barack Obama secured a $100,000 federal-funds earmark, said so last Sunday:

All in line with this seemingly timeless sentiment:

"... you can't steal nothin from a white man he's already stole it he owes you anything you want, even his life."

LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka
(p. 224, William J. Harris, ed., The LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka Reader, New York: Thunder's Mouth Press, 1993)

Western Resistance said...

I think the death penalty would be too extreme, at the moment. But, I certainly can foresee fines, incarceration, and mandatory treatment at mental health facilities. That's where white people headed.

randian said...

I wonder what definitions of "racism" and "violence" were used in concluding Mr. Khan was a victim.

Decatur said...

As much as one tries to demonstrate that many of the world's current problems are not about race, incident's like this give the lie to that concept. This sorry incident was only about race and it speaks to all of humanity's instinctive need to survive, primarily as family groups, then racial groups, then as nations ( and for some not always in that order).

I detest name calling and insulting people on the basis of their beliefs, race, age and so forth for two reasons: firstly, because to do so demonstrates unthinking reaction rather than reasoned conclusions and secondly, because it is a silencing tactic used by the Left, from Hitler's Socialist Brownshirts hectoring Jews to my own experience with a friend who can only respond to my immigration concerns with constant insinuations that I am a racist, xenophobic bigot.

The unfortunate Mr. Keith Brown, who was, according to the evidence, intimidating his neighbour over a building dispute, probably did not have the social skills to deal with the matter in a gentlemanly fashion, and it is absolutely clear that his neighbour did not have these skills either, as is evident from his resultant murderous attack. But why did the judge rule that Mr. Brown was the dangerous party, rather than the man who murdered him?
We know the answer. Mr. Brown for all his faults was drawing attention to the fact that he was furious about the changes taking place in his country. These changes are the direct result of his government's policies and he was, like many others in Europe, bewildered and angry. Mr Brown was not prepared to remain silent. Is the judge is telling indigenous Britons that they most definitely will remain silent and that views similar to Mr. Brown's will be regarded as less tolerable than murder?

heroyalwhyness said...

I have good friends from Stoke on Trent and there is a bit more to the story behind Keith Brown's "collapse" -such semantics! . . .

The so-called neighbourhood dispute first started when Keith Brown's new Muslim neighbours decided to move the existing fence that divides the properties an extra two feet in the new neighbor's favor. Keith tried all he could to get the council's legal team to stop the erection of concrete posts and new fence panels off his property, but despite being advised that he was legally correct on several occasions - nothing was done.

Every morning Keith would open his curtains to see this encroachment on his own bit of land, his own personal space and, as the large Muslim family started to take pleasure in goading him about the invasion of his property, his quality of life became minimal.

The relationship between the neighbours became seriously strained and it was not long before the police were called to intervene. Amazingly, it was Keith who found himself dragged before the courts on a trumped up charge of "racism". Thankfully his West Indian neighbour appeared as a witness and described the charges as ridiculous. Eventually the case was thrown out.
Keithss eldest son was actually sent to prison for later defending his father against a further physical assault, the injustice of which hurt Keith considerably.

Last year the brakes on Keith's van were cut and he narrowly avoided a serious accident. Not long after this Keith's beloved English bull terrier was poisoned to death and his Alsatian puppy mysteriously disappeared.

Throughout this time Keith and his partner had requested to move from the area to a new council house, but despite being on the housing list for years nothing was ever done for them.

CCTV footage

In desperation Keith fitted a CCTV system to his house in order to obtain video evidence of the continued racially-motivated abuse and assaults directed towards him and his family. One such assault was indeed captured on video and burnt to DVD. Last year Stoke BNP councillor Steve Batkin requested a meeting with a local police Inspector at Sutherland Road Police Station in Longton to hand over the DVD and to complain about Muslim drug dealing in the area. The female, Asian officer refused to even take the DVD and dismissed Steve's formal complaint about the continuing assaults on Keith Brown saying that , she "knew who he was." In the minuted meeting she at least said she would look at the narcotics issue, but later informed Steve that the alleged drug-dealing was just "private hire drivers falling asleep in their cars".

The months of anguish continued for Keith, abuse, assaults and smashed windows until finally the inevitable but entirely avoidable happened. That Friday afternoon witnesses saw Keith and his neighbours in yet another flare up. Keith had just returned from picking up his three youngest children from school when he was confronted by a group of Muslim men outside HIS, house. Whilst Keith was remonstrating with these men another Muslim man crept from behind a car and plunged a large knife in his back. Keith never saw it coming, but his three young children did. Having brutally attacked Keith the gang then set about his 19-year-old son leaving him hospitalised.

As Keith lay dying in his garden, paramedics desperately tried to resuscitate him, but Keith had already slipped away, stabbed in the back by his murderer and stabbed in the back by those who should have protected him.

