Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Book Party for Andrew Bostom

Last night I took a road trip up to Washington D.C. to attend a party given by Diana West for Andy Bostom to celebrate the publication of his new book, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism. I brought along our copy of his earlier book, The Legacy of Jihad — which has been a gold mine of original source material on Islam for me and Dymphna — and not only did Andy sign it, but I also got a signed copy of his new book. In addition I took along a copy of Diana’s book, The Death of the Grown-up, and asked her to sign it.

So I came home with an armload of celebrity autographs.

The party was a relaxed and informal affair, with a mix of people from journalism, academia, and politics. Some of the guests I had met before; others were new to me. What we all had in common was a strong interest in various aspects of the Counterjihad.

An honored guest was Steve Coughlin, who was fired from his job in the Pentagon in January for daring to point out the penetration of the United States government, including the Pentagon, by front groups of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Below is a photo of (left to right) Andy Bostom, Steve Coughlin, and Jeffrey Imm of the the Counterterrorism Blog. The latter was wearing an excellent tie — not clearly visible in the photo — made up of American flags.

Andy Bostom, Steve Coughlin, and Jeffrey Imm
- - - - - - - - -
Diana West and Andy BostomIn the photo at right are Diana West and Andy Bostom.

For several hours the discussion among different groups of people ranged across a variety of topics, including the history of jihad, the delusion that reforming Islam is possible, military affairs, the upcoming election, Ted Kennedy’s health, and inside-the-Beltway politics. I spent a fascinating time in conversation with a well-known historian about World War Two, General McArthur, George McGovern, and Jimmy Carter, among other things.

It was a most pleasant evening, and well worth the drive.

To quote Root Boy Slim:

I used to be from D.C.
But they don’t want no more of me

Still, it’s fun to go back for a visit from time to time.


heroyalwhyness said...

Great photos - hero's all! Just received my copy of Dr. Bostom's new tome . . .and it's an incredible volume! Although, I'm jealous . . .my copy isn't signed. Sigh.

An honored guest was Steve Coughlin, who was fired from his job in the Pentagon in January

Then it's true, LTC. Joseph Myers is the sole remaining Pentagon official understanding Islam for counter jihad?

Say it isn't so, the final disposition on Coughlin - he was fired after all? there appeared to be some confusion. Is Coughlin working at the Pentagon at all anymore?

dt said...

The last I heard (as of early February) Major Coughlin wasn't fired.
In fact Rep. Myrick (and Bostom and others) made a big deal about how the good major was being kept on in a different capacity at the Pentagon. That is to say, "On February 5, Rep. Sue Myrick (R.S.C.) issued a release on her Congressional website assuring us Major Coughlin would be “associated with another office program within the Office of the Secretary of Defense where he will continue to spread his message.”
Yet On February 25, Frank J. Gaffney Jr. stated "Major Coughlin is, as of this writing, still being cashiered at the end of next month.” here
I read the man's thesis. Anyone who hasn't should.
That said, Which is it?
Is he at the DOD or not?

Baron Bodissey said...

Heroyal --

I'm not certain how much information is publicly available about Steve's situation vis-a-vis the Pentagon, but I think I can say that there's a fairly good chance that he'll be reinstated before too long.

dt said...

So Mr. Gaffney was right after all.
The good Major was posting parts of his thesis on the Family security matters site a while back. After Mr. Gaffney's piece. I emailed them asking about Major Coughlin's status and they never responded.
But uh, you think you can say "there's a fairly good chance that he'll be reinstated before too long." huh?
Well then. Alls well in Gotham I guess.

straight talker said...

Congratulations on a wonderful gathering!

heroyalwhyness said:

"Then it's true, LTC. Joseph Myers is the sole remaining Pentagon official understanding Islam for counter jihad?"

I believe there are many in and around the Pentagon that know the score while there are many more that are just in it for a "career."

Those that come to Washington through circumstance are equipped to be servants of the greater good. Those who come to Washington out of ambition are more likely to sell us all down the river.

Those of us that are cogs on the wheels make inputs where we can, but ultimately, many of us will have greater opportunities to make a positive impact once out of uniform.

dt said...

In order to have a more positive impact in the defense of the nation one has to leave the service?
Curiouser and curiouser...

Profitsbeard said...


Must have been a rousing event.

Wish I could have joined in a toast ot two.

Offering a belated one (with some Piper Heidsieck):

"To the knowledge that keeps us Free!"

