Monday, May 19, 2008

If the World is a Blog

Our Russian correspondent Peter 1 offers his latest guest essay, a brief allegorical meditation.

If the World is a Blog
by Peter 1

I have a blog, and from time to time there come commenters who don’t behave well. They are not interested in discussion, but instead insult me and call me names. After a few warnings, I delete their comments completely.

What surprises me is that they usually complain about deleting, require that they be treated politely, and point at the lack of democracy in my blog. Frankly speaking, I am quite tolerant — I delete only the repeated and direct insults. That’s why I cannot understand people who require that they be treated with respect after having repeatedly insulted me.

Now imagine… the world is a blog. And our lives are the posts in that blog.
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And suppose that we insult the owner by our misbehavior. His right is to delete our post from the blog. It has nothing to do with democracy or tolerance, because it is his blog and we insulted him.

And finally, suppose you believe that Allah is the owner of the world. Like you and me, he can be insulted. So, he commanded you to delete the records which are insulting for him. You are not a hater or a criminal, you simply do your job. It is fair and reasonable.

Assuming Allah is just a blogger and the world IS his blog.


Brian H said...

We must delete Allah's bloggers before they delete us.

Dymphna said...


This is an interesting thought experiment. So let's say your scenario works and we delete the radicals. Everything's cool and we go back to low-level chronic disagreements and aggrievements with one another (as we thought would happen when the Berlin Wall came down and history "ended").

But what about a second scenario, where the Caliphate dominates world wide. Then the various schisms and sects start killing each other off. To paraphrase Philip Wylie (I think it was he): we'll be down to two human beings -- one Shi'ite and one Sunni, both with implacable hatred for the heretical beliefs of the other. So the Sunni runs a sword thru the Shi'ite and the latter dies immediately, followed by the Sunni who keels over from the poison that the Shi'it had put in his soup.

Only then will the Greens finally be happy: the world will be empty of these horrible humans ruining everything.

Needless to say, the Greens will be dead, but that's beside the point of their wonderful victory.

Ypp said...

Hmmm... I rather think the author's point is that the real owner of the world cannot behave like a touchy blogger.

laine said...

Some individuals and entire cultures are narcissistic with a vast sense of entitlement.

Muslims are taught that they are meant to be rulers of the world owned by Allah. Everyone else is riffraff to be disposed of as they see fit.

Theirs is the only major religion without any version of the Golden Rule. Such charity as they extend is confined to other Muslims, never to infidels. However, infidels are supposed to drop everything and run to the aid of Muslims in Kosovo etc.

Notice they only make demands without a single concessions. This is Arab/Muslim "negotiation". Giving in to a Muslim demand brings the next demand, nothing more.

They insist on being treated with kid gloves (literally in Guantanamo where infidels must wear white gloves to handle the Korans) while preaching the most vile hatred in their mosques against the infidels whose lands they have colonized. Actually, no land really belongs to a kaffir as it belongs to Allah.

This one-sidedness should no longer be catered to by the West. Case in point. Not a single additional mosque built here until churches and synagogues are welcomed in Muslim lands.

It's long past time to start making demands of our own.