Friday, May 16, 2008

Slouching Towards Vienna

Counterjihad Vienna 2008

Tell me again about Europe and her pains,
Who’s tortured by the drought, who by the rains.
Glut me with floods where only the swine can row
Who cuts his throat and let him count his gains.
It seemed the best thing to be up and go.

                — William Empson, from “Aubade

For want of a better word, last weekend’s Counterjihad gathering in Vienna is referred to as a “conference”, but, as Dymphna mentioned in her report on Monday, the event was primarily a working meeting rather than a conference.

Last October’s conference in Brussels centered around the presence of a number of speakers, some of them well-known, who made informational presentations and then facilitated discussion. The results of the work in Brussels were carried to this year’s meeting in Vienna, where we rolled up our sleeves and really began to implement what was discussed last fall.

Serge TrifkovicWe did have a featured speaker — Serge Trifkovic, the well-known author of anti-jihad books and articles — who spoke during the dinner on Sunday night. But even Mr. Trifkovic buckled down and got to work in the brainstorming and planning sessions during the workshop portions of the meeting.

In addition to Mr. Trifkovic, there were a number of other bloggers and writers who took part in the event. Our Austrian correspondent E.S.W. was the local organizer for CJ Vienna and did a superb job as the hostess for the meeting, and she is also in charge of Mission Europa Netzwerk Karl Martell, on which the results of our work in Vienna are being posted. Check in there from time to time to see the papers and reports which are being published.

The German writer Stefan Ullrich was present, as were the German bloggers Christine Dietrich of Politically Incorrect and Holger Danske of Europe News.

Among the other bloggers were Aeneas of Beer n Sandwiches and Paul Weston, both of them from the UK. AMDG, who blogs at La Yihad en Eurabia and is a frequent correspondent here, attended the meeting, as did KGS of the Finnish blog Tundra Tabloids. Denmark was represented by Henrik of Europe News, Rolf Krake, and Zonka.

The rest of the participants were academics, journalists, ordinary working people, and retired folks. They came from Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Flanders, Germany, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA. Most were Christians, but several Jews were present, along with one Buddhist and a number of secular people.

The one thing held in common — a prerequisite for attending — was that each person had to volunteer for at least one of the projects that were brainstormed during the two days’ sessions.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Last week, in one of the preliminary papers for the conference, I compiled a list of general categories of action that are appropriate goals for Counterjihad planning:

  • Legislative initiatives, mounted locally or nationally
  • Constitutional challenges to sharia law, or to the mandates of the EU and the UN
  • Legal defense funds for people sued or criminally charged for speaking out.
  • The formation of political parties
  • Putting pressure on existing political parties to induce them to include anti-sharia planks in their platforms
  • Public demonstrations
  • “Street theater” events, such as the veiling of statues
  • Media outreach

Although we covered a broad range of future actions, the particular focus of the Vienna conference was “Defending Civil Liberties in Europe”, so that the emphasis was on what would be called “First Amendment issues” if we were dealing with the United States.

When the Lisbon Treaty comes into full force at the beginning of next year, the existing laws and regulations imposed by the EU will be implemented and “harmonized” among the various member states. The legislation and diktats issuing from Brussels are deliberately lengthy, obscure, impenetrable, and hard to find, in order keep the average European in the dark about them.

The documents that list the mandates of the EU take up tens of thousands of pages of dense bureaucratese and were written by thousands of well-paid civil servants. Their job is to make official language incomprehensible, because stating the rules plainly would cause ordinary citizens to rise up in outrage.

This is particularly true of the laws affecting free speech. A Survey of Readings on Free Expression and Recent Laws and Resolutions was prepared in advance of the Vienna meeting to give the broad outlines of the constraints facing ordinary citizens in the member states of the EU. The constitutions of most European countries — Denmark being a notable exception — tend to qualify the basic right of free expression with exceptions, most of which concern “racism” and “xenophobia”. This has the intended effect of suppressing any frank discussion of the EU’s suicidal immigration policy.

