Monday, May 19, 2008

Blaming the Infidels for Heart Failure

Katya is a Gates of Vienna reader in Austria who picked up the following news story from a German news site. As far as I can tell there is no English-language version available so far.

Katya says the incident happened today (May 19th) at 04:35, and was reported by Andreas Drees and Ulrich Steden in Der Westen. Below is her summary of the news article:

Evangelist Bethany Hospital, IserlohnA Turkish female died of heart failure in an intensive care unit in Evangelist Bethany Hospital, Iserlohn, Germany.

Twelve of her male and female relatives began to riot, throwing chairs and tables and ripping pictures off the walls. Horst Hennig, the manager of the hospital, while acknowledging that pain and grief follow such deaths, felt that such a reaction on the part of the mourners was beyond reasonable.

The initial police force, called to calm matters, was attacked by the rioters with fisticuffs and kicks and therefore withdrew to await reinforcements.
- - - - - - - - -
In the meantime, the relatives rang on their handys (cell phones) for reinforcements of their own and before long the so-called family members totaled forty. Eventually, it took nine police cars and eighteen policemen using pepper spray over an hour and a half to quell the rioters.

The patient was a 56-year-old Turkish woman. The giveaway is in the last paragraph, where the article mentions that there will be a meeting on Monday morning with the Integration Department (or Council) of the City of Iserlohn.

The hospital manager praises the police service. The rioting relatives were treated at the hospital for their pepper sprays injuries.

There are 26 readers’ comments so far.

Note: The link to the German-language news story does not seem to work consistently. However, I did manage to open the article successfully at one point.


Frank said...

It's almost like comic opera.

Anonymous said...

This is so stupid it's almost laughable. And it's so weird that I couldn't even make up something this strange. What a bizarre world we live in.

Gregory said...

I'll bet that they don't pay their hospital bill either. Stinking muslims. And the hospital treated their peppers spray injuries? Why?

Anonymous said...

Oh, so the forty didn't ALL suffer heart failure? Shame...

Dymphna said...

oops, I goofed. Try again...

One time a large family group of American gypsies acccompaniec a child who was being admitted to the pediatric hospital where I worked on weekends (Sunday was the day we admitted serious problems for pre-op work-ups. This child had a congenital heart problem).

During the admitting procedure the grandmother (I think) started to hyperventilate. Since the surgery outpatieint dept was nearest I went over there to get a resident to look at her. He put a paper bag over her head and she calmed down (nice easy treatment for hyperventilation).

In the meantime, taking advantage of the confusion, the designated thieves quickly worked their way thru the admitting office, stealing every available wallet. When it was quickly discovered, they were confronted and the hyperventilation started again.

This time I called security and the police and let the adults hyperventilate all they wanted.

Needless to say the other parents -- a cross section of Boston's population -- looked on, by turns they were fascinated, appalled, scared, and angry.

We all learned a lot that day. And got our wallets back.

Eric Berne would say that the gypsies (and the Turks) were playing "Uproar". It's a game designed to unbalance your opponent and leave the field victorious.

Unruly adolescents play this with their parents. It shocks the grown-ups the first time because heretofore little Jason or Jessica had been such sweet kids. Eventually the parents are prepared...unless the kid is using some kind of mind-altering substance. Then the game becomes "Permanent Chaos"...

Those Turks are smart. They wouldn't do it at home. Pepper spray would be the least of their problems in Turkey. It knows how to deal with "Uproar" with no qualms about bruising the perps.

The Germans have become wusses thru their socialist government's careful and systematic training.

(I originally said "the Dutch" when it happend in Germany. But both seem to have the same approach to their guests.

It's hard to tell European countries apart based on how they treat those smart immigrants who play "Uproar". Europeans have been trained to be so polite while Turks, Somalis, etc., take wonderful advantage of these useful idiots and their civilized behavior.

Rise up, Europe. What have you got to lose but your chains?

Now if I could just figure out how we can out-game our illegal aliens...

spackle said...

