Friday, May 23, 2008

Guess Who’s Last?

Lega Nord posterOur Swedish correspondent LN sent me this image of a Lega Nord poster from the recent Italian election campaign.

The text reads: “Guess who’s last? For rights on: housing, jobs, and health care.”

Look at those delightfully racist and xenophobic caricatures! No wonder the Italians voted in droves for the Lega Nord.

And the Muslim guy is holding a — gasp! — scimitar.


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Steven Luotto said...

Not that I care for a new country called "Padania" - but here's another interesting Lega poster

Lega Poster

They suffered / underwent immigration
Now they live on reservations!
(think about it)

Anonymous said...

IoshkaFutz, that comparison is extremely farfetched. They were simply overrun by a superior opponent (in numbers and in technology). You can hardly apply the same on Moosels.

X said...

Well it may be a farfetched one but, as a comparison it'll work amongst people who only have a caricatured idea of north american history.

Though I'd much rather see the comparison of Arabic enslavement of east Africa or someting similar.

But... what they've picked has obviously worked.

Steven Luotto said...

Ciao Takekaze,

Oh I agree with you in many ways. We are not much in the Noble Savage department - especially not Italians (with the exception of poor Quattrocchi "Now I'll show you how an Italian dies!")

I saw it up in Northern Italy before the elections (in a town famous for super-expensive white truffles and 130 Euro a bottle wines) and Nutella... There it was and it stopped me dead in my tracks... and I had to laugh.

It was probably put together by some farmer-intellectual and if you can read Italian, the web page I found it on gives it as a terrible example of graphics and marketing (with - however - some people in the comments section suggesting that terrible as it was, the Lega shot up to 9% and in some towns up north past 30%.).

But you know something? It's really not that far-fetched as you say. I think you're stuck on the "superior opponent" part... the real battle is not against the Moosels, but against great (but gradually fading) majorities of our own people, the "enablers" and "traitors" whom we still foolishly call dhimmies. The Moosels are really only like locusts, a calamity that creeps and seeps wherever it finds weakness. Unfortunately the real opponent is far stronger and more determined in his weakness than we are in our strength.

As far as math-solving intelligence is concerned, the opponent is about as smart, if not smarter than the other side. They hand out the Nobel awards. They make the movies, own the newspapers, run most of the religions, own most of the newspapers, the TV channels, the universities, pop culture, websites and even America's premiere anti-Islamic site LGF!

No, the poster doesn't tell the story... The real story is anyhow religious in nature...

Magnus Zinnen said...

Hey, let's not jump to conclusions here: the African guy could be the one holding the scimitar!

Sir Henry Morgan said...


In London that would be appropriate.

Afonso Henriques said...

"It's really not that far-fetched as you say. I think you're stuck on the "superior opponent" part... the real battle is not against the Moosels, but against great (but gradually fading) majorities of our own people, the "enablers" and "traitors""

And aren't those "superior opponent (in numbers and in technology)."
At least here, they still are superior in numbers...

I also think that the knife is being hold by both the black or the muslim.
They are going to use it on female genital mutilation...

I've nothing to say, I've already seen that.

Paul said...

OK, a little perspective here fellas:

From 'Prairie Gothic - The Story of a West Texas Family', by J. R. Erickson:

"Those of us who have prospered at the expense of Quanah and his people are left to ponder about our success. I have done some of that; so have.... ... and other modern writers who grew up in the region that used to be called the comancheria. (unnamed college professor xxx xxx) was not a native son (his roots lay in East Texas and Louisiana) but he served for several years as an instructor at Texas Tech, and devoted an entire book to the ecology and history of the Llano Estacado. He viewed the impostion of European culture on the plains as a disaster that "substitued something soulless for something fine, wild, and free."

He thunders: The wild, pagan, sensuous men and women have been banished, the land de-buffaloed and de-wolved and de-grassed, leaving..... ..... For this we wax lyrical over the pioneers?"

.... There is something a little cracked about a discipline---- professional ecology--- that finds more value in mud huts and pumpkin-growing than in the accumulated wisdom of four thousand years of Western civilization. And it is always puzzling when professors embrace social models that would have no use for professors.

I am inclined to see history as an unending competition for resources, a cycle of ebb and flow that far exceeds our feeble attempts to assign it either good or evil. If rain falls, grass will grow and it will be eaten; if not by a buffalo then by a cow; if not by a cow then by a jackrabbit; if not by a jackrabbit then by a grasshopper.

The Comanches had their time and ruled the Llano for two hundred years, snathching it away from Apaches and Wichitas and Tonkawas and Caddos who had outlived, out-bred, out-fought, out-innovated, and outlasted unnamed Plains village cultures (A.D. 1250-1450) who had erected stone-slab houses over the pithouse ruins of Woodland people (A.D. 1-900), whose camp sites perched atop the litter left behind by the Archaic and Paleo peoples. No one can say what happended to those ancient folk, only that a wave washed over them and they disappeared.