And Europeans don’t have to wait until January 1st to feel the chill wind of oppression. This morning, while I was preparing this report, our Danish correspondent TB send us a tip about a cartoonist in the Netherlands who has just been arrested for his “discriminatory” drawings:
- - - - - - - - -
Cartoonist arrested for discrimination

MPs from across the political spectrum have urged justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin to explain the arrest of a cartoonist on discrimination charges.

The cartoonist, who operates under the pseudonym Gregorius Nekschot, was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of publishing work which discriminates against Muslims and ‘people with dark skins’. The arrest follows a complaint made against Nekschot in 2005.

Nekschot, an established cartoonist whose work features in magazine HP/De Tijd amongst others, was released after spending Tuesday night in custody. His house was searched and a quantity of work taken away.

In a statement, the public prosecution department said cartoonists are by nature satirical and often insulting to others. However, Nekschot’s work broke the boundaries of freedom of expression and artistic licence, the department said.

This is just the latest in a series of arrests, prosecutions, lawsuits, administrative decisions, and other actions instituted against European artists, writers, journalists, and filmmakers. In advance of Counterjihad Vienna, with the help of about a dozen co-contributors, I prepared a paper on the existing cases of official repression against European citizens for exercising of their right to free speech. Britain and Sweden offer the most extreme examples of cracking down on “racism” and “fomenting religious hatred”, but most European governments have prosecuted their own citizens for speaking out in ways that are now considered forbidden.

The most ominous cog in the EU’s machinery of repression is the European Arrest Warrant, which will come into effect when the Lisbon Treaty is implemented next year. Former Ambassador Edgar K. Selzer gave a talk on the issue during the second day of the conference. See “Freedom of Speech in the European Union — the Implications of the Lisbon Treaty and the European Arrest Warrant” on the Mission Europa site for a precis of what he said.

The European Arrest Warrant (pdf format) lists 32 categories of punishable crimes over which it has jurisdiction (emphasis added):

  • participation in a criminal organisation,
  • terrorism,
  • trafficking in human beings,
  • sexual exploitation of children and child pornography,
  • illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances,
  • illicit trafficking in weapons, munitions and explosives,
  • corruption,
  • fraud, including that affecting the financial interests of the European Communities within the meaning of the Convention of 26 July 1995 on the protection of the European Communities’ financial interests,
  • laundering of the proceeds of crime,
  • counterfeiting currency, including of the euro,
  • computer-related crime,
  • environmental crime, including illicit trafficking in endangered animal species and in endangered plant species and varieties,
  • facilitation of unauthorised entry and residence,
  • murder, grievous bodily injury,
  • illicit trade in human organs and tissue,
  • kidnapping, illegal restraint and hostage-taking,
  • racism and xenophobia,
  • organised or armed robbery,
  • illicit trafficking in cultural goods, including antiques and works of art,
  • swindling,
  • racketeering and extortion,
  • counterfeiting and piracy of products,
  • forgery of administrative documents and trafficking therein,
  • forgery of means of payment,
  • illicit trafficking in hormonal substances and other growth promoters,
  • illicit trafficking in nuclear or radioactive materials,
  • trafficking in stolen vehicles,
  • rape,
  • arson,
  • crimes within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court,
  • unlawful seizure of aircraft/ships,
  • sabotage.

Some of these — rape, armed robbery, murder, and so on — are the kinds of crimes that one would expect to be covered by EU-wide legal procedures.

But “racism and xenophobia”? What are they? The document doesn’t define them. It does, however, refer back to the European Commission’s Framework Decision, which has this to say about such offenses:

Racist and xenophobic behaviour must constitute an offence in all Member States and be punishable by effective, proportionate and dissuasive penalties.

This framework decision will apply to all offences committed:

  • within the territory of the European Union,
  • by an national of a Member State or for the benefit of a legal person established in a Member State. To that end, the framework decision proposes criteria on how to determine the liability of a legal person.