Dymphna, you beat me to the punch. This is not an uncommon phenom. I had a relative that worked at a well known cancer hospital that experienced thievery and riots with their gypsy population all the time. They usually bring no less than 20 people and save the shenanigans until AFTER the Medicaid/Medicare paperwork has been filled out. Lovely isnt it? Also, is it just me or does the name of the hospital in this article have a Christian flavored name to it? I wonder if it is a Christian run hospital? If so, what were they doing there with us dirty Kaffirs? Talk about a relationship of convenience.

randian said...

What can be done about the persistent habit of European police to "withdraw" when confronted by Muslims? The more they do this the more they encourage Muslim violence, and the more likely it will be that non-Muslim Europeans will conclude that the police will not protect them and thus they will take matters into their own hands.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Randian, good question. We saw that very vividly in London with the "God Bless Hitler" demonstration, and we see it over and over in small ways.

It reinforces the Islamic perception that Muslims are above the law, and that's bad.

I expect this issue to fall real deep before we wake up on it.

christian soldier said...

I'll bet the police were not armed-with guns ..that is....

Please--someone----tell me I'm wrong.


Joanne said...

They should all be charged, and slapped with a big bill for the damage. Okay, I will not hold my breath on this one, but if it was a bunch of white people, they'd be in jail hoping to get bail.

Afonso Henriques said...

In the most immigrant/gypsy areas here, people "refuse" to go to Hospital at Friday and especially Saturday night.

They favour private clinics and doctors (and this is the poorest country in Western Europe!) (But the Public Helath Care system is one of the worst still. Though it is for free!) in which they have to pay at least 50€, more or less $75, I guss.

So, only the poor or the brave man go to Hospital on a Saturday night.

Magnus Zinnen said...

@Christian Solider:

Until just a few months ago I was living in Germany. I never saw a police officer who was not armed with a gun, but a hospital is a very poor place for a firefight. Also, I've been told by police officers and others that the police in Germany dare not use their firearms, since the cops feel that they will always be considered guilty of manslaughter if they have to shoot in self-defense. So it's probably a situation where the cops had guns, but the Turks knew they wouldn't be used. On a final note, when I read the original article, there were 26 comments, most of which seem to be from Germans who are pretty irate about what their "foreign fellow-citizens" of a certain religion are constantly doing. Not that I expect any real change in Germany, though.

Piggy Infidel said...

The same website has this follow up story, lots of damage limitation and wringing hands - German speakers click the link, my translation below

Follow up story

On the day after the chaotic events inside and in front of the Iserlohrer Hospital, the Turkish community has apologised to the hospital and to the police for the conduct of their countrymen.

At the weekend, attempts by the grieving relatives of a 56 year old woman to force open the door of the Intensive Care Unit caused damage amounting to 1500 Euros

In addition, a picture was damaged and a bedcover ripped. The family of the dead woman has already stated it would pay for the damage, hospital manager Horst Henning said.
Playing down reports of "40 rioters in the intensive care unit " he said "Nothing disastrous happened" The hospital doctors hadn't felt threatened. Referring to the large number of family members who arrived at the hospital after the Turkish woman's death became known, Henning said "This kind of sorrow and grief is new to us". He stated the hospital had not filed any particular complaint and didn't want to take legal action.

The husband and son of the dead woman are said to be suffering from shock and have been taken to St.-Elisabeth-Hospital. Police spokesman Norbert Pusch stated the police will charge nine people with criminal damage, insulting and theatening behaviour , resisting arrest and assault.

Ercan Atay from the Iserlohner Council on Integration and Sabri Cevik from the Turkish-Islamic Institute for Religion regretted the sad incident "I condemn any type of violence" said Atay. " We should all work on keeping the situation calm" he said, warning against overreaction.

Sabri Cevik spoke of "misunderstandings". The family hadn't called in "reinforcements". It was relatives and friends coming together to express their grief. He apologised on behalf of the Turkish community to the police and hospital staff.

laine said...

From the above observations, it is amazing what damaging leeway hyper-emotional and thieving cultures are given when they are allowed to penetrate stoic cultures.

Western cultures have been guilted into accepting cultures incompatible with our own for whom self-control and honesty among other western ideals are foreign concepts. They cannot be assimilated because holding immigrant cultures to these standards is now labelled racist or bigoted instead of something to be encouraged.

Mrs. EntryReqrd said...

