Friday, May 09, 2008

Creating the Chosen People

Our Russian correspondent Dimitri K. contributes his latest guest-essay to Gates of Vienna.

Creating the Chosen People
by Dimitri K.

Recently it occurred to me that the real aim of anti-Semites is not simply to do away with Jews. Their real aim is to substitute for Jews. I discovered this by analyzing the ideology of modern Russian right-wing nationalists.

In brief, the idea is as follows: The last Russian tsar Nicolas was executed by the communists, so, they claim that Russians crucified him like Jews crucified the Christ. Jews are to blame anyway, but note the substitution scheme: Christ = Tsar Nicolas, Jews = Russians, and Promised Land = Russia.

The Left uses a different scheme. The substitute Christ is missing; however, the important concept is the notion of being a refugee, having no home.

Therefore, the Leftist ideology is probably based not on Christian but on Jewish world view. The substitutes for the Jews are all refugees, proletarians, or the oppressed — people who have no country or no rights.
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An especially successful substitute took the form of the “Palestinian people”, constructed by the Left in 20th century. The leftists want their countries to become the Promised Land — the land to which all refugees can return. Since every Arab can claim to be the Palestinian, they all are welcome in the EU, the new Promised Land.

It is interesting to see how the old dispute between Jews and Christians has transformed into the new one, between the Left and Right. Both parties are neither Jews nor Christians — rather anti-Semites — but borrowed their world views. The ambition here is no less than becoming the Creator/designer of the new Chosen People. To become equal or even greater, because finally more successful, than the original Creator.


Homophobic Horse said...

Further reading on this subject: Eric Voegelin.

. said...

Sorry, I'm not impressed by the analogy. It seems quite strained.

Cobra said...

Very good piece.
And very true (that's coming from somebody who lived under communism...).

X said...

Yeah, I think I can see what the author was trying to get at, but... it doesn't really work.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Sure, they can see how well the pity-party works for jews. Of course, no muslim has seen a holocust not of their own making, but with the liberal inclination of redefining words, pretty soon there will be a paradigm that fear of getting blown up by muslims or machine-gunned in chrurch is the equivilant of hating anti-semitism.