Racism and xenophobia will mean belief in race colour, descent, religion or belief, national or ethnic origin as a factor determining aversion to individuals.

As you can see, under the Framework Decision virtually anything said at Counterjihad Vienna 2008 is illegal and actionable under the European Arrest Warrant. If the offending speech is posted on a blog, forum, or any other kind of website, it could be construed as a “computer-related crime” (which is also not defined).

Our discussions could then become a conspiracy, and hence we are part of a “criminal organisation”. From then on many of our activities would be punishable under various other categories as listed above.

So what is the European Arrest Warrant itself? How will it be executed?

The language of the document is dense and difficult to decode. Lawyers among our readers are invited to examine all of the thirty-odd articles and see what juicy tidbits can be found. But here are a few paragraphs and clauses that caught my eye (emphasis added):

1. The European arrest warrant is a judicial decision issued by a Member State with a view to the arrest and surrender by another Member State of a requested person, for the purposes of conducting a criminal prosecution or executing a custodial sentence or detention order.

2. Member States shall execute any European arrest warrant on the basis of the principle of mutual recognition and in accordance with the provisions of this Framework Decision.


A European arrest warrant may be issued for acts punishable by the law of the issuing Member State by a custodial sentence or a detention order for a maximum period of at least 12 months or, where a sentence has been passed or a detention order has been made, for sentences of at least four months.


When the location of the requested person is known, the issuing judicial authority may transmit the European arrest warrant directly to the executing judicial authority. Where the arrested person does not consent to his or her surrender as referred to in Article 13, he or she shall be entitled to be heard by the executing judicial authority, in accordance with the law of the executing Member State.


1. The executing judicial authority shall decide, within the time-limits and under the conditions defined in this Framework Decision, whether the person is to be surrendered.


A European arrest warrant shall be dealt with and executed as a matter of urgency.


The requested person shall be heard by a judicial authority, assisted by another person designated in accordance with the law of the Member State of the requesting court.

He or she shall be surrendered no later than 10 days after the final decision on the execution of the European arrest warrant.


Each Member State shall, except when it avails itself of the possibility of refusal when the transit of a national or a resident is requested for the purpose of the execution of a custodial sentence or detention order, permit the transit through its territory of a requested person who is being surrendered provided that it has been given information on:

(a) the identity and nationality of the person subject to the European arrest warrant;
(b) the existence of a European arrest warrant;
(c) the nature and legal classification of the offence;
(d) the description of the circumstances of the offence, including the date and place.


1. Each Member State may notify the General Secretariat of the Council that, in its relations with other Member States which have given the same notification, the consent for the surrender of a person to a Member State other than the executing Member State pursuant to a European arrest warrant issued for an offence committed prior to his or her surrender is presumed to have been given, unless in a particular case the executing judicial authority states otherwise in its decision on surrender.

2. In any case, a person who has been surrendered to the issuing Member State pursuant to a European arrest warrant may, without the consent of the executing Member State, be surrendered to a Member State other than the executing Member State pursuant to a European arrest warrant issued for any offence committed prior to his or her surrender in the following cases…

In summary:

The European Arrest Warrant requires that anyone who is charged by a member state under the listed group of offenses (which, as we have seen, could cover just about anything) may be arrested by the authorities of the issuing state within any other member state. The accused must then be transited for trial to the issuing state within ten days, without any interference, judicial or otherwise, by the executing state.

Just imagine what would happen under these new rules if an Islam-friendly prosecutor in the Netherlands were to charge a Danish cartoonist instead of a Dutch one. What’s more, once Turkey is a member of the EU, “insulting the Turkish nation” will be a crime punishable by Turkey within any member state.

Considering the recently created EU death penalty for “rebellion”, one can see that the machinery necessary for totalitarian repression is now in place within the European superstate. A truly Orwellian system is fully operational and ready to be activated on January 1, 2009.