Zenster said...

Permit me to make the offhand prediction that a few more acquitals of criminals like Habib Khan will mark the start of such murderers experiencing rather abrupt and inexplicably fatal "accidents" soon after their release.

Diamed said...

There's only one breed, the canine breed.

Wolves, coyotes, terriers, retrievers, sheepdogs are all descended from the same source and thus any distinctions between them are unscientific nonsense.

All canines are one, only how they're trained matters.

Poorly trained dogs come in all breeds and sizes.

But they won't be a problem so long as all the well trained dogs unite in obedience and good manners.

Afonso Henriques said...

"We know that “racism” is the worst of all possible crimes. In Britain, you apparently deserve to die if you are a “racist.” At the same time, many Western university students are taught that “all whites are racists.” But if all whites are racists, and racists deserve to die, does that mean that all whites deserve to die?"

Exactly Fjordman.
Perish white peoples of the world!

now we have our first martyrs, killed by their own state. It won't be pretty but it will get worst.

I can only honour that mean who died.

Afonso Henriques said...


"This sorry incident was only about race"

Was it really?

As I see it virtually nothing is about race. For one to act based on race I do believe one has to be "too much indoctrinated".

I am going to ask you to please show me a major or minor (but the greater the better) incident related to race.

Of course, many people say that European's colonisation was "racist", saying that when a white man opresses a brown or black man he is racist (yes, because whites do not opress one another neither do that opression against other races comes from a need of a group to protect its members).

Also, why is it racist to call a black man "mid-night" and not to call a fat woman "whale". Of course, because ones aspect is due to race, there shall be no criticism, unless the man is white, of course.

You will find that very few incidents were racist.

Racism is when one does not like Rhianna or Fifty Cent songs simply because they are black.
Was such a racist major event Decatur? Thanj you.

Afonso Henriques said...


Can you please provide sources to your comment so that I can print it, translate ir and with the link provided by Fjordman destribute to people around here?

Thank you.

Whiskey said...

Who? Whom?

Who benefits, from the dissolution of law and order and public safety of the ordinary person, besides various ethnic/religious and so on groups?

Why, various nomenklatura, bureaucrats, and the like who have an endless "landless estate" they wish to preserve. By taking away everything, particularly public safety, from those they hate which is lower class whites.

Now, what is that likely outcome? As Zenster says, vigilantism. It is the biggest mistake to think that abdication of law and order by the bureaucrats does not have a price. It does. People confronted by violence, become violent. And will choose violence as a permanent solution to their ills and threats around them, in a tribal fashion. What Lee Harris calls de-civilization. Which once started cannot be easily stopped.

Lower class White Britons are likely as a matter of survival to group into gangs which will provide alternative to the government, cradle-to-grave protection. You can see that already happening with the BNP being the party of last resort for the victim.

Unknown said...

Vigilantism? This has nothing to do with vigilantism.

After all: it was not the harassed briton who complained to the authorities and was let down, who eventually resorted to violence - it was one of the muslim's friends who plunged a knife in the briton's back while he was - again - harassed ànd killed in front of his own children.

And yes - there was racism: from the nice new muslim neighbours
So I really don't see what the cryptic message about different breeds - who are after all all dogs - was about...

A white man was ganged up on by his muslim neighbours, and deserted and betrayed by his own people, because they were afraid to be labeled racist by his enemies.
And when he was dead they betrayed him again, by calling him a racist in the papers

Joanne said...

I used to think we were all human beings, but I was mistaken; most are animals posing as humans.

Diamed said...

paard -- No one denies that different breeds of dogs have different personalities, different behaviors, different rates of violence/friendliness, different abilities, etc.

However, breeds of dogs are less genetically diverse than races of humankind. This is why profitsbeard and his claim that simply because we share a common ancestor, there is no genetic variation between humans, is the actual unscientific nonsense.

Sorry to confuse.

heroyalwhyness said...

Afonso Henriques said... Can you please provide sources.

The information I printed above was sent to me in personal correspondence.

I googled for Keith Brown news and it appears the courts have reached a verdict, and the press spins in expected fashion:

How the BNP shamefully tried to create a 'white martyr'

and this

BNP hijack murder trial to recruit new members saying 'anyone who gets angry - get involved with the BNP'

At the second link a photo of the properties is included - showing the fence and the driveway (access road).

Now ask yourself, if Keith Brown had stabbed Habib Khan - would the courts have seen it as a racial murder?

Zenster said...

Joanne: I used to think we were all human beings, but I was mistaken; most are animals posing as humans.

Joanne, please abstain from condemning animals in such an undeserved fashion. As Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel noted:

For the opposite of human is not the animal. The opposite of the human is the demonic.

