Thursday, May 08, 2008

“Sweden is Finished as a Civilization”

Fjordman sent me some tips last night concerning recent egregious examples from the Swedish judicial system. The blog posts involved are in Danish and Swedish, but fortunately a couple of translators have stepped forward to help out.

First is a post from Dick Erixon’s blog, as translated by our Swedish correspondent HL:

Those who kicked the sixteen-year-old to death on Kungsholmen in October of last year will virtually escape any punishment for the murder. The Superior Court decided to give three of the perpetrators one year in juvenile detention, a punishment so short that it has already been served, considering the arrest prior to the trials and the discount which the justice system is offering.

The boys are free to head into town and celebrate with champagne!

If you beat people to death in Sweden, you will not be punished.

My faith in the justice system has been completely wiped away. It does not exist any longer. One might as well abandon the courts and give up on the police force. Sweden has no sense of justice, only excuses for murder, violence and harassment.

And this travesty is administered by a liberal government which does nothing. It does not engage in social debates, but instead through its silence approves of the leftist-loonies who are pushing on in a direction where crime pays.

Never in my life have I felt such contempt for the Swedish social establishment as I do now. They have surrendered to crazy ideologies which feel pity for the criminals and despise the victims. They are ridiculing the murdered Riccardo in a way worse than the criminals who has desecrated his grave several times. Sweden is finished as a civilization.

The second case concerns a contrasting but equally pathological verdict in the town of Rödeby.
- - - - - - - - -
The excerpts concerning Rödeby have been translated by our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc, who offers this brief summary of the incident that is causing so much discussion:

The case is about a man who owned two shotguns and finally used them. One of the youths was shot dead, another severely wounded. The man was initially arrested and charged with manslaughter.

According to Steen:

“Self-defense is all that remains in a lawless country”

All Swedish blogs and newspapers report on the verdict in the Rödeby trial, where a vulnerable family was harassed for years by a youth gang without getting any help whatsoever. A father suffering from a nervous disorder and a handicapped boy. Even Danish newspapers mentioned the case. The best description of this tragedy is given in the above headline at the blog There’s nothing wrong with the verdict. It is a community — founded on the rule of law — degenerated to such extent that this could happen at all. That’s the really scary fact.

And here’s a translation of the relevant post by Dick Erixon:

The general disgust for the [Swedish] judicial system wasn’t harmed further this afternoon when the Court of First Instance ruled on the case in which a father defended his family against the Rödeby youths who harassed and threatened the family with death, without the police so much as blinking an eye.

The father was acquitted in full, according to the Echo Radio in its 2 PM. broadcast. The whole Rödeby affair is a tragedy, of course. But the responsible party isn’t the father or his family. The responsibility lies exclusively with the youth gang, their parents, and the police who surrendered and sided with the perpetrators. Self-defense is the one and only option left in a lawless country.

This verdict gives the hard-pressed family some compensation. It is a relief to acknowledge the outcome. The law isn’t completely brain-dead yet.

Below is a report on the Rödeby incident from The Local:

Rödeby murder suspect acquitted

The Blekinge District Court has acquitted a 50-year-old man of charges of murder and attempted murder of two teenage boys in Rödeby in southern Sweden.

The court ruled that when the man fired the shots, his mental state was such that he lacked the ability to consciously consider his behaviour or understand the consequences.

Therefore, the court found that he did not commit the act with intent, which resulted in the charges being dismissed.


The shooting took place the night of October 6th last autumn. Six armed teenagers entered the 50-year-old man’s yard in the middle of the night, after having made phone calls threatening the man’s 19-year-old son.

So let’s summarize the case:

1. A man shot and killed one of a gang of armed intruders who had previously threatened his disabled son.
2. The man was acquitted only because his actions were deemed by the court to be those of a lunatic.

This is what passes for “justice” in today’s Sweden.

I’ll grant that there were lunatics in the Blekinge District Court, but the man in the dock wasn’t one of them.


randian said...

Sweden is clearly determined to desstroy itself.

costin said...

This is what a Swedish-American currently living in Sweden is saying about those same cases you metioned here:

Anonymous said...

Simple response to these problems: don't buy Saab, don't buy Volvo. Don't buy ANY products made in Sweden unless and until the country comes to its senses. The world can easily live without any products made in that mad country.