1984 has finally arrived; it’s just a quarter-century late.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In a series of workshops the participants at Counterjihad Vienna 2008 traded ideas and suggestions for future actions aimed at resisting the Islamization of Europe and rolling back sharia. Some of the topics discussed were sharia finance, the dhimmification of school and university textbooks, and the processes through which the European Union aids and abets all of these pernicious trends.

The workshop which I facilitated was on the formation and functioning of distributed networks, as described in the paper prepared in advance of the conference. Operational planning concerns what will be done and how, while the organizational effort concentrates on who will do it.

Because our cause is all but excluded from the media (except when it is distorted and demonized) on both sides of the Atlantic, we have to spread the word by other means.

The EUSSRBecause what we say is illegal in some places, and likely to ruin one’s career in many others, we have to be circumspect in how we construct and manage our networks of people committed to the cause.

As the implementation of the Treat of Lisbon proceeds, the work of the Counterjihad will become more and more difficult. If the Eurocrats have their way, what we do will have to go underground, and our work will of necessity become samizdat under the huge and eternal boot heel of the EUSSR.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

What comes next?

One of the purposes of our meeting in Vienna was to move the center of gravity for our activities out of the United States and into Europe itself, among the people who will bear the brunt of Eurabia and who thus have the greatest incentive to resist it.

There will undoubtedly be more European workshops, and I (and other Americans) may well be involved. But action in a distributed network should be planned and executed close to where it is most needed and where it will be the most effective.

So keep your eye on the Europeans. I’ll be on the sidelines kibitzing, as usual.

But as to risings, I can tell you why.
It is on contradiction that they grow.
It seemed the best thing to be up and go.
Up was the heartening and the strong reply.
The heart of standing is we cannot fly.


Afonso Henriques said...

Read it all, but mainly the third paragraph.

Afonso Henriques said...

"Legislative initiatives, mounted locally or nationally;
Constitutional challenges to sharia law, or to the mandates of the EU and the UN;
Legal defense funds for people sued or criminally charged for speaking out;
The formation of political parties;
Putting pressure on existing political parties to induce them to include anti-sharia planks in their platforms;
Public demonstrations;
“Street theater” events, such as the veiling of statues;
Media outreach."

A good and decent Nationalist plataform would embrace all this - I think!

So, Baron, were you thinking of making your own anti-jihad parties?
Wouldn't that be easier and more efective for "anti-jihadists" to infiltrate and help Wilders, the guy from Vlaams Belang and the sort?
Can you please tell me?


"organised or armed robbery"

So, robbery without weapons is ok, right?
Maybe it will lead the art of stealing to another level...


"Racism and xenophobia will mean belief in race colour, descent, religion or belief, national or ethnic origin as a factor determining aversion to individuals." ... unless they are males of the Traditional dominant cultures, in order to create a great and united "European" people.


"Considering the recently created EU death penalty for “rebellion”, one can see that the machinery necessary for totalitarian repression is now in place within the European superstate. A truly Orwellian system is fully operational and ready to be activated on January 1, 2009."

Yes indeed.
We got from One Reich, One Volk, One Furher to One Reich, No Volk, Many Furhers. Will this ones live 1000 years? And what about weeks? It seems plausible...

Afonso Henriques said...

"the dhimmification of school and university textbooks"

""Considering the recently created EU death penalty for “rebellion”, one can see that the machinery necessary for totalitarian repression is now in place within the European superstate. A truly Orwellian system is fully operational and ready to be activated on January 1, 2009.""

Well, I've heard of that "death penalty" in the Lisbon Treaty but the thing is, it was not prooved.

The Brussels Journal at least provided a link but it was in German and as I can not read German, I am yet to see it black on white in the constitution, pardon me, Treaty.

Can somebody provide me a link please. It may be in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French or Italian.

The first step to prevent the dihmification of schools and people is to prevent their "EuropeUnionisation" first. You can help me to do it to a school in a corner of Southwestern Europe, please, all you have to do is to provide me a link or tell me where the death penalty is in the Lisbon Treaty. It has to be in one of this languages:
Spanish (Castillan or Catalan);

Thank you very much.