Animals act in a most innocent fashion. Humans, clearly, do not.

Zenster said...

heroyalwhyness, thank you very much for so diligently posting the backstory about Keith Brown's cowardly and cold-blooded murder. All of us owe you a debt of gratitude for making sure the truth was told regarding such an atrocious miscarriage of justice. This horrible travesty is a template for what the PC Multiculturalists have in store for all of us.

heroyalwhyness said...

Here are two more links:


This article gives a bit of corroborating detail about the initial dispute:

"The two week trial had been told of friction between the two men ever since Khan applied for planning permission to build a house next to 52-year-old Mr Brown's property in 2001.
They clashed over an access road between their homes and*** Khan moved the building line on his new house back by 18 inches" ***

And from the BBC:

Neighbour killer also wounded son


The trial earlier heard that Khan said he had held a knife against Mr Brown "to scare him" when he saw him trying to strangle his son Azir but Keith 'fell on the knife accidentally.

On Wednesday the jury also found him [Habib] guilty of wounding his son Ashley Barker.

By coincidence, an accident too?

Debbie said...

Thank you herroyalwhyness for giving us the history that led to this tragedy.

The fact that Britons are not rising up and loudly condemning the court system in response to this ruling says it all. I'm sorry to be fatalistic but it's over for Britain. The fear of speaking out in the UK for fear of being labeled (and arrested) as a racist is the same climate that existed during Nazi Germany. This is the tipping point and the citizens of Great Britain have not taken the opportunity to tip the scales in the direction of sanity.

History shows us so much - that's why it's a subject in schools. If it didn't matter - we wouldn't study it. Sadly, it seems that many have chosen to ignore the warnings of Churchill, Jefferson, Adams, and Teddy Roosevelt. The Barbary Pirates are back in full force and I've seen no one in the press make the connection to the modern day Somali pirates. In fact, I read an article that praised the pirates for treating their prisoners "humanely."

The press has yet to connect the rising oil prices to Ahmadenijad - as far as I've seen - even though he recently claimed that oil had yet to reach its logical value and that $100 a barrel was far too low.

It's like the world is is under some spell of complacency. I keep hoping that I'll wake up and find that this has all been a bad dream. I'm utterly disgusted and so grateful that I don't have any children to inherit this mess.

Afonso Henriques said...


"I used to think we were all human beings, but I was mistaken; most are animals posing as humans."

I do believe you are right. I may add that "Human" is an idealisation.

Aren't all we Animals posing to be humans? (Notice the capitalisation :) trying to be perfect?)

Afonso Henriques said...

Thank you for the sources funny named guy!

I have not look at them yet but thank you.

Decatur said...

Alfonso Henriques, Thankyou for your response. I saw your post last night but it was late and I was tired, so here's my attempt to respond to your post. I'm a little confused as to precisely what it is that you are saying but I'll do my best.
You ask me is the sentencing of Mr Khan and the death of Mr Brown to do with race?
I believe it is, firstly the incident came about because of a clash of cultures, Mr. Brown objected to having alien peoples as his neighbors, being a member of the BNP he clearly objected to his nation being turned into a multiracial melting pot. He was never asked if he wanted this for his country. Like many Nationalists, he would have been aware that the Left introduced third world people into Britain in order to garner votes and retain power. According to Herroyalwhyness, (excellent post btw) there was much racial mudslinging going on for some time. Another reason I believe it is a racial incident is because of judge’s comments and the sentence. You will notice that this is the premise of the article; leniency shown to the non white immigrant who murdered a white native.

Re: Midnight/blacks vs. Whale/fat woman; would not the former be seen as racist because 'midnight' draws attention to the racial makeup of the person? Whereas 'whale' draws attention to their size, not their race. The government has not attempted to import voting fodder in the form of tubby people, but it has done just this with blacks/browns. Drawing attention to black people might cause them to feel 'different' or 'not English' which might lead to social dissonance, and we're all supposed to be enriched and happy in Multicultiland. I would have thought that this was self explanatory, am I missing something here?
Re: your mention of colonisation.
Colonisation was not about oppression as had historically been the case with colonizing empires such as Rome, which were autocratic, limiting over-riding authority to the hands of one person. Britain, was a small island nation, she needed the products that others didn't want i.e. oil, rubber, minerals etc. The British form of colonization, and hence the British Empire, was dual purposed; settlement and business. It was originally an exportation of English stock and ideas, as well as an exportation of English money and commodities with hopes for a lucrative return. How the British colonial experience differed from the oppressive empires of the past was that it was most definitely not designed as an instrument of oppression, rather it sought (in it’s now rather outdated & patronizing way) to educate and enlighten people. It certainly made mistakes, but it still remains amongst Empires a unique system of government that developed from a business venture into a structure for the development of human freedom, to eventually become a Commonwealth of free nations. It was an empire without 'imperium' a true paradox that preferred the opposite principle of 'libertas'.
I keep feeling that I’ve missed the point of your query, so please write again if I haven’t cleared things up. Decatur

X said...

deadbambi, you're still making the mistake of assuming that people know all of this went on. What do most people have to inform them on this? The media. Blogs aren't big over here, they barely make any impact on most people's lives, so most people will still get their information from the media. That media, of course, is dominated by the BBC, which most people still tend to trust simply because they aren't given enough information to believe otherwise. People can't rise up and condemn what they don't know about.