Kudos to Bostom, West, Coughlin, and Imm.

Four Horsemen Against the Apocalypse.

And to Baron B. and Dymphna, corraling them here at the Gates.

(The Tun Tavern comes to mind, where another Resistance force was born.)

straight talker said...


My current 'professional' involvement exposes me to a lot of the federal trough welfare, graft, and generally corrupt methods that are today the processes of government.

heroyalwhyness said...

straight talker . . .grin

dt said...

To read a newspaper or blog or follow a relevant piece of legislation is to become painfully aware of the "generally corrupt methods that are today the processes of government"
I get it, but thanks for pointing it out anyway.
I just find it odd: Bill Gertz mentions the probable dismissal of Major Coughlin (as a result of a run in with Hesham Islam) and the blogosphere erupts. Gaffney points out, in late February, that Coughlin is being let go anyway, Coughlin is subsequently let go and there's nary a peep.
In fact, were it not for his (Coughlin)turning up at a beltway tete a tete, none of us out here would have known about the man's dismissal.
Speaking from outside the beltway, I consider that information important. Because it is. It's one more indication of my government's refusal to take the threat of Islam seriously. And their refusal to do so puts me and mine in jeopardy.
Say what you will, but I find the silent response of the blogosphere (to Coughlin's dismissal) disconcerting at best.

Proud Infidel said...

I look forward to reading Andrew Bostom's new book. The Legacy of Jihad is a terrific, eye opening resource, I imagine The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism will be more of the same.

I consider The Legacy of Jihad one of the most important books out there on Islam. As important to understanding Islam as any book out there.

Baron Bodissey said...

dt --

Say what you will, but I find the silent response of the blogosphere (to Coughlin's dismissal) disconcerting at best.

The blogosphere was hardly silent. In fact, one of the reasons I didn't cover the story at the time was that plenty of other writers who know much more than I do were posting stories on it every day for a while back in January.

If you didn't read about it, then you simply weren't keeping up.

dt said...

Again- "Yet On February 25, Frank J. Gaffney Jr. stated "Major Coughlin is, as of this writing, still being cashiered at the end of next month.” Here
Gaffney wrote that in February, not January.
And your statement above, that Coughlin will "be reinstated before too long" would certainly indicate that the good major had indeed been dismissed.
Clearly the justified outrage throughout the blogosphere at the mere threat of Coughlin's dismissal in January was nowhere evident at his actual dismissal in April.
In fact, your post was the first and only confirmation of said dismissal.
Gaffney's article and Coughlin's firing were non events in the world of blogs baron.
A heavy silence greeted both.
And thanks for the advice, but I been keeping up.

Baron Bodissey said...

dt --

Just to clarify, if you follow the Jihad Watch link provided above with Coughlin's name:

"Mr. Coughlin was notified this week that his contract with the Joint Staff will end in March."

dt said...

The link you provide is from January 4th.
Shortly after that date bloggers, experts and columnists called attention to the imminent firing of Coughlin. As a result of those efforts Coughlin (in early February)was said to have been retained or kept on at DOD.
Some of those who mentioned or shared in that supposed victory were
Andrew bostom ,
CNSNews and last but by no means least
Rep. Myrick
End of story. We won.
Except Mr. Gaffney, in an article posted in late February, stated (in a link I've provided above) that victory was not ours and that Coughlin was indeed finished at the DOD.
In response Jihadwatch dutifully posted a link to Mr. Gaffneys article on February 27. Here
Coughlin's employment with the DOD came to an end.
Now, the activities, level of engagement and energies expended by various individuals from approximately January 4 to February 4 or 5 concerning this matter were nowhere in evidence after Mr. Gaffney's article and Coughlin's termination.
So unless you believe a link to Gaffney's article on Jihadwatch is equal to the activism displayed during the above mentioned time period, my statements stand.
The world of blogs greeted Gaffney's article and Coughlin's departure from the DOD with silence.

Baron Bodissey said...

dt --

I give up. Truly, I do.

Ever since it started I have been following the whole affair, on and off. I can't remember where I read things, but I read them. Or perhaps I only imagined that I read them.

The blogosphere was silent, and yet somehow I remained aware of what was going on. Or thought I did.

In any case, I don't have the links to hand, and I don't feel up to searching for them.

By all means continue arguing, but I am done.

dt said...

No offense Baron.
I respect you and the work you do.
I was just a little upset the DOD didn't give me a heads up on this one y'know?
Again, no offense.