Equality is not limited to rights but also to responsibility. There should be one minimum standard of behavior and one single standard for the application of the laws of the land. It should be considered insulting by any individuals or groups who are treated with tolerance by a government as if they were an ill behaved child or dog who does not know better then to crap in the house or chew on shoes.

One German commenter stated words to the effect "we tolerate such behavior in foreigner citizens but we would never tolerate such behavior in German born citizens." I fully agree with those sentiments.

So, the Turks involved in the violence at the hospital in Iserlohn, Germany have apologized to the hospital and the police.They are replacing the broken items and the Turks involved will pay the expenses for the materials. Comments have been closed along with a great deal of comment deletions. The authorities very much want this whole event to disappear.

The last comments I read were from a little after midnight Tuesday. Here is a link through Worldlingo that gives you a rough English translation of the thread. DERWESTEN Iserlohn thread

Anonymous said...

It's important to note that the sick woman arrived with a very large family and they called for even more family members to join them. This is typical and a very bad thing. Even in ordinary public settings, like parks, malls and streets, immigrants typically congregate in much larger groups than natives do, because they tend to be more involved with their extended family on an everyday basis than Europeans or Americans. Yet another reason to limit all immigration, legal and illegal. When a community has a lot of immigrants, every public space looks and feels like a permanent low-level riot.

Defiant Lion said...

Appalling incident.

But as much as I hate the paedophile-worshippers I feel like I must address the perception that it is only immigrants who behave this way.

I dated an oncology nurse and some of the incidents she had to deal with during her career are absolutely shocking.

Medical staff in British hospitals face assault on an almost daily basis from native Brits as well as immigrants. Friday and Saturday nights in hospitals in cities are a nightmare. Picthed battles between drunken groups in casualty are not uncommon. Drunk and high patients turn abusive and violent if their demands to be seen immediately aren't met.

Sadly, women are now just as badly behaved as men.

Many staff are also assaulted because angry, upset relatives can't accept that medical science cannot save their sick loved ones.

It is an appalling endictement on our society and that there was even a call to refuse to treat abusive, violent patients speaks volumes about the shame of a society that has reached such a nadir.

Such are the fruits of a liberal socialist society.

Piggy Infidel said...

Slight correction (but important) to my earlier translation - police are only QUESTIONING nine of the Muslims in relation to the incident, no charges are mentioned.

This fact alone has really ticked off the German commenters on that thread, many of them raising the obvious question: Would a group of Germans have gotten off without charges for similar threatening and violent behaviour? Obvious answer, too.

Dymphna said...

@defiant lion--

Medical staff in British hospitals face assault on an almost daily basis from native Brits as well as immigrants. Friday and Saturday nights in hospitals in cities are a nightmare. Picthed battles between drunken groups in casualty are not uncommon. Drunk and high patients turn abusive and violent if their demands to be seen immediately aren't met.

Theodore Dalrymple has documented repeated incidents of your own experience.

No Contrition, No Penalty

Britain barely punishes even the most psychopathic behavior.

Hard cases make bad law, no doubt, but bad law also makes hard cases. Certainly the thugs of Great Britain, of whom there are now terrifyingly many, may take comfort from the sentences passed recently on two young men, Dejon Thompson and Patrick Rowe [w/those names, do you suppose thy're Muslims? --D], for the killing of a young Turkish man named Evren Anil. The case shows how little thugs have to fear from the law.

Anil, a man of 23 with a bright future, was in his car at a traffic light with his sister when one of the two young men threw a half-eaten chocolate bar into the car. Anil got out of his car to throw it back at them, but one of the young men held a knife to his throat and the other punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground and fracturing his skull. He died of his injuries eight days later.

The two men were each sentenced to four years behind bars, but having already served a year in prison waiting for the trial—and having been automatically granted remission of sentence, once a reward for good behavior—they will get out within 18 months. Anil’s sister, who not surprisingly has since emigrated, said, “If that’s the message we want to send out to our kids, then we should stop moaning about people being stabbed all the time.”

Dalrymple has many tales of the criminal underclass. It was created by the socialist welfare system and is kept on track by the largest criminal group: Britain’s parliament.

As I have said before, based on its harsh, indifferent care of ordinary citizens, and its outrageous coddling of crimnals, the UK is a failed state.