Ypp said...

This is the women's justice. When two sides fight, join the more aggressive.

Conservative Swede said...

This is my favourite Erixon blogpost about the issue. It's about the media coverage of the two cases:

About how the kicking to death of Ricardo is covered neutrally, as if this sort of violence among youths is just something normal. And how the indignation over the lack of punishment was all filtered away and not at all seen in any newspaper.

While for the Rödeby case, covered the subsequent day, it's all over the front pages about how the freeing of the father is a mockery of the legal system, and about all the upset feelings over the sentence.

So far Erixon.

I also think the prosecution in the Rödeby case had a nice touch in how they claimed that the father must be locked up in an asylum since his psychological health was such that he very well could act in the same way if he was put in a similar situation again. Please note how the situation he was put under is considered as something normal by the prosecution. Only he was the problem.

Diamed said...

On the bright side, if you do murder someone in self defense in sweden, the most you can serve is one year. So blaze away, olly olly entrance free.

Anonymous said...

There's no point in being outraged at Sweden in particular. I'm used to this from living in California. Just off the top of my head: San Francisco: a thug slashed someone's face, the judge gave him probation, thug then murdered someone. Alameda: youth gang shoots at random into crowd, killing 15-year old girl. Two teens found guilty of murder, sentenced to two years in a Nevada wilderness training camp.

Let's not get angry at Sweden, this is happening literally everywhere. We need to take back the justice system in our own communities.

PRCalDude said...

There have been plenty of miscarriages of justice in California, as latte mentioned. Don't forget the white girls in Signal Hill who were beaten nearly to death by sixty black youth. They got wrist slaps. When the probability of getting off with murder gets high enough, and it will, everyone will start taking matters into their own hands.

Whiskey said...

This is the natural outcome of a society dominated by women.

When women run a society, any real punishment and deterrence, not to mention prevention (locking up or executing violent career criminals prevents predictable future crimes) is forbidden.

It is forbidden because it would undermine the female orientation of a society by providing alternatives to feminine power of persuasion and consensus and status.

I am all for the condemnation of male-dominated societies such as those in the Middle East, or Pakistan, but it's obvious to me that much of the pathology of Europe comes from female domination.

Look at Spain. It's Defense Minister is a pregnant woman with no military experience or expertise whatsoever.

Sweden of course is the most feminist-ruled nation on Earth.

Findalis said...

The Lunatics have taken over and the nations have become Insane Asylum. It is only a matter of time before the inmates wise up. But by then it will be too late.


For your entertainment let me join this pessimistic chourus. All you wise missuses - crying woe and lamenting this swedentragedy: there is the goat, let us paint it black, throw your stones! But - what is Sweden if you place an obama in the White house? - just a hardly seen speck of shit; Sure "dont buy Fords and GMs", that is Saabs and Volvos - but try to live a decent life without owning a Bacho monky-wrench (skiftnyckel).
- - - - -
A legal practice has evolved in Sweden whereby any Swedish citizen who is not 'a person of Swedish background' - i.e. not belonging to the indigenous Swedish population but having immigrant background - can bring legal action against anyone they allege has hurt their feelings or insulted them, in reference to gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, religion etc. and with damages amounting anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 USD, under penal code (brottsbalken) 16:8.

Anybody in Sweden can become a victim of this 'modern thievery'. The money after minor judicial proceedings is confiscated from the offender by the state and then handed directly to the offended party. The law is so lax that you could conceivably ask any foreigner the time, to which they might take offense and set the police on you from the cellphone.
- - - - -
and the same piece in Swedish for those who have English as a foreign language:

Det finns anledning att förundras över hur lätt det är i landet Sverige att otillbörligt skapa sig oförtjänt ekonomisk vinning genom att sant eller osannt hävda att man är KRÄNKT och sedan med hjälp av befintliga lagar och ett engagerat arbete av t.ex diskrimineringsombudskvinnan DO eller via en tingsrätt tillförsäkras ett skadestånd på ett 5-siffrigt belopp.
Det är bara till att klaga över en 'fis på tvären' i en till vuxen röv förklädd barnrumpa och puff har man blivit 40 000 kr rikare.
Denna predatoriska möjlighet till oförskylld förtjänst tillerkännes dock endast minoriteter typ MBT-folk, invandrare och liknande. Vem som helst i Sverige som tillhör folkmajoriteten - 'personer med svensk bakgrund' - kan om oturen vill sig bli offer för denna nya RÅNMETOD. Att fråga en 'osvensk främling' vad klockan är, kan ha till orsak att vederbörande känner sig kränkt och via mobiltelefon tillkallar polis.

randian said...