P.S.- If no one can provide me a link, I will be very disapointed and will start to wondering wether all this is a conspiraton theory or what. So please, show me what I want so that I can continue to believe that the E.U is really "that" bad.
Thank you very much.

Stogie said...

Great work, Baron. I am deeply grateful for your efforts to stop the new Fascism in Europe and will be thinking of ways in which I might contribute to this very worthy and necessary undertaking.

The suicide of Western civilization is in full course and I almost feel despair at how difficult it may be to stop.

But we must try, and with everything in us.

Findalis said...

"Considering the recently created EU death penalty for “rebellion”, one can see that the machinery necessary for totalitarian repression is now in place within the European superstate. A truly Orwellian system is fully operational and ready to be activated on January 1, 2009."

Funny how the liberal states allowed this provision. I thought they all gave up capital punishment.

And funny it is for "rebellion" and not for murder or child molestation. And what constitutes "rebellion"?

I'm waiting for one of those nice "liberal" nations to have to put one of their citizens on trial for "rebellion" and see if they carry out a death sentence.

This treaty is doomed to fail. It's wording is too vague and full of holes.

Fjordman said...

Racism means Islamophobia. Which means that "Islamophobia" will now be treated as a crime as serious as rape and armed robbery across the European continent. At the same time, European leaders are busy enlarging the EU to include North Africa and the Middle East, thus flooding Europe with tens of millions of Muslims. Not far into the future, EU authorities can arrest a person in, say, Denmark or Italy, who has published a cartoon that could be considered offensive to Islam. He or she will then be quietly handed over to the authorities in Algeria, Egypt or Jordan. Remember that blasphemy against Islam potentially carries the death penalty according to sharia.

The EU is no longer just an authoritarian organization, it is rapidly moving in a totalitarian direction, and Multiculturalism in Western Europe is reaching its openly totalitarian phase. The European Constitution/Lisbon Treaty will be pushed through against popular opposition. The "free trade organization with a few added extras" will gradually turn into a pan-European dictatorship. Those who think this is a joke can just look at the Dutch cartoonist who was arrested recently.

Félicie said...

"belief in race colour, descent, religion or belief, national or ethnic origin as a factor determining aversion to individuals"

Aversion? A feeling? Hm... Basically, a thought crime. So, will they read one's mind? Or would one have to express this feeling? So if one would say: "I feel an aversion to a certain race," one would have to go to jail?

But wait, they include descent and belief, as well. So if I say "I feel an aversion to British aristocracy," I'll go to jail? Or if I say "I have an aversion to the fascist belief system or to vegetarians' beliefs," I'll go to jail? This law is so broad, it's mind boggling. Basically it prohibits any freedom to hold an opinion. It's so scary, it's almost hilarious (I'm talking about nervous laughter here). This is much worse that the Soviet Union under Stalin in terms of freedom of speech.

Aeneas said...

We must all get fully behind the persecuted cartoonist who seeks to reveal the truth. If the authorities seek to censor a commentator does not mean that what he or she is saying is false. It just means that it is inconvenient to the establishment message to rob us of our freedoms and deprive us of our heritage of free speech. I will continue to speak my mind whatever the consequences may be. If the European authorities have to detain dissidents such as me then so be it. If they are not willing to stand for decency and freedom then I am. If they are not willing to celebrate the achievements of Western civilisation then I am. If they want to deride and undermine our civilisation then so be it. They will be judged, at least by us, by the actions that they choose. If they choose to abandon and undermine Western Civilisation then so be it. They have spread their cards on the table – I hope that they understand who they are trying to undermine. Western civilisation is the best hope for humanity and the best hope for a world where people can come together as brothers and sisters in human harmony. Those that undermine the West are the same people who undermine the values of peace and freedom. In short they are the instigators of war and mayhem. Just as the appeasers of WWII caused that war, those of the present day, despite their good intentions will cause WWIII. They should set their idealism aside and look at the realities. We all live in the real world and the real world should be the focus for our intellectual considerations.