Thank you, Marx and all your useful idiots.

Defiant Lion said...


It's heartbreaking it really is.Just four years ago I believed strongly in multiculturalism. Since then -and finding this site and others like it - I have totally changed.

You're so right when you describe Britain as a failed state and I have to say I now believe it is deliberate and that marxists are the cause.

One day they will pay for what they have done.

Homophobic Horse said...

"Just four years ago I believed strongly in multiculturalism."

I went on the "We're all Hezbollah" raid less than 2 years ago.

That's how quickly things can change.


The violence and stupidity of Britains welfarised underclass is world famous now. I blame state education. In the comprehensive schools all children are taught that they can be whatever they want to be if they work hard. So of course by age 18 they learn that they were lied to and they can't be what they want to be and they are demoralised for life.

In America it is still reasonably well understood in the red states that socialism implies a loss of personal liberty. Here in the 'EU' that knowledge is lost.


Defiant Lion said...

@Homophobic Horse

That's one reason for it for sure. Prince Charles had the neck to actually criticise this "you can be anything you want" way of thinking and he was vilified in the media.

I think there is another important factor in the degenerate behaviour of young Britons that is also rooted in schools.

The lack of discipline.

This teaches kids that they can do whatever they want without consequences. They are not responsible for their own actions it is society's fault and they are victims who need help not punishment.

This happens in other nations too, Fjordman recently wrote about this in Sweden. But this practice of allowing youngsters to do whatever they like knowing full well they will not be held accountable for their actions is as destructive as it is insane.

Homophobic Horse said...

For more on the sadistic and inhuman welfare state read this, it's allied with Fabian Tassano's 'Mediocracy' that Dymphna rather liked.

"Pensioners and prospective pensioners should never have accepted the means-testing of pensions. The effect of this policy is that those who have been so thrifty and frugal as to acquire savings, as well as making sure that they always paid the requisite annual contributions, whatever their circumstances, are being penalised so that more ‘support’ can be diverted to those who ‘need it most’, i.e. those who have made no attempt to build up independence of the state throughout their working lives."

You'll find that independence plays a crucial role in this modern age i.e. because it must be destroyed.

ALL, forms of independence and rival sources of loyalty to an individual are under attack

such as,

1. Nation state (EU, NAFTU, UN etc)

2. Family (Marriage, wedlock, pensioners taken care of by the state, medicare, social workers kidnapping children)

3. Ethnic solidarity (i.e. "Xenophobia", in the modern ideology it is regarded as perverse that Swedes, for example, don't extend the same welcome to Ethiopians as they do to compatriots)

4. Financial independence (progressive taxation, means testing, inheritance tax)

5. State education (If you don't directly pay for your or your children's education you have very little say in what is taught)

I could go on if I tried.

In answer to the question regarding the decline of discipline in schools, go here.

the doctor said...

Christian Soldier ; The Germen police are well armed and at one time would not hesitate to use them . Now they tend to hold back a bit when dealing with our "friends" .

X said...

@defiant lion: To any extent you are to imagine the idea of a free capitalist society is that people can do anything they put their minds to, or at least they can try. You've pointed out part of the problem, of course: lack of discipline. Then there's the problem that we don't live in anything remotely like a free capitalist society, which immediately prevents most entrepreneurial behaviour, and finally there's the simple lack of real education. Schools teach kids how to pass exams; they don't teach them how to do things. It's inculcation rather than education (ooh, a soundbite!... though I doubt most of the media or politics would even know what inculcation means these days). Doesn't help that they're all taught "you can be anything you want and the government will help you do it".

What it all boils down to is that they're told they can do anything without actually being given the means to do it, or the understanding to obtain those means, or the freedom to gain that understanding.

Defiant Lion said...

@Homophobic Horse

Agree with all that and thank you for the links.


I agree and I think the standards of education have been gradually lowered over the last 40 years or so.

I sometimes wonder if the object of the British school system is to churn out compliant drones for society. The last thing they want is for children to be taught how to think for themselves.

I despair also at the "I want it,I have a right to it and I want it now" attitude that is so prevalent.

If I had kids I would be very reluctant to send them into the school system.