Hairy Swede seems to equate tracking down somebody and beating them to death with killing somebody in self defense. No wonder Sweden is going to hell in a handbasket.

"On the bright side, if you do murder someone in self defense in sweden, the most you can serve is one year"

If it's self-defense, it's not murder! Sweden shouldn't be prosecuting self-defense cases in the first place. It is the height of liberal moonbattery to do so.

Anonymous said...

whiskey_199, it's more complex than just female v. male ways of doing things.

I'd call it orthodox feminism rather than just female. Feminism, as it has evolved lately, isn't necessarily the same thing as what's natural for women.

It seems to me that the "feminists" exaggerated and hijacked female ways, and nowadays people think it's how women really are.

I remember one of many Green Party meetings, where it was explained that we couldn't just vote on some internal issue, and a simple majority would win. No, our group had to come to a consensus because it was a more feminist way of deciding things. I thought they were bats--- crazy.

Bashing women isn't going to help the cause of freedom. I'm a woman and I carry a handgun everywhere and I'm ready to shoot anyone who threatens me physically. I don't need a consensus. There are many, many women like me. Women aren't the problem, liberals are.

Anonymous said...

I should add, the Spanish defense minister is a wonderful illustration of this principle. She's not there as a real woman, but as a pin-up, a male fantasy of how women should be empowered. Who chose this pregnant woman to run the military? Most likely, a group of powerful men. Just as in my local chapter of the Green Party. Men decided that we needed a consensus because it was what they thought "women" would do. In fact, when I questioned their procedural rules, I was dismissed brusquely. I savor the irony, but it is also a real problem that, now that I'm on the right rather than the left, I still see people mistaking feminist drag for what is genuinely female.

Findalis said...

whiskey_199, that's not true. Some of the best prosecutors here in the US are women. You seem to equate being female with being weak. I can assure you I'm not weak, nor a bleeding heart liberal.

It is liberals who give criminals a walk, regardless of their sex.

latte island: you are absolutely right and love your blog.

Sagunto said...

I also agree with @latte island on this one. But even if whiskey_199 had a point, that would be a severe indictment of the males involved. What kind of whimps are they to let all of this happen?

Homophobic Horse said...

The answer is they're not wimps. They are all held in thrall to a seductive and hypnotic liberal belief system which aims not for right and wrong or justice. Those concepts are exclusive make is possible to despair. No, this liberal belief system is different.

It intends to align everybody into an arrangement of minimum psychic tension.

This is indolent and sensuous. Indeed, it can be conflated as feminine because this consensus, this arrangement of minimum psychic tension is enveloping and womb like - oceanic tensionlessness, and tepidness.

Indeed, it is rather like worship of Mother Earth. It could involve the beating of drums to induce a dissociated trance like state of "oneness".

So in a way, Liberalism, starting with a materialistic outlook ends up with cosmicist ethics that strongly resemble those of pre-christian cultures.


Some collected musings on the similarity of Liberalism to primitive cultures:

A Darwinist wrote: "It's not actually circular logic, but that there is a cyclical nature to life, and that revolution of being thrills me."

In this reveals that Progressivism is not actually a political policy at all: it is a psychological attitude. One needs plenty of hope to deal with this Change that has no ultimate goal, for hope is what you do when you have no control.

In this light we can also truly understand demagogic leftist slogans such as "change." Accept change, any change, for change contains within its ontology an aspect of reality--and being that it is--to oppose change is to oppose reality. This is intended as political opponents can be presented as mad, to which the many "Phobias" in the leftist lexicon attest (for oppositions to 'diversity'--which is a form cosmicism which signifies itself with a rainbow flag)

The actual psychological effect of this liberalism is meditative and dissociative. The mentally crippling effects of PC are implicit in this regard. It resembles Hinduism as described in the Bhagavad Gita with prakriti and yoga.