My people, the Underhills, Shermans, Singers and Currys moved onto the plains as the comanche wave receded. They came hungry for something---land, freedom, peace of mind, dignity, opportunity---and they wanted it more than the people they supplanted. Their story is not a morality tale but part of that mysterious drive, ultimately beyond our comprehension, that causes a sperm cell to seek out an egg, and a wounded animal to fight for its last gasps of air.

You can call that "greed" if you wish, but giving it a name explains nothing. More importantly, it changes nothing. changing the course of history would be very expensive, and the activists who twitter about giving the Llano back to the Comanches aren't the ones who would pay the bill.

So we brood and fret. That is one of the things you can do when you're well-fed and have time on your hands." "

I myself recall a line from the movie 'Lonesome Dove' in which Captain Woodrow F. Call commented that anybody who wanted the bandits and Comanches back was crazy. And those old Texas rangers would know.

Frank said...

Congratulations to Italy. In Canada a poster like that would land me in jail.

no2liberals said...

Very well said, from a fellow Texican.

no2liberals said...

OT, but a newsworthy item.
French Court Confirms:Al Dura Report Faked.

Rick S said...

American Indians today are US citizens with as many rights as other citizens in any American state or territory. In addition, Indians have reservations, some are thousands of square miles in area, on which they exercise limited sovereignty and have more rights than anybody else. If Muslims become a majority in Italy, I do not think they would allow the Italians to have reservations.

Afonso Henriques said...

Is it me or Rick S is insinuating that American Indians have had a great time with this new "Americans"?

Is it me or Rick S is insinuating that if muslims were to grant reservations in Italy to Italians, it wouldn't be too bad?

I prefer to see 40 million Italians killed than a muslim Italy.

I have a feeling many Italians would feel the same.

thll said...

What about in Portugal Afonso? But me too - I'd prefer to see 40 million British killed than have a muslim Britain (or indeed a muslim in Britain).

Rick S said...

Hi Alfonso,
I did not mean to insinuate that the Indians had a good time with the European immigration to America, but after rereading my comment I understand how people could take it that way. what I meant was that it will be a lot worse for the Italians than for the American Indians. Italians in a Muslim Italy would have no rights and no reservations.

Steven Luotto said...

Ciao ScottSA,

The reason for it is Italy's natural state of chaos (mostly healthy, though of course far from always) and her disdain for the state (rules, regulations, etc.)

It's a bit like the difference between a home and a hotel. A home offers lots more of both oppression and freedom, whereas a hotel has set behavior patterns. Culture, (that absurd thing that the Charles Johnsons of the world see ONLY as oppression) is like a home and - say - the Canadian or Swedish system is like a hotel.

No doubt, the ideal is a mixture of both, law and culture, but as what makes a hotel can easily be codified, what makes a home is based on a great many intangibles that are nigh unto impossible to legislate. Scientism, liberalism and socialism have just about completely deconstructed such intangibles which do not fit into neat, logical categories.

Though of course there's a huge struggle here, especially by the left, but also by the free-wheeling libertarians to "civilize" the place, reduce it to easy minimum "hotel" terms and bring her up to the much vaunted Nordic standards, (rampaging Arabs= youths) well, for the time being a gypsy is still a gypsy is still a gypsy, all the more so because for the gypsies themselves, the Italians are nothing but gagé-gagé-gagé.

Here in Rome, there are two expressions which I love: "Parla come magni!" (Speak like you eat and never mind the baloney) and "papale papale" (papal-papal : frankly; bluntly; without mincing words).

In the name of freedom, human rights and lots of other creedal stuff written on paper, the "civilized" standard has elsewhere effectively silenced most of the matters of greatest concern (to the still unindoctrinated).

For example, all of Bergen could become Sri Lankan or Congolese, changing color, religion, gastronomy, IQ, music, attitude towards the sexes - the works (everything that matters) - and the poor people of Bergen would not be allowed to publicly utter a single "parla come magni" or "papale-papale" complaint. It would be racist, sexist, homophobic, and people might cry and have their feelings hurt.

It's not allowed in the hotel! Indeed, it would be disruptive, considered like an incautious opening of Pandora's locked Pressure Cooker.

So we are left with lots of laws about everything and the opposite of everything: we are hyper-legislated. Derogation is only allowed to those who still "tragically" have a culture and are not white-skinned.

Though I prefer that crazy megalomaniac of Rev. Manning, even Reverend Wright now holds a strange fascination for me. I too automatically sobbed: "disgusting, racist!" - but he got away with free speech, even nastier and freer than the Lega in the above poster. He could do it because he was black and the idiot he mentored is black, but I really think that given the circumstances, he unwittingly helped race relations.

Rev. Wright and how white people clap hands

Afonso Henriques said...

Thll, here it is a bit different.
If 40 million Portuguese were to be killed, there would be no Portuguese left to tell the story.
(we're only some ten!).

Rick S.
Good to know that. I apologise if I was too agressive. But I really wanted to know what you meant.
Some Americans seem to believe that if it happens to Europeans what happened to Native Amricans in the United States, it will be aceptable.

Anonymous said...

And look at the Gypsy woman! Her baby is a more dangerous weapon than the Mosselman's scimitar. They come to Italy and drain its welfare state with their kids!