That said, when people learn about things like this they do protest, and very loudly. But of course that also goes unreported...

Your information comes from the media. Our information comes from the media. The media has a vested interest in keeping silent about this because they have a lot to lose. The BBC and the aparatus of the state are so closely tied that the BBC can effectively silence media outlets that don't broadly toe the left-liberal line. Even the daily mail and the sun lean left on most issues these days. They vary on populism, they don't do proper investigative journalism any more.

You see the problem?

Debbie said...

Hi Graham,

Of course I see the problem and I readily admit that we internet folk get more information (sometimes viable, sometimes not) than those who trust the 6pm television newscast. However, if we look at the various situations that have made it into at least print in the UK, including Lionheart's dilemma, the woman wearing the cross who worked for the airline, the teacher whose students named a bear, Muhammed, and this latest issue which I'm sure made the papers - wouldn't people by now be asking the question, "what is going on here?"

I was unaware that the murdered man was a BNP member - but herroyalwhyness's post said exactly the opposite about racial epithets being delivered by the murdered man to his neighbor, Habibi. Her post mentioned that the man's good character with regard to racism was validated by the testimony of his West Indian neighbor when this issue was presented to the court prior to his murder.

I don't see race as the problem in the UK. Arabs and Muslims aren't a race. The white murdered man's testimony that he wasn't a racist was ignored as much as his black West Indian neighbor's testimony. The problem is appeasing Muslims in the hopes that they'll quit hating native Britons and quit launching attacks against the UK. America is beginning use the same useless tactic, as is Israel.

I believe many people are aware of the many events that have occurred that paint critics of Islam with the same brush as racists. I don't think they've spoken up loudly though. I think people are too afraid of being thought of as a racist if they agree with any portion of the BNP's platforms (which demonstrates why I think the BNP is a problem for our movement as I've stated in other posts). I also think people are afraid of speaking out because they might actually get arrested for hate speech. This is Volksgemeinschaft in action. When people are getting arrested for speaking out against a group of thugs, you have what Nazi Germany had. Sadly, I think it's too late for the UK.

TouchStone said...

The real culprit for this travesty is the worship of "multiculturalism".

When people from anywhere are allowed to bring their own ideas from everywhere, then the laws of the nation count for nothing.

Khan was completely justified, according to sharia law.
...and, so it seems, the laws of Britain are heading that direction, too....

All in the name of "multiculturalism".

If we don't hold to the traditional laws AND CULTURES of our nations, then murders like that will become "ordinary" events.

Zenster said...

deadbambi: I don't see race as the problem in the UK. Arabs and Muslims aren't a race. The white murdered man's testimony that he wasn't a racist was ignored as much as his black West Indian neighbor's testimony. The problem is appeasing Muslims in the hopes that they'll quit hating native Britons and quit launching attacks against the UK.

Quite an outstanding summary, deadbambi. Even more astonishing is how people seem to go out of their way to avoid recognizing the logic of it. People have gone beyond the fingers-stuck-in-ears-singing-tra-la-la stage and into one of willingly plucking out their offending eyeballs.

A century ago, such behavior was merely self-defeating and those who participated in it usually met with social disgrace or career failure.

In an age of jet airplane transportation and bulk immigration, the consequence of ignoring or appeasing resurgent Islam's threat is—not just ill-advised but—flat-out suicidal.

Debbie said...

When did Islam become a race? I consider myself mostly void of racist tendencies, however I will warn as many as I can, shout it from the rooftops, that Islam is a dangerous proposition and those who follow it have a much greater potential of being dangerous than non-Muslims.

I'll scream the same thing about Scientology too.

Thank G-d I live in a country where I can scream these opinions and I won't go to jail for it.

Churchill must be rolling in his grave. He warned everyone about the Mohammedans. Ironically, in 2008 Britain, Churchill would've been brought up on charges of racial intolerance or inciting violence for his celebrated speeches and writings.

It would be an interesting experiment for a native, British citizen to stand on a street corner and quote some of Churchill's saltier opinions and see if he gets arrested. Maybe that would wake people up.