Last night I wrote that liberals and conservatives are calling the massacre "senseless" because that gives them a complete pass on thinking about it, and they inchoately know if they thought about it, they would have to think about the reality of evil and about the things that they would have to do to protect society from such evil, things that modern liberals and conservatives are not willing to do, or even contemplate doing.
At the neocon website The American Thinker (which I personally call The American Thugee) Michael Van Winkle writes:

Indeed, to really learn [sic] from the Virginia Tech massacre, we must accept the possibility that there's nothing to learn, that senseless tragedies are just that ... senseless...
It might be that God, Fate, the Tao, or whatever supreme order we happen to subscribe to is answering us "because I said so." It may be that answer is the hardest of all for us to learn to accept.

Gosh. A society paralyzed by its own liberalism fails to take steps to isolate a homicidal maniac from society, and he then duly proceeds to commit homicide, and Van Winkle concludes that this is a "senseless" event! No, it makes complete sense. Its meaning is entirely discernible. But it's a meaning that Van Winkle--along with the rest of America, liberal and "conservative"--doesn't want to know.



Thus liberalism, denying the transcendent moral and spiritual truths on which Western culture is based, returns the West to the fatalistic outlook that has characterized most non-Western and primitive cultures. Just as, in Islamic or in ancient cosmological societies, no thought or act can stray outside the pattern established by Allah or by the gods of the cosmos, in liberal society no thought or act can stray outside the bounds set by liberalism. Rendered incapable of judging or opposing evil, liberals begin to bow down before it, and ultimately to worship it. At the end of this process of spiritual devolution is the gigantic stone head of an Aztec god I saw years ago in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the cruel and terrifying incarnation of a malign universe [who is appeased with human sacrifice].




"Brave is sitting down calmly on a plane behind a row of suspicious-looking Arabs, ignoring your own fears, because you know those fears are irrational, and because even if there's a chance that they are terrorists, it is more important to you to preserve an open and tolerant society than to survive this trip."


Félicie said...

"It intends to align everybody into an arrangement of minimum psychic tension. "

It's a good point. I recommend to everyone to read Eric Gans's books on the anthropology of ethics. One could start with "The End of Culture."

Sagunto said...

@homophobic horse,

[quote: hh]
"..So in a way, Liberalism, starting with a materialistic outlook ends up with cosmicist ethics that strongly resemble those of pre-christian cultures.."

Spot on!
And may I add some on the subject of the similarity of Liberalism to primitive cultures, from a "psycho-economic" perspective.

Consider for instance the slogan "equal distribution of wealth" (and lots of other things). I don't know the exact expression in English, but it must be something akin. Well, "distribution" as opposed to "creation", is testimony to a view of economics as a zero-sum game, "what I take is what you lose," which is precisely the link to a somewhat primitive state of mind on two levels:

- the level of the primitive mob of hunter/gatherers: i.e. the "egalitarian" demand that the loot gathered must be equally devided among the members of the tribe.
- the level of the family, where children grow up with the ethos of equal sharing and such. So indeed some sort of echo of more primitive times. That's all fine of course, but many progressives never seem to be able to shake this attitude, which in later life becomes somewhat of an infantile, regressive barrier to a better understanding of economic life in general and the creation of wealth.


Conservative Swede said...

On the bright side, if you do murder someone in self defense in sweden, the most you can serve is one year.

You clearly haven't understood the "system", it's for self defence you'd get 10 years in prison.

latté island:
There's no point in being outraged at Sweden in particular. I'm used to this from living in California. Just off the top of my head: San Francisco: a thug slashed someone's face, the judge gave him probation, thug then murdered someone. Alameda: youth gang shoots at random into crowd, killing 15-year old girl. Two teens found guilty of murder, sentenced to two years in a Nevada wilderness training camp.

But that is California, where crazy hippies, celebrated diversity, cultural enrichment by crime, race riots, random shootouts etc. are part of what makes it California. Sweden is something quite different.

But yeah, I completely agree with you that it's pointless to be outraged at Sweden in particular. Anyone doing that hasn't grasped the matter at hand, and are seriously in denial.

Bert said...

