Sunday, May 04, 2008

Fredrik Reinfeldt: Traitor?

I wrote yesterday about the legal action initiated by the youth organization of the Sweden Democrats, who are calling for Prime Minister Reinfeldt to charged with high treason for signing the Treaty of Lisbon and thus subordinating the sovereignty of Sweden to the European Union.

A Swedish reader has kindly translated an article from yesterday’s Expressen with more information on the same topic:

Sverigedemokraterna’s youth organization [SDU] has charged Fredrik Reinfeldt [Sweden’s prime minister] with high treason.

The reason is that the prime minister signed the Lisbon treaty in December of last year, which according to SDU transfers power to Brussels in an illegal manner.

“It is a form of political coup d’état,” says SDU’s chairman, Erik Almqvist.

The EU’s heads of state signed the so-called Lisbon treaty on December 13th of last year. The treaty is intended to adjust the current treaty. One of the signatories was Sweden’s prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

His signature has annoyed Sverigedemokraterna’s youth organization, SDU, which during the party’s national annual convention in Karlstad brought criminal charges of high treason to bear against Fredrik Reinfeldt.

They believe that the treaty transfers so much power from Sweden to Brussels that it can be classified as high treason to sign it.
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“It entails a transfer of a large part of the democratic decision-making power from the Swedish people to the EU. If you read how Swedish law defines high treason, you see that this is a clear case of that,” says the SDU chairman Erik Almqvist to Expressen.

He believes and is hoping that the police will take the organization’s charges seriously.

“I am assuming that the police will investigate this and that it will have consequences. And I assume that he will be convicted for high treason and that this will lead to us not ratifying the Lisbon treaty,” he says.


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