Findalis said...

I've decided to reprint on my blog all the Mohammad cartoons in Nekschot's honor. I encourage everyone to do the same. These same cartoons should be on the front page of every newspaper in Europe and the United State.

The Jihadists win when they can stifle Free Speech. We win when we express ourselves.

My blog post is at:

Conservative Swede said...

Remember that blasphemy against Islam potentially carries the death penalty according to sharia.


Findalis said...

I'm trying for a Fatwa. It's not fair that many others got one and I still haven't gotten mine.

Actually I'm going to keep posting regardless of whatever any asshole European nation thinks.

Thank G-d for the First Amendment to the Constitution!

Sorry for the profanity.

Conservative Swede said...

I just wanted to add that if the Lísbon Treaty really would be able to clench Europe in its iron fist with its Eurabia totalitarianism, well then I would consider moving to Latin America (e.g. to San Antonio).

But first I would stay another ten years to fight it. The last word is definitely not said here, and I think we can beat them.

Zonka said...


Don't worry you'll get your rebellion, when people realize the full implications of the Lisbon Treaty.

Question: What is the most obvious difference between the Soviet Union and the European Union?
Answer: The European Union doesn't have gulags yet.

José, The Fenec. said...

As a portuguese, i'm ashamed that the word Lisbon is attached to this aberration.

God, gives us strenght.

Conservative Swede said...


Don't worry you'll get your rebellion, when people realize the full implications of the Lisbon Treaty.

Oh, I just want an orderly society. Restoring the original law. And imprisoning those who corrupted it and abused it.

Yes, they have taken it too far. They are going to fall.

Yet another of those paradoxes of democracy. Since democracy is a system where politicians/legislators put themselves above the law (without having to take any responsibility for it!), democracy is bound to end up in total opposite to the people's sense of justice. Once again democracy is the worst system when it comes to popular influence over the rule (I think I have listed at least three such paradoxes of democracy before, leading to the very same result.)

In the old systems, mixed constitutions and monarchies, the king was under the law. The law was something firmly rooted in the culture, not a nihilistic brain child by an oligarchy of legislators.

I realize that the philosophy of law is about to become an important area of research. We all know that the only just thing is to put these people in jail (e.g. we want to avoid lynching of them). The jurisprudence for doing so has to be made explicit.

Homophobic Horse said...

Given these things I must remind you that in the recent past as well as our real present certain governments have used proxy groups funded under the table to commit genocide. There is a precedent for this. The ICJ said that Serbia was not guilty of genocide because General Mladic was not operating under orders from Belgrade. So it is with the Janjaweed militia as well. And so it could be with Egypt or Algeria, or even AFA and EXPO.

Aquila said...

Could somebody please provide the reference number of the clause in the Lisbon Treaty that refers to the death penalty?

Ferdy said...

In the Netherlands the have arrested a cartoonist for making anti Islam cartoons. They came to his house with 10 police officers and took him away while they searched his house. The cartoonist was questioned for 30 hours and they took away his computer, backup disks, usb sticks, mobile phone, drawings and books. Read all about it here:

Findalis said...

I saw that and already posted about it:

Homophobic Horse said...

"‘in light of the fact that Italy was trying to abandon the death penalty through the United Nations, forever. And this is not in the treaty, but in a footnote, because with the European Union reform treaty, we accept also the European Union Charter, which says that there is no death penalty, and then it has a footnote, which says, "except in the case of war, riots, upheaval"—then the death penalty is possible. Schachtschneider points to the fact that this is an outrage, because they put it in a footnote of a footnote, and you have to read it, like really like a super-expert to find out!’"


This is serious. At first I though Fjordman was just flying off the handle.. How naive of me.

Armance said...

Now it has become clear why the EU carefully avoided any referendum in its member states as well as any serious public discussions and debate about the implications of the Lisbon Treaty.