As latté island and Homophobic Horse state: its Liberalism ("Women aren't the problem, liberals are" and "hypnotic liberal belief system").
All countries intoxicated with the post '68 mortal socialist-virus are law abiding citizens' nightmares: "Maybe it's time for us to stop listening to the criminals and their public relations agents. Let us take God's Word seriously and instead of giving in to and co-operating with crime, we need to be prepared to not be good victims, but rather to be a criminal's worst nightmare: an armed citizen with neighbours who will back him up in resisting crime."
Maybe I'm going too far, but sometimes I think its time for the oppressed citizens in Europe to respond to the all over Liberal Nightmare with resistance groups.

thll said...

"Never in my life have I felt such contempt for the Swedish social establishment as i do now. They have surrendered to crazy ideologies which feel pity for the criminals and despise the victims." I feel the same for Britain's establishment - and I suspect people throughout Europe feel the same about their 'great and good'.

R. Hartman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R. Hartman said...

It's all intentional; the common factor is liberalism, socialist government. I've said it before: it's to the government's benefit to create chaos and unrest. That's why criminality pays these days, it's stimulated in order to create more chaos. People get scared and upset, and demand government action to improve their safety, the government instills surveillance camera's, mandatory id, further freedom limitations. All 'for the good' of the average Joe. In the process, government's power is greatly increasing, all the time.

It's the Frankfort School's receipe. What people really should do is get rid of the socialists, but next time they can vote they do so for the same oppressors. It's like Stockholm Syndrome.

randian said...

"It's all intentional; the common factor is liberalism, socialist government. I've said it before: it's to the government's benefit to create chaos and unrest. That's why criminality pays these days, it's stimulated in order to create more chaos."

This reminds me of a scifi book I read, in which the (mostly benevolent) world government is so obsessed with total control that criminals are a (secret) department of the government itself.

R. Hartman said...

"This reminds me of a scifi book I read"
If only it were sci-fi. Bill Lind made a very instructive video on the subject, as well as a speech, which I paid some attention to on my blog. It really explains a lot...

Homophobic Horse said...

From the page that Bert linked too:

Why Liberals Hate God - A Satirical Commentary

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Wrong, God does give you anything, you are a product of social conditioning, and by Pavlov's drooling dog we will condition you appropriately.

“I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

No you cannot do "all things", you must gain the relevant qualifications first.

As the PostStructuralists have written:

The examination system is above all a way of policing the profession, making sure that those who qualify to join it understand how its language or symbols are conventionally employed. *
(Professor Catherine Belsey, University of Wales)

Everybody needs qualifications for thinking. Somebody who doesn't have a qualifications and continues to think outside of a university environment away from peer review and policing is probably a dangerous fascist like Robert Spencer.

“Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

'Do what thou wilt' is the primary moral axiom of liberalism. "Submitting to God" is evidence of dangerous psychopathic fetishism. Seek psychiatric attention.

“If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the Faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” 1 Timothy 5:8

Families are anti-democratic and exclusive dominions of child abuse and improper conditioning. Being that they are a RIVAL SOURCE OF LOYALTY to the Liberal state. Families will be abolished.

“Why do people commit crimes so readily? Because crime is not punished quickly enough.” Ecclesiastes 8:11

Crime should never be "punished". Crime is the result of improper habilitation. Re-habilitation is required to rectify criminality.

“Don't be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, Who is great and awesome and fight for your brothers, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.” Nehemiah 4:14

This incites violence against the state and bigotry on behalf of blood-relatives.

This post is dedicated to Ann Coulter.

R. Hartman said...

"This post is dedicated to Ann Coulter."
Gosh, I couldn't have guessed. I guess you like Pat Conell as well (so do I).
Not so sure I agree on Robert Spencer. Haven't read enough by him to concur, but from what I've read I tend to disagree...

R. Hartman said...

Pat Conell=Pat Condell

Armance said...

Homophobic Horse,

I liked your post. I've thought many times that liberalism is not progressive, but a backlash to the lack of ethics and the fatalism of the primitive cultures. One symptom is the liberal creed that all civilizations are equal (e.g. the Aztecs with their human sacrifices and the Spaniards who defeated them) and the rejection of the great thinkers of the Western culture. It reminds me of the utopian Socialists whose Golden Age was the egalitarian pre-historic times. Moral relativism is the very "ethics" of the primitive. But the primitive societies are still superior to the liberals, because even if the man of the caves hadn't lived yet in the era of the ethical thinking, at least he had a strong instinct of survival.