They acted in secret and behind the closed doors, keeping their work hidden from the people, like the former Politburo of the Soviet Union. Exactly like the Politburo, the Eurocrats from Brussels have built a citadel on their own, fearing and despising the very people whom they pretend to represent.

The Soviet world view is back. We will return to the era of samizdats, abusive arrests, going underground for the sake of your life, career and reputation. We will have dissidents, innocents declared "enemies of the state" (perhaps, like in Soviet Union, sentenced to death!), we will have again new Solzhenitsyns.

The vocabulary is strikingly the same: "except in the case of war, riots, upheaval". This is the Soviet vocabulary, I know it. Really, did they intend to copy word by word the Politburo documents? How ambitious!

The EU should be crushed before it's too late. I'm afraid that in a decade or so after the Lisbon Treaty, if it is not annihilated in proper time, the Gulag will be a matter of reality. Thus the EU will keep Europe safe for the future Caliphate. The clock is ticking.

The Pundit said...

Greetings one and all,

My take on the Lisbon Treaty:

As much as this treaty is so obviously pernicious towards freedom of speech and expression we, the concerned and enlightened, are missing an important point – it is going to have to cut both ways and may in fact, tip the scales in our favour.

Who here would disagree that, when it comes to xenophobia, racism and religious vilification, Islamists demonstrate these in spades over those who oppose Islamism? Until now, we all know who has gotten away with these behaviours under the protection of political correctness.

The Lisbon Treaty – at least in theory, should present a check to the exhortations to violence streaming from mosques, prayer rooms and Islamist websites, the routine vilification of the kuffar and the very public expressions of hatred towards the dhimmi host.

To make use of this potentially level playing field, counter-jihad movements will have to work harder and smarter to identify, and be prepared to prosecute action against the organisations and individuals who are now going to be in breach of a new Europe-wide law.

babs said...

"I would consider moving to Latin America (e.g. to San Antonio)."

It is said that really anything funny has truth in it.

The fact is that we are not dealing with a level playing field. Your comments assume one. I think you are naive in your assessment.

Thank you for your participation. You represent many of us in the U.S. I hope you know that.

Afonso Henriques said...


Twenty three comments and no one was capable of telling where exactly the "death penalty" is.

Are we to believe without any prooves? Where's the evidence?

Where is it black on white?

I don't like being ignored when I ask such important questions. And it seems I'm not the only one.


Also, Ioshka Futz or any other Italian around, did Italy signed the Lisbon Treaty? If not, are there any strong evidences that Italy will signe the beast?

Armance said...

"The Lisbon Treaty – at least in theory, should present a check to the exhortations to violence streaming from mosques, prayer rooms and Islamist websites, the routine vilification of the kuffar and the very public expressions of hatred towards the dhimmi host."

I would like to believe that. Unfortunately, from what we have seen so far, the people targeted in Europe are not those who call for Jihad, but some bloggers expressing freely their opinions. I don't believe things might change for the better in a stronger EU. First, because when you state the obvious - exhortations to violence streaming from mosques - you are in danger to be already considered Islamophobe and racist, before explaining your point.

Conservative Swede said...


You know better than most of us here, what kind of people the Bolsheviks really were/are.

When you write:
Exactly like the Politburo, the Eurocrats from Brussels...

What I learned from you is that this similarity goes even further than what you mentioned in your comment. I think the Westerner--even the critical Westerner--has the idea of the Eurocrats as somewhat naive and misguided, while the Bolsheviks really aimed at instituting a tyranny. But the truth is nothing like it. The Bolsheviks were idealists, who thought they instituted the good society for the New Man--exactly as the Eurocrats. The EU is a dead ringer of the Soviet Union even in this most fundamental way: the very character of the people instituting it. The notable difference being that the Bolsheviks at least had a sense of morality and love of their countries.

The Eurocrats are not as violently oppressive yet. But the first rule of power is that you do not use more force than necessary to achieve your goals. And with the Lisbon Treaty a quantum leap has been taken towards Gulags (or Sensitivity Training Camps as they probably will be called.)

It would be interesting to get further comments from you about it, in this thread or later on.

Homophobic Horse said...

Lenin was surely right when the end he sought through his party, his instrument of historical change, was a heaven on earth and to write the universal tenets of his faith into the fabric of humanity. This Communist principle is wholly concordant with liberalism--which is etymologically derived from liber--which means freedom and liberation. Verily, the only conception of freedom Liberalism possesses is derived from the Christian idea of freedom - heaven. Liberals certainly arn't going to seek the kind of freedom Hitler looked for.

In that sense, we can deduce that:

A. The aims of Liberalism are symmetrical with that of Communism. That is what Karl Marx always sought, Marx just believed that capitalism wouldn't be able to develop full freedom owing to property, for that reason capitalism had to be abolished.

B. Liberalism, by taking the Christian conception of freedom, the grand 'reward' of heaven, is indeed "Christian ethics" (as Con-Swede would say) in action. Liberalism, I have established, can take no other conception of freedom.

C. Liberalism isn't new at all, it is perverted Christianity, striving unrealistically to create heaven on Earth.

C1. The multi-cultural scheme is implicit in the above point. One of the common themes through out human history has been war, very often between nations. If one can prove that all nations can live together under the universal state, then you have eliminated a major cause of war.

C2. Life just isn't like that though to which blogs like GoV testify everyday.

A. Morgan said...

A great piece. Thanks.

And also very alarming. The European Arrest Warrant comments are very apposite to what is currently going down.

In Britain we have a prize shit as our unelected fuerher. Dare I say "shit" here? Is it insulting to turds and other anal effluvia?

Gordon Brown is exactly the sort of person who would conflate Islamophobia with racism. He said it openly in November 2006:

Interesting that what the BBC wrote on November 10, 2006 was changed the very next day.

Now it has an anodyne report of Gordon Brown's reactions to the second acquittal of BNP members.

This is what was written at the time (under the heading: "Brown wants tougher race hate law"):

"Brown wants tougher race hate law

Mr Brown was reacting to the BNP verdict
Chancellor Gordon Brown has said race hate laws should be tightened after BNP leader Nick Griffin was cleared of charges in court.

A jury at Leeds Crown Court decided earlier speeches made by Mr Griffin and another party activist, Mark Collett, had not broken the law.

But Mr Brown said he thought laws may have to be looked at again.

Liberal Democrat MP Dr Evan Harris said "parliament must resist the temptation" for more restrictions" on expression.

Earlier, the chancellor said: "I think any preaching of religious or racial hatred will offend mainstream opinion in this country.

'Racist party'

"And I think we have got to do whatever we can to root it out from whatever quarter it comes.

"And if that means we have got to look at the laws again I think we will have to do so."

But Dr Harris, who is on the influential Joint Select Committee on Human Rights, disagreed.

"Although I am disappointed that these members of a racist party were not successfully prosecuted for race hate given their attacks on Asians and asylum seekers, Parliament must resist the temptation for more restrictions on freedom of expression," he said.

He added that extending restrictions "can be counter-productive by either creating extremist martyrs or being impossible to enforce".

Dr Harris argued that there were "enough laws to deal with speech which actually incites to violence or other criminal offences, or which uses threatening language", adding that "there must be room in a free society to allow even offensive criticism of religions and their followers".
etc, etc

And as I commented on WR - the BC were all to eager to hand over their tapes to the police when they knew these were to be used in a prosecution.

However, the Newsnight footage of Abu Uzair and Abu Izzadeen which was openly treasonable in content led to a different story - the BBC refused to hand over the tapes.

And as an aside - on November 12, Gordon Brown claimed he would be tough on terror. SInce being in power, the stupid shit has stopped any cabinet ministers using the term "War on Terror" and his former pot-smoking Home Secretary has gone as far as to class Muslim terrorism as "Anti-Islamic Activity".

Gordon Brown is an insult to vaginas......

Adrian Morgan
Giraldus Cambrensis